Confirmation Of The Commission

Date: 62-0122 | Duration: 2 hours and 6 minutes
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Assembly Of God in Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.
E-1 You may be seated. It's... I was so carried away with listening at a testimony till I forgot to tend to the crowd. So happy to be here tonight in the service of the Lord and get to meet Brother O'Donnell, and... I was watching this giving those signs to the deaf and dumb. And the brother was telling me the lady the other night that was in the wheelchair, that had the big cancer on her that (like that), she was so miraculously healed till she was out of the wheelchair, cancer's gone, and just having a great time. And I was so thankful for that.
It's good to be here tonight with Brother O'Donnell and to this fine congregation of people up here at... Is this Tempe or Mesa? Tempe. Tempe--and I... It's all growed-up so around here since I was in this country, about thirty-five years ago, till I hardly know the place anymore. And it's really nice to be in the house of the Lord.

E-2 As I was coming in a--a little girl stood there, which was little Miss O'Donnell and--and a little--two more little girls, and was talking to me at the door. And--and I said, "They tell me it's going to freeze tonight here."
I said, "You southerners will about freeze up down here."
So then the other little lady looked over at the other one and said, well, she was from Iowa; and the other one said she was from Minnesota. And I said... Before that I said, "When I left home it was fourteen below zero." This little girl from Iowa, or Minnesota, one, said... Well, it was fifty-two below when she left. Come to find out I was the southerner. Fifty-two below... If we'd get that in my country we really would freeze up. Fifty-two below; that's kind of cold, isn't it, when it gets that cold?

E-3 Now, we deem this a great privilege to be here with you tonight in this time of fellowship just prior the convention of the Business Men. The convention will start this coming Thursday down at the Ramada. That's on east Van Buren Street. And we certainly invite you all down. There'll be some wonderful speakers in the convention. And Brother Velmer Gardner is one that I know of, and then I think they have some of the businessmen that's going to speak. And I--I believe Jim Brown was one of them, and Dr. Reed, and, 'course, Brother Rose is always there, Brother Osteen from Texas.
And so I'm sure you'll have a great time in coming down there. We're really thrilled for--waiting for this convention. Trust that it'll be like it was the other time, only greater. And remember it's come one, come all; everybody's invited.
And then, if it be the will of the Lord, I think I've got a little time set aside that they're going to let me try to speak again at--at the breakfast on Saturday morning, I think, and the meeting Sunday afternoon; that is, if the Lord willing. And so I deem that a great privilege to get to stand with those great men and--and give a testimony to the Lord--for the Lord, rather.

E-4 And I pray that God will bless Brother O'Donnell here and this fine group of Christians here that's sojourning, waiting on the Lord. For truly, we are sojourners. We are pilgrims and strangers. This is not our home; but we're seeking a city whose Builder and Maker is God, and we're just sojourners. We're not... This is not our home. We're just passing through this a-way. And it gives such a great privilege... (maybe if I'll set this around this way...) It gives such a privilege (Is that better? Uh-huh.), such a great privilege to be here to put in this time of fellowship with you wonderful Christians.

E-5 And when I heard that I'd been given the privilege of these different people that--churches that had--was letting me speak in them just prior the convention, I thought, "It's a wonderful time to express our appreciations for how these different organizations has cooperated in the times past in my missions around the world: the Assemblies of God, the Foursquare, the Jesus' Name, the Church of God, and the many, and the independents around the world all of them coming in as one, and to the glory of God." And God's been doing some great things among them, and we're grateful. And then to get back where we can express our thoughts, and our fellowship and... As I was quoting last night over here in the Fellowship Tabernacle where we had the service, and...

E-6 I had an old friend, Brother Bosworth. Many of you remember Brother Bosworth. And he used to tell me... He said, "Brother Branham, you know what fellowship is?"
And I said, "I think so, Brother Bosworth."
Said, "It's two fellows in one ship." So he had a sense of humor, and I always liked that: "two fellows in one ship." So always the blanket stretches a little bit to help the other fellow, you know, and that's very fine.

E-7 Now, I am--certainly trust that you'll pray for me, and I... This, today... I sent my son up awhile ago to see if there was anybody that wanted to be prayed for. I really didn't come to have healing services, just to, oh, to speak. Anybody knows I'm not a preacher, that ever heard me, but... I have no education, and I can't preach, but I--I usually pray for the sick. And--and coming, usually people rally to be prayed for. 'Course, there's so many sick people. But on Sunday I didn't mention nothing about it, because I'd call people from other churches to come over to these certain churches I was to be at on Sunday to be prayed for, and I thought it might hurt some of the other churches. So I just let it alone.

E-8 Now, last night I announced that tonight we would pray for the sick up here; and, if God willing, we'll maybe tomorrow night, or the next night, one, pray for the sick again. So I trust that it'll be fine, that the Lord will heal everybody sick here tonight. And I tell you, my precious friends; above all things I trust that the sin-sick will be healed tonight. If the Lord just healed you of your sickness, you'll probably, if you live any time, you'll get sick again. See? But Eternal Life is what we're seeking, friends. That's right, for that's--that's the real cure.

E-9 And I trust if there's someone here who is not a believer in Christ, will become a believer tonight. And if you're here and haven't been borned again, or received the Holy Spirit, been filled with the Holy Ghost, I trust that this will be the night that that'll happen. If you're a backslider I hope that the Lord Jesus will do something so real tonight to you here, and warm--warm your heart in such a way, you just return back to His fellowship again, 'cause He's waiting, with outstretched arms waiting.

E-10 I preached some years ago on a little sermon one time over at the Angelus Temple, when they was having the Pentecostal Jubilee, the fifty years of jubilee. And I remember the first night that I preached on holiness, which I believe in. And I kinda (didn't aim to, but, you know... ) just cutting the people, and the way the people had got away from the original Pentecost; like when the first beginning, when the Holy Ghost fell, how them people lived the life, and what they did fifty years ago.

E-11 And I said, "Oh, we've come a long ways. We've got great organizations since then, big fine buildings, and high-polished preachers." I said, "Wonder if we've still got the Pentecostal blessing we had then?" See, see? I said, "Used to be our--our sisters would come to church... It was a shame for one of them to have short hair, or manicure on, or something like that. But that... They kind of let down the bars somewhere."

E-12 And so there was a friend of mine, which... He's a Pentecostal brother too, and many of you may know him. His name is William Booth-Clibborn. Oh, many of you know him. And Brother Booth is a bosom friend of mine, only we do not agree upon doctrine because he is such a--a Calvinistic thinker that he thinks beyond me. So I can only think Calvinist as long as it stays in the Bible. See? And then when it gets out of there it's past my thinking; I can't think no more.

E-13 So I seen him on the platform. So when we walked off the platform, he met me out there, and he looked at me, he said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you. Such a legalistic message. You knowed better than that." He just tore me all up, you know.
And the next day I preached on the lamb and the dove. And so the Lord really blessed the little old broke-up message. And when I walked out he was wiping his eyes, you know. He said, "It was good, but so simple." So simple. I said... "It was all right," said, "but it's so simple." He was so... He could preach in seven languages, you know, so my little Kentucky talk was so simple to him, no matter... Our best manners wouldn't touch him nowhere. See?
So that's about the way I have to talk: simple. I believe the Gospel is simple. The Bible said it's so simple that a fool shouldn't err. See? So just--just all you have to do is remember ABC. You know what that stands for? Always Believe Christ. That--that's all you have to do. That settles it. ABC, and you're fully educated as far as I'm concerned.

E-14 So now, there's people are standing, and I appreciate it. And now, I never come to--to preach. I'm going to pray for the sick, but to get a little background talk on the Scriptures. I think I kinda preached myself out the other morning at Brother Fuller's. I called Life Tabernacle or something? [Someone says, "Faith Tabernacle"--Ed.] Faith Tabernacle... I think I held them the other night. 'Fore I got to the church the pastor, or somebody'd sent me word, said, "Say, these people like to go to bed at night." So I very seldom preach over six or eight hours, so I--I never get above that, so...
And over at Brother Outlaw's the other night I thought he was going to almost have to pull me out of the pulpit. So I better kind of take it easy tonight, way up here, and some of you coming so far. Now, it's good to be here. And before we approach the Word now, let's talk to the Author.

E-15 Someone said not long ago... I was at Ft. Wayne Gospel Tabernacle, B. E. Redigar. He was a great man of God that died years ago that... The Lord really blessed that brother. He was a mighty man of faith. When I was a little boy I used to set with Paul Rader there, just a young minister.
And then Brother Redigar's daughter lost her mind, went insane. One day she was back in my coal shed down there on one Easter morning. And they told me of some insane girl back there in the church. And I'd just come in off a campaign. I went back there and found it was B. E. Redigar's daughter, and Sister Redigar setting there. My heart like to failed me. And she was setting there combing her beautiful long hair with her fingers, hollering, "Nickel's a nickel, penny's a penny." Beautiful young woman...
While... Knelt down there and said, "Lord Jesus, be merciful to her." That was it. She's married and got two or three children now, just fine, and... Such grace and simple we--we just look way out and reach over the top of Him, honestly trying to find what's right so close to us like that. We just simple, believe, have faith, don't doubt.

E-16 I was holding a meeting there. I forget the Pentecostal brother that's got charge of the tabernacle now. And I was having a meeting there, and there was... This song "Only Believe" was wrote by Paul Rader, and he was such a wonderful Christian and great messenger of his day. I was setting in the little study room, and they was singing for me to come to the platform by that, which they have around the world. And I was setting there, and know that right in that same study is where Paul got the inspiration to write the song. And here it come in, "Only Believe." And, oh, that just burned my heart.

E-17 And after the service was over... There was several great things our Lord Jesus had did in the meeting. I went back over there to--by the side of the place and was waiting, and there was a man came in. He said, "Mr. Branham?"
And I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "I like to hear you speak, but" said, "your grammar's so bad."
And I said, "Yes, sir. I know that."
He said, "You say some of the awfullest things."
And I said, "Yes, sir. That's right." I said, "I didn't get a chance to get an education." I said, "Raised in a family of ten, poor parents, and I had to go to work early to help take care of this family. I didn't get even a grammar school education."
He said, "That's no excuse now; you're a man."
And I said, "Well, I--I'm so busy with the Lord's work now I don't have a chance."
Said, "Still, you could take correspondence." Said, "Now, for instance, tonight out there you said, 'All you people passing over this pulpit...'"...?...
I said, "Well, I didn't know any different." I said, "Isn't that what He is?"
"Certainly not." Says, "You should have said 'pulpit.'" I said... He said, "You..."
I said, "Well, all right."
He (something about I'd mispronounced or something), he said, "Well, you just don't know your Bible."
I said, "Well, that may be so, but I know the Author real well." You know, it doesn't say to know His Book, but to know Him is Life. Satan knows His Word. But to know Him, the Author of the Word...

E-18 Shall we bow our heads now while we speak to Him in our humble way. Now, with our heads bowed and our hearts with it, is there a special request that you'd like for us to remember you by? Raise up your hand to God. Just in your heart hold your request, saying, "Lord, I need salvation; I need healing; I--I need something." God will understand.

