God Keeps His Word

Date: 57-0120E | Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes
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Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 …days gone by. And I am grateful to the one that makes this effort to sing it for me when I come, Sister Angie and Sister Gertie. The Lord bless them. When I hear that, it brings back old memories of long ago. Just before leaving the tabernacle, we had a great revival, of a complete winter, of preaching on the Book of the Revelation of the Lord Jesus. And I…Almost every Sunday night they would sing the song, Keep Holding On. Thank you, Sister Gertie. And I am certainly happy that they sang it again tonight for us.
E-2 Sister Angie was saying that she was just a bit hoarse. Well, don’t feel lonesome. I am, too. But, this morning, after making the people suffer through about a two-and-a-half-hour sermon…That was one of my miniature type. So, I got outside, when it was a little wet on the ground, and, of course, that’s the way I get.
E-3 But, I just love the Word, and especially the blessing of the Holy Spirit with the Word. And when He is blessing and helping, I just simply can’t find a place to stop, so you know how it is. Now, maybe not quite so long tonight, that I wish to speak, because of being a little hoarse, but depending on God for our blessings and for His spiritual help that we vitally need in our lives.
E-4 And now, as Brother Neville has announced, with his program, on his program, rather. And I wish that every listener would listen to that program. Now, he doesn’t tell me to say this. But I never was so blessed in listening to a program, as I was this last Saturday. How many heard that message? That was a masterpiece. WLRP, nine o’clock until nine-thirty, each Saturday morning, the Neville trio.
E-5 And I was speaking to the brother who takes the recordings, Brother Leo, which is in the room. And he was so carried away with it, that he didn’t…He said, “Say, who is this preacher?” He has the radio on. And Brother Gene, or some of them, said, “It’s Brother Neville. This is his time.” And it really was wonderful. Not only that, but every one.
E-6 I tell you the reason I love to hear Brother Neville speak. Not mainly because he’s a good preacher, but because I know that he lives what he preaches. And I would rather you would live me a sermon than preach me one. It’ll be more effective.
E-7 And now I have announced, had it announced, that I would speak on, tonight, for a few moments: God Keeps His Word.
E-8 And this morning, I was speaking on: The Impersonation Of Christianity.
E-9 And, now, the Lord add His blessings now as we read His Word. And I want to read from several places in the Scripture, at least three, or maybe quote some more. Because, it’s the Word that we are speaking about. In the last Book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, after the complete Bible had been…being finished, here was the—the message to the Church. At the 22nd chapter of Revelation, and beginning with the 17th verse.
And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that is athirst say, Come!…let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the waters of life freely.
For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
And if any man shall take away from the words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things that are written in the book.
He that testifies these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
E-10 And then over in Saint John, the 12th chapter of Saint John, and beginning with the 39th verse.
Therefore they could not believe, because…Esaias said again,
He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.
E-11 And then in Saint Matthew, the 24th chapter, and in the 35th verse, Jesus speaking.
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away.
E-12 And in Galatian 1:8.
…though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which you have received, let him be unto you accursed.
E-13 Now let us bow our heads just a moment, for a word of prayer.
E-14 Our God, we come to Thee in the Name of Thy beloved Son, Who has bid us to come, saying, “Ask the Father anything in My Name, I’ll do it.” So we come, in Jesus’ Name, to first repent of our own sin and our shortcoming; and to ask Thee to cleanse us from all of our iniquity, and to purge our thinking, that we will think upon the things that are right, and pertaining to the Kingdom of God. And may our thoughts be, tonight, on something that would better the Kingdom of God, and would better the people that are in the Kingdom. And may our hearts be purged from all foul things. We desire to walk upright before Thee, with clean hands and a pure heart. And, oh, God alone can do this.
E-15 And we pray, Father, to cleanse our hands and purify our hearts. Wash us in the waters of separation, from the things of the world, by the Word. And may, through the Word, Thou has said, “You are clean, through the Word.” And we pray that the Word will search deep into all of our hearts tonight. And will cleanse us from any disbelief, that may our heart be renewed in the Holy Spirit. And may He bring to us, tonight, those things which would be profitable to the Kingdom of God. Help those, Lord, who are—are feeble along the way, having, finding difficult in believing the Word.
E-16 And, O God, in this dark and treacherous hour that we are living, and as we look ahead for the world crisis, we see only darkness ahead. And Thou has said, “Look up, when these things begin to happen, for our redemption is drawing nigh.” And may we be exhorted tonight, and by the Holy Spirit, to take this to heart, to look up in the face of the God of Heaven, Who has promised our redemption at this time. And as John, on the isle, prayed, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”
E-17 And we pray that You’ll grant these things to us, tonight. And heal all that are sick and afflicted. And comfort the saints. Call sinners to repentance. And renew all of us, that we would go from here, tightening on the full armor of God, to go forth as soldiers prepared for the battle that lays before.
E-18 Now, as we have gathered tonight, each in prayer, and the banner over us, the Morning Star leading the way! And the host of the enemy has encamped also, and their great challenger comes out and makes his boast, saying that, “These days of miracles has passed.” But, O God, raise to us a David, a warrior, a challenger. And may that Spirit dwell in every heart, richly. For we ask it in Christ’s Name. Amen.
E-19 In approach to this most vital subject, and it is not aimed to any one’s belief, or to upset, or to disturb, or to make enemy. It is only meant for the gathering and the uniting of the people of God together. And the reason that I have chosen to speak this to the tabernacle tonight, is because of the condition of time that we’re living. I—I believe that we are at the—the beginning of something that the whole world is aware that’s fixing to happen. No one seems to be able to put their finger just on it, but yet we know something is fixing to take place. It’s not only here. It’s everywhere.
E-20 And I think that it would be most appropriate, tonight, if we would take this time, while the people are gathered together, to speak something that would be of a vital important, to embetter, to cause us to understand, and to equip us with a—a better understanding of Christ and of the Gospel, and the time that we are living.
E-21 Now, to start with, I wish to say this, that, not long ago I was in a Lutheran seminary. And the Lutheran brethren said to me, after they had wrote me a letter, a very harsh criticism, the dean. And speaking and telling me things, that—that I was a “soothsayer,” and many evil things which, really, they could not prove. Because, I said, “The devil could not heal.”
E-22 Now, if the devil can heal, he is a creator. And, a Creator, there is only One, and that is God. The devil cannot create.
E-23 The devil is not even omnipresent. He can only be at one place at a time; his demons are present, everywhere. But, God is omnipresent. The devil can only be present at one place.
E-24 God is omnipotent. The devil has a limited power, that is, as long as he can throw his bluff in. And the only legal thing that he has, is to turn you back to the dust of the earth. That’s the only thing that he has. And, that, still, with the blessing of God, the promise of God, for the resurrection.
E-25 So, God is the only Creator, and God is the only One Who can build cells. And cells is creation, and creation only comes by God. So, God is the only Healer, and there is no other healing but Divine healing.
E-26 We have famous doctors who can set a bone; but God heals. We have doctors who can cut appendix out, or remove a growth, which is only the right thing to do. But Who does the healing? God does the healing, for He is the only Creator.
E-27 Now, and he said, “What of us, Lutheran? Do you think that you consider us Christians?”
E-28 I said, “Most certainly.” I said, “The Kingdom of God has been like a man that planted his corn in a field. And of a morning, he went out and he looked, and there was the two little blades that come up, in the early spring. And the farmer said, ‘Look at my cornfield!’ Now, did he have corn? Potentially, he did, but not in the ear.”
E-29 Now, just like if I gave you a…You asked me for an oak tree, and I gave you an acorn. Potentially, you have the oak tree, because the oak tree is in the acorn. And, then, in the grain of corn, you do have the corn, but yet it’s just potentially. You have the grain. Now, the farmer said, “Look at my cornpatch. Isn’t it beautiful? My corn!” He called it corn, yet, it was in the shoot.
