The Oneness Of Unity

Date: 58-0128 | Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes
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Waterloo, Iowa, U.S.A.
E-1 … Happy to have the privilege of coming in Thy Presence and to meet with Thee. And, O God, may we have fellowship tonight around the written Word. May the Holy Spirit inspire all that’s done or said. For the glory of God we ask it, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
You be seated.
E-2 They almost caught me off of guard. I was looking down here at a little Arkansas brother from way down in that great state of Arkansas. And what you doing up here in this cold country anyhow?
E-3 Well, everywhere I go, I meet people from Arkansas. It was one of my first places to go to after I left St. Louis, where we was at the Keil Auditorium, and went down into Arkansas. And I never forget those people, how they come. Oh, just, there was twenty-eight thousand people; the newspaper said, in Jonesboro. And the city is about eight or ten thousand, I guess, population. For thirty miles around the city, was nothing; all the farm houses taken up, and tents built and things, and people living in it, under old—old trucks. And people, raining…It’d be raining, the people holding little pieces of canvas and newspapers over their sick folks, just waiting for them to be prayed for. It didn’t make any difference if they got in this week or next week. Whenever it was, it’d be all right. See?
E-4 And I remember down at Corning. You live close to there, do you? Corning. You seem…I seen something there that I guess that maybe Dwight Moody, or Sankey, or some of those seen in their days.
E-5 I was way out in the wilderness, had pulled back and was back there praying, alone, before the service. I’d see people coming out those dusty roads, going down to the service, along in the afternoon. And I noticed young ladies, beautiful young ladies, not over sixteen, eighteen years old, packing their shoes and stockings under their arm. Before they would get there, they’d sit down, dust off their feet, and put on their hoses and their shoes. They only had one pair, and it had to last. But they really loved the Lord.
E-6 Some of the most outstanding miracles I have ever seen done in America was did there. And I want to come back to Arkansas, one of these days, just have a real old time of fellowship around the Word and the people of God.
E-7 Now, we’re just a little early, tonight, and so we’re going to read some of God’s Eternal Word, as usual. And I want to…
E-8 Say, I believe they said, here, we had a…You done announced that ministerial breakfast, and so forth? [Someone says, “Yeah.”—Ed.] Yeah. Okay. That’s all right, then.
E-9 We want to read tonight out of the Book of Genesis. And I want you to listen as we read out of the 11th chapter and the 5th verse.
And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men had built.
And the Lord said, Behold, the people are one,…
E-10 I want to speak, tonight, on The Oneness Of Unity, now, as we go straight into the Word, for this exhortation. And now I…It’s very amazing, to think that, how that the people that they saw here was one.
E-11 And, you know, that’s God’s plan, God wants people to be one. And it’s strange to think, but the devil tries to put his plan into existence and make the people one under his plan. Now, God has a plan, and the devil has a plan. And then the devil is trying to get all people under his plan, while God is trying to get people to be one under His plan.
E-12 So there’s two great spirits in the world, one of them is the devil, the other is God. The devil has messengers, God has messengers, and we are at liberty to make our choice. To whom we will yield ourself to, that’s whose servants we are. But if you notice as…
E-13 I was preaching last Sunday of the thirst that’s in people, man. God made man to thirst, but to thirst after Him. That’s why thirst was placed in a man.
E-14 But the devil comes along and perverts that, and causes the people to thirst after him, with the things of the world. The Bible said, “If ye love the world or the things of the world, the love of the Father is not in you.” Then, you see, the devil perverts. He can’t create anything, but he can pervert what God has already created. The devil is not a creator. He’s just a perverter of the original creation. And what is sin? Is righteousness perverted.
How many understands that? See? Good. I just wondering.
E-15 I’m a Southerner, and we just used to a little more response than that. And the—the Northern people are conservative. And—and I been in the South so long till you just have to get used to my Southern ways, or me your Yankee ways.
E-16 But I want you to know, we won the war. Yeah. We got no argument about that. There is one Southerner living, and no Yankees, so we won the war. I thought it was most striking when that little Yankee was dying, though, and the Southerner sent him a telegram and said, “God bless you, Yankee. I hope to see you again, pretty soon.” That, why couldn’t they thought that in the beginning, you see, and just let it go? But I like to say that, that there’s only…It taken the spans of life, to win the war, but we finally got it. See? All right. But there is a great time coming.
E-17 And now speaking of the—the enemy, of how that he perverts righteousness into unrighteousness. Now, that, we’re a mixed multitude, both men and women, most all adults, so I’m sure you’ll understand. You listen to your doctor, and I’m your brother. It’s legal, and lawful, and godly, for a man to take himself a wife, and to live with this wife. But another woman could be the same thing to him, but it would be death to touch her. There is the difference, righteousness perverted. That’s the way all sin is, is righteousness perverted.
E-18 God made you to thirst after Him, and God made the Church to be oneness under His dominion. But the devil makes them oneness under his domain.
E-19 And now if you’ll notice in the Mohammedan religion, some of the things, if we would just could take the time. The things that are, how they are perverted! In the Mohammedan religion, which I’ve had the privilege of visiting the country near the grave of Mohammed, and at his grave has been a white horse has been standing there for two thousand years. Every four hours, I think it is, they change the guard, and a white horse, saddled, and waiting for the resurrection of Mohammed. And they say that he’ll raise from the dead, get on the horse, and conquer the world.
E-20 Then, you see, they are watching for the conqueror to come, riding on a white horse, and how that is perverted from the Scriptures. Because, “Jesus is coming, riding on a white horse, His vesture dipped in blood; His Name, the Word of God.” But, you see, the devil taken that theory and perverted it to Mohammed. But, truly, Jesus will come on the white horse. The Bible says that He will.
E-21 And you can get in any false cult that you wish to and you see many great symbols of true Christianity.
E-22 Now, in the tower of Babylon, if you’ll notice that tower, it was the beginning Babylon; which I will speak on later this week, the Lord will. Babylon, the very city, was patterned out of Heaven. And in there they had the river Euphrates flowing right by the throne and the garden, swinging garden. And that’s patterned off of Heaven, for the River of Life, Thro-…flows by the Throne of God. And you see the achievement that man was doing, was making a pattern, perverted.
E-23 And then, in this great thing, they had a man by the name of Nimrod. And Nimrod was bringing all the rest of the cities and the nation under one great dominion, showing that it’s a man-made theory, just a pattern.
E-24 But God’s Church is united under God. Man has nothing to do with It. It’s united under God.
E-25 And this Babylon, which was the beginning of…In the creation, in the Genesis, we find out that it’s plumb over in Revelation, and it speaks of its ecclesiastical world in the last days, which is now, will finally unite under the antichrist, a man-made religion.
E-26 But I’m thankful to say that God’s Church will be united, too, under one Head, God.
E-27 But the man-made religions will all come into this antichrist religion. There’ll be two forms of them. One form will come from Rome, which will be the beast. And there is an image unto the beast, which will be the ecclesiastical head of the Protestant church, heap up as an image unto the beast, under the denominational world. And it’ll all come under one great dominion, and the antichrist will be the one that’s enthroned and seated. Anti, “against,” almost exactly alike, but yet his—his—his teaching isn’t from the Scriptures. Enough of the Scriptures to make it look like that it’s right, but it’ll be wrong.