E-19 Our heavenly Father, as we approach Thy holy Presence tonight in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we come in His Name because He said that, "If you ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." Now, we know we can't come in our own name. We cannot come in the name of our church, in the name of our pastor, or in the name of our organization, and expect to be heard. But we have the assurance that if we come in the Name of the Lord Jesus that He's promised us that we'd be heard.
And I pray tonight, heavenly Father, that as we have gathered here in this little tabernacle that's been dedicated to Your service, which Your servant, our Brother O'Donnell, is pastoring at this time, shepherding the sheep that's sojourning in this part of the country, I pray Your blessings upon this pastor, and upon his family, and upon the church, and all the sheep that grazes here at the pasture.

E-20 I pray for every church that's represented here, for all the people. And for those who are not Christians I pray that tonight they'll become Christians. I pray for the businessmen that's here, Brother Rose, Brother Williams, and many others, for the oncoming convention down there, that this little stir of these few days across Phoenix, and Tempe, and Sunnyslopes, and through the country here, will be the cause of many Christians taking a new hold, many backsliders coming back to God, many sinners coming to Christ, many sick be healed. Grant it, Father.
Speak to us through the Word tonight, the Truth. Thy Word is Truth. Heal all the sick and afflicted, for both physical and spiritual. These hands that went up have a need, Lord, and I pray You'll supply all of that tonight, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

E-21 Now, many of you like to read the Scriptures with the ones who are reading. I wish to read in two places tonight. One of them is found in Mark the 16th chapter, and we're going to begin at the 14th verse; and the other is found in St. John. (Or, I think that's where I wrote down. Let me see first.) Yes, St. John 14:12 is where the second Scripture... And now in St. Mark the 11th chapter and beginning with the 14th verse, and St. John 14:12... Now, we want to listen close to the reading because God's Word is what we want to hear. First, Mark 16:
And after he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat and upbraided them with the unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen.
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick,... they shall recover.
So... after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.
And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them... confirming the word with signs following. Amen.
John 14:12, Jesus speaking:
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto My Father.
I--I would like to take for a text, if the Lord willing, on the "Confirmation of the Commission," as a text, and just to speak. I have a few Scriptures and notes written that might help us along. Now, "Confirmation of the Commission."

E-22 Now, I think that anything ought to be confirmed. If you'd build a house, it'd have to be built according to specification; or, they wouldn't confirm the house to be built, and you'd have to tear it down again, build it over. And I think also, if you were going down the road and--or out at your work, and someone would walk up to you and say, "I am a United States marshal. I now put you under arrest in the name of my office." Now, you have a right to say to that man... If you look at him, he has on a uniform and a badge pinning on him. That yet doesn't make him a United States marshal. Any phony could wear that. You can buy a badge over here almost in a ten-cent store, go to any rummage sale and get a uniform or anything. That doesn't make him a United States marshal.

E-23 To make hisself identified he has to have his papers with the seal upon them, that to confirm his statement that he is a United States marshal; or, he's nothing until he's confirmed to be that. He has confirmed his commission, and he does it by a sealed statement, a declaration to show that this man has been sworn in, and he's been... His commission has been sealed with the seal of the United States, and then over the top of his name. And that makes him then, whether he has a badge on, or whether he has a uniform on, as long as he's packing this paper he is the marshal, and that's his commission. Just a badge and a uniform won't work.

E-24 We find so many times in the army (I've heard my brothers and many of those who was overseas.), that many times the Japanese, and the Germans, and the other alien countries that was against us in the war... If they could pick up a dead soldier, and get one of their soldiers that the uniform would fit him, why, he could impersonate a--an American soldier. And he had to be properly identified or they'd never believe his uniform, or, maybe his tag he had on his neck. He had to be identified that he was an American soldier, because he could easily be a spy. Just any cheap spy can wear a uniform of the United States.

E-25 And we find that in all walks of life. We find that today, maybe on the street. We hear many a person say that they are an American. And here some time ago, coming out of the Quartermaster that used to be there at Jeffersonville, I was walking one morning, going on patrol. And there was a well-dressed fellow walking down the street, great big cigar in his mouth, a employee of the government. And he looked over at me, early in the morning, with a pair of sunglasses on. I said, "Good morning, sir."
He looked over at me and said, "Hmm," started walking on.
"Now," I thought to myself... I... Not shouldn't say nothing, but in my heart he wasn't really an American, 'cause American principles are not based upon such stuff as that. That's right. Fellowship, and tolerance, goodwill.

E-26 And now (You see?), all that live in America is not American. There are spies, communists, and everything else, and the only way that they can be really known, whether they are right or not, is by their actually, what's inside of them, whether their heart's in America or just their pocketbook. See?
It depends on what it is. Any phony can--can have these so-called credentials, and still not be a real genuine article. That's why that I believe that all who come our way, calling themselves Christians, ambassadors sent from heaven, they should have a confirmation of--of their commission. I believe there should be a confirmation of their commission.

E-27 Now, we realize that Jesus said here in Mark the 16th chapter, that all that He sent out on commission would bear the confirmation: These signs shall follow them that believe. Now, He didn't say they maybe they will follow, or they might follow. He said, "Go ye into all the world..." Now, somebody wants to chop that commission off two thousand years ago. But He said, "All the world, to every creature..." These signs shall follow in all the world and to every creature (See?), and that was the signs that was to follow to approve the identification.

E-28 The Bible said the Gospel came to us not in word only, but through the power, manifestations of the Holy Ghost. In other words, it's the Holy Ghost taking the Word of God and making It manifest. See? And otherwise the only way that the signs of Mark 16 can follow the believer is that the Holy Spirit Himself takes the Word of God and demonstrates it to the people. That's it.
Now, faith makes that Word live. See, the Word is God. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And then Jesus said, "If ye abide in Me and My Word in you, ask what you will and it'll be done for you." See? That's staying with Christ in the Word. Don't go right or left; stay right with it. See? And then it's actually not your word then; it's His Word, and His Word has the power and authority behind It.

E-29 Now, and if the Holy Spirit, which is God's Word, or the power of God's Word, comes in with God's Word, it'll make God's Word display Itself. "Go ye into all the world and demonstrate the Gospel to every creature. (See?) He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe." What a beautiful setting that is. If we would just go deep now and listen, that was the credentials that was to hang onto every man that went forth preaching the Gospel.
And no man has a right to preach the Gospel without the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Jesus would not let Peter, James, John, any of the rest of them, preach the Gospel until they waited in the city of Jerusalem until the Holy Ghost had filled them, because it's the Holy Ghost that makes the Word of God go into action. See?

E-30 Now, that same Word is just as alive tonight as it was the hour it was spoke. See? All we need is... The Holy Spirit behind the Word puts it to action and demonstrates the power that It promised. Every blessing that God promised, everything that He said, can be brought to life if the Holy Spirit is behind the Word, because that's the thing that quickens the Word and gives It life. See? And now, we know that that's right.

E-31 Jesus said, "These signs shall follow all that I send." Others refuse; that's all. Certainly. Any unbeliever, any critic of the Word, can come along with an identification of some denomination, some manmade organization, or something; say, "I'm Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist," whatever it might be. He could easily identify himself into a fellowship of that same denominational church because of his credentials. But his credentials only comes from a organization that's been made up by a theory and not the Word of God. But God... If he's sent from God, "These signs shall follow them that believe." See? Jesus said so. See?

E-32 See, it's either whether you take what some organization said, some manmade theory said... They'll preach the doctrine of that theory. And then, that is their credentials to the deacon board or whatever it is, that they stand in good fellowship with that organization. I have nothing against that, understand, but I'm only defending what Jesus said. See?
He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." And Jesus said in St. John 14:12, "Verily, verily I say unto you (that's "absolutely, absolutely, I say unto you) he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." And how can a man believe that he is sent from God, and then turn around and deny the very commission that God said would... that would be the identification of every person that He sent out?

E-33 How can a man say there's no such a thing as the baptism of the Holy Ghost? How can a man say there's no such a thing as healing of the sick? How can a man say there's no such a thing as speaking in tongues, casting out devils? when that was the very credentials that Jesus pinned onto every believer that was--He sent out. That's the authority.
Now, you might go to school and get a Ph.D., and a LL.D., and whatevermore you want to do. And that's all right. That's your identifications to that organization. And them's all right. I have nothing against them: wished I had them. But the identification that Jesus, when He sends a man is, "These signs shall follow them that believe." That's the identifications that he's sent by God. "These signs shall follow them that believe."

E-34 Now, as I said, any phony man can pick up a uniform or a badge, but that really isn't a credential. It's the credentials that counts, not the uniform or badge. And there's many people (and it's too bad I have to say this, but it's truth; we must be honest), there's too many of the--our Pentecostal people that's wearing just the badge and uniform (See?), because that they live so different than what really a Pentecostal should be, until there--there's nothing to it. That's all. And it only brings a reproach upon the cause. That's right. It makes people suspicious.

E-35 But Jesus gave the verification that it would be all right, because these signs would follow the believers. That's one thing. The Holy Spirit looked down through the stream of time and seen that man would pervert His Word and cause this, that, and the other. So He made it so clear and so positive that there's no way at all of getting around it. He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Now, we know that to be true.

E-36 A unbeliever can carry these denominational credentials, but that isn't what makes him a sent man from God. They walk around here with all kinds of books under their arms around through the country, and this Jehovah's this, and So-and-so, and all this, the other, but that doesn't make it so. No, sir. Jesus said, "You test them by the Word." That's right. The Word: "These signs shall follow..."
"Do you believe in power of God?"
"Oh, our--our church teaches that the..."

E-37 "Our church," that has nothing to do with it. It's what God's Word says. See?...?... "Heavens and earth will pass away but My Word shall not pass away." The living Word spoke by a living God must be in a living being. And how can a man or a woman that claims that they have the baptism of the Holy Spirit deny what God said in His Word? Because it's the very Holy Spirit that wrote the Word is the very Holy Spirit that's speaking through the person. That's right. It's got to be. He cannot--He cannot do it. Yes, sir.

E-38 Now, but that... A man might come and say, "I have a fellowship card. I belong to this church or that church." That still doesn't make it right. He might have a Ph.D., LL.D., and whatevermore from some great school. That's fine, nothing against that. That still may be all right. I have nothing against that.
But if God sent him... And if he denies this commission here... If he's got that plus this, wonderful. But if he's got that without this, then it's no good. See? That's right. It's okay if a man wears a uniform and a badge with the credentials. All right. But he could wear the uniform and badge without the credentials. That's right. So it's the confirmation of the commission that must stand. It must do, undoubtedly.

E-39 This unbeliever that might pass through and say, "Well, I don't believe that there's such a thing as the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Our schools has taught that--that them days are gone. We don't have to have that no more." And there's so many of them believe that. There's so many of them sincerely believe that: good men. It's because that they listen to the school instead of the Word of God. That's exactly right.