E-30 By and by, that cornstalk grew till it become a tassel. The tassel is where the pollen come, or the pollen falls from the tassel, which causes the breeding of the corn, the sex between the male and female. Now, what if the tassel should look back and say to the—the leaf, “Now, I have nothing to do with you. You are not even in the picture. I am a different thing. I am the tassel. I’m the one that’s recognized. You have nothing to do to it?” But, yet, without the leaf, the corn cannot pollen, because the tassel drops into the leaf, and there is where the ear springs from. And the same life that’s in the—the leaf is also in the tassel.
E-31 By and by, comes an ear. And the ear comes on, the grain. And, then, the grain says to the tassel, “I have nothing to do with you. You’re not even in the picture.” But if it hadn’t been for the tassel, there would have been no grain.
E-32 So the thing is, is, the little stalk was the Lutheran revival; and the tassel was the Methodist revival; and the ear is this revival. But, all together, the same Spirit, the same Life that was in the little stalk of corn, to begin with, is the same Life that is in the grain.
E-33 Now, the only thing that the pentecostals…I mean the real pentecostal, not the so-called. But, the real pentecostal Message is nothing but a restoration of the same Thing that went into the ground, that’s been packed through the Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian. See? Now it just come to an ear. And now I…
E-34 As bad as I hate to make this statement, there has been some fungus growing on it. And you farmers know what that is. It’s something that imitates the ear. Now, that’s what we’re wanting to cut at, tonight. Because, if you don’t put it off your corn, it’ll cause the whole patch to go bad.
E-35 So, that is one thing I wish to make clear, that, the people of all denominational churches, as they have come up through great times, it’s been the maturing. And now the church is in the seed, and it’s got to bring forth the same thing that went into the ground. So, it’s just a fully matured Church that we’re living in. And one part cannot say thus to the other part, for they lived good in their day. And they were the cornpatch in God’s sight, so we do not wish to belittle anyone.
E-36 But there has been some teachings today, especially on famous world-wide broadcasts, that has been belittling the Word of God, and saying, that, “God dwells in a church, and not the Word.”
E-37 I heard one of the famous teachers, a few evenings ago, said, “Where did you get your Bible? I suppose that it was God taking a notion to write you a Bible up in Heaven, and give it to some little Angels, and they come down through the corridors of Heaven and presented it to you people.” And said, that, “No one could live the teaching of the Bible. And It wasn’t exactly authentic.” And they claim to be the first beginning of Church.
E-38 Now, those people, now, that goes to that church, are men and women like we are, and they love, and eat, and drink. And is there any way to stop it? Not when the Bible says it’s going to be this way; and It’s right.
E-39 But, to encourage you, that I want to make myself clear and plain, that I believe that This is God’s full, infallible, unadulterated Word, that nothing can be added to or taken from It. It’s God’s complete program of His Church. “No other foundation can any man build, but that which is already been laid.” You see it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] That’s why I believe in the infallibility of the Word of God. I said, to one of those people, “Where did you say this Bible was, your church? Your church wrote this Bible?”
“Yes, our saints wrote the Bible.”
E-40 I said, “Then why has It thus been taken, that you are so much different today from this Bible?”
E-41 “Well,” he said, “you see, them men lived in one age, we live in another age.”
E-42 “But,” I said, “God lived in all age. And the Bible, if It’s inspired, It’s the infallible God Who wrote the Bible. And He said, in His Word, that, ‘Heavens and earth would pass away, but His Words should never pass away.’”
E-43 Now, it is most alarming to the man who had never thought to see these things approaching. But, if you only knew, it’s only a fulfilling of the Scripture. And as bad as I hate to say this in America, and our fantastics and things that we got in the so-called religious moves today. Not degrading them; God’s people dwell in them. But, I wish to say this. That, it has come to America, who has taken away and got away, both Catholic and Protestant, from the teaching of the Word, and they have adopted a system. And this system is an intellectual system that presents a glamour in the stead of the Word. And American people fall for glamour. The American people has become a place to a worship of goddess.
E-44 I have the deepest and highest respects for women. My mother is one, and my wife, and I have young daughters. And a woman that keeps her place, and is a lady, there is nothing any more precious outside of salvation, to our nation, than a real woman.
E-45 But, when it comes to a place, to worship women, then you’re out of the Bible plan. There is no plan in the Bible for us to worship any woman, a Mary, or a Saint Cecilia. There is not one speck of Scripture for it. And, contrary, It’s against such. Then why was it, if this was the beginning, these who walk with Christ, and wrote by inspiration…You think I would take any other man’s word for it? No, sir. This is God’s Eternal Word.
E-46 Now, the minister, or the priest who spoke to me, he said, “God is in His church.”
E-47 I said, “God is in His Word.” God is in His Word. The Bible said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” God is in His Word.
E-48 Now notice, in the Old Testament, they had two ways of understanding a message to be correct. That when a prophet prophesying, or a dreamer dreamed a dream, they told that before the—the breastplate of Aaron. The breastplate of Aaron had the twelve patriarchs’ birthstones in this breastplate. He wore it on his bosom to show that he was the high priest of the twelve tribes of Israel. And when they were speaking this vision, or telling this dream; and if God vindicated it, there was a supernatural Light came around on this Urim Thummim, and vindicated that that message was true. No matter how realistic it seemed, no matter how well it seemed to be fitted together with the time; if the supernatural Light on the Urim Thummim did not flash, it was rejected, because God was not in it.
E-49 And I say, today. Oh, I want you to hear. Any message, regarded it was from priest, from preacher, from prophet, from anything else, any man; no matter how spiritual, what his office is, what he has done, if he has raised the dead, if he has healed the sick; if he’s the archbishop of Canterbury, if he’s the pope of Rome, if he is the head of any great denomination; no matter how spiritual, though he has spoke with tongues, though he has danced in the Spirit, though he has preached the Gospel; no matter what he has done, if his message doesn’t come out of the Bible, it’s wrong. This is God’s Urim Thummim.
E-50 When the Bible was completed, the angel came down, was talking to John. Then Jesus come, Himself, said, “I, Jesus, sent My angel to testify these things. And now close this Book, but don’t seal It. For whosoever shall take anything out of It, or add anything to It…” That’s God’s Word.
E-51 Paul, in cooperating with the Spirit, said, “If an Angel from Heaven,” not an archbishop, not a pope, not a cardinal, “but if an Angel from Heaven, brought any other message than what this is here, let him be to you accursed.” [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit three times—Ed.]
E-52 But now we are fixing…As years ago, by the Holy Spirit, I’ve always told you, before. When Hitler and Mussolini raised, I said, “It’ll all heap up. Communism will take the whole thing, and come down from the north.”
E-53 Now keep your eyes on this, church. The devil is putting out this propaganda, and it’s not—it’s not with Scripture. It’s to confuse the mind of the unlearned, the unspiritual people. And we are living in the most glorious day that any people has ever lived; and yet in the darkest day, for the unbelievers, that they…and the most confusing time, for they, those who don’t know. It is remarkable, as the day that we’re living. And what a joy it is to know that your anchor holds, now, today, as we’re approaching it in this dark, evil time.
E-54 Now, I do not like to call peoples, names, but I’m going to have to call somebody’s name now. But, I pray for the young man. And I pray, all the time, for him. But, he is an instrument in the hands of the devil, and that is this man, Elvis Presley. The people are gone boogie-woogie, or rock-and-roll wild. The American people has gone. And they’re trying, by that same spirit, to get the thing into the church. I like church music played like church music, and not rock-and-roll in the church. But when they get these spirits, there is something behind this, and the devil puts hisself out a challenger.
E-55 And it happens to be that this poor, backslidden, Pentecostal boy said, the way he learned his maneuvers of jerking and shaking, he “caught it and learned it in the church.” He is a member of the First Assemblies of God, of Memphis, Tennessee. His pastor is a friend of mine.
E-56 And he is the devil’s instrument, of deluding and polluting the minds of these teen-agers, of getting them into a place till…They just left a place in Canada, I think they sent fourteen young people to the insane asylum, a few days after he was there. And all over the country, but the people has gone wild, frantically.
E-57 The reason they do that is because they don’t know anything better. Oh, how I wish that they knowed the Lord Jesus; how much better! I do not condemn; I feel sorry for the mortal. And now would not it be appropriate, in the day that we live, that when things are going the way they are…
E-58 And the idol of America is the Hollywood glamour girl. When, she sets the pace of all America. When, let her come out with her immoral dressings on, and practically every woman in America will fashion after her.