E-28 And I know you’re—you’re saying, “Brother Branham, you’re referring to Rome now.” That’s exactly. And not only Rome, but Protestantism, too. Exactly. The Bible said so.
E-29 But there you are, the devil uniting people under one head, one ecclesiastical head, a man on earth. The Bible said, “He would sit in the temple of God, showing that he is God.” And how he would wear a triple crown, and all these things that he would do, “The vicar of—of heaven, earth, and purgatory.” And under this would be an—an image to him, where all the rest of them would unite together.
E-30 But the Church of the living God will be united under the power of God and the supervision of the Holy Spirit. God’s Church shall be united. Oh, aren’t you glad?
E-31 In this dark hour, when everything shutting off, people are not caring. They don’t. Seemed like their hearts are getting farther and farther away from God. The world is getting colder and colder, and indifferent, because these great ecclesiastical heads are forming up.
E-32 In Russia, Russia is trying to unite the world under communism, Russia. The devil that’s controlling Russia is trying to unite all the world under communism. They’ll never be able to do it.
E-33 And then the U.N., United Nations, is trying to unite them under a union police force, another man-made system. It never will work. It can’t. But they’re all trying to.
E-34 And let me say this with respects, but according to the Word of God, that every nation today is dominated by the devil. The Bible said so. Satan showed our Lord the kingdoms of the world, and he said, “These are all mine, to do with them anything I want to do. And if You’ll worship me, I’ll give them all over to You.”
E-35 And Jesus knew that He was going to fall heir to them in the Millennium, so He said, “Get thee behind Me, Satan.”
E-36 If the world was governed by Christ, we would stack arms and there would never be another bullet fired. We wouldn’t have any use for sputniks and for hydrogen bombs, to blow up people. When Christ takes over the governorship of this world, as “the King of kings and Lord of lords,” the people will be united to Him, under one great big domain. It’ll be a time!
E-37 All nations are wanting people to be one. Germany thought they all ought to be Germans. Russia thinks they all ought to be Russians. The Western world thinks they all ought to come to here. And they want them to speak one language, just like they did in Babylon. God said, “They are one language.” And he wants them all to speak one language. They want them all to be one united persons, but it will never take place under man’s dominion.
E-38 But I’ll say this, that there is coming a time when all nations will be united together under one King, and that will be Jesus Christ, God’s Son. And they’ll speak one language. They’ll be one in heart and one in purpose. Daniel saw the end, when the Stone was cut out of the mountain, without hands, and It rolled into the kingdoms of the world and crushed them, and they become like the trash on the floor, the husk that the winds blew away. But the Stone covered all the earth. That Stone is Christ. There will be some time there will be one nation, one people, one flag: the old rugged cross. Praise be to the living God!
My hopes is built on nothing lesS
Than Jesus’ Blood with righteousness;
When all around my soul gives way,
Then He is all my hope and stay.
For on Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other grounds is sinking sand.
E-39 All other ground, churches, denominations, nations, U.N.’s, whatever it might be, it’s all sinking sand, got to come to an end.
E-40 I’ve had the privilege of standing in Rome, where the great Caesar who tried to unite all the world under the Roman empire. And, today, you have to dig twenty-feet down, to find the ruins of that city.
E-41 I stood in Egypt, where the great pharaohs that tried to unite the world under Egypt, and you dig twenty and thirty feet, to find the ruins of the city. “For here we have no continuing city,” says the Bible, “but we seek One to come.”
E-42 Not long ago, when I one time went out to a place when I was a little boy. I seen a great tree, where I used to go and set under that tree. And I said, “When I’m an old man, I’ll come back and set under this certain tree, and I’ll look up into its branches. I will admire its beauty, as I am today, of a boy of twelve.” There is nothing left of that tree but a snag. Why? There is nothing here that can continue. It must cease.
E-43 And every mortal thing speaks of an immortal One coming, for everything that we see is a perverted act of something that’s real.
E-44 I marry a couple, and see a lovely young girl in her blushing teen, a young man with his shoulders back, standing as they are, one, and their hearts beating together. I think, “Isn’t that too pretty a picture to ever be marred by death?” But it’s just a few years till the hair turns gray, the shoulders stoop, and back to the dust they go. What is it? It’s a picture, when they’re standing there, that there is a Land beyond the River, where every symptom of death is taken away. There, immortal, shall stand in His likeness, the sun and the stars to outshine.
E-45 That great morning star hasn’t lost any of its beauty since the Lord blowed it from His hands and hung it in its orbit, and look what a few years does to us. But what did He say in the Scripture? He said, “Those that have turned many to righteous shall outshine the stars.” “So we look for a City Whose Builder and Whose Maker is God.”
E-46 After you see this great something that I’m trying to build your mind into, for a context, I’m trying to let you see out here that there is a—a working of an enemy. And the working of the enemy, by a perverted spirit, is trying to do that which the Spirit of Christ is trying to do. The enemy is trying, like the pro and con, to unite all the world under one great head. The world is doing that; Russia, U.N. And now let me go just a little further. And the church is trying to do it, under man-made setup. It’ll never work. It’s not God’s program. I can prove that by His Word.
E-47 But, you know, God made you a person, to make you desire to be that way, so that He could fill you up with His goodness. Now, if…A man has to be full of something. That’s right.
E-48 This is a choosing time. You cannot stand neutral any longer. You may leave before the message is over, but you can’t go out that door the same person you come in. That’s right. You’ll cross that threshold, tonight, either a better person or a—a more evil person than you was when you entered. You can’t help it. It’s up to you to make a decision. Now, notice, it’s a choosing time. You can’t be neutral. It’s a choosing time. “You must choose you this day whom you’re going to serve.” And the devil has presented many things, glamorous, that you can choose if you wish to. You can’t remain the way you are. Because, you got to be…if you’re empty.
E-49 Now, I wish this to stay among us. And the good Lord of Heaven knows that I’m not saying this to be indifferent. But I’m just saying this to show a Truth. And our great evangelists who are crossing the world today…
E-50 And not long ago, I had the privilege of setting at the breakfast with this famous Billy Graham, who I believe is God’s servant, going across the nations, calling them to Christ, calling the world to Christ and to repentance. And I heard him say, before a group of preachers, as he picked up the Bible, like this, and he said, “This is the—the example.” He said, “Paul went into a city and he made a convert. He came back a year later and he had thirty converts.” He said, “I go into a city and have twenty thousand converts. I come back in a year and don’t have twenty.” Oh, how I wanted to say something! But that was his meeting.
E-51 Billy Graham, with his message, is telling people to repent and to turn from sin. And that’s an essential message. And God has chosen Billy Graham to do it. No one else can do it like he has done, because he’s following the Lord. He is in the spirit of John, which, before the first coming of Christ, went forth and preached repentance and done no miracles, but he preached and stirred the regions and made them ready for the next message coming.
E-52 But, today, as Billy Graham, our beloved brother, as he’s having the people to dump themselves out with sin, he hasn’t got the message of filling up again. That’s what’s the matter: you are dumped out.