E-40 Here some time ago in a certain place there was a--a woman. She had a son. And he was a--had a call of God in his life; he seemed to have. And the poor old mother wanted to send him away to school to do all that she could to get him built up, which that's a good thing to do. But she sent him to the wrong kind of school. She sent him over to a place where they begin to teach contrary to the Word of God. And he went on. She washed to send him to school and so forth, and a long time passed on, and finally...
He didn't come home for a while. The old mother took sick. She got real, real ill. And she got so bad till the doctor said that she wasn't going to live, that she had to die. So she got one of the neighbors to send a telegram to her son to come home immediately because they was looking for her to die.

E-41 And so the neighbor sent the telegram. And--and so then the boy got ready to come. And after while another telegram come back and said, "Never mind. She's all right."
So then several months later the boy came home to visit his mother, and--and he said to her... rejoicing over her, and telling her that he had his Bachelor of Art degree, and all he had done, and how well he'd got along in school. And he said, "By the way, mother," said, "I have forgot to ask you." Said, "You sent me a telegram about six months ago to come home." Said, "I was so upset," and said, "I got so alarmed about it," and said, "I got ready to come. And then another telegram come that you were all right; you'd got well. And I was so glad of that. Mother, I would like to tell you... or, Mother, I'd like for you to tell me what happened. What kind of a medicine did the doctor give you, and what doctor did you have?" Said, "I would like to go and--and comment him on his fine work."
She said, "Very well, son." Said, "Dr. Jesus was the One Who did it."
He said, "Ma'am?"

E-42 Said, "Dr. Jesus." She said, "Dr. So-and-so, my physician, came up here, and my fever was so high I was out of my head." And said, "They said I got worse, and then I was going to die." And she said, "You know where that little mission is around the corner down there at the alley? "
Said, "Them people was having prayer meeting down there one night, and they said the Holy Ghost told them to come up here and pray for me." And said, "No sooner they prayed for me, all the fever left." And she said, "Oh, son," she said, "Hallelujah." She said, "I am healed."
"Oh," he said, "Mother, mother, the very audacity. Why, you shouldn't associate with such people as that." And she... Said, "Why, you shouldn't have them people up here."
She said, "Oh? Why, son?" Said, "Well, glory to God."

E-43 He said, "Mother, don't say those things." Said, "Why--why, you shock me." Said--said, "Why, you shouldn't say those things. Why," said, "those people have no education. They don't know anything about the Bible."
"Oh," she said, "I beg your pardon, son." Said, "They come right down and read out of the Bible for me where it said, 'These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover.'" Said, "Wait. I've read it many times. I've got it marked in my Bible. I'll go show you."
"Oh, wait just a minute, mother." Said, "That's Mark 16."
"Yes, that's where it's at, honey," said, "Mark 16."
Said, "Oh, Mother," said, "you see, those poor people they don't know any better." Said, "We learned at the school that Mark 16 from the 9th chapter on is not inspired. See, it's really not inspired. It was just added."
And the little mother said, "Glory to God. Hallelujah." And she...
The boy said, "Mother, what do you mean?"
Said, "I was just thinking."
Said, "Thinking what, Mother?"
She said, "If God could do that to me with the uninspired Word, what could He do with that's really inspired?" That's right. See, that's it. Oh, my.

E-44 What was the matter? That little mission around the corner had a credential, maybe not a Ph. D. or LL. D. or... But they had the credentials of God with "these signs" following them that believe. Jesus said they'd do it. They--they had God's confirmation. They had His commission to go lay hands on the sick, and they did it just the way He said do, and then God confirmed the Word with signs following. It's a confirmation that they have been sent of God. Yes, sir. That's true. All right.
Now, that's a good lesson, because the boy had went away to study and truly he had his Ph.D.; but they had the confirmation of the Word. He had the confirmation of a degree from a certain college; but they had the confirmation of the Word of God from heaven with the Holy Ghost to back up what they was talking about. Yes, sir. And it's God giving the sign. Yes, sir. Oh, how I thank God for that. God's people always has that.

E-45 Now, undoubtedly the unbeliever will have to have a little bit of God's Word to twist it around, to make it fit the creed to make it more deceitful. Now, you know, the biggest lie that was ever told has a whole lot of truth in it. That is right. You remember every... The first lie was ever told had ninety-five percent truth, when Satan told Eve in the garden of Eden all these things God had said. He admitted, "That's right." He admitted, "That's right," everything that God said. But said, "Surely you'll not die." There it is.

E-46 Someone could say they was at the Tabernacle up here at this certain, certain night.
"The people all gathered in."
"They sang hymns."
"And the minister spoke."
"Yes. That's right."
"And then you know what? They passed a bottle around and all of them got drunk."
"Wrong," See? Just the Spirit fell down, they all got drunk. See? There's just that much difference in (See?), when they... Not passing a bottle around, but a spiritual blessing of God fell upon the people. They did stagger; they did fall; and they did cut up like that. But it wasn't a bottle that did it; it was the Holy Ghost confirming His Word with signs following. See, see? All of it seemed just right but the bottle. See?
Now, I'd say, "Was you up there?"
"Was the people there?"
"Did they stagger?"
"Yes, all this...?"

E-47 That's all right but that one thing. So that's the way that the unbeliever, the--the unidentified person with God; he will say, "Oh, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe God is the Father of Jesus Christ. I believe all these other things." See? But when it comes down to this other part, "Oh, that's for another day," See? There's the lie of it. That's right. He's trying to twist a little of the right Word around to make it deceiving to the people. But what...
Jesus made the thing clear. He said, "These signs shall confirm the message that I have sent." Yes, sir.

E-48 I was a Baptist preacher once, love the Baptist people yet. But I found this other thing. See? Now, it's not--it's not exactly... The--the Pentecostal church, I don't say is just perfect, there's nothing in it; but it's the best we got. So let's stay right with it; that's all. They do believe. Some of them may not have faith enough (and I'm right with them), not faith enough to make all the Word come to pass. But I'll never stand in the way of somebody that's got faith enough to make them come to pass. I'll never hide behind unbelief in saying it can't be done. If the man can take the Word of God and confirm it with the power of God, I say, "Glory to God. Lord, lift me up and let me stand by faith on heaven's tableland." Yes, I certainly would stay with that. They just do a little bit to fit their creeds; but God's servant has His sign exactly.

E-49 In the Old Testament there used to be a man when they... Some of them couldn't sign their name, so they had a seal, and it was a sign. They would seal it, like that; it was finished. A seal is a finished work.
Ephesians 4:30 says, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you're sealed unto the day of your redemption." It's a sealing away, a finished work, that God has seen you, recognized your faith that you professed in Him, poured out the Holy Ghost, and sealed you until the day of your redemption. That's a sign that God give you the Holy Ghost (That's right.), and has confirmed the faith that you had in you, and is giving confirmation of it by giving you the Holy Ghost. And if you've got the Holy Ghost, "these signs shall follow them that believe." That's exactly.

E-50 If he denies... This man is going around, saying, "Now, don't you listen to them people. You were down to a tabernacle the other night."
"Yes, uh-huh."
"Well, we belong to so-and-so. That's nothing but just a bunch of riffraff."
Did you know that Paul said to Agrippa, "In the way that's called heresy, that's the way that I worship the God of our fathers." You know what heresy is? That's right.
Did not they say to Jesus, "Now, we know you are mad." "Mad" means "crazy." See, a way that seems crazy... Because you have passed from death unto Life, you're no more of the world; but you've been set aside from the world. See? And therefore, your mind is spiritual, and you think on things above and not the things on, that goes on here on earth. Your affections are on things above.

E-51 Now, if this person denies that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever... Now, watch it. You'll hear him say, "Oh, He's the same." Is He the same? Is He the same? "Well," they say, "He's in--the same in a certain way."
"What way?" See? "What way?"
"Well, I--I don't... I believe that He still saves," See?
"What about healing?"
"Oh, no, He doesn't do that." Now, when He was here on earth, they said, "He can heal but He can't save"; now they say, "He can save but He can't heal." See, it's just the devil taking vice versa sides. But if He's Jesus Christ at all, the anointed One, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, the same Healer, the same...

E-52 It's not you that does miracles. No. They want to say, "Let me see you do this." Now, God never said for me to do it; He's already done it. The only thing for me to do is take His Word and hold on to It, and He will bring it to pass. That's right. That's exactly. It isn't you; it's the God that's in you. Like Jesus said, "It's not Me that doeth the work; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me. He doeth the works. Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." He watched first to see a vision what the Father told Him. St. John, I believe 5:19, you'll read that: 5:19, yes. If you'll read, He said, "What the Father shows Me to do, that I do also."

E-53 Now, we find out then, that if we--if we--if he denies that Jesus Christ isn't the very same... There's only one thing that He cannot be--that He can be different in. That is a physical, corporal body. See? Now, in the physical, corporal body, God raised that up from the grave on the third day, and it sets at the right hand of His majesty on high on His throne. Jesus overcome took God's throne; we that overcome shall set with Him on His throne, 'cause His throne is the throne of David where He will reign here on earth.
And now at the right hand of God, the right hand of His power and majesty, Jesus reigns. Now, in there He is the High Priest to make intercession upon our confession when we accept His Word--believe it in our heart, receive it in there, and don't take back, but believe exactly it's going to happen. The true seed of Abraham will hold on to that Word. No matter how long it takes it, He will bring it to pass. There's not a wave in it nowhere. He will bring it to pass. That's right.

E-54 Now, a phrony will say, "No, that--that isn't so." Then as long as they deny this commission, it shows they can't show they--their commission is sealed. They can't show you, because they deny. If, like a--an officer... I'd say, "Well, here, I am a United States marshal. I know I'm a marshal," and here's a law that says a marshal must pack this credential sealed with the United States seal. You say, "Well, that was for some time gone by. We don't have to have it today." He's a phrony, that's all there is to it. He's not right. He isn't commissioned. He isn't sent.
And any person that will deny that Jesus Christ isn't the same yesterday, today, and forever, any person that will deny these signs shall follow them that believe, is trying to get by with some kind of an ordination paper without a seal of the commission. That's exactly right. Certainly is the truth. Can't be sent of God, because he's denying the very seal that--the very confirmation of the commission that he's supposed to have.

E-55 If an officer said, "You don't have to have that seal..." You've got it yourself. Here it is in the book that says you must have that seal. Here's in the laws of the United States says that a marshal must pack this seal. And if he hasn't got that seal, he absolutely is not a marshal. Don't receive him, because he isn't a marshal, 'cause the law of the book says he must pack that seal.
Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them." Shall follow them; not ought to, maybe, some of them it will. It said that they shall follow them that believe. That's the confirmation of the commission that they'd been sent. Amen. I like that. It just does me good to know it. Yes, sir. So I know that's the commission come into my heart, the seal of the Holy Ghost. That's right. I know every believer that really is a believer, he sees a man that denies that power thereof...

E-56 The Bible said in the last days they'd have a form of godliness, and would deny the power thereof: from such turn away. Don't receive it at all. Right. They'll have big churches and fine denominations, and great splendor, and great beauty, and so forth like that.
Look. Here the other night down here in Phoenix, a bunch of them little girls, boys out there doing this new booglie-wooglie, or ever what you call that stuff out there, and got so packed away in the spirit of it till they was out in the streets. The cops had to pick them up: so influenced under the power of the devil. Yes. And then, that's popular. But let a man dance in the Spirit one time under the power of the Holy Ghost... That's right. That's it. God's signs shall follow them that believe...?... Can't--can't say he's sent from God, and then deny his commission.