E-59 It was a—a heart pain to me, not long ago, standing in Rome, when the newspapers give a headline of this woman that they had in the paper the other day, was going to have a baby in Hollywood, a Roman. And they said, in the paper, the newspapers…Which, my friend, Baron Von Blomberg, could speak seven different languages and read the paper plainly. He said, “She may be American goddess, but she is here a Roman prostitute.” What a disgrace! Now, they have to have things like that, that has to happen, to cope with the spirit of the day.
E-60 That’s the reason that this church is coming in with the worship of Mary, of other women, and things. It’s that same spirit, under a religious head. And that’s the reason they have to get your mind off the unadulterated Word of God, to produce that program. Sure.
E-61 Do you see the twist that we’re in? Do you see the American youth, what condition it’s in? That’s men and women of tomorrow. No wonder Jesus said, “Except these days be shortened, no flesh would be saved.” Therefore, I’m basing my thoughts here, that we’re at the end time. The Lord Jesus shall come soon.
E-62 But, the spirit of the day, oh, can you see? Take on your thinking. Can you see what’s happened? Before this great onslaught, coming on, to bring the mark of the beast and to fulfill the Scriptures, by forcing the people, after the hold is gotten just like it is in other countries, force them into things that they do not accept, to cause the persecution and the boycott to come. Can’t you see America has fell for the glamour and the goddess? And this is pay, the devil in the realm of flesh, making a way for this to present itself. Amen. I hope you understand this. Stay clear from it. I don’t care how many D.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, or ever what’s behind it; it is a lie.
E-63 “For let every man’s word be a lie, and Mine be true,” saith the Lord. “For heavens and earth will pass away, but My Words shall never pass away.” God’s Eternal Word requires that men shall be born again. Anything short of that, they are Eternally lost. No matter what church you belong to, or where your name is, or what you have did; it’s lost. God’s Word shall never fail.
E-64 Now, so much for that. And I hope that you get it in the Spirit it was given. You dear Catholic people, I am not belittling you. You are my friend. And if you wasn’t, what motive…If I stood here, to fight back at you, I should go to the altar and get my heart right with God. I’m standing here with a heartache, to have to say it; but a Spirit, according to the Word, that’s a pressing me to say it, and to warn the flock of who the Holy Spirit has made us overseers.
E-65 And to see these great programs across the nation, of literally making fun of that Bible, said, “It’s like mud puddles that you walk through. No one could live by It.” That is correct, as soon as the flesh is concerned.
E-66 But the Holy Spirit is the One Who dominates and leads a person. May the Lord let you see the interpretation.
E-67 God’s Word is first, and last, and Eternal, forever. God once speaks the Word, It can never change. God, before the foundation of the world, said, “In the beginning was the Word.” And what is “the Word”? Is a thought expressed. The Father, God, seeing the plan of redemption, He looked it over, and seen what Satan had did. And He thought, and He seen the only program; it’s a thought now. But when He expressed it, it became a Word. And once a Word, It can never die; It has to be Eternal. For His Word can no more fail than He can. His Word can no more come lifeless than He can become lifeless. His Word! Men of old, through the ages, has read this Bible. It’s inspired congregations ever since It was written.
E-68 I’d write you a letter, you might appreciate it, saying, “Brother Branham, I appreciate your letter.” You are the only person it was designated to. After it’s done run out for a while, that letter would become worthless, unless it was an evidence for me or against me.
E-69 But once God has spoke, it’s for the entire human race. And It’s just as fresh, tonight, as It was the hour It was spoke. God spoke and said, “The Christ was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” When God, through His program and His mind, and spoke it, Christ was slain right there, though He actually wasn’t slain for four thousand years later. And God in there, through foreknowledge, seen who would be saved and who would not. And there our names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, at the foundation of the world, and associated with the slain Lamb.
E-70 And the Bible said, in the last days…Listen! “And the antichrist deceived all that dwelled upon the earth, whose names were not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from the foundation of the world.” Stay with the Word!
E-71 Now, I have noticed, amongst our brethren, and I say this to you Protestants reverently, not with hatred, not with malice, not to have something to say. It would be easier to speak on something else. But, that, I know…
E-72 And the Bible says, “Watchman, what of the night?” And if the watchman sees the enemy coming, and fails to warn the people, God said He would require their blood at the watchman’s hand. But if the watchman warns them, then the watchman is free.
E-73 So, I must warn. And among our Protestant brethren, I have noticed, many time, after my Message this morning, on the new spirit, and then God’s Spirit in the…How many was here this morning? All right. In the new spirit, and God’s Spirit. So many with the new spirit, without God’s Spirit. I want this to be understood.
E-74 Today, we find a great moving of confusion among the Protestant people. And when I go into their churches, it is very much upsetting sometime. And now please pardon this expression. But, as the Holy Spirit…As, I’ve talked to my little wife back there, the other day. When I seen my cousins laying there, both looking, faced to each other, as their life had been claimed. One with a prayer bead in his hand, as a Catholic. And the other one, a Baptist, on the other side. Both, my cousins. And I looked at them. I thought, “O great God, how can these things be? Have I failed? Has there been something?”
E-75 I said to wife, I said, “There is many things that I do not know, but there is some things that I do know.” I said, “Since a little boy, I have watched the sap in the wintertime, fall of the year, move down out of that tree, and go into the roots, to hide itself and keep warm through the winter. I have seen it supernaturally, in the spring, move back up, bringing leaves with it, and fruit. I have seen the flower, in its beauty in the summer, bow its head in the winter, to the frost, and die; and the seed perish, and the pulp perish. And then I’ve seen, in the spring of the year, that flower rise back.” I said, “I believe. I know they do that. I believe that the One Who is called Jehovah God, I believe that that Jehovah God does that. He operates nature. I have watched Him, with the pine tree, with the papaw tree, or with the birch tree, with the apple tree, and every one differing from another. And how that man, made in one way and another, all designed by a master Mind, that was God.” I said, “I know that.”
E-76 I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that, in His body, He was a Man. He was born of a woman, just like I was, but His Blood was not of a woman; it was of God. And Jehovah God, the Logos, Who brood over the earth, (in my Message this morning), and brood the first man out of the dust of the earth; overshadowed Mary, and brood over her, to fulfill His Word, and created the Blood cell that brought forth the Son of the living God. I believe, in a body, He was Man. I believe, in His soul, He was God. He was God’s manifestation here on earth. “God was in Christ, reconciling (Him) the world to Himself.” I believe that He was not just a mere man, neither was He a prophet. He was God, Emmanuel. I believe, with all my heart, that being true. I can’t prove that truth, because the…if I could, then it wouldn’t be of faith. But I know the trees come and go. I know the flowers come and go. I know all nature revolve. The world sets in its orbit, by some great supreme Power.
E-77 And another thing that I know, that, by the grace of God, there is Something that comes to me, in the form of an Angel, a Light. And He tells me things, what’s going to happen, and I see it. I know that it’s not natural. It shows me things, years to come, and not one time has It ever failed. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit three times—Ed.] I believe It’s the same God that was with Joseph, that was with Daniel, that was with Elijah. I believe that It’s the same Holy Spirit that led the children of Israel, by a Pillar of Fire.
E-78 Therefore, I’m satisfied that there is something, that the Bible is right, because every nature, everything that I call faith, everything that I watch, that I could not prove, prove by this Bible that It is the truth.
E-79 I see Jesus. He was not what the Jews think Him to be. He—He fulfilled every requirement that the Messiah was to be. He was the Messiah.
E-80 And I see the Spirit was upon those men there, see It come right down here and do the same thing. Therefore, I have been a firm believer in the Word of the living God, no matter what fantastic arise.