E-53 But let me humbly speak to you, as your brother. The Bible said, “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks in dry places.” In other words, he’s going around, everywhere, trying to find rest. A spirit is not very bad until he can find somebody that he can talk through or live through.
E-54 Just recently, I could feel the spirit in the meeting. And you all who are sending your letters in, as an apology of the first night or two, to believe that it was some kind of a mental setup, and now you’re convinced. Sure, I forgive you. God, does, too. And the Lord bless you. Certainly.
E-55 Now, when the meeting going on, an evil spirit in the meeting, that spirit is almost harmless until it can catch somebody that it can work through. Then when it can work through, it’ll certainly do damage, because it is a evil spirit.
E-56 And the Holy Spirit is here, trying to find somebody to work through. And when It finds somebody to work through, It can do good.
E-57 See the two spirits, their motives, objective? Watch how it is. Watch their works. Watch their fruits, then you can see what spirit is on you. You are motivated by spirit. If you have no spirit, you’re dead. And if you have a spirit, it motivates your life.
E-58 And if your life bears the fruit of a Christian, it’s a Christian Spirit. Now, you may be filled.
E-59 Now watch this evil spirit. “When he goes out, he walks in dry places, hunting a place to find rest.” The Bible said, “He could not find it, so he says, ‘I will return back to where I come out of.’” He goes back to this person that he was once in, and he finds the house all swept, cleaned up, sanctified, all condemnation gone. Oh, just a really happy believer, but it’s empty. “And he said, ‘Come here,’ seven other spirits worse than he was.” Will you please try to get this? The Bible said that’s the Truth. Jesus said it’s the Truth. “And he comes back to this house.”
E-60 A man who has confessed Christ to be his Saviour, has got rid of his wickedness, has quit his drinking, quit his smoking, his lying, his stealing. He has become sanctified, cleaned out. His house is all swept. He feels free. “So he comes back and he finds that house. Then he goes and gets seven other spirits worse than he was, and comes into this person.” And the Bible said, that, “The last estate of the man is seven times worse than it was at the beginning.”
E-61 Now what just happened? An evangelist comes through, they preach repentance, and you clean up from your sin. And then when you’re cleaned up, the devil goes away from you. You take your things back, that you stole. You go, confess your wrongs to your wife or your husband. You really clean up. And then, the thing of it is, you’re just clean, and make a real good target for the devil.
E-62 Now, “After the people believed and was baptized, they were filled with the Holy Ghost.” And that’s God’s Divine program. Now, if you are filled with the world…And when you get saved, you might be filled with good thoughts, and so forth; but unless you are filled with God! God sent the Holy Spirit, to the earth, to motivate the Church.
E-63 And you might be filled with thoughts. You might be filled with theology. And you might be filled with education, a know-it-all. And you might be filled with religion, and still be a target of the devil. That’s right. Now, when…
E-64 God made you so you could empty. For, when you was born, you was made with a place to be filled. By nature, you’re a child of the devil. And when you…An evangelist comes along, and you repent and get cleaned up.
E-65 You see what? The devil comes. He brings back to you, and sets you in some little denomination, and say, “Our church is the biggest one.” You’re wrong, right there, to start with. Then you get heady, high-minded. “Why, it don’t condemn me to stay home and watch television. It doesn’t condemn me to smoke a little friendly cigarette or take a drink, once in a while.” Your fruits tells what you are.
E-66 And then you’ll hear some clergyman get up. And you might be reading the Bible, and you see where Jesus performed and done miracles. You take it to the pastor. “Oh,” he’ll say, “now, look. We don’t believe That.” Who is “we”? Who is the “we don’t believe It”; him and who? It isn’t him and God, for God wrote It. It’s him and somebody else.
E-67 And if you’ll get behind it, it’s the same motive that was at the tower of Babel, to build a man-made, earthly dominion. But God don’t want that. He don’t want you all united under the Methodist, under the Baptist, or under the…any ecclesiastical, a church head. He don’t want you all united under Rome. He don’t want you all united under the…any church dominion.
E-68 He wants you united under His spiritual Kingdom, the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes, the world becomes dead, and you are filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And the devil is a person has to stay away from you. You’re under God’s domain. You are a new creature. The Holy Spirit come into that empty place and filled it up.
E-69 Now, a pastor, any cult, some little literature you’d read, might say to you, “The days of miracles is passed.” That’s a good place for the devil to slip one of them spirits in there and make you a worse person you was when you was a sinner. Cause, the religious sinner is the worst of all. That’s the worst. Jesus said so. It’s the worst spirit.
E-70 Then you might go to a meeting where the great power of the Lord! And the first thing you would say, when you saw it, “Now, I just wonder. If I get mixed up with This, they’ll give me my letter at the church.” See where you’re at?
E-71 Now, maybe it doesn’t. There is fine denominations, fine pastors, Methodists, Baptists, all different types that believe in the supernatural moving of God, that believes that man has got to be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. And I thank God for every one of them. There is many of them that believe. God has got His children stuck out in every place. But what I’m trying to say, in the majority you find out, all those churches.
E-72 I want to ask you Methodist people something, that don’t believe in Divine healing. What about John Wesley, your founder? When he was riding his horse, to pray for a sick woman, and the horse stumbled in a gopher hole, and fell and broke its leg. John got off his horse, took a bottle of oil, and said, “Lord, You’ve made this horse, the same as You made me,” and anointed the horse with oil. And got on him and rode away. What about that? You preach it in a modern Methodist church today, they’d throw you out the door. Certainly.
E-73 But you see what it is? “The old mother prostitute,” of the Bible, Revelation 17, she had daughters. And surely I don’t have to go in detail on that. Protestantism is a product of Catholicism. Certainly, it is. They brought lot of their stuff out, still hanging onto it. Still doing it, way away from Scriptural Teaching, way away from the apostles’ Teaching.
E-74 They made themself up an Apostles’ Creed. I want any man to tell me where the apostles ever quoted—quoted a creed like that. Never, never! But you lay onto it.
E-75 And you call your priests, “Father.” And Jesus said, “Call no man ‘Father.’”
E-76 And you people, you get your little prayer books out, both Protestant and Catholic, and say prayers, over and over and over, both Protestant and Catholic. And Jesus said, “Don’t use vain repetitions like the heathens do; think they can be heard, of their much talking.”
E-77 You see, pot can’t call kettle black. That’s right. It’s all under condemnation, every man-made theory. And that’s the reason in a revival like this, come to the city, these seats are setting empty. But God will send It, anyhow, and the papers will blast It. And at the Day of Judgment, when you’re called to answer, you’ll be found guilty as they was back there.
E-78 Didn’t Jesus say, “The Queen of Sheba, the Queen of the South, come all the way from the utmost parts of the world,” sitting on the back of a camel, three months, “to see a gift of God, which was Solomon”? He said, “Verily, I say unto you, a greater than Solomon is here.”
E-79 And I say, tonight, that a greater than Solomon is here. It’s the Person of Christ, in the Holy Ghost, performing and working, producing in the human life just as He did here.