E-57 Let us look at some of those who God sent, find out whether He always identified His believers. Now, look. Let's take Moses. Moses had a call in his life. That's true, but he never was sent... He thought he was sent, and look what a failure he made. But when God sent him from the burning bush... When he was out in the presence of Pharaoh's seminary, he come out with his credentials. It wouldn't work. God wouldn't recognize it.
Look, he went down there and killed one man without being commissioned to do it, and he had to run out of Egypt. And he went down there and drowned the whole Egyptian army with the commission to do it, and nothing said about it. That's the difference. Killed one man and had to run. Oh, what a bad shape he was in, 'cause he done it without a commission. But he went down there with the commission and drowned the whole army, got glory to God for it.

E-58 How God makes people act ridiculous. That old man, dignified, now, come out of there with all kinds of college degrees. But... why, he wouldn't think about it, here at eighty years old. And the next morning here he goes down towards Egypt with his wife setting a-straddle of a mule with her young'un on her hip, going along, big old whiskers blowing like that, and a crooked stick in his hand.
"Where you going, Moses?"
"Going down to Egypt to take over." One man invasion... Why? The thing of it is, he done it. That's right. Like one man going over to take over all Russia... What was it? He run... When he was an officer in high rank, the highest officer there was next to Pharaoh in Egypt, he run from Egypt because he had no commission to deliver the children of Israel. But then he goes back with--one man against the whole thing with the commission, and did it. Why? He had a commission, and he had a confirmation of it. He could prove that God had sent him. Amen.

E-59 "What are you going to do it with, Moses?"
"This old crooked stick I got in my hand."
"Going to do what?"
"This is my commission."
"What? "
"God's give me two signs to perform before them. (That's it.) He told me to go do this." Said, "These signs shall follow (if I go down). Throw it down before Pharaoh; see what happens. It'll turn into a serpent. Then say, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, Pharaoh, let My people go.'"
Moses went down there and throwed it down. The magicians come around to do the same thing. Then God confirmed his commission. His snake eat up the rest of them.

E-60 Did you ever think where'd them snakes go to? Where'd them--what happened to them rods? They was all in one rod. See? He eat them up, Moses' snake, because what was it? A confirmation. Amen. Hallelujah. He was--had a confirmation of his commission. He carried it out. He brought the children out, and the Red Sea got in his way and give away.
Why? He had a commission and a confirmation of it. God was with him, worked signs and wonders, for where...

E-61 If a man is commissioned by the supernatural God, the supernatural power of God will be with that supernatural commission. Not what you learn in Ph.D. and LL.D. and algebra, and all those things. That confirms your fine grammar and speech at the pulpit when you say "aaaaamen" like a calf. But let me tell you something: but when you've got the confirmation of the commission of God given you by the Holy Ghost, these signs shall follow them that believe. (Excuse that expression.)

E-62 A confirmation--God confirmed 'cause He was a supernatural God, gave supernatural power, for a supernatural deliverance. I believe it. God today is not going to deliver His people by education. He never promised to do it. He is not going to deliver them by theology. He never promised to do it. He's not going to deliver them by science. He never promised to do it. He's not going to deliver them by denomination. He never promised to do it. But He will deliver them by the power, supernatural power of changing their lives and molding them into children of God. Amen. Moses had a commission; he had signs to confirm his commission. Now, Jesus the same way, said, "These signs..."
Moses said, "What can I tell them? How will I tell them that the God of their fathers sent?"
Said, "What you got in your hand?"
Said, "A stick."
Said, "Throw it down. Put your hand in your bosom, come out... Preach Divine healing to them; that's a confirmation. Sure. I'll give you two signs."

E-63 Now, that same God can't change. When He sent His church out to deliver the people out of this hellish Egyptian bondage that--all these things that's got the people in today, He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Don't be afraid to lay that Word out there, because it's the truth. It's God's Word. Don't let the devil explain it away from you, because it's not right. He keeps His Word. Now, I believe that with all that's in me.

E-64 Elijah was sent down. I can see him that morning. I imagine him and Jezebel had had a few rounds. But here he was that day coming down, a little old bald-headed fellow and whiskers hanging down, coming down that morning down that road to Samaria, them eyes set right upon heaven, a smile on his face, that old stick hitting against the road. But, brother, he had "THUS SAITH THE LORD."
"THUS SAITH THE LORD." He walked right up to the president's face--or the king's face, said, "There'll not even be dew come from heaven till I call for it." What was it? He had a commission. Did it rain the next day? No. He had a confirmation of it. See?
He said, "Get up there, Elijah, and set down. I've commanded you to have some porters and servants to come feed you." So the ravens fed him.

E-65 And while he was up on the mountain there one day... "Aw," the king said, "there's nothing to that guy. I'll send fifty men up. I don't believe he's nothing but an old fanatic. Didn't we know him around here, talking about Jezebel, my wife, wearing paint, and everything like that? talking about all this modern living--and living after the first lady's example, like a lot of us Pentecostal people do?"
Yeah. That's right. Our Pentecostal women with them great big water-head haircuts, and things like that, yes, yeah, wearing paint, makeup, wearing shorts, and the Bible said it's an abomination in the sight of God. How can you do that? That's right. Why, you know if you claim, sister, you... Something's fallen if you can wear bobbed-hair, and the Bible says...

E-66 Now, a lot of you Pentecostal won't wear makeup. There's nothing in the Bible about that. But then you will cut your hair, and the Bible said that a woman that cuts her hair is dishonorable. That's right. And you'll wear shorts, or these little old... what is it? Jump...? See, ever what it is looks like a man's clothes, and the Bible said that any woman will put on clothes like that is an abomination in the sight of God.
In other words, it--it smells bad to God. It looks bad. And then if you've got the Holy Ghost in you, which is God, how can you put them on and still claim to have the Holy Ghost? Why, your own life confirms that there's something wrong with you. That's right.
I know that scorches, but I--I tell you what's the matter tonight: we need some more scorching is what they--the...?... is the trouble. We let down on those things. Brother, let me tell you, you got to learn your abc's before you get up any farther. You see? That's exactly right, to always believe that God's Word is right. No matter what it is, just compare with that. Yes, sir.

E-67 Elijah setting up on top of the mountain there, and God said, "Now, you're not going to be disturbed." Said, "I'm going to send you up there until them people repent."
"Oh," Ahab said, "We don't have to do any repenting. That old fanatic, he don't know what he's talking about. He's one of them old holy-rollers. We just... Give me fifty men that's choice men. Go up there and bring that old fanatic down."
I can see that commissioned officer say, "Yes, sir. I have your commission, sir. I'll bring him right back." Here he comes marching, the--the iron a-slamming on the ground, these great big swords and spears, and fifty men of the choice of Ahab's guards come walking up the hill like that. There set Elijah up there in the hot sun, looking around like that.
They said, "Hey. We come after you, boy. We got our credentials here. We are Ahab's bodyguard. We've come after you. We're going to take you back."
Raised up, said, "Yes, I've got some credentials too. If I be a man of God, let fire fall from heaven." What was it? It was a confirmation. Yes, sir.

E-68 On Mount Carmel, when he had the showdown between the false gods and the true God, he laid the sacrifice out, walked out there, and said, "Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known today that You're God in Israel, and I am Your servant, and I've done all of this at Your command (preach the Word at Your command, Lord, to all the world, to every creature; these signs shall follow them that believe...)--at Your command. Now, Lord, let it be known that You told me to do this, You commissioned me to do this; now confirm it, Lord." And about that time fire fell from heaven. It was a confirmation of it. He was with the Word. See?
God always confirms His Word. He--He gives confirmation of His Word. Now, we know that that is true. Oh, how many times that... We got different characters here that could go right on down. But to save time.

E-69 Jesus, when He come on earth, and they said, "Him, being a man, makes hisself God? Oh, my. Well, we know who he was. He was born illegitimate. Why, he's only... We know His mother, Mary, and Joseph? They had that child be..."
Jesus said, "If I do not the works of My Father, then don't believe Me. If you don't believe I'm the Messiah, the works that I do confirm what I claim. (Amen.) If I do not the works of My Father, then don't believe it; but if I do the works of My Father then you believe the works, even if you can't believe Me." That was a confirmation. How did that fit them? Sure. Said... God... Who God sends, God protects. God confirms the Word. If God sent an ambassador somewhere to do something, He's got to stand behind that commission. That's exactly right.

E-70 He said, "If I do not the works of My Father, then you don't--you don't believe Me; but," said, "the very works that I do confirms My commission." Amen. That sure hit them smack, didn't it? "The works that I do..." Yes, sir. "If you don't... if you can't believe that I was sent of God, then the thing for you to do is believe that the works that I do... Or let me see you do the same works." There you are. "If you don't believe Me..." Oh, my.

E-71 There's some of them believed Him. When the woman at the well saw His Messiahic sign, she said, "We know Messiah does that." And went and told the people, said, "Come, see Who I have found, a Man that told me the very secrets of my heart. Isn't that the Messiah?"
Old Nathanael, when he come back with Philip, and Jesus... Walked up in the Presence of Jesus, and Jesus said, "Behold an Israelite in who there's no guile." Now, he was a trained man, 'cause he knowed the Word. He knowed the Messiah would be a God-prophet.
So they knowed that Moses had said that "The Lord your God shall raise up a prophet." They knowed also that God said, "If there be one among you who's spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord, will confirm him. I'll... What he says comes to pass, then believe it." See, they wanted to find out whether He was... They knowed there was supposed to be a prophet rise about that time, and they wanted to know Who He was.

E-72 So he walked up in the presence of Philip, and Philip told him what to do... or, Philip taken him over in the Presence of Jesus, rather. And when he walked up in front of Jesus, Jesus said, "Behold an Israelite in whom there's no guile."
"How did You know me, Rabbi?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, when you was under the tree, I saw you."
He said, "Rabbi, Thou art the Son of God." There was His credentials.

E-73 A woman at the well, when He found her standing there at the well, He said, "Bring Me a drink."
She said, "It's not customary. You're getting all out of our--our--our tradition here. We have segregation. We Jews and Samaritans have no fellowship with one another. And You being a man, a Jew, and me a Samaritan woman, how come that You'd ask me to give You a favor, bring You a drink?"
He said, "Woman, if you knew Who you were talking to you'd ask Me for a drink."
And she said, "Why, the well's deep, and You have nothing to draw with."

E-74 He said, "The waters that I give is not in that well." All... Went on, the conversation went awhile (See?), till... What He was trying to do was contact her spirit. Then He found out where her trouble was. He said, "Go, get your husband and come here." (wanted to know who He was) Said, "Go, get your husband and come here."
She said, "I have no husband."
Said, "That's right. You've had five, and the one that you're living with now is not your husband."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." Said, "We know when Messiah cometh He will do that."
He said, "I'm He that talks to you."
She come into the city. It was confirmed to her. She went into the city and said, "Come see a Man Who's told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the very Messiah? Isn't that a confirmation that He is?"
Jesus said, "The very works that I do confirm My commission." That's right. God sent Him. He was to be that prophet.