E-81 I have went into churches. And I say this with reverence now. I find that, many time, in the churches, I believe people get one another’s spirit, in the stead of the Holy Spirit. You go into a church and watch where the pastor maybe jerks his head; the whole congregation will do it. You go into the church where the pastor says he’s got oil running from his hand; the first thing you know, the whole company believes that, and they have it. Go into a church where there’s a lot of dancing and jumping and running around. I’m not condemning these things; I’m just speaking from a—an observation, to present a—a point to you. If you’ll get a pastor that’s very emotional, the whole congregation will be emotional. You get a pastor that’s starch and stiff, and the whole congregation will be starchy and stiff. I believe you receive each other’s spirit.
E-82 Take a good man and a bad woman, and put them together, one will go to the other. It’ll either become a bad man, or a good woman. You… “Two cannot walk together except they be agreed.”
E-83 And may I say this with reverence and in Bible. With all my heart, I have tried with all that is within me, to never be a fusser. Because, the vision, the morning that I laid the cornerstone, said, “Preach the Word. Do the work of an evangelist. Make full proof of your ministry. For the time will come when they will not endure sound Doctrine; but will heap to themselves, together, having teachers with itching ears, and shall be turned from the Truth, unto fables.”
E-84 What is the Truth? “Thy Word is Truth.” John 17, “Sanctify them, Father, for the Truth; Thy Word is the Truth.” Now…
E-85 And if I am guilty, I pray God forgive me. But I try with all my heart to present the—the Word to the people, that the Spirit that would fall, when I stand at the Judgment, would not be the spirit of some fantastic of frogs jumping out of people, or bugs flying, or so forth, or oil dropping from hands; but would be the Spirit, that’s in the Word of the living God that wrote in this Bible, with a Bible experience. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit four times—Ed.] That is what I have tried hard.
E-86 Now, to base our little thought on a character of the Bible. Picking up one, tonight, to go to bring our thoughts together, to cope them together and present them to you; then you do with whatever you desire, what God places on your heart.
E-87 Let us go back into First Kings the 22nd chapter, and we would find this, that there had been a man, a king, by the name of Ahab. And he had been a mighty king, a military man, and a great man; but, a lukewarm, borderline believer. His name was Ahab.
E-88 Finally, the prophet Elijah, which was the vindicated, a prophet, had pronounced the doom of Ahab. Years after the passing of Elijah, there was a prophet by the name of Micaiah. So, Jehoshaphat, his father, was a righteous man, which was the king of Judah, came down to visit Ahab, the king of Israel.
E-89 And Ahab had had a great, glamorous kingdom. Now watch, a great glamorous kingdom! For he had a little, old painted-up wife, by the name of Jezebel, and she had simply wooed the entire nation, except the elect, to the idols of her nation.
E-90 Do you, oh, brethren, can you see the spirit of that same devil working in America today, the little Jezebels, the spirit of wooing the sons of God away from Christ? I say that, not jokingly. This is no place for jokes. This is the pulpit. This is where the judgment seat of God is; and the Word is God’s judge. Or, He is…It is His judgment, the Word is.
E-91 Now notice how that this little woman, such a cute little thing she must have been, but she absolutely swayed a nation.
E-92 And what have we got swayed by today? Remember, I predict this, that America is a woman-lover. She is a woman-worshiper. The spirit in America, absolutely is woman-possessed. These little women can come upon Hollywood, they can walk out on the street and send more men to hell than all the barrooms you could clang together.
E-93 And, yet, in her right condition, she is a jewel to a man’s heart, and a blessing to the Kingdom of God. You see it?
E-94 Now watch just a moment. And, no, not be prejudice; just sit still and listen. Let the Holy Spirit bring it to you. Now, today, we’ve got in that condition like it was in Ahab’s time. Well, whatever the woman said, that’s what Ahab did. Now, even into the church, they worship women.
E-95 Not long ago, my righteous indignation was brought up. In Mexico, when I seen a poor, little woman, knowed of her, rather, coming down, crawling over miles of hot rocks. And as the father walking along, with a baby in his arms, two of them, and one following along the mama. And her, crying, and the hide off her knees, and pulling her hands through the rocks, and crying. And everybody looking at her. She had went up to some statue, of some dead woman that’s supposed to be a saint. And I don’t say this critically. I say it in the light of God’s Word. It’s absolutely, unadulterated, spiritualism.
E-96 The Bible said, “There is no intercessor, there is no mediator, between God and man, but the Man Christ Jesus.”
E-97 If the early church was Catholic, then why have they changed; when the early Catholic condemned it, and this Catholic accepts it? “It’s a woman’s world.” The spirit and the slogan, is today. And that’s true. That is exactly right.
E-98 And I predict that a woman will be a great woman. You younger people here tonight, remember Brother Branham has said this. And I said it in ’33, when I saw the Coming of the Lord. And how that automobiles would continually shape up like an egg, until finally they would come into a perfect egg shape. Maybe part of you here know it; it’s written on old papers and things. The morning when we was over here at the little Masonic temple where we were having the…or the orphanage over here, on—on the next, second street over, where we was having the meeting. And I seen a woman rise, vulgar as she was, and dominated the country. And I predict that a woman will either be President, or do, or come into great power of some sort, in the United States, before the total annihilation of the world. Keep that in mind. I have said it.
E-99 Notice now what takes place. Jezebel, she ruled Ahab. She slammed him around. It used to be, poor papa…Or, mama stay home with the babies while the drunken husband was out. It’s poor papa now taking care of the baby while the drunken woman is out. Now that’s not jokes. That’s the truth. I’m not speaking of righteous people. No, sir. I’m only showing the spirit that’s in the world.
E-100 Now notice. Isn’t this another glamorous…Look at the times of Ahab, how the country flourished. Oh, my! The great golden age was then. How Israel flourished under Ahab, that hypocrite, and Jezebel was really the ruler behind it! And that is a…To you Bible scholars. As Ahab married Jezebel and brought idolatry into Judaism, in the dark age, so has Protestantism married Catholicism, and brought paganism back into the Christian church. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit once—Ed.]
E-101 And today, remember, the Protestant church was called a harlot, for she was called a prostitute, too. Remember that. So, pot can’t call kettle black. You can’t jump from the fire, in the frying…the frying pan, into the fire, to help yourself.
E-102 But, let’s notice Truth. Truth is what we want. We are Eternity-bound people, and we’ve got to meet God. And let’s find the Truth.
E-103 Now I want you to notice, if you will. There came…Always, God sent down…Or, first thing, Jehoshaphat, the righteous man, came down to visit Ahab, then he got hisself in trouble.
E-104 You can’t mix right and wrong together, and get anything out of it. You can’t put oil with water; it won’t mix. Neither can you, your associations and your affiliations, be with the things of the world, and still live a victorious life. The Bible said, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord.” Now, see?
But, you say, “Well, Brother Branham!”
E-105 I—I know, but, you’re taking your own intellectuals. It’s contrary to the Word. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit four times—Ed.] And the Word is the Truth. I believe the Word.
E-106 Now notice, Jehoshaphat come down to Ahab, and, oh, he put on a great feast. Sure. We’d call, today, in the street expression, “a blow-out.” And he invited everybody. They kill ox, and so forth, and sheep. And they had a great feast among them.
And that’s when a believer gets in trouble.
E-107 “Oh, I tell you, you’re just narrow-minded, that little holy-roller place. That’s all. You should come to the big church. You should come. Oh, you should see! Our pastor has a D.D., D.D., Ph.D.” You see, “Our—our pastor! Our choir sings like the Angels.” That has nothing to do with It, if it’s contrary to THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, the…
E-108 And when they killed the ox, and had a big feast, Ahab had an alternative in that. And his motives were wrong. He was trying to make a big show off, to trap Jehoshaphat.
E-109 And that’s the same thing the devil is trying to do today. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit three times—Ed.] “Well, we’re in the majority.” Sure.
E-110 The Church of God has always been in the minority, until Jesus comes. “Fear not little flock, it’s your Father’s good will to give you the Kingdom.” That’s right. We are in the minority, but that’s all right. As long as God is there, it’s still majority, to me; and I know it is, to you. For, “If God is with you, who can be against you?”
E-111 Now, but, he—he had a motive behind it. And when he did, he said, “Now that we’re all here and having such a big time! Will you go up to Ramoth-Gilead with me, to battle? Because, actually, Syria have it up there, but Ramoth-Gilead belongs to me. It’s rightful. We have the right. We’re the first church. We have the right.” You see it?