E-80 God made you a place that could be emptied. Now, you can’t just polish the old life up. You can’t give the old life a face-lift. She has got to die, and a new life be born in her. She don’t need some manicure or what is it you put on your lips, that what the women do, you know, to make them look better. She don’t need a hair-curling. She don’t need the lip stuff. The Church needs a Birth and a filling of the Holy Ghost.
E-81 With her hair curled and her lips painted, she is still the same old girl. She still is a doubter. She still is, has her doubts. She has her fears. She’s got herself all scrupled up. And she don’t want to hear the Truth, because the thing that is within her won’t let her to it. That’s right. Certainly.
E-82 A woman of ill-fame on the streets, you walk up and tell her, “Hey, woman, you’re wrong.”
She’ll say, “Tend to your own business.”
E-83 And some stiff-necked church member is seven times worse than that woman.
E-84 Tell her, “There’s a great revival going on. You should come down. The Lord Jesus has manifest Hisself, healing the sick. People are, so forth, receiving the Holy Spirit.”
E-85 “Go on! What’s the matter with you? I belong to church. I’m as good as you.” Why? She don’t know any better.
E-86 But you speak to a decent woman and tell her it’s wrong to do that. She’ll say, “Amen. I know that’s wrong.”
E-87 And you tell a man or woman, that’s born again of the Spirit of God, that the baptism of the Holy Ghost is here for them, to fill their heart. They’ll holler “amen” to It, for they feed and live on the Word of God. Certainly, they do.
E-88 But, you see, as it is in the world so is it in the church. They’re trying to build something. God don’t need your help to build His Kingdom. God just wants you to preach the Word. He’ll do the building. He’s the Architect. He’s got the plans laid out Here. All right.
E-89 What do we do then? God made you a place to empty up, of the things of the world. Now, nature put a spirit in there that makes you love the things of the world, and you know you’re wrong when you do that.
E-90 Whether you’re a church member, you may be just as religious as you can be, and just as full of the devil, with it. That’s right. If you doubt the Word of God, every Word of It to be true, it’s the devil telling you that. Certainly, it is. That’s rude. But it’s time, high time that some little sissified preacher got his rubber gloves off and preached the Gospel the way It’s wrote, and quit trying to petty around with some seminary experience.
E-91 I always felt sorry for an incubator chicken. A chicken that was born in an incubator, chirps, and ain’t got no mammy to go to. That puts me in the mind of a seminary preacher that don’t know no more about the Word of God than what the seminary said; chirping, and no Mammy to go to.
E-92 But when you’re really born under the wings of His grace and power, you’ll agree with every Word He said, is the Truth. And when God moves in the supernatural, your heart will hungry right to It.
E-93 You won’t get off on the side and say, “Mental telepathy! A devil! Beelzebub! I don’t believe That. My church don’t teach It.”
E-94 You’ll say, “God be praised forever,” for you’re filled. You can’t stay empty.
E-95 Empty is idleness. That’s what’s the matter with the converts today. As soon as you get converted, you start idling around. You ought to be over there on your knees, seeking God for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, to be filled up. Then you’ve got a wall, His blessed Presence with you. And when the enemy comes in, like the lion in the den that night with Daniel, the Light of God shines out and he gets away from you. “If the good man of the house hasn’t got it garrisoned.” Certainly.
Now, united, on the Day of Pentecost.
E-96 Or, just before it, the disciples had all been cleaned out, all their sins had been forgiven. And Jesus, the Shepherd, the old hen, as it was, as He said He “would have gathered them as a hen,” His brood. Then, when the spirit of the devil was kept away, waiting for the filling time.
E-97 And, yet, in all that, just twelve men, one of them got the anointing of the devil, and after he had seen Jesus do all those fine works. He was the very one that led the soldiers to put a rag around His head, and hit Him over the head with a club or a stick, and say, “Tell us who hit You. We’ll believe You.” After following Jesus and seeing His miracles, and hearing. The Jew come up, and Jesus tell him who he was, where he come from. After seeing all that, this same man doubted it, after see Him at the well of Samaria, with the woman, tell her her sins. And hear the Pharisee say, “He’s a fortune-teller.” And then after seeing the lovely Jesus, the woman touching His garment and being healed, he still wouldn’t believe. And permitted a spirit of unbelief to come to him, because he was instructed on the outside. See what I mean?
E-98 Oh, what a horrible thing unbelief is! And yet, people profess Christianity, sitting with that in them. “Heady, high-minded,” the Bible said, “in the last day.” Do I feel strange about it? No, sir. It makes me know this, that the end time is at hand. For the Bible said, “The Spirit speaks expressingly,” you know what the word expressingly means, “that in the last days,” that’s this, “perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of theirself.”
E-99 “I’m Dr. Ph.D. Jones, and my—my seminary experience. I—I have all my degrees. I am an LL, double L, D. Our pastor is all this, that.” That don’t have one thing to do with God.
E-100 I had a man come, not long ago, said, “Brother Branham, I can plaster your wall with degrees.” And said, “Every time, when I got my doctor’s degree, I thought I would find Christ. When I got my literature degree, when I got my bachelor degree, I hunted for Christ in all of it. And I haven’t found Him yet.” He said, “Has the teachers been wrong?”
E-101 I said, “Christ is not known by these theological degrees, but He’s known in the person of the Holy Ghost which come down on the Day of Pentecost.”
E-102 And the man fell across my coffee table, in my dining room, and there received the Holy Spirit. Amen. On the field tonight, preaching Divine healing, which is one of the outstanding men of the day. What did the church do? Excommunicate him, right quick. “Blessed are you when they’ll put you out of the synagogues and things, for My Name’s sake.”
E-103 What the Bible said, “They’ll be heady, high-minded.” When? “In the last days. Lovers of television, pleasures, more than the lovers of God. Trucebreakers, false accusers.”
E-104 “Now I’ll tell you. Don’t you go down to that meeting, because there’s nothing to it.” False accusers! The Bible said so. “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.” What power is that?
E-105 The disciples asked. Just a moment. The disciples asked this question when they seen that Judas had betrayed Him and everything was at hand. They said, “Lord, will Thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” Watch what He said. “It’s not for you to know that hour. But go up to the city of Jerusalem, and you shall be endued with power from on High before you can be a witness.” A witness has to know something. A witness has to have an experience. And you cannot be a witness of Christ until the Holy Ghost has baptized you.
E-106 Jesus would not permit His disciples to preach the Gospel until they received the Holy Ghost. Yet, they had been honored to walk with Him, three and a half years. Though they were holy men, accepted in His sight, but He would not let them go preach until they waited up there and got all the differences out of the them, and then the Holy Spirit came.
E-107 What the world needs today is that same filling. When the dumping-out comes, it needs a filling. What does that filling do when It comes in? Where you have doubt, it brings faith. Where you have indifference, it brings love. Where you had hatred, it brings fellowship.
E-108 And then, when, the Church of the living God some day will be united under one great Head, and that will be the—the Head of God. God, and in a unity of the Body of Christ, will be the Governor and the King and the Lord, over the entire Church, under His control. Then She will be received up.