E-75 You know, they said to John, "Art thou Elias? Art--art thou one of the prophets? Art thou that prophet was to come?"
John said, "I'm not. But He's standing amongst you somewhere. He will prove Hisself when He comes 'cause God will a vindicate Him." That's exactly right. If a man's sent of God, God's obligated to vindicate that person (That's exactly right.) that he's been sent. Oh, yes, a confirmation...

E-76 The man that was born blind had a very convincing testimony that He was the Messiah. Now, the poor man, he didn't--he didn't... It was on of them theologians all caught him up in a crowd up there and said, "Say, we know that you were born blind." Said, "We know that--that--that you had no eyeballs, even in the sockets." Said, "We know you were born blind." He said, "Who healed you?"
And he said, "The--the--the Man told me that I was healed." Said, "I know He healed me." Said, "I--I--I know it."
Said, "Well, now, that man's a sinner. We know he's a sinner because he didn't join our organization. He didn't come our way. He doesn't teach our doctrine. He's against us." Said, "We--we know that he can't be of God. We know that there's something wrong with him, because he didn't agree with us." Said, "The man's a sinner."
Now, this poor blind man couldn't argue the point. He wasn't a theologian; he--he couldn't argue the point. He said, "Now..." But he had a very convincing argument too. He said, "Whether He's a sinner or not I don't know, but this is one thing I do know (Amen.): where I was once blind I now see."

E-77 I've heard people say this was a bunch of crazy people. I had people tell me when I received the Holy Ghost that I lost my mind. Well, whether that's right or not, I don't know. But there's one thing I do know: wherein I was once a sinner, I'm now saved. That's right. Wherein I was once lost, I'm now found. You can call it fanaticism, whatever you want to; but it's a confirmation to me that He's still Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's right.

E-78 Yes, he--he--he had the evidence. He had a very convincing speech that He was--He--He--that was the Son of God because He had made eyeballs in a man that had no eyeballs. Yes, sir. In other words the blind man could say, "I've been coming to your church all this time. I don't see nothing like that taking place around here. Then if He created eyeballs, there's no Creator but God. Where could it come from? Let's see you do it. Let's see the way you do it."
They had to shut up, them talking about a supernatural God, the great Creator of heavens and earth, and couldn't create a good life. There you are, couldn't create nothing. But here come Jesus and put eyeballs in a man that had no eyeballs, was born blind. I tell you; that's convincing. The proof of the pudding is the eating thereof. That's exactly right. So he had the evidence that He was. That's right.

E-79 I imagine Paul out there that night when fourteen days and nights, no moon, stars, or nothing, out on that sea; the poor little fellow dragging those chains across the deck of that old waterlogged ship, and it's about ready to go down. They'd throwed off all the food and stuff, and the sailors hadn't eat for many days. And dragging these chains, talking about a Jesus that once lived, talking about a Jesus was crucified...
I imagine them soldiers and sailors said, "Oh, my goodness, shut up."
Just kept walking across, saying, "But you know He's the same yesterday, today, and forever," just walking along across the deck, pulling these chains.

E-80 Said, "Look at the guy in chains, a guy going over to Caesar over there, over to Rome to be condemned. The man's got to die; and then talking something about religion. Oh, shut up." And they kept on dragging.
But one night when they... All hopes was gone. Oh, my. Every time the lightning flashed and the waves... Ten thousand devils set on them seas, said, "We got you now, Paul. Oh, you're going to take it back."
"No, sir. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's right. I know He told me to go to Rome."

E-81 Here he is rocking, the ship just about ready to go down. Just think, the sun, moon, or stars hadn't shone for fifteen, or fourteen days. That's a bad shape, an old waterlogged ship, and thing about go down and everything like that. He was standing down in the hull of the boat one night, praying, no doubt, and there come a vision. The Angel of the Lord appeared to him, said, "Don't fear, Saul. Everything's all right."
Here he comes running up with a commission, shaking them chains, saying, "Be of a good courage. Have a good faith, for the God that I serve sent His Angel last night. I saw a vision, and He told me not to be afraid, because there'd be no life lost on this ship. Wherefore, brethren, take a little food and just rejoice. Everything's all right."
I'd imagine they felt pretty funny. But when they found the old ship rest in the haven yonder, it confirmed that Paul had been sent from God and knowed what he was talking about. God confirmed it. "If there be one among you a prophet, and what he says comes to pass, then hear him, because I'm with him." That's right.

E-82 When the natives on this island, the islanders, when they seen him picking up sticks... And they said, "That must be some terrible murderer with all them chains on him." Poor little Paul, about to freeze, and his garments all wet, come over here, and picked up a bunch of sticks, and started to lay them on the fire. And a snake that bit him in the hand would've killed him, my, in a moment. Paul looked at it like that and said, "God, You told me I had to go to Rome yet." Shook him off in the fire, went back and got some more sticks.
And said, "Watch him fall dead." In a few minutes they changed it. Why? His commission had been confirmed. They said, "He's a God that come down from the heaven." Right.
He had confirmation, 'cause Jesus said, "They shall tread on the heads of serpents and scorpions, and nothing shall harm them." Yes, sir. He had--he had the--the evidence to prove it.

E-83 (Now, I got to hurry, friends. I'd stay here with you all night like that. But just a few more things.) Now, the prophet said, "There'll come a day that it cannot be called day or night: a dismal day, foggy, hazy." But said, "In the evening time it shall be Light." That's right. The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west: s-u-n.
Civilization has traveled from the east to the west. But when the S-o-n rose, the light fell upon the eastern people. Now, we've had a day of organizations, denominations, and people accepting Christ, and had enough light they can know that He was God. And they walked in the light, and so forth; and they've built churches, and fine cathedrals, and schools, and so forth. That's been fine. But remember, it was promised that all the clouds would clear away in the evening time. It's evening time now.

E-84 And when the clouds all clear away that same Son, S-o-n, that shined His power through the Holy Ghost upon the eastern people, has, in the last fifty years, broke back the clouds of denominations and everything and poured down the Holy Ghost upon the western people. That's the same Son, same Holy Ghost, same signs, same light, same power, same evidence, same everything that it was. And the Gospel's been preached with power and demonstration anywhere in the countries. That's right. That's right. All over the world signs and wonders are following the believers of...

E-85 Here, a few years ago, they said, "That bunch," said, "why, you'll never be able..." Said, "They'll never be able to put it over." Said, "They're just a little bunch down there in a--in a street somewhere with a tin pan somewhere, a-beating some little tambourine." But, brother, that message, with hungry-hearted people has sacrificed their food for their children and everything else, and has sponsored them missionaries, till she's went from east, west, north, south. Wherever nation you go into, there's Pentecostal fires burning with the power of the Holy Ghost.
I've went so far into the jungles, till people didn't know right and left hand. They knowed God, nothing no more than some statue out there. That's right. I'd stand there and lay the Word down just exactly. Then the Holy Ghost performed the signs and show--tell the people who they were, the secrets of their hearts, show them that Jesus said, "The works that I do shall you do also."
"This man, I do not know his name, but I'll spell it, and you interpret it for me." I'd have to spell maybe that much, to get it out like that.
"Amen. That's right." They'd set and look.
I'd said, "Now, Jesus said, 'The works that I do shall you do also.' This was the Messiahic sign."

E-86 And Jesus is so close to coming to the earth now, until His power is beginning to catch the people, and winding them up, getting them ready for the bride, getting ready to be caught up in the rapture, a church that'll just fit just exactly to be taken up; through its power will draw all the rest of them that's borned again out of the earth. Jesus is coming.
As my hand against the wall would make a shadow, more that shadow gets deeper and deeper and deeper, closer my hand gets; and after while the shadow and my hand becomes one.
And the church started in Martin Luther's time under justification, under Wesley through sanctification, and now in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the Pentecostals, the restoration of the gifts. And out of that Pentecostal people He's pulling that remnant up here to show Jesus Christ, reflect His Life, just the same yesterday, today, and forever (Exactly.) when the evening Lights shine. It's exactly.

E-87 Look, right on scientific signs. We've got it right in Washington, D. C., that same Pillar of Fire. How many's ever seen it, them lights? Sure, everywhere (See, see?), that same Pillar of Fire that met Paul on the road down to Damascus.
Jesus, when He was on earth... Anybody knows that Christ, that--that the Pillar of Fire, the Angel of the Lord that brought Israel out of Egypt into the promised land, was the Angel of the covenant. Anyone knows that. Sure. Well, that was Christ, because the Bible said that Moses chose the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. And he went with Christ before He become flesh, and he followed that light.

E-88 Jesus, when He was on earth, He said, "I come from God and I go to God." They crucified Him. He was the Saviour that died for our sins and he buried Him. He arose and ascended on high. And a few months after that Paul was on his road back to Damascus, and he was struck down by a light. A bunch of soldiers with him, none of them saw it. None of them saw Him but just Paul. But it was so--was so prominent to him ,till it put his eyes out. He was blind for a season. And he looked up there, and that great big Pillar of fire hanging before him, and He said, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?"
He said, "Who are You, Lord?"
He said, "I'm Jesus, and it's hard for you to kick against the pricks."

E-89 Now, that same Holy Spirit, we find It right amongst the Pentecostal people today, the evening Light, right down amongst the Pentecostal people. What? Preaching the same Gospel, giving vindication of the same Gospel. The same signs that followed there is the same signs that follow now. And if that Pillar of Fire, or Light, that we have with us did not produce the same Spirit and the same evidence that It did when it was in Jesus Christ, then it would be the wrong Pillar of Fire, the wrong spirit, be the wrong thing.

E-90 But if it does produce and do just exactly what Jesus done, when He said the--"He that believeth on Me the works that I do, shall he do also (That's right.); more than this shall he do, 'cause I go to My Father." The King James has "greater," but look in the original; it says "more." You couldn't do any greater: He raised the dead, and stopped nature, and everything. But He could do more of it, because the Holy Ghost wasn't only in one Man, Christ, the Son of God; it was in the church universal." More than this shall you do, 'cause I go unto My Father." Oh, my.

E-91 His same ministry being represented here in the last days... What kind of a ministry did He have? Look at Him, as I bring you down, proving to them... Let's take one Jew. "He came to His own; His own received him not." The very first men that come to Him was Andrew and Philip. I don't know what went on in that conversation in the house with Jesus that night when they followed Him. But the next day Andrew was so completely satisfied that that was the Messiah (He showed him something), till he went right straight to Peter, his brother, or--or Simon, and he said, "Don't... Come now and let's go and see if this is..." He said, "We have found the Messiah."