E-112 And Jehoshaphat said, “Well, now, being that we’re having a good time,” said, “my men is like your men. Why, we’re all believers, anyhow, so lets just associate together.” He made a vital mistake. He did. And Jehoshaphat, being spiritual enough…
E-113 As I believe, with all my heart, that it was a type of this day. Surely, somewhere, somehow, God will get the Message to the true in heart. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit three times—Ed.] He said, in the beginning, He would, so He has got the program lined up. Let…[Blank spot on tape.] Just line up with It.
E-114 Now watch him. He said, “Sure, I’ll go up with you. But,” he said, “wait a minute. I believe, before we go, we ought to ask the Lord. Don’t you think so? If we’re all believers, then let’s ask the Lord.”
E-115 “Well,” Ahab said, “certainly, that’s right. Oh, why didn’t I think of that? Sure. I should have thought of that, all along.” Said, “I’ve got four hundred of the best prophets there is in the nation. I’ve got them all well clothed. They all got D.D.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, and all things. They got a great organization down here, the prophets, so I’ll just bring them up and we’ll see what they say.”
E-116 You know, that just didn’t hit right down with Jehoshaphat just right. He did…
E-117 So they went and got them, all the four hundred prophets, well fed, well dressed. Ahab fed them with his own, ’cause he had them to do just exactly what he said do.
E-118 There you are. There you are. Oh, sure, “We’ve got fine churches here, great big places.” But, many times, if the preacher preached over twenty minutes, the deacon board would excommunicate him. But, bless your heart, a man of God won’t listen to that nonsense. Right. If he bent down too much on sin, why, the whole congregation would vote him out; but that’s because he’s in a denomination. But in the Church of God, you are not voted in or voted out. You are born in, once, for Eternal, forever. Only God could put you out; and He swore by Himself, He would never do it. Amen. He knows what you’re made out of before He brings you in. He don’t run His business loosely like our organizations does, take them in, thirty—thirty days, or sixty days, or ninety days, on probation. He knows what they are before they ever speak, before they ever come into the Church. He knows exactly what they’re made out of. That’s the reason it’s got to be born again.
E-119 Now, when he brought them all down there, and he got on his throne, the other one got on his throne, and they sit out there. And said, “Bring up all the preachers, the prophets.” And they all come out, and went through their maneuvering. And they had a big time, all right.
E-120 He said, “Now, don’t they look nice? Listen at the language they use.” Oh, my! How swell they could speak, you know! [Brother Branham claps his hands together once—Ed.] Oh, “Ahhhh-men,” and all these maneuvers that they went through. And they were having a whole mix-up there. They had it all.
E-121 So, when, the first thing you know, he said, “Go up! The Lord says, ‘Go on up!’”
E-122 He said, “Now you see, Jehoshaphat? See, I was right, after all.”
E-123 Why? They know what to say. They better know what to say, or they lost their credentials. Oh, yes, sir. The district man come by, and the state presbyter, and, I mean, they got excommunicated, right quick, if they didn’t say good things about the—the hand that was feeding them. Cause, all they know was material food, anyhow.
E-124 I’m glad there’s a Hand that was scarred, that does the feeding of the Church of God.
E-125 Notice. Then I seen them all prophesy, “Oh, yes, king! THUS SAITH THE LORD, ‘Go on up!’” And now, the strange thing is, they were actually inspired.
E-126 But now watch. But that kind of inspiration didn’t strike that man of God, Jehoshaphat. He said, “Wait a minute. I believe I made a mistake here. There is something wrong. I oughtn’t to have got mixed up in this.” See? The ox knows his master’s stall. See? There’s…He said, “Uh, uh, pardon me, Mr. King Ahab, but, uh, haven’t you got one more, another prophet?”
E-127 Why, Ahab would say, “Well, four hundred, with one accord, and the best scholared men we got, and here they are with one accord, said, ‘This is the will of God! This is the will of God!’”
E-128 He said, “It just don’t sound right, somehow,” down in his heart. Amen. Oh, are you ready? Here it is. He knowed that didn’t sound like the Word of God. He said, “Isn’t there just another one?”
E-129 Now listen. Ahab said, “Yes, we’ve got a holy-roller. We got one by the name of Micaiah. But, I’m telling you, I hate him.” Oh, yeah! “We got one more, but he don’t belong to our organization. They excommunicated him a long time ago. He is out there on the hill somewhere. His name is Micaiah.”
E-130 Jehoshaphat said, “I’d just like to hear what he says.” Amen. You see it? A type of today. “Isn’t there just one more?”
E-131 He said, “Yes. But, oh, he is a fanatic! He always just says bad things about me.” How could he say anything else, when the Word of God said bad things about him! “Why, he even condemns our organization. Why, he’s a church breaker. That’s all there is to it. Well, the prophets tried to take him down and give him his Bachelor’s degree, but, oh, he wouldn’t stand still. He stomped right out of there. He is just an old fanatic.” See?
E-132 Jehoshaphat had enough Spirit of God about him, from his daddy, he said, “I’d like to hear him. Go get him.”
E-133 “Well, I’m warning you. I’m warning you. He slobbers and everything else. He just hasn’t got the dignity these other fellows have.”
“I’d like to hear him.”
“My sheep know My Voice. A stranger they don’t follow.”
E-134 It happened to be that Jehoshaphat was one of God’s lambs. He said, “That don’t sound just right.” It hasn’t got the right…It’s got a rattle, but it hasn’t got a ring. Like the sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal; it doesn’t sound right. “Like pouring peas on a dry cow hide,” as Roy Davis used to say. “It doesn’t sound just right.”
E-135 He said, “Let me hear this fellow that’s the fanatic, as you call. The one that won’t join up with your organization, and the one that’s just got his own ideas.” Because, he knowed that man must have the truth, because he knowed that wasn’t.
So, he said, “I’ll send, get him, then.”
E-136 So, out into the hills they went, and down into the alley, wherever he was preaching, or the little mission. And here come a runner in.
E-137 And while they were gone, oh, my, did they have a tantrum! Why, even one guy, named Zedekiah, he went and put horns on his head. Oh, brother, he had the revelation just right. He had oil in his hands, and everything else. He was having him a time. Yes, sir. “Oh, THUS SAITH THE LORD, how we’ve going to push Syria plumb back into her land, with these horns!” They was having them a time.
So, the runner who came, said, “Micaiah?”
Said, “Yeah.”
“Are you the son of Imlah?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Are you the prophet, the holy-roller, the fanatic?”
“Well, I suppose that’s me.”
“Well, the king wants to see you.”
E-138 “Oh, he does?” Micaiah already knowed that, no doubt. The Lord had done told him what all that gathering down there was about. So, he raised up.
E-139 So, he said, “Now, wait a minute. Before you start this revival, I’m going to tell you what to preach on. Now, all the other preachers don’t preach about these things. Don’t you say nothing about horse racing, and you don’t you say nothing about this, and—and, or this and that, because, you see, the other preachers don’t say that.” Said, “You say the same thing they say.” Now, that was what it would be today.
E-140 Now we’re going to say what the Scripture says. He said, “Micaiah, the other prophets prophesied good to our king. And now, you know, he’s a dignified man,” otherwise. “Now you must say the same thing he, they say, and prophesy good.”
E-141 He said, “As my God liveth, I’ll only say what THUS SAITH THE LORD is.” Amen. God give us some Micaiah’s; stay with the Word. He might have had not all the fantastics the others had. He might not have had the degree the other one had, the Ph.D. He might not have had the social standing. He might not have been the big D.D., in the front of the people. But he had the Word. Amen. Oh, that’s it. He knew God would keep His Word. So he said, “Just what God tells me to say, I’ll say the same thing God says.”
E-142 And if God predicts these days of coming, it predicts this wrong thing, the worship of women, or the intercession of saints, or communion of saints; if He condemns all this nonsense, and these other things. And say, “As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so will these in the last days.” I condemn the thing, in the Word of God, and say it’s wrong.