E-109 Today, all of the towers of Babel they may build, all of the rockets they may find, all of the socialism and communism that they may stir up, all the ecclesiastical systems will fail. But in spite of all of it, God will have a Church united under His King, under His Kingship, by the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
E-110 Jesus said, “These signs shall follow them that believe: in My Name they shall cast out devils; speak with new tongues. If they take up serpents or should drink any deadly thing, it would not harm them. They’ll lay hands on the sick, they shall recover.” Great signs and wonders! “The works that I do shall they do also. Even more than this shall they do, for I’m going to the Father. A little while the world will see Me no more, yet ye shall see Me, for I’ll be with you.” What? Dump out, empty up. “Then I’ll be in you, to the end of the world, the consummation.” Certainly. “I’ll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world.”
E-111 When that Spirit is in there, It takes hold of God’s Eternal Word, and It calls everything contrary to It as though it wasn’t, no matter what that takes place, what the world says, what anything else says. If God has made the promise, the man that’s endued with that Spirit will hold onto that promise of God, ’cause there’s nothing else in his way.
E-112 The Church is pure. The Church is purged by the Holy Spirit. Their conscience, the fears of doubt and unbelief is taken away. And when they hear God’s Word say a certain thing, they believe It. Oh! They hold onto It. They just don’t move from It.
E-113 And the world today, my friend, is wanting to see people that’s united with Christ, to display the real genuine Spirit of Christ. Gallant heroes!
E-114 In closing, I might say, the world is wanting to see heroes. They honor hero. That’s good. The old saying is, that, “Cowards die a million times, while heroes never die.”
E-115 There’s a story comes to my mind. I would like to quote it to you just for a few moments. It’s a story of a hero that’s too often forgotten. Many of you men, my age, and you women, you’ll remember it well in our school books.
E-116 It was many years ago, in Switzerland. The little Swiss people had went up in the mountains and built themselves some houses. They had their own little economics, and so forth, their little homes. And they loved them. They wasn’t a warring people. They were peaceful people.
E-117 And all at once, one time, coming into Switzerland, was a great powerful army. And they were well-trained men, just sitting like them seats there, just like a brick wall; great shields, great spears, well-trained war men. And they come marching into Switzerland, to take what the Swiss had.
E-118 And the Swiss, to guard their homes, kissing their wives good-bye, and their children and babies, they took old pieces of scythe blades, rocks and stones, great big old clubs, and went down in the valley, to meet the oncoming army. And when they got gathered out there, just a little bitty handful of men, and all around them was a great marching army. What could they do? They stood hopeless, helpless, one looking at the other. They were licked. There’s no way around it. They were finished.
E-119 After while, there was a man by the name of Arnold von Winkelried. He stepped out, and he said, “Men of Switzerland, over across the mountain is a little white home where my wife and three little children wait.” Said, “When I kissed them good-bye, this morning, I’ll never see them again on this earth.”
E-120 They said, “Arnold von Winkelried, what are you going to do?”
He said, “This day, I shall die for Switzerland.”
E-121 “Well,” they said, “Arnold von Winkelried, that will do no good. Why do you say you will die for Switzerland?”
E-122 He said, “You take what you’ve got; plow shears, little old sickles, sticks and clubs, rocks.” Said, “You follow me, and you fight the best you can with what you’ve got.”
Said, “What will you do?”
E-123 And he threw down his sickle, his thing that he was going to fight with. He raised up his hands, and he screamed to that big army.
E-124 He looked around. He saw where the thickest of spears was. Just everyone in uniform number, marching them right against the mountain, on, on. (Oh, that’s the way the devil does it.) Marching them right into the corner.
E-125 He raised his hand, and he screamed, “Make way for liberty!” And the oncoming army wondered what. And he started running, and he screamed again, “Make way for liberty!”
E-126 And when he got right into this great big bunch of spears, where many pointed, to catch him, he grabbed his arms out like this, and got a whole arm full of those spears and drew them into his bosom. Such a display of real heroism, it upset that big army, and it routed them.
E-127 Here come the Swiss, with clubs and sticks, and beat that army out of their nation. And they’ve never had a war from that time to this, because one man played the part of a hero and did what was right. That’s never been exceeded, and very seldom compared with, as heroism.
E-128 But, oh, that’s such a little thing, to one day, many years ago, when Adam’s children, the race of this world, was backed up in the corner, with sicknesses and diseases and sin. They had been sent prophets, and killed them. And they, all kinds of laws, and refused them. And Adam’s race was backed into the corner.
E-129 There was One Who stepped out of Heaven, and said, “I’m going down to the earth this day to give My life.” He found where the thickest of the darts was. And the fears of Adam’s race was death. He grabbed death, as He went to Calvary, and pulled it into His bosom.
E-130 And He told His disciples, “Empty up now. Go yonder at…Wait up yonder until I send you back Something to fight with.” Blessed be…Excuse me. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. He sent the Holy Spirit, and said, “Follow Me. Cut sin and sickness to the wall.”
E-131 Men and women, the greatest thing that’s ever been give to the Church of God is not to hold some ecclesiastical paper in your hand, but to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, and cut the kingdom of the devil until our Chief Captain comes to take over.
E-132 God bless you. Don’t think I’m beside myself. That’s true. I know what I talk of. Men of honor; women, you who believe in God; you who claim to have the Spirit of God in your heart. If you’re sick or needy, you’ve got the weapon there to fight that sickness with. It’s in you. God gave it to you.
E-133 Why will we stand back like a coward? Why will we stand on the sideline? Let’s follow the Captain. Let’s follow Him that went to Calvary. When He went to Calvary, “He was wounded for our transgression. With His stripes we were healed.”
E-134 Take that what He gives you, and fight sickness and sin. Fight unbelief away. Tell the devil he’s a liar. Christ said He has overcome the world. “Greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world.” Greater is the power of Christ, in you, than that sickness that you have in your body tonight. Greater is the power of Christ, than that little, besetting sin that you can’t overcome. Let’s take that Holy Spirit and fight the devil down, and walk out victorious, as the heroes of the cross.
Let us pray.
E-135 Jehovah, Jehovah-rapha, Jehovah-jireh, we come in Jesus’ Name. We come because He said, “Ask the Father anything in My Name, I’ll do it.”
E-136 Here is a little bunch of people here, tonight, who are staggering along, trying to keep under the banner, and the devil is hissing at them. They look out there at that great walled army that’s all around them, and tell them, “The days of miracles is passed, and there’s no such thing.”
E-137 O Lord God, may they grab that hold of that Eternal Life that’s filled their heart, the Holy Spirit. And if He hasn’t filled them, may He do it right now. May all the doubts vanish. And may this little body of people, tonight, be filled with God’s filling power, to take the place of unbelief and doubt. And give them faith, and love, and happiness, and joy, and the Holy Spirit, to lay hold of that promise that God give, like Abraham of old, and call the things, that are not, as though they were, because God said so. Grant it, Lord.