E-92 I can imagine Peter saying, "Now, now, Andrew, now, let me tell you something. Now, you know our old daddy was a good Pharisee, and he told us... And I remember setting on the side of the boat one day; he said to me; he said, 'Now, now, now, Simon, daddy's expected to see the Messiah. And no doubt but before the Messiah comes there's going to be all kinds of things take place, all kinds of isms rise up. But let me be sure that...' (And there was. Oh, yes. People come, led off thousands, and perished and everything.) But he said, 'but let me tell you. We have to stay with the Word, Simon.'"
"'Now, the Bible says Moses, our servant, God's servant to us, told us that the Lord our God would raise up this Messiah, and He would be a prophet like Moses. Now, now, Simon, if you see Him in your day... I'm too old now. I'll not see Him in my day. But if--if you see Him in your day, remember He will be the God-prophet.'"
So Simon had that in his heart. He said, "All right, Andrew. I'll go up to the meeting."
Just as soon as he walked up in the Presence of the Lord Jesus, He said, "Your name is Simon. Your father was Jonas." That settled it. He was given the keys to the Kingdom. That was the Messiah sign.

E-93 Here come another staunch Jew, said, "Now, wait a minute. If the Messiah would've come, He'd have come down the corridors of heaven, and come down to our great, big, fine temple we got built here somewhere, like... Other people around here believe that He will come to some temple. And He will come down here, and He will light right down on here, and the angels will be flopping their wings, and everything. They'd say 'This is Messiah, this is Messiah, this is Messiah.' That's the way it'd be."
I can hear Philip say, "Wait a minute. You're not Scriptural with that. Stay with the Word. What did Moses tell us that the Messiah would be? 'The Lord your God shall raise up a prophet.' You remember that old man that used to be over there, named Peter, Simon?"
"Yes. Oh, that old fellow didn't have any education? Yes, I remember him. Yeah. I remember him."
"You--you bought some fish from him, and he couldn't sign your receipt."
"Yeah. Well, I remember him. I remember him. Yeah."
"Why, when he walked up... You know his father?"
"Well, sure. Certainly I knew his father real well. He was a real Pharisee, yes, real scholar. Yes."
"Why, when Simon walked up before Him, He told him what his name was and what his father's name was."
"Aw. Now, I believe you've gone off the deep end. Let me go see. He will never read my mind. I'll go find out."

E-94 Walks up there, in the Presence of Jesus, and Jesus said, "Behold an Israelite in whom there's no guile."
He said, "Did you tell Him you was coming after me?"
He said, "Rabbi (which means 'master' or 'teacher'), when did You ever see me? I just come up in this meeting tonight. When did You ever see me?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you." What eyes...
He said, "Rabbi, You are the Son of God. You are the King of Israel."

E-95 But there stood those great big denominational brethren standing there. They said, "You know what? He does that by Beelzebub." See, they had to answer to their congregation. They had earthly credentials. He had heavenly ones (See?), 'cause Moses said, "He will be a prophet," and here He was proving He was a prophet. That's right. He was a-vindicated, His commission was a-vindicated.
So he said, "Now, I know this fellow does do that." But he had to answer their congregation. Said, "By Beelzebub he does this, he casts out devils."
Jesus turned around, perceiving their thoughts, He said, "You say that against me, the Son of man, I forgive you for it." Now, they never said it out loud. The Bible said they thought it in their hearts, and He perceived their thoughts. Keep it right. Yes, sir. Said they perceived in their hearts. See? He perceived their hearts, their thinking.
Said, "Now, if you say that against I, the Son of man, I'll forgive you. But someday (way down in the Gentile world. See?) the Holy Ghost will come after I'm gone, and He will do the same thing, and to speak one word against It will never be forgiven in this world, nor the world to come."

E-96 Before He left the earth He said this; He said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man." I want to make this remark and close. As it was in the days of Lot down there in Sodom, let's see what it was. He referred first to--to the days of Noah. He told what they were doing: eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage. But when He come to Sodom...

E-97 Look what He did at Sodom. At Sodom... He referred to that for this age. Now, remember, the Sodomites were Gentiles. See? Notice. And there come three Men one day to Abraham. There's always three classes of people: that's unbelievers, make-believers, and believers (We still have them today. That's right.), unbelievers, make-believers, and believers: Sodomites, Lotites, and Abrahamites.
Abraham had the promise. He was the elected, called-out group that'd separated himself, like the real church of the living God has separated itself from the things of the world, 'cause he was relying upon the promise of God.

E-98 Where did the Angels come to first? To Abraham. What happened? Two of them went down in Sodom (modern Billy Grahams) out to Sodom, preached the Gospel, not many miracles, just struck them blind. Preaching the Word strikes them blind. So they didn't do many miracles, but they was calling, "Come out of it."

E-99 But there was One that talked to Abraham. You know, Abraham had a funny feeling. You know, there was something about that Person that was a little bit different. And so he watched Him a little bit, you know, and he told Sarah, said, "Now, you get back in the tent." 'Course now in them days when a stranger come up, the women didn't act like they do today. They have to run right out and stick theirself out, and take the husband's place, and, "You can't sell that, John, 'less I tell you to." See? Women had more decency in that day. They stayed back in the house. You see? So they got out there, and Sarah stayed in the tent.

E-100 So he run in and said, "Sarah, knead a little flour right quick, get all the lumps out of it. Make some on the hearth, some bread." Went and got a calf and killed it, and went and said--told them to dress it now, and get it ready. And he went out there and got the old fly-bush, and begin to shoo the flies, and wash Their feet. He knowed there was a little something burning in his heart. You can just tell it, you know, some...
He said, "There's the commission, I believe. Now, the only thing, if I can just see that commission confirmed. I believe They've got it."

E-101 He said, "You know You--You passed by to see me. That's the reason You come this way. (That was right. See?) Set down under the oak a little bit and rest." So he washed Their feet, while they got the things ready. They set down and eat. And that was God, God Almighty. The Bible said it was. Look on there and see if it don't say capital L-o-r-d, Elohim. That's right.
As someone said many times, said, "You don't believe that was God."
I said, "It was God. The Bible said it was."
Said, "God, in that body eating flesh?"
"It sure was. The Bible said so. You don't--you don't realize how great He is." That's right. I'm glad He can do that.

E-102 Why, the only thing... You know, we're just made of sixteen elements: petroleum, cosmic light, calcium, potash, and a few things like that. Well, He just reached and got a handful of them, went "Whew. Step in there, Gabriel," See, the Angel. Got another handful, went, "Whew," said, "step in that, Michael." Went, "Whew," stepped in it Hisself. I'm so glad that... Come walking up, said, "We're going down." That's our God.
Some of these days all these elements is going to go. But He's going to say, "William Branham?"
I will say, "Here I am, Lord." He's great.

E-103 Said, "I've got to represent Myself before My servant down there, and I want to be a man like him." So He just walked down, and set down there, dust on His clothes, set down and eat. Set down... He kept looking towards Sodom, you know. Abraham knew there was something up, 'cause that's a wicked old place, you know. So he kept thinking about it like that. He said...
Now, remember, his name had been Abram, and Sarah's name had been S-a-r-r-a, Sarra. And a few days before that God had met him in a vision and changed his name to Abraham and her name to Sarah, S-a-r-a-h, Sarah--princess; Abraham, father of nations.

E-104 So He said, "Abraham..."
Abraham said, "Oh, oh. I know I was right. There's something about that Man's different. "Abraham, where is your wife (S-a-r-a-h), where is your wife, Sarah?"
He knew right then. "Oh," he said, "she's in the tent." And the Bible said it was behind Him, the tent behind Him.
He said, "Abraham, I (personal pronoun, same One that talked to him)--I'm going to visit you according to the time of life (see, with Sarah) and you're going to have this baby you've been waiting on. You're a hundred years old now and she's ninety, but I'm--I'm going to give you this baby that I promised you 'cause you've been faithful to wait."

E-105 And Sarah back in the tent, she said, "Hummph." She never said it out loud. She laughed in herself, said, "Me, an old woman, have pleasure again? and my lord old like that?" Said, "It just couldn't be. That guy... what's He talking about?"
The Angel said, "Why did Sarah laugh?"
What was it? He took for Sodom. Immediately after the visitation of that Angel, that last sign that was given, the last sign that was given, Sodom burnt. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man."

E-106 God has dealt with His church all along through signs, wonders. But the last thing was to be God manifested in the flesh of His church, like He was in human flesh there; and show that same sign that Messiah had already represented Hisself amongst the people just before the fire falls at the last day: a credential to confirm that the Word that Jesus promised is the truth. Let us pray.

E-107 Our heavenly Father, it's Your Word, confirmation of a commission. That's Your Word, Father. We can only speak It. I pray You confirm It, Lord. And I know that I... pray that You'll forgive me of my nervousness, and my--and my illiteracy, all about it, and take that off the people's mind, my poor, chopped-up way of trying to bring a message. And--and the Holy Spirit striking upon me, I don't know how to do but just give vent to it, Father, setting here with men and women who are pilgrims and strangers, when the whole world is shaking today.

E-108 They--they say now in a few days now, they're going to spin a man around the world in an orbit, take him around the world, trying to get a man up on the moon. All the world quivering and shaking, little nations everywhere with missiles that'll blow a hole in the ground a hundred and fifty feet deep for two hundred and fifty and three hundred miles square... Three of them at one time would sink the whole earth.
The whole world's in neurotic condition. The churches has gone away from the Word; there's all kinds of organizations and denominations that's packing earthly credentials. And--and if you don't belong to them, you can't stick your head in one of their churches.
But yet, as it was back there in the times of Noah, as it was down through the Bible, You'll still send your prophets and servants, Lord, with a commission with a confirmation behind it. God, I'm so glad of that, that You promised it.

E-109 And now, Lord, You said, "Fear not, little flock: Little flock, it's your Father's good will to give you the Kingdom." You said, "As it was in the days of Noah, when that little group was just saved by water, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. The days of Lot... In--in Noah's time they were eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, and look at it today, Father. We see that. Now, that was to the sinful world that was doing that.
And now look at the days of Lot, how perversion, homosexuals... Oh, how the world, the whole country, most of our government's swallowed up with it, and everywhere. Oh, we're worm-eaten, Lord, by devils and power of the enemy. The whole world is scared to death, and our whole... Even our nation is like a little boy going through a graveyard at night, whistling to keep hisself from being afraid. We know it lays at the door. The church, Lord, You said, "Lift up your knees... lift up your eyes when these things begin to happen. Your redemption's drawing near."

E-110 The Holy Ghost has been poured out upon Your church. You've called people of every nation: Mexican, white Anglo-Saxon, colored Ethiopian, all different races, all across the world, as Your little old Holy Ghost missionaries has went hungry, starving, many of them killed, crucified, made fun of, and everything else. They've went without any big church to sponsor them. They went on the commission of God with these signs following them that believe. I've met them in the mission fields yonder, Lord.
We've had the great power of God to speak with tongues, interpret tongues. We've had the baptisms of the Holy Ghost, the demonstrations of the power. And now, Lord, as You took Abraham representing the elect called-out, You've brought Abraham through that desert, separated him. You showed him all kinds of signs. But the last sign was when God, Himself, manifested Himself in flesh.

E-111 Let it happen in Tempe as a confirmation of the near-approaching of the Lord Jesus. Grant it, Lord. It'd strengthen all of us, Lord. It would strengthen these brethren; it would strengthen Your ministers everywhere. It would strengthen the laity. It would make us all happy. Grant it, Father. Now, just as far as I can go is speak Your Word. Now, Lord, it has to take You to make that confirmation. I can but... if it's a commission, I've preached the truth. I believe, heavenly Father, that You will confirm it with the signs that You promised that would be in this day. Grant it, now.