E-143 Stay with the Word. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit two times—Ed.] I don’t care how many sensations you feel, how much you can jump and shout, how much you can do this, the other. If the Spirit of God doesn’t lead you to a clean, perfect life before God, condemn the thing. God wanted you to run oil, He would have made you an olive tree or a Texas oil well. Let me tell you something, God has purposes for everything. Stay with the Word. What the Bible says, stay with It. It’s God’s Urim Thummim.
E-144 And old Micaiah, the prophet, stayed on the Word of God; walked down there, just as boldly as a lion. That night the Lord give him a vision. He knowed where he was standing. And watch. Oh, brother! The others had a vision, too, but their vision didn’t cooperate with the Word of God. But Micaiah’s was with the Word of God. Cause, Elijah, which had the Word of God, the prophet, the seer, had already said what would happen to Ahab. So how could have Micaiah say something good was going to happen, when the Word of God said bad was going to happen? So, he was with the Word.
E-145 Brother, regardless of how high the steeple is, or how well-dressed people go, what an education the pastor has got, or anything about this, or what Bishop Scheen says, or anybody else, if it’s contrary to that Word, stay away from it. Stay in the Word. There is where the true servant of God lays, right on that Word. That’s right.
E-146 Micaiah walked up there, and he saw his vision. And when he prophesied, and saw the vision, he seen that cooperating just exactly with the Word, dove-tail right with It. He knowed he had THUS SAITH THE LORD. Walked up there.
E-147 And he said, “Micaiah, the son of Imlah, must I go to Ramoth-gilead, or must I withdraw?”
Micaiah said, “Go on up.”
E-148 Said, “Now that don’t sound right.” Even he knew better, himself.
E-149 And many of those people join those big classical things, just to be popular. They know different. The Spirit of Life that works in the world, would tell them that’s different, if they had any spark of Life about them at all. They go after these fantastics, of frogs jumping, and bugs a-flying, and shaking, and jumping, and running, and everything, when they know that’s contrary. But they go with it because of a sensation. Who cares about sensations?
E-150 I want THUS SAITH THE LORD, that’s right, what the Word says. Now, I believe in a heart-felt religion. I believe in the joy, that I can know. I believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit. I believe in Divine healing. I believe in all the manifestations of the gifts, but they must be reverently placed in the Body, working exactly in harmony with the Word.
E-151 When I go into a place and start preaching, make an altar call, a woman raise up and speak in tongues. Well, what a disgrace! What a—what a pity that is! That shows that their pastor is not on the Word of God, or he would stop that thing, and said, “Don’t you do that.” See? Nothing against the gift; it’s misused. See?
E-152 And many things, I could take hours with it. You know what I’m speaking about. That’s, altogether, Catholicism and Protestantism. But, stay in the Word.
E-153 Notice, now. And when he saw the vision, he went and told him. He said, “Go on up.”
He said, “How oft will I adjure you to tell me the truth!”
E-154 He said, “But I saw Israel scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.”
E-155 And he said, “I told you. I told you. I knowed what he would say, before you brought him here.” That’s right. He couldn’t say nothing else. He had the Word of God He couldn’t do no more but condemn the thing.
E-156 And I say, tonight, in the light of the Bible, I condemn this nonsense, sensation, fanaticism, and things that saying, “The Word of God, there’s nothing to It; and the church is right,” and all other stuff. I condemn it, in the Name of Jesus Christ, on the authority of God’s Word. Let heavens and earth pass, but God’s Word will remain forever the Truth. That’s right.
Now, said, “Go on up if you want to.”
E-157 And what happened? This guy had all the big sensation, having a big time, he walked around, because he was the—he was the head of the church. He walked around and smites him on the cheek, with his hand, smacked him. Oh, I can hear him say, “You’re a little, counterfeit, holy-roller. Where went the Spirit of God, out of me, when It went to you?”
E-158 He said, “You know what I saw?” He said, “While you all were having your big time down here, and your big shindig, as it was, down here, there was something going on in Heaven, at the same time.”
E-159 And I’m telling you, while the prodigal sons are in the pigs’ pen, and America is dancing under the rhythm of boogie-woogie and rock-and-roll, with their Elvis Presley’s and their “Who Loves Sucy”, there’s a meeting in Heaven going on now.
E-160 He said, “God opened the windows and let me look in. While you were having your rock-and-roll time, God let me look into the Heaven, and in There I saw something.
Said, “What did you see?”
E-161 He said, “I saw God’s great host, God, sitting on the right and left hand. And there was Angels on one hand and on the other hand.” And said, “When I saw the Angels, one sitting on one hand and one on the other, a host of Heaven gathered up.” And said, “God said, ‘Who will I get to go down?’” Oh, my! Listen. “‘Who can I get to go down, so that we can bring Ahab up there to fulfill My Word, which was spoke by My prophet?’” [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit three times—Ed.]
E-162 Stay with the Word, brother, regardless of how many rock-and-roll parties they have, and how much they play it in church, and how much they act it in church, how much they do this, that, or the other. Stay with the Word. That’s right. God keeps His Word, every time. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit seven times—Ed.]
E-163 Notice. “But said, ‘Who can we get to go down? Who can we get to go down there and get Ahab up here, because it’s got to be fulfilled?’”
E-164 And he said, “I saw a lying spirit come up. Said, ‘Let me go. I’ll go down and get in every one of them bishops, and them prophets, and all the state presbyters, and all the rest of them. And I’ll inspire them to prophesy a lie, so I can get them up there.’”
E-165 Now wait a minute. Hold on. Are you ready? Inspiration, inspiration that doesn’t co-op with the Bible, is wrong inspiration.
E-166 “Brother Branham, how can we be sure we’re right? We see this coming up. We see this coming up, and all these things, and fantastics.” Stay with the Word!
E-167 Sure, they was both inspired. Here was a little fellow, standing by himself. He was inspired. Here were four hundred, fine bishops, and they was inspired. And each one saying, “THUS SAITH THE LORD.”
“But how do we know which is right?” Stay with the Word.
E-168 Micaiah had the Word, and he knew that evil had to be treated evil. He knowed that hypocrisy, that make-belief religion, that stuff that had a lot of class to it, and a painted-up Jezebel, and all these other things, had to be dealt with by the hand of the living God. For, the prophet, the Word of God, said so.
You say, “Was the prophet God’s Word?” Yes, sir.
E-169 They’ll know. “In sundry times and divers manners the Lord spoke to the fathers through the prophets, in this last days through His Son, Christ Jesus.” That’s right. Sure, it was the Word of God.
E-170 There they were, inspired, thought they were right! I don’t say they wasn’t sincere. They were sincere. They were great men. They wasn’t unlearned men. They wasn’t just an overnight man. They were great men, taught in the Word, inspired. But their inspiration didn’t cooperate with the Bible’s Word. That’s the reason Micaiah knew they were wrong.
E-171 And the Bible said, that, “In the last day, men shall be lovers of their own selves.”
E-172 “Why, you mean to tell me, that little two-by-four could tell me? I’m a bishop. I’m the head of the so-and-so. I’m the great fellow in the Catholic church. I’m the great, in the Methodist, the Baptist, or even in the Pentecostal. I’m the state presbyter. You mean to tell me, you let that man…” That’s right. “You mean to tell me this, that?”
E-173 The Bible said, “They’d be lovers of their own selves, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, incontinent, and despisers of those that are good; having a form of godliness, just like they did, but denying the Power thereof, the Word.” If they speak not according to That, there’s no Life to them. That’s right. “Having a form of godliness, but denying of It; from such turn away. For this is the sort they goes from house to house, with their little books and campaigns, and so forth, and leads silly women laden with sin, led away by divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the Truth.”
E-174 What kind are they? Jambres and Jannes; have all kinds of fantastics and everything. “As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these resist the Truth: men of reprobate mind, concerning the Word.” Trying to take the Word of God and pervert It into something else, into a fantastic, or a religious organization, or build them up a great name, or make themselves some great name. “From such turn away.” Stay with the Word!
E-175 What happened? He said, “I saw this lying spirit said, ‘I’ll go down, inspire them. I’ll make them prophesy a lie.’” And those men, so willing to please the public!