E-138 While we have our heads bowed, everywhere in this building, I wonder if there would be a person here without the Holy Spirit, tonight, would say, “O Lord, be merciful to me. I’m ashamed that I’m hanging around these towers of man-made ecclesiastical systems, of all this doubt and things that they produce with it. Lord, take me out of this dominion, tonight, and place me into Your dominion, by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I want It now, Lord. Give me faith to believe for my healing. Give me faith to believe my sins are gone, and all these things. Give me faith so that the Holy Spirit will come into me and just over flood my soul with joy.” Would you raise your hands to Him and say, “I want to receive It”?
E-139 God bless you, lady. God bless you, you, you, you. All over the building. God bless you back there, lady. I’m waiting. God is watching. And you over here, all this row in here. Yes. God bless you.
E-140 “I want the Holy Spirit. I’m tired, going around, a halfway life. Tempers, and fusses and stews, and doubts and fears is all in my heart, Brother Branham, but I want it all out. I want to be a place where I can be a shining light. I want me to be, my life, to be like Stephen, how he was fearless.”
E-141 They said his face shined like an angel. It wouldn’t have to have a glaring light. An angel would be stern. He know what he was talking about. He stood before that Sanhedrin Court and said, “You stiff-necked, uncircumcised, the heart and ears! You resist the Holy Ghost. Like your fathers did, so do you.” Was an angel. He had a message. The word angel means “messenger.”
E-142 “Give me, make me a messenger, Lord, of the Divine power of Christ, by the Holy Ghost in my heart.” Would you raise your hand, someone else who hasn’t?
E-143 The blessings on you, sir. Blessings on you, young lady. God bless you, young man. The Lord sees you. Good. All right.
E-144 Now with your heads bowed, let’s pray for God to fill you with the Holy Ghost, right where you are.
E-145 “Brother Branham, you want to come down, lay your hands on me, for the Holy Ghost?” I don’t have to.
E-146 “While Peter spake these Words at the house of Cornelius, the Holy Ghost fell on them that heard the Word.” “Faith cometh by hearing,” not laying on of hands, but by hearing, “hearing (what?) the Word of God.”
E-147 I’ve tried, in my humble way, to show you the towers that’s being built, the Babylon towers that’s got to fall. And I’m pointing you to a Tower. And there’s only one road up It, that’s through the Holy Spirit.
E-148 You can’t sit neutral. The Bible said, in this day, that, “Every man that wasn’t sealed with the Holy Ghost would have the mark of the beast.” What is the mark of the beast? Unbelief. Don’t you know what they’re…if your pastors has taught you. In the Old Testament, when the trumpet sounded, if the man wanted to go free, he could go free. If he didn’t, he’d walk to the post and had an awl bored through his ear, because he refused to go free. And if you refuse to go free, then you’ll serve that taskmaster the rest of your day, and you’re lost.
E-149 “What’s the seal of God, Brother Branham?” The Holy Ghost.
You say, “Is that Scriptural?” Absolutely, many of them.
E-150 Let me give you one so you won’t forget it. Ephesians 4:30 said, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed till the day of your redemption.” There’s the Seal of God. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. You’ve looked for the Seal of God to come in the last day. It’s not on your forehead. Saying it was on your forehead is your “knowledge, to understand.” But the Bible said the Seal of God is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And everybody that has It, their hearts are free. They’re sealed by the knowledge of God, in their forehead, that they do know that Jesus is dead and raised again, because they can see Him.
E-151 “A little while, and the unbeliever will see Me no more. Yet, you’ll see Me,” the ones got the Seal, “for I’ll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world. The works that I do shall you also, even greater than this, for I go to My Father.”
E-152 The unbelieving world walks along in gross darkness, around some tower of Babel. A touch, and they’re something another around some superstition, some cult. While, the real believer and the signs and wonders, and it’s hid from the eyes of the unbeliever. Open your hearts now and let Him come in.
E-153 Going to ask the ministers, also, in the buildings, pray especially at this time.
E-154 This is a great moment. This moment will seal the destination, no doubt, of many. One soul worth ten thousand worlds! How great is this moment.
E-155 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Jehovah, reach down just now by the mercies of the Lord Jesus, the Blessed One, and pour the Holy Oil of Your Spirit into every heart here, those who are hungering. It is written in the Bible, “While Peter spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on them.” No wonder; they were all thirsty. You said, “Blessed are ye when you’ll hunger and thirst for righteousness, for you shall be filled.”
E-156 How can we speak to people about Christ when they’re not thirsty for Him? When, they’re sitting in their man-made thoughts, and satisfied, knowing not that they’re “miserable, wretched, blind, and poor, and know it not.”
E-157 God, be merciful, tonight, to those who are raising their hand, those who are willing for the Holy Spirit to come in. May He come, come down the streams of His blessings now, pouring into every heart, and filling them to an overrunning joy, that they might know that He lives. Give them understanding of how to accept You. Give them understanding that You’re there, more anxious to get in their heart than they are to have You.
E-158 May every little funny feeling, every demon that’s sitting around, hissing, “Now, you won’t receive It. You won’t receive It.” May they call that devil “a liar.” God made the promise, and God will keep His promise. But how can we, when we sit all pulled in like a terrapin in its shell?
E-159 I pray, God, that You’ll loosen up this crowd of people, and send down the Holy Spirit from on High, with a great powerful rush upon them. May their hearts be open now. And if they can only receive the Holy Spirit, Lord, He will announce to them that all blessings of God belongs to them. Grant it, Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
E-160 Don’t you love Him? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] You believe that This is the Truth? [“Amen.”] I’m not much of an ecclesiastical preacher. I…But what I…
E-161 If I could only express what I see in my heart! I see the end time. I know the Message is true. If I was dying this hour, the Message is true. See? And I believe that the eyes of the people, many times, are blinded. But, God is just, in every age. He sent Noah. How many was saved? How many was saved in the days of Lot? Jesus said, “So will it be in the coming of the Son of man.” Certainly, see, just a few. But the Message went on, just the same.
E-162 Now listen. How many believes that God is here? Let’s see your hand. How many believes that He’s Jehovah-Rapha, “the Lord’s provided sacrifice”? How many believes He’s Jehovah-Jireh, “the Lord that healeth thee”? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-163 Listen, friend. Too many times, my ministry in America hasn’t been very forceful, because it looks like the people is so—so confused. One teaches one thing, and one another, instead of setting down and taking the Bible and reading It for yourself, see, and being convinced by the Holy Spirit. Now, look. You don’t need…
E-164 You been taught, “People lay hands on you.” That’s all right.
E-165 My ministry is to witness the evidence of Jesus Christ raised from the dead.
E-166 Now, some of you thought It was mental telepathy. You wrote your letters in today and said so. Last night, I took the people that had the prayer cards, and turned them away, and just got the ones without prayer cards.
E-167 Friend, let me say to you, as a servant of Christ. Here sits Gene and Leo, my bosom friend. Here is Dr. Vayle. My son, Billy. There is Brother Sothmann, the Canadian manager. Brother, Brother Norman, the one that’s got this meeting up. Many men. Call my city. Call the mayor of the city, Mr. Hodenpehl. Call the judge. Call the police force. Call Dr. Sam Adair, the greatest doctor in the South, the big clinic. Ask them what kind and what visions take place. Ask them if it’s true.