E-112 I commit myself to You with this church, with the Word. Now, Father, we'll wait upon Thee, if You'll just show us that You're in our midst. "The works that I do shall you do also." That's Your promise. Father, how it would strengthen some of my brethren here, how it would strengthen the church, that something that's not just mythical, something that... You say, "Yeah, I've heard this preached all the time." But, Father, let them see that You're a God that keeps Your Word. Now, it'll take more than me, Father. It'll take this church all in one accord. It'll take real faith to do it. But I pray, Father, that You'll grant it for the glory of God, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-113 Now, friends, a prayer line... Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse my exciting, chopped-up manners at the pulpit. I--I pray you do it. But I've just come through studying the pre-Nicene Council. And I've took the Hislop's "Two Babylons," and Broadbent's "Pilgrim Church," the pre-Nicene Council, the Nicene Council, and the post-Nicene Council, Nicene Fathers, seeing how the Holy Spirit moved them. They didn't even have an altar in their church. They didn't have no nothing like crucifix.
A Roman Catholic went on with dogma, with crucifix, but the real orthodox stayed clear, had little buildings with nothing but just slabs. And they'd... Some godly man would explain the Word of God, and the power of God would fall. They'd just raise their hands and praise God. They'd speak with tongues, and signs and wonders would follow them. Yes, sir.

E-114 Polycarp, Ignatius, Martin, Irenaeus, Columba (oh, my), Justin, how many more of real godly ones that wouldn't tolerate that other church at all, the Roman side of it. They stayed catholic. We're catholic too, apostolic catholic. Now, "catholic" means universal. But the Roman Catholic took into crucifix and dogmas, and so forth, like that; and said (not the Bible), they... "God was in His church." God is in His Word.
The Bible said, "If any man shall take away or add anything to It, the same will be taken, his part out of the Book of life." We believe just what God said, and that's all. Now. So we still believe that message.

E-115 Now, there's sick people here tonight. I've preached to you that God confirms His commission. That's right. God watches over His Word to confirm it. The only thing He's trying to do is to find a heart that He can get into.
Now, don't think you're going to overdo it. You won't. Could you imagine a--a little fish about a half inch long out in the middle of the ocean out there, saying, "I better drink sparingly of this water. I might run out." Certainly not. Well, you could never exhaust God's power and God's goodness. Exactly. You sure couldn't. So just open it.

E-116 You say, "Well, I received the Holy Ghost." Oh, there's just--just... The--the whole heavens is full of it. See? God's just trying like a... If it was all the whole heavens was a great big standpipe, and you had one little crack, He's trying to pile... That water will try to force itself out. That's the way the Holy Spirit's trying to force Itself into you, like that, like that, trying to get you to believe it. I know that's the truth.

E-117 Now, I believe that... Did they give--did he give out prayer cards? I was praying. I believe he did. All right. How... Where's he at? What? Excuse me. 1 to 50. All right. We can't stand them all at once, so let's stand maybe... Why, that's all right. Just stand still, just move, maybe this little row here move back, so they can move a little. There's a glass of water, I believe, setting there...?...

E-118 All right. Let's have number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Let them stand. Number 1, who has it? Prayer card number 1? It's just a prayer card with a number on it. Number 1, 2, 3, 4, like that. Number 1 prayer card, who has it? There's surely something wrong. Speak it in Spanish. What's number 1 in Spanish? Uno, uno. Who has it? Number 1? What say? All right, right here.
Number 2, who has it? Number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... 1, 2, 3. Just stand right here. We'll form a line. Huh? Yeah. That's all right. All right. That's all right. All right. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Let them come. Come right around this side, if you will. If you can't get up now, raise your hand. We'll see that you get here. We'll see... Somebody will pack you up here. See? 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Let them come, from 1 to 20 now, line yourself up over here. All right, that's right.

E-119 Now, if you got your cards, come on, friends. Don't--don't--don't stay back, 'cause you're cheating somebody else out of it. You see? Don't be afraid to come. If you took your card, come on. If they give you a card...
Now, the boy comes with these cards first. He stands up here and mixes them up together, fifty, or a hundred, or whatever he does. Goes right down the line, giving anybody... One person might get 1, the other one 10, the other one 50, the other one 90, like that. We don't know where they're at. They're all scattered out. That leaves the boy so he don't know what... Then the boy don't know where I'm going to call from that night, 'cause... See?.. I don't know myself.

E-120 I might start... How many's been in the meetings before, and know I just jump all around through it? That's all right. See? So many times people are afraid to come up, because their sins are called out here. Now, if you've done anything wrong, and you don't want it called out, you better stay out (that's all), 'cause He will certainly do it. How many knows that to be true? Certainly is true. Now, if you're--if you're condemned and under sin, why, don't you come.
But if you're not, if you're under the Blood, come on. See? All right. Now, all right. Well, we'll start right here, and see where we can go to.

E-121 Now, how many in here is sick, and come in, and didn't get a prayer card, too late, or something? Raise up your hands, all around, over the building. All right. Don't have a prayer card...
Now. There was a little woman passed through a crowd. Maybe she didn't have a prayer card, but she touched the hem of His garment. That did it. All right. Touched the hem of His garment, and she was made whole.
Now, you out there that believe with all your heart, you that actually believe this with all your heart, you just say, "Lord Jesus, I do believe this with all my heart, and I'm going to accept You, and believe that... I know that Brother Branham doesn't know me, or know anything about me. And if You'll just let me touch Your garment..."

E-122 Now, the Bible says (Now the ministers will witness this), the Bible says that Jesus Christ is a High Priest right now, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities (Is that true?), a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. He is right now. Well, then, if He is a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, how would that High Priest act when He was touched?
If He's the same Jesus that He was back there, He'd act the same way. He can't change His ways. He can't. If He said back there, "Well, I saved them because of--that they believed on Me; but today I--I'm going to save them because they got a lot of money," He can't do that. He's got to ever remain with His first attitude. See? When God ever makes a decision, it's perfect. It can never be changed no more. God never changes His program. See?

E-123 So if He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, and you touched Him with your faith...
Now, He don't have any hands on earth but mine and yours. Is that right? "I am the Vine; ye are the branches." Now, the vine doesn't bear fruit, does it? The branches bears fruit. So the vine just energizes the branch. But see, the branch... The vine isn't made to... See, He's in glory. He's the Holy Spirit. Now, He doesn't bear the fruit, but He energizes you and I that we would understand one another, through voices that He speaks through us, and does His work to confirm the commission that we're sent to do. You understand it now, everybody?

E-124 Now, you pray and you say, "Lord Jesus, I'm going to believe this with--with all my heart. I--I--I'm going to truly believe it with all that's in me. And I believe that You're going to--to make me whole. And I'm going to, with all my heart, try to touch the border of Your garment, trusting that You'll make me well."
You just believe that, or a loved one.
Now, I'm going to ask you, with whatever... Now, you know I'm Pentecostal. I--I believe in shouting, praising the Lord. But I'm going to ask you to do this. Now, when we're coming, I want you to be just as reverent as you can. Now, just hide yourself away now. Lay all your doubts away and just say, "Now, Lord, help Thou me." God will do it, if you'll just believe it.

E-125 Now, here stands a woman. I have never seen her in my life. Now, ever who is on this here, sometimes I don't know what I'm saying, if it strikes me... It's a vision. Now, if you... Can you hear me all right now? All right. Now, just be real reverent.
Now, here stands a woman. Now, here's a beautiful Bible picture. We're strangers to each other. I don't know you. Now, you might know me by knowing I'm Brother Branham, but I don't know you by any way.

E-126 Now, this is a picture like it was in St. John 4. Jesus met a woman that He'd never seen, or she never knowed Him. She knew He was a Jew, but that's all she knew. And then, Jesus talked to this woman a little while. What was He doing? He was contacting her spirit. See? He had need to go by Samaria, and as He went by Samaria, He met this woman. Why? The Father led Him to Samaria. "Go up to Samaria."
He didn't know what to do. This woman come out, and He thought, "Maybe this is what Father wants," because He said... After He'd healed the man at the... that had the crippled, not crippled, but I guess he might've had a retarded disease...

E-127 In St. John 5, the next chapter I believe it is, He went by the pool of Bethesda, and there laid a man that'd been crippled up for several years, had an infirmity. Now, he could walk, but an Angel come down and troubled the pool. You brethren know where I'm speaking. And then Jesus came by and said, he said about going to the pool... He said, "I have no one to help me. Someone can do better than me, can beat me to the pool, in other words."
He said, "Take up your bed and go into your house." He took up his bed and went on.

E-128 Now, Jesus never healed another one of them, and there were multitudes: thousands. Why didn't He do it? There's one for the congregation, for we ministers. A God full of compassion, is that right? Multitudes of lame, blind, halt, withered, all kinds of people (does the Bible say that, brethren?), and He went right to one man that had an infirmity. He wasn't blind. He could walk. He might've had a prostate trouble. He might've had a retarded TB. It wasn't going to kill him. He'd had it twenty-eight years, and it wasn't going to kill him. And He went to that man. Why? Then He just healed that one and walked away.

E-129 What if He'd come to Tempe tonight and did that? They'd criticize Him right there. Is that right, brethren? They criticize Him. But remember, Jesus knew the man and knew that he'd been in that condition all this time. Is that what He said?
Now, when the Jews found this man, he told them who did it. They found Jesus and they questioned Him. You think they'd question Him tonight? Sure. What did He say? "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise." Is that right? Then according to His own Word, He done nothing till God showed Him in a vision what to do.

E-130 Remember Elijah in our sermon tonight? "I've did all this at Your command." Any prophet of the Lord only goes as the Lord leads him. Now, just pattern it. Now, Christ is the Holy Ghost that's in here now. Now, I believe that I felt led to come to Arizona. Jesus felt led, had need to go by Samaria. I felt led to have the healing service at Tempe tonight: never did have one up here. I don't know why. Well, you happen to be the first person up here. There you are, St. John 4 exactly again.

E-131 I don't know you, you don't know me. I don't know one thing. You might be a sinner; you might be a hypocrite; you might be in adultery; you might be a godly saint; you might be sick; you might be standing for somebody else; you might have financial troubles. I--I don't know what you have. I know nothing about you. Now, that's right. I don't.
Now, if I'm a stranger, so that some unbeliever might be setting by, raise your hand, if we are, if that--if that's true. See? Now, if the Holy Spirit in contacting her spirit... Now, we're both standing here, man and woman, just like they were, and Jesus talked to her until He found what was wrong with her. Is that right? Now, all that knows that's true, say, "Amen."

E-132 He found what her trouble was, and He told her what her trouble was. And she said, "Sir, You must be a prophet." See, they hadn't had no prophets for about four hundred years. She said, "You must be a prophet. Now, we know that when the Messiah cometh, this will be the sign of the Messiah. He will tell us all things." Is that right?
Well, Jesus said, "I'm He that speaks."