E-176 O God, help us. So willing to take this, “Be a teacher with itching ear, shall be turned from the Truth to fables,” as the Holy Spirit warned and told us, in the last days, how they would be. So willing to become popular, theirself, to get a greater radio, a greater television, or a greater name, or a greater possession in the church, a greater something, with own self exaltation. So willing to do that, till they fail to watch it in the Word.
E-177 But, Micaiah was watching the Word. He had the Truth. He had the Word. Notice, then, he told what would happen.
E-178 And this fellow walked up and smote him in the face, said, “Which way went the Spirit of God?”
E-179 Said, “You will see it when you’re sitting in the inner cell, hiding.”
E-180 And Ahab said, “Put that fellow in prison. Shut up all these meetings, anyhow. We don’t want no more of these holy-roller acts around here.” Don’t worry, it’s coming. “Put him in jail and give him the bread of sorrow and the water of sorrow. And when I return in peace, I’ll deal with him,” other words, “have his head chopped off.”
E-181 Old Micaiah, standing on the Word of God, knowing his vision. O God! Knowing that his vision was exactly with the Word of God, it could not fail. He said, “If you return at all, in peace, God hasn’t spoke to me.” Amen, and amen!
E-182 Oh, people! Hour is late. But I want to say this to you, my dear friend. Don’t you (never) listen to a program that tells you This isn’t the Word of God and the Truth. Don’t you never listen to any fantastics that is not put forth and predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ. Cause, He, when He came Hisself and healed the sick, He only did it that the Word might be fulfilled. Only to fulfill the Word!
E-183 He has predicted both, for the all types of churches. In the Revelations, the 17th, said, “I saw a woman, a whore, sitting upon a great scarlet colored beast, on seven heads.” The Vatican is on seven hills. Just left there, few months ago. And said, “She was the mother of harlots,” the daughters that were born from her. Any bad woman can bring forth a good daughter. But watch. What is a harlot? A prostitute. What is these ill-famed women? Is men…Is women who commit adultery and live with other men that’s not their husband.
E-184 And these people, these churches, claim to be God’s servants and God’s church, and intolerate and do the things of the world. They commit spiritual fornication. They let their congregation paint, they…women wear shorts. And they let them go out and dress like the world, and never condemn it. They let the men smoke a social cigarette, or take a drink of liquor. They let them have their little card parties, and play pool in the basement, and have the proms and dances in the church, and soup suppers and every other thing, and teach a little petty theology instead of the Word of the living God. You know that’s the truth. It’s petty, juvenile, sissyfied, I-don’t-know-what, of the devil! And in Christ’s Name, I condemn it, in the light of God’s Word, and say, “We must be a regenerated, Holy Ghost inspired, born again, walking in humility, and in the Presence of God, to ever make the Rapture in the days to come.” Turn from the things…of God, ye people, to your knees. You church of God, who claims that you’ve kissed the—the rim of the blessings of God, stay with God’s Word. And anything is contrary to It, stir right away from it, and keep moving on. The evening Lights are here. The Lord Jesus is soon coming.
May we bow our heads just a moment.
E-185 Oh, to that great Day, that Day of day, and that Book of books. “And the Books were opened, and every man was judged according to the Words that was written in the Book.”
E-186 My poor, deluded friend, not all…Yes, my friend, and you who have tried in vain, and have fought the air. Just like a bird, I noticed, trying to beat his head against a window, to put the light out. What did he do? He—he only beat his own brains out. The light shined on.
E-187 One day, up there in the Statue of Liberty, up in the great arm, the little birds was laying dead all around. I said, “What happened?”
E-188 The man said, “There—there was a storm last night. And in the storm, these little birds flew in the light. Instead of using the light to go to safety, they tried to beat the light out, with their little wings. And they beat their brains out.
E-189 Don’t try to beat your brains out, to make God’s Word say something It doesn’t. Don’t try to cope with societies of this day, because, “If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God isn’t in you.”
E-190 Why not just take the Gospel Light and fly to safety tonight? “Oh, protect us, God.”
E-191 Heavenly Father, as men and women who are sitting here, boys and girls, an Eternity-bound people, the—the petroleums and cosmic light of this world, with the sixteen different elements that we’re made of. In their body is a soul that’s precious; the beginning, the start.
E-192 And I pray Thee, Lord, to deal just now with that heart, that soul, that tender spot that lives forever, that gives us our moving about. And I pray that You will save every lost sinner, tonight. May they realize, that these great mile posts that we’re passing, these signs a flashing on both sides of the road, it’s only the pointing of the soon appearing of the righteous One, the Lord Jesus; Who, to be a friend of, means Life; to know, is Eternal Life. And we can only know Him according to the Bible, not by our church; but, by the Birth, the new Birth, being born again.
E-193 And, Father, I believe, with all my heart, there’s not a mortal person here, along with myself, who would want to be condemned or go to hell. And why would we let something stand in our way? Why would we accept a counterfeit, when the skies are full of the real?
E-194 And while the earth is in its great Babylonian wine party, drinking wine, carousing, half-dressed women, concubines as Nebuchadnezzar had, there is a handwriting moving on the wall. Seers are seeing it come, who rises up above the average person. We see it because it’s written in the Word. “No more water, but fire this time.” And we see the handwriting on the wall. We see that every nation is condemned.
E-195 And God is going to take His Church, the born-again. The hour is coming when those back in the Lutheran age, the Methodist age, all down through the ages, that’s fell asleep with true hearts, in God. When the corn was only a little leaf, and when it was a tassel. But it all, together, will that life be gathered together, and the resurrection will come. All those will make up the great beautiful Body of the Lord Jesus, soon is at hand.
E-196 You said, “Those who reject It will be cast into outer darkness, of weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.” Father, God, there’s not a person would want to be there.
E-197 Oh, have mercy on us, God. And with our penitent hearts, with our heads turned towards the dust, where You taken us from, and if You tarry, we will return. God, be merciful to us, as I plead for this waiting audience. After this Message tonight, I pray that You will wake up people to the realization of their standing in Your Presence.
E-198 And while we have our heads bowed, is there a person in here…How many, rather, (there is bound to be plenty of you,) that you realize that your life hasn’t coped with God’s Word? You’ve dillydallied along. You’ve half-way believed. And you’ve took a little world, and little of this and a little of that. And you’re sick and tired of it, tonight. Oh, you joined the church, that’s true; maybe you did not. I don’t know. But, before God, Who we may stand in His Presence before morning, there might be an atomic missile destroy this whole thing, in annihilation, before day breaks in the morning. Remember, it’s daylight in Russia now.
E-199 He said, “Two will be in the bed,” must be nighttime somewhere when He comes, “one will be taken, the other left.”
E-200 Are you satisfied, in your heart, in the light of God’s Word, you have been born again of the Spirit of God, and the fruits of the Spirit follow your life, with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, faith, meekness, patience? It’s following you?
E-201 If not, would you be so—so sensible, may I put it in that way, as to raise your hand to God, and you acknowledge you’re wrong, saying, “God, be merciful to me, and help me to be the type of Christian that You would desire me to be, by giving me the Holy Spirit and let me live a godly life”? Would you just raise your hand to God? God bless each one. Many, many hands are up.
E-202 Now, is there others that would like to raise your hand, who did not at that time? Would you put up your hand? Women…God bless you. Men, women, do you real-…God bless you, lady. God bless you, lady. God bless you, sir. God bless you, sister. God bless you, little boy.
E-203 Do you realize that, the seriousness of this? You don’t come to church just to hear a Message…or to see a messenger, I mean. You come to hear the Message. And the Message, is, the Holy Spirit taking the Word of God and giving It to you.
E-204 Now, what about it? Maybe in the morning will be too late. Are you willing, in the Presence of God, to raise your hand, you who have not yet, and say, “God, be merciful to me. I want Your Spirit in me”? For…God bless you, sir. God bless you. God bless you back there. God bless you, and you, and you, and you. Yes. God bless you, sir. God bless you, sir.