E-168 Call Dr. Sam Adair, tonight, ask him what he does when he gets in a hard place. He comes up to my house, gets down on his knees, and there he lays before God, he and I, till God shows a vision. And ask him if ever one time it failed. Call him, at my expense.
E-169 Dr. Sam Adair runs a big clinic there. Ask him how he ever got the clinic there. When he was up at my house, crying, and said, “The city needs a clinic.” And I told him right where it’d be built, and he would build it. Said, “You—you can’t buy that place,” said, “twenty-five years from now. It’s in courts in Boston.”
E-170 I said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD. It’ll be yours before twenty-four hours.” I said, “You’ll have a clinic there, will be made out of red brick. You’ll have a sign at the door, and so forth, and like that.”
He said, “Billy, I wouldn’t doubt you for nothing, son.”
I said, “The Lord has give it to you, doctor.”
E-171 Call him, tonight, and ask him what taken place. The next morning he called me, said, “I’m freezing to death. They just called me. And something happened last night, and we bought the place already.”
E-172 Ask about cases that he sends up there with cancer, eat up, no hope at all. We’ll pray over him. They run me out at the hospital. We’ll go into the room and shut the door. The Lord will show a vision, either saying just when they’re going or just what will happen. Ask him if it ever failed.
E-173 This is just minor here. This is the…This is the least I’ve ever seen done in any of my meetings. That’s right. I’ve tried everything to get the thing broke. I come up, and you thought, “prayer cards.” I turned the prayer cards around. I’m trying everything. I’m here as your servant and your brother, these things here.
E-174 Here is Banks Wood sitting here somewhere, my book salesman.
E-175 Leo, Gene, here is two boys here, one a Catholic, and the other one I don’t think belonged to anything. When they come to Hammond, Indiana, and seen the Holy Spirit, in them thousands of people, calling out, a few years ago. One of them growed a great big beard. They formed themself an F.B.I. of their own, to come down and see if them things was right. Come up to my house, imposing as evangelists, and so forth. And the Holy Spirit went right down and called it out. Here they are, sitting here now. See?
Why can’t you stand It? What’s the matter?
E-176 Mr. Wood, he’s here somewhere, was telling me, sitting right here. Way down in Louisiana, I saw him getting hurt. Called him on the phone, and told him to watch. The next day, he cut his thumb off. He would have cut his arm off; the Holy Spirit. A few nights ago, when I was in Chicago, I seen him in amidst of smoke, and told him to be careful. He’d have got lead poison right there. And went into that bunch of smoke, and liked to died right there.
E-177 Ask how things are foretold, weeks after weeks, and months after month, before they ever happen.
E-178 Later on, the week, I’ll show you what this is. This is your own faith; and that’s the reason things can’t take place. It’s you pulling from the Holy Spirit. The…Jesus never seen a vision for the woman. It was her faith that touched Him. That’s the reason He got weak. It’s your faith that does it, not mine. It’s you that’s a doing it. And if you get them spooky feelings away from you, and really believe God, this thing will break out into one great big hallelujah revival, and the lame, blind, halt, and everything will take place. But as long as you sit cooped-up, how can He do it?
E-179 I believe in being conservative. But, not only that, that conservative thing gives you a spirit of superstition. Don’t tell me. I’m standing here now. I know what I’m speaking of. The Holy Spirit is right in this building, right now, will heal every one of you right where you’re sitting, if you’ll believe it. He’s already done it. How many believes that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Do you believe it? [“Amen.”] All right.
I’ll see how much you believe.
E-180 Bow your heads just a moment. Lay your hand on somebody near you. Now just get away from every superstition. You’re under the dominion of Christ. “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I’ll be in their midst.”
E-181 You might call me a hypocrite, but you’ll find out in a minute. I see people right now being healed, that’s right, right now. You might not recognize it right now. But if pastors in this building don’t see people coming to them after I’m gone, tell them that stomach troubles and things like that left them, I’m a false witness. That’s right. That’s right. I see it. I’m watching it now, in another world.
E-182 You believe. You believe. Surely, if a poor ignorant Hottentot in Africa, that doesn’t even know which is right or left hand, can accept It, what about you who can read the Bible and been taught in Christianity? If that poor fellow has to believe, just one time looking at It, ’cause I’ve got to go somewhere else the next day, and thousands raise out of wheel chairs, and crippled and blind, and what about you?
E-183 O God, how merciful You are, “How longsuffering, not willing that any should perish.”
E-184 Now sit, closed in with God. Confess your sin. Confess your unbelief. Tell God you’re ashamed of yourself, of your unbelief. I challenge you to do that, and you’ll see the glory of God.
E-185 I feel anointed right now to do something different than I’ve ever have done. I’ve never did this, in my life, but I feel led to do it right now.
E-186 Confess your sin right now. You say, “Well, I’m a Christian.” Confess your unbelief. Tell Christ that you’ll never disbelieve Him again. Right now you’re accepting Him. Right now it’s going to be over. You’re never going to complain about it, anymore. No matter what it looks like, what it feels like, you’re going to believe It, because God said so. God said so.
E-187 You’ve come out of Babylon’s tower. You’ve come out in the valley where the Lily of the Valley is at. You’ve come to the mountain side where the grace of God is flowing freely from the Fountain of Life.
E-188 Confess your faults. Say, “God…” If you’ve done anything to somebody, say, “I’ll go back and make it right.” Do that now.
E-189 I want each one of you now, as I say this prayer, I want you to pray it. You say it out loud, with me. I’m just going to say it, but you pray it from your heart, with your head bowed, eyes closed, everybody. Don’t raise your head till I say so. I’m just looking to see what I can see. Say this, behind me.
E-190 Almighty God, [Congregation says, “Almighty God,”] Creator of heavens and earth, [“Creator of heavens and earth,”] Author of everlasting Life, [“Author of everlasting Life,”] Giver of every good gift, [“Giver of every good gift,”] be merciful to me, O God. [“be merciful to me, O God.”] Forgive my unbelief. [“Forgive my unbelief.”] I believe the Gospel. [“I believe the Gospel.”] I believe that You’re here. [“I believe that You’re here.”] I believe that You’re now performing Your Word [“I believe that You’re now performing Your Word”] in my body. [“in my body.”] Open the channels. [“Open the channels.”] I empty out my unbelief. [“I empty out my unbelief.”] I receive Your Spirit. [“I receive Your Spirit.”] I believe that You’re in me now. [“I believe that You’re in me now.”] I believe my sickness will vanish. [“I believe my sickness will vanish.”] How can death and life [“How can death and life”] exist in my body [“exist in my body”] when You’re in there? [“when You’re in there?”] I believe You. [“I believe You.”] And I accept You now [“And I accept You now”] as my Healer. [“as my Healer.”—Ed.]
Now keep your head bowed.
E-191 That’s your prayer. That’s your prayer. Now I’m going to pray for you. Keep shut in. Kept shut in with God. Don’t get nothing else on your mind now. He’s right with you, right there by your side. You say, “I want the Holy Ghost, Brother Branham.” All right. He’s right there to give It. You say, “I want healing in my eyes, Brother Branham.” He’s right there to give it. “I want my baby healed.” He’s right there to do it. “I want my brother, my mother.” He’s right there to do it, right there. Jehovah-jireh, the provided Sacrifice!