E-133 Now, if that was sign of Messiah then, and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, only in the form of the Holy Spirit, using my flesh, my spirit as I surrender it to Him, and would tell me where your trouble is, you'd know whether it was right or not, 'cause you're a witness of that. Now, if you... If I was having a healing service and I come up and said, "Glory to God. Sick, sister?"
"Yes. I have TB"
"Glory to God." Lay hands on you. "Hallelujah. Receive your healing."
Now, many fine brothers, like Brother Oral Roberts and them, they're real men of God. That's their gift. They say, "Glory to God. I believe it. Do you?"
I believe you'd get well. Sure, I believe that. Yes, sir. I believe... you'd go to your pastor, if you're a Christian, or whatever like that, I believe it would do it.

E-134 But now, what if He comes and tells you something that you have done. Now, you'd know whether that's true or not. And if He can tell you what has been done, surely you could believe if He'd tell you what will be done. Is that right? Now, how many believes that that would be a witness, if He does it, that He is Jesus Christ the Messiah, same yesterday, today, and forever?
Now, remember, not me, no. I'm like this microphone, a perfect mute. How would I know? I've done confessed to you, and to her, and both to one another, we don't--we never seen one another. So it will take a power from somewhere.

E-135 Now, you could believe like some of them did, and say, "Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel." Or you could say, "Hmm. He's a devil, fortuneteller, some kind of a bad spirit." Then that's between you and God. See? I... Now, that's up to you to judge that. See? It just depends your attitude towards it. But to me, it's Jesus Christ. It's to me because it's promised.
And now, if He made a promise, and commissioned me, and give me them signs... And many years ago I was in here with you people, and He gave me a sign. If you'd put your hand on mine (How many remembers that?), then I could tell you... If I'd hold still a few minutes, I wouldn't have no control, but say "You have a tumor," or whatever it was. It was perfect. Is that right?

E-136 And I told you that He told me if I would be reverent, and believe, and would stay free (and that is, not go bumming for money, and I've never took a offering in my life. See?), and everything, and live true to Him, that it would come to pass that when I'd tell the people the very secret of their heart and other things. They can't deny that. See, see? You remember me prophesying that? Now, it's come to pass.

E-137 Now, now, just be reverent. You say, "What are you waiting on, Brother Branham?" For Him. I don't know that woman. If He don't anoint me, I can't do it. That's just all.
How many ever seen the picture of that Angel of the Lord, that fire, fiery Pillar? They've took it, and got it all over the world. Now, it's in Washington D.C. in the religious hall of art: only supernatural Being that was ever scientifically proven.

E-138 I'm just going to talk to you a minute to contact... Yes. Praise the Lord. Here it is. I can't tell you how I know it, but I know He's right here now. See? That's right. It's right here now. Thanks be to the Lord. See? Here it is.
Now. You've got a skin disease that you want me to pray for. If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, do you believe that with all your heart? Now, you might say that I guessed that. See? Now, watch and see if we guessed it. See? Be real reverent. Seems to be a nice person.
Now, right now I could not tell you what I told you first. Now, just a minute. Yes, a skin disease, you have. Had it for some time, even been prayed for for it. And then, you got something wrong with your side. That's right. It was caused by an automobile accident. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, you believe, don't you? In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for her healing. Go, believing. Do you believe that He's the same yesterday... the evening Lights of the Holy Spirit...?

E-139 How do you do? You and I are strangers to each other, first time of our meeting. If I could heal you, I would. I only represent the Healer (See?) as an ambassador commissioned, praying for His confir... But if God will tell me what you're here for, do you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? You believe it?
One thing, it's shadowy around you: shows that you're suffering with a nervous condition, mental upset, nervous condition. Gets worse in the evening as the sun starts to set. That's right. Then another thing, you have a growth that you're worried about. You believe God can tell me where that growth is? It's on the right breast. Is that right? Do you believe now? Now, there's something on me saying that, knowing that. Is that right? You believe it to be God? Then Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." God bless you.
Have faith. Don't doubt. Just believe with all that's in you.

E-140 Little fellow there with the striped tie on, just quit worrying. That arthritis is going to leave you, if you just believe with all your heart. You was setting there waiting for that, wasn't you? If you ain't got a prayer card, you don't need one. Just believe.
See, his faith touched something. You know that man didn't touch me. He's twenty feet away from me. Is that right? But what did he touch? The High Priest. I looked here at this woman; there was a man. I looked and there was a man. I said, "It can't... The--there's... That's a woman." I looked, there was a man. I watched. That light which is hanging here, went over and held over by him. I seen him trying to get out of the bed, like that. That's it. See? There he is. Let him be evidence. Is that... You was setting, praying for that. Is that right? Believe with all your heart now, and you'll get well.

E-141 "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Just have faith. Now, be real reverent. Excuse me. I was watching the Light moves around through the building. I was just watching to see...
Now, I want to talk to you just a moment. Look like a good person to me. We're strangers to one another; the Lord knows your troubles. He knows me; He knows you. We're man and woman standing here meeting our first time, with the Spirit... You are a Christian, and--and I can feel the vibration there, it was of your spirit, you know, just moving. And I know you're not a hitchhiker; you're a Christian. See? So then, that's... What I mean hitchhiker, is just jump from place to place, you know. You're borned again, you're a real Christian. I can feel your welcoming (See?), and the Holy Spirit here welcomes that spirit, because it's a kindred spirit. See? We're brother and sister.
You're not here for yourself. You're standing for somebody else, a friend of yours is suffering with demon oppression. You believe that? Put that handkerchief on them and don't doubt. It'll leave them. God bless you.
Have faith in God. Just believe with all your heart.

E-142 How do you do, lady? We're strangers to one another. Now, somebody somewhere (God, where's it at?), somewhere in the audience somebody... Something happened. "How you do know it, Brother Branham?" Well, I just know it. See? See, it's just like... It's pulling the life right out of you. You see? Something happened. Somebody got healed somewhere. I don't know where it was, but maybe He will show me again.

E-143 We are strangers to one another, lady. I do not know you, but God does know you. You're here for some purpose, maybe for somebody else, maybe financial, domestic. Whatever it is, God can tell me. Will you believe it? You will know if it's the truth. Keeps being a young person come here, a vision breaking for a young person. Now, you believe with all your heart, and God will grant it. If I can tell you, you know if I don't know you, it'll have to come from some supernatural power.

E-144 Remember my sermon tonight, what I talked about? Now, look. Perhaps if I would, like that Angel turned His back... Now, what if I turn my back like this to where you're at. See? All right. Now, you just--just say to the Lord Jesus, "Oh, God," just in your heart, "reveal to Brother Branham what I'm here for, or something about me," and see if He does.
Yes, I can see the woman right now. She's suffering with an intestinal trouble. That's right. It's growths in the intestines. It's true. Mrs. Cathan, you can go home now and be made well, if you'll believe with all your heart. Go...

E-145 You believe? Have faith. Do you realize that the very God that wrote the Bible is moving in this little humble church here tonight?
Now, we are strangers to one another too, mister. I don't know you, never seen you in my life. We're perfect strangers. Now, it's getting me weak, folks. It's a...
That lady setting back there with constipation, setting the second one in from the back, on the side of that row, there. It was you awhile ago that was up here. If you believe with all your heart, it'll leave you.

E-146 What about that baby with that allergy? Do you believe that God will heal it? There you are. Glory. The devil lost that. He did. God bless you, sister, brother. Have faith in God. That's all you need. It'll leave the baby, don't forget.
What did they touch? What did that lady touch for her baby? I don't know them people, never seen them in my life. If we are strangers to one another, raise up your hands there, folks, there where it's at, the--the lady. Raise up your hand. That's... She was standing there praying for that baby, and the Holy Spirit kept moving in there, somewhere, and I seen there where it was. And I seen the little baby with--with that condition. There she is. The baby will get well, sister. Don't worry. Why? it's real light around there now. I know that God answered. See? It'll leave the baby. I know it's going to be all right. See?

E-147 It's just coming everywhere from the audience now. It's so you can't pick it out. It's just everywhere, just...?... Don't you believe more now than you believed awhile ago? So you see it's just... It can happen to every one of you if you just believe it. See, just believe it.
Excuse me, mister, I--I--I didn't... You know, I'm not beside myself, but I just... I get real weak, and I just...
Jesus, one woman touched His garment and He said, "I perceive that virtue has gone out." That's strength. And if He, the Son of God, what about me, a sinner saved by grace?

E-148 Now, here is a man. Let it happen to this man, and then will all of you believe? Anybody know this man? Does anybody know the man around here? Oh, yes, it's... All right. Now, you know, let's see whether it's right or not. The man is total stranger. I never seen him in my life; we're total strangers to each other. But if the Holy Spirit can reveal to me what you're here for, or what you want, or something about you that you know that I know--I don't know nothing, then that would convince you that it would have to be the Holy Spirit. Would it convince all of you, and know that the same Holy Ghost that's here is out there too, in all of us?

E-149 Your trouble is rectal trouble. It's a cyst in the rectum. There's somebody else here praying about that. It's your wife out there. She's having a persistent headaches all the time. That's right. You got a child there too. That's right. You believe God can tell me what's wrong with that child? It's a blood condition. You believe God can tell me who you are? Would you believe me? You're a minister. You're Reverend Mr. Mann. Go home, be made well.

E-150 You believe with all your heart? Just give God praise. Do you believe, lady, with all your heart, setting there? Do you believe? Go eat your supper. Your stomach trouble will leave you and you'll be all right.
Your back trouble's left also, sister, so you can just go across the room and believe with all your heart that God's going to make you well. You believe it? Go, shouting, saying, "Praise the Lord." All right, with all your heart.

E-151 Nervousness is a bad thing, but God can heal it. Do you believe that? Just go rejoicing, saying "Thank you, Lord." God makes it well.
Old tummy bothering you? Go eat. Jesus Christ makes you well. Have faith. Your back's a bothering you, isn't it? Go, believe. Jesus Christ makes you well. Have faith.
Nervousness? Believe God will heal you? Go be healed in Jesus' Name.
See what I mean? Isn't Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever?

E-152 Now. Jesus said, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also." Is that right? Now, did Jesus say this, "These signs shall follow them that believe"? How many believers are here? All right. How many wants to be healed? Raise your hands. Then lay your hands on one another. You're believers. That's right. He keeps His Word. Do you believe it? If you'll believe it, you're going to see something happen that you never seen before, if you'll believe it.

E-153 Now, bow your heads; lay... Don't pray for yourself; pray for the person you've got your hands on. Pray now, sincerely. Believe sincerely. Lay your hands on somebody and pray. Now, I'm going to pray here.
Heavenly Father, we come in the Name of the Lord Jesus. We come because that Your Word has been confirmed; the commission is confirmed. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is in our presence in the form of the Holy Spirit.
O God, these are Your people. They're suffering. Satan has bound them. They know that You're here. The confirmation of Your Presence is here: the Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Satan, you've lost the battle. Come out of them, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I adjure thee to leave this audience, and come out of this people that they might be made free in the Name of Jesus Christ.
If you believe it, stand on your feet and give God praise. That's the idea. That's it. Raise your hands and give Him praise. Confirm, confess, and believe your healing is come.