E-205 Would you be willing to say, “God, I’m going down to the Potter’s house. I’m sick and tired. I’ve always wanted a consecrated life. And, tonight, I’m going down to the Potter’s house, to lay my heart down, and say, ‘God, break it all up, and give me a new heart, a new spirit, and put Your Spirit right in the middle of it.’ And let my life run right along according to Your Word. Make me a Micaiah of this day, that I can stand on THUS SAITH THE LORD. And my vision and my life, that—that I live before You; not I, but the Spirit in me, lives the life that the Bible requires. That’s the way I want to be. O God, by Your mercy, make me thus”?
E-206 Someone now, that hasn’t raised your hand, would you now do it. God bless you, lady. God bless you. God bless you, lady. God bless you. Just sit real quiet, while you’re praying now. Every head bowed, every eye closed, everyone praying. Just softly, sweetly, accept it now.
…swift translation,
Naught of earth unmoved can stand,
Build your hopes on things Eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Build your hopes on things Eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Shut in with God now.
When our journey is completed, (Oh!)
If to God you have been true,
Fair and bright your home in Glory,
Your enraptured soul shall view!
Now what must you do?
Hold to God’s unchanging hand! (That’s His Word.)
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Build your hopes on things Eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
E-207 [Brother Branham begins to hum Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand—Ed.] He is right there by you.
E-208 Looking back across the audience now, to a dear little man; told his sweetheart good-bye, the other day, just for a little while. And another one sitting here, somewhere, told his sweetheart good-bye, for just a little while. As they went out, they were holding to God’s unchanging hand. Their beloved husbands are here, tonight, holding to God’s unchanging hand, to know that sweethearts will meet again. Oh, what would it be if they didn’t have that? Oh, build your hopes on things Eternal!
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
E-209 Our Heavenly Father, as the music sweetly chording, and this is a message. A Preacher, the Holy Spirit, preaching to us now through the music, telling us what to do with this Message, tonight, “Just hold to God’s unchanging Word. Heavens and earth will pass away, and change, but My Word shall never pass away.” It cannot change. It’s the Word of the unchangeable God.
E-210 “Thy Word have I hid in my heart,” said the psalmist, “that I’ll sin not against You.”
E-211 There has been twenty or thirty hands up, tonight, Father. Men and women has heard the Word, when, “Faith cometh by hearing.” They have made this one, all-sufficient decision, that by Your help and Your grace, from this hour on, they’ll serve You.
E-212 Now won’t You sweetly, Father, move down into their heart? Put Your Spirit in their new spirit. You had to give them a new spirit, or they would never held their hand. They wouldn’t have desired it. But, they went down to the Potter’s house, and they let You change their emotions and their ideas. And now, in their heart, they’ve been tender.
E-213 And You said, “No man can come to me except My Father draws him.” They could not have raised their hands, from the youngest to the oldest, unless You had told them to do it. They did it because that You spoke to them. And it’s God, giving them to Christ, as a love gift. They yielded their heart.
E-214 And we can hear Your great voice say, “He that heareth My Word.” Not Your Church; Your Church has Your Word, and It isn’t contrary to Your Word. “But He that heareth My Word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting Life, and shall not come into the judgment, but has passed from death unto Life.”
E-215 Bless them, Father, with long life, with Eternal Life. And raise them up at the last Day, as Thou hast promised. And may this be a great service of dedication, when saints of the living God will rejoice and be renewed.
E-216 May the sick, every one, if there is any present, may they be healed. May Your Spirit be manifested, through Christ our Lord.
E-217 Now with our heads raised, just a moment. I wonder, you that raised your hand, I believe you accepted what you said. But, and I believe that you were sincere. And I take you to God’s Word, which is the Truth.
E-218 Now there’s only one question, where, did you mean that? If you did, it was God knocked at your heart. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit three times—Ed.] That’s right. Now, if you really meant that, then the old things has passed away. God said so. It can’t change.
E-219 Jesus said, “He that heareth My Words and believeth on him that sent Me, hath everlasting Life.”
E-220 I think, if it really taken place in your heart, that you would feel grateful enough to God, that you’d like to walk up to His altar here, and kneel down and give Him thanks for what He’s done for you.
E-221 And while the sister continues with the same song. I would like for everyone that raised their hand, along with those who did not, that wish they should, come up. And let’s kneel down and give a word of thanks to the Almighty, for what He has done for us. That proves you were sincere.
Build your hopes on things Eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
When our journey is completed,
If to God you have been true,
Fair and bright your home in Glory,
Your enraptured soul shall view!
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Hold to God’s unchanging hand!
Build your hopes on things Eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand! Oh!
I’m Going Through. Now I wonder…
E-222 We got many pastors and evangelists here, tonight, who love to see souls in the Kingdom of God. I wonder, brethren, if you…Come here, pastor. And I wonder if the brethren would take their place right along here. We’re going to offer prayer for these dear people.
E-223 Do you know what? According to the Word, I give It a test trial. They raised their hands that they would accept God’s Eternal Word, this night, and believe. And I said, “Now we prayed.”
E-224 Now look what Jesus said. Let’s take it to the Word now. We have a lot of fantastics, but let’s take it to the Word. Jesus said, “He that heareth My Word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has everlasting Life, and shall not come to the judgment, but is passed from death unto Life.” God said so. That settles it forever. “No man,” said Jesus, “can come to Me, except My Father draws him. And all that the Father has give Me, will come to Me.” No one is lost. “He that eats My flesh and drinks My Blood hath everlasting Life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”
E-225 Oh, how marvelous, to look on this altar, when one soul, is worth ten thousand worlds. They never come to join a church. They come because they are a member of the Body of Christ. They come here to offer thanksgiving and pray. And I pray that the Holy Spirit will unctionize and fill every heart, up-and-down this altar, tonight, with a peaceful, and sweet, humble spirit, that’ll bring forth the fruits and righteousness of Christ, as long as there is breath in their body, and go Home, to Glory.
E-226 Would the evangelists and pastors come and stand around with us, while we offer prayer, if you will. Every one, no matter your affiliations with churches, that has nothing to do with it. We just want you to come, right around the people.
I’m going through, yes, I’m going…(Let that be the motive of your heart.)
I’ll pay the price, what other Christians do,
I’ll take the way (like the Micaiah) with the Lord’s despised few,
I’ve started in with Jesus, and I’m going through.
Oh, I’m going through, yes, I’m going…
I’ll pay the price, what other Christians do,
I’ll take the way with the Lord’s despised few,
I’ve started in with Jesus, and I’m going through.
E-227 I’m…Is there another one would like to take the way? “You’re ashamed of me before My Father, or before men, I’ll be ashamed of you in the morning, before the Angels.”
E-228 Are you ashamed before this little audience tonight, to take your stand? Are you ashamed? “He that will confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father.”
I’ll take the way, Lord. I’m going through.
I’ve started through with Jesus, and I’m going through.
E-229 Just be in prayer, everybody, while they’re offering thanksgiving to God, for the pardoning of their sin.
E-230 O God, the Father and Redeemer of mankind, these have come tonight, confessing that they have not been sufficiently placed into the Body of Christ. And they come, tonight, to take their position by the guidance of the hand of God, and the Word.
E-231 And we pray, now, that You will place them into the position in the Kingdom, whichever they shall serve. And may they, with one accord, tonight, believe on Thy holy Word. And may You, by the Holy Spirit, speak to them, and may they just, by the inspiration, be led to the position in the Body of Christ, unto which You have called them.
E-232 O God, how we thank Thee for this! This is glorious in Thy sight. It thrills our heart to see men and women who will kneel humbly at an altar, and confess their wrongs, and plead for mercy. Take them through, Lord.
E-233 Your anointed servants, the ministers of the Word, are standing by the side of these people, and I’m standing here by this sacred desk.
E-234 This is a wonderful moment. The Angels of God has stuck down their camp, along the side of this place, tonight. For it is written in the Word, “The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.”
E-235 And in the great unseen world, that now is around us, stirring our emotions to repentance, and to bring evil before our eyes, that we have done wrong. With penitent hearts, we surrender our evil ways, Lord, and ask for Divine mercy. And may the Holy Spirit, Who has promised us mercy, give it to each of us, as we humbly beg and ask God to fulfill His Word, and to mold our lives and our character to fit His Word. We ask in Christ’s Name.