E-192 Now I’m going to pray for you. The Bible said, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick. God shall raise them up.” If I found grace in your sight, by the working of the Holy Spirit, I’ll pray with all my heart right now that the Holy Spirit will witness to you that the work is finished.
E-193 O God, my Father, I come in Jesus’ Name, to pray for this people who has now honestly and sincerely have confessed their wrongs. O blessed God, may this be a night that they’ll never forget. May the Holy Spirit come into every heart just now and just move out all, everything, and all the sickness from their body.
I now challenge the devil to a debate.
E-194 Satan, you are aware that you are whipped. You have no legal rights. Jesus Christ, my Lord, stripped you of every authority you had, when He died at Calvary to take away sin and sickness. And you’re nothing but a bluff, and we’re calling your bluff. You know that when our Lord came to the tree, He cursed the tree. The next day it was withering. And our Lord said to His disciples, “Have faith in God. For if ye shall say, ye shall say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ don’t doubt in your heart, but believe what you have said is coming to pass, you can have what you said.”
E-195 Satan, you know the Scripture on that. And I have just taught this people, that, God is in them. And if God is in them, and they speak to that disease and say, “Be away from me,” and don’t doubt in their heart, right then that disease has to move, for Christ said so. For, it’s not them that speaks. It’s the Father that dwells in them, that’s speaking. They’re in need. So, come out of them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I say, as God’s servant, by a Message from an Angel Who anointed and has proved to the people that Jesus is here and the Message is right. So, come out of them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I adjure you to leave every sick person and get into outer darkness, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
[The Roar of the Holy Wind is heard—Ed.]
E-196 Did you hear That? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] I’m sure you heard That. How many heard that great Roar go through the building just then? That was It. Surely you won’t doubt any longer. That was God, speaking back. Can’t you see? [Congregation rejoices.]
E-197 Rise. Do you believe you’re healed? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] You believe that God answered prayer? Raise your hands to Him. Thank Him for it. [Congregation rejoices.] It’s over. You’re healed.
E-198 Jesus said, “If ye shall say.” What is it? When you’re out from Babylon, you are out from under unbelief. You’re out from under superstitions. You’re out from under all these things. And you’re filled with God’s Own Life. Your voice is His Voice. You are.
E-199 I spoke it. In my room, a while ago, God told me to do this. And here It is. He has confirmed it right now. [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Amen. And blessed be the Name of the Lord. Oh, what a time! That’s the first time that’s happened since South Africa. How long will you grope in unbelief? Get that? The Wind swept through this platform here just now, as the Holy Spirit crossed over here, because it was the spoken Word of God that did it. Amen.
E-200 How many of you is healed? Raise your hands. How many feel different in your body? Raise your hand. [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] There it is. You are now healed by the glory of God. All that feels different, if you couldn’t move your arm, move it. If you couldn’t hear out of your ear, stick your finger in the ear and listen. You can hear. If you couldn’t walk, stand to your feet. If you’re blind, take off your shades from your eyes. You can see.
E-201 The Holy Spirit passed through this place just now in a confirmation of the Word. Hallelujah! Blessed be the Name of the Lord. A Wind-like went over the building. How many could feel That when It went through here? Raise your hand. Be honest with yourself. That Wind that passed through the building, that’s the Holy Spirit. [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] “Say it, and it shall be done.” Like a great loving Wind went “whew,” right down across through here, and I heard It as It crossed over the audience. You heard It and felt It, too. It’s His Presence.
E-202 All now that feel different, all now that feel that you’re healed, all now that feels that Christ is in you!
E-203 What was That? Just like the Holy Spirit come on the Day of Pentecost, come right down, the Wind that swept over here. How many is a witness of It? Raise your hand. Everyone, honest from your heart. There it is. It swept right through the building just then. It’s the same Holy Ghost. [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] The same Holy Spirit comes by the same Word. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Amen.
E-204 All that believe that you’re healed, stand on your feet. Every one that believes that you feel different, yeah, that you’re right now healed, stand on your feet. [Congregation rejoices—Ed.] Amen. Amen. That’s it. Amen. While they’re waiting, as you begin to feel different! If you had a headache, if it’s gone, stand up. If you were sick at your stomach, stand up, if it’s gone. Stand up as a witness. There you are. What does it do? It’s the Holy Ghost that did it. Amen. Filled with His goodness! Oh, my!
E-205 “This is my story, this is my song.” Oh, don’t you feel good? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
…-ry, this is my song (Everybody.),
Praising my Saviour all the day long;
This is my story, oh, this is my song,
Praising my Saviour all the day long.
Let’s sing it again, everybody. Pick it up.
This is my story, oh, this is my song. (Everybody.),
Praising my Saviour all the day long;
This is my story, oh, this is my song,
Praising my Saviour all…
E-206 How does it feel to be healed? Wave your hands to Him, how it feels to be healed. Just look at there. Tell me the devil ain’t defeated? Certainly, he is. Amen. [Congregation rejoices—Ed.]
E-207 He’s wonderful. Oh, my! Give us the tune of, “Wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to me.” How many knows that song?
Wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to me,
Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God.
All right. Know it, sister? All right.
Wonderful, wonderful, Je-…
Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God is He;
Oh, saving me, keeping me from all sin and shame,
Wonderful, my Redeemer, praise His Name!
Oh, wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to me,
Oh, Counselor, Prince of peace, Mighty God is He;
Oh, saving me, keeping me from all sin and shame,
Wonderful is my Redeemer, praise…
E-208 For the benefit, if there might be a doubter standing by, which, I feel it in my heart now and against my Spirit. Someone is thinking that that Roar that went through just then was caused by a plane or something.
E-209 God, Who is my solemn Judge, that Spirit came across this platform, even fanned my coat by my side, and Roared out over that building right there. I felt It, seen It, as It went out. How many is a witness now? The Bible said, “The mouth of two or three witnesses.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] It’s absolutely not…It’s the Holy Spirit.
E-210 You remember when Jesus was praying, one time, and there was a Roar come from Heaven? How many remembers that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] And some of them said, oh, something, a “thundered” or something like that. That’s still. Skeptic spirit still lives.
E-211 But, God still lives, too. He’s right here. The same rushing mighty Wind that come down from Heaven on the Day of Pentecost is right here to witness that same thing again. God Almighty is the Judge of all things. Amen.
E-212 Do you love Him? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Praise the Lord. All right. Everybody reach over and shake hands with one another while we sing Wonderful again. You Methodists and Baptists make up now. All right.
Oh, turn right around, shake hands with everybody around.
Counselor, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God is He;
Oh, saving me, keeping me from all sin and shame;
Oh, wonderful is my Redeemer, praise His Name!
E-213 Praise the Lord. Do you feel good now? [Congregation says, “Amen.”] All over, all doubts is gone? Wave your hands to Him. “It’s all gone. All doubts is gone.” [Congregation rejoices—Ed.] Oh, my! Wonderful! Wonderful! Good! “All doubts is gone.”
God bless you, Dr. Vayle.