Jehovah-Jireh #3

Date: 62-0707 | Duration: 1 hour and 46 minutes
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Municipal Auditorium in Grass Valley, California, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you, Brother Borders.
You may be seated. Just having some fellowship with Brother Harrel, the chairman of the meeting, and finding out he's a missionary, and we kind of have things in common. He's going back now into the Gold Coast, Africa. And I'm aiming to be there this year. We were trying to get something together about visiting up the Gold Coast after coming from South Africa.
E-2 It's where we had, what I think, one of the greatest meetings, in my day, was in South Africa, when we seen thirty thousand blanket natives receive Christ at one time. Amen. They asked them to break their idols on the ground, that they really meant it. And they broke their idols, like a dust storm coming up, and accepted Christ as their Saviour, at one meeting. They had a good follow-up there, so they—they caught them.
E-3 But the greatest altar call I can remember, of the Lord giving us, was in… was over in India, where we had approximately five hundred thousand in one meeting. And there we—we just couldn't estimate; just as far as you could see, it was just everywhere. And all of them accepted Christ as Saviour, but not one thing to follow up with. So therefore, of course, the—the Sikhs taken theirs, the Jains taken theirs, and so forth. I guess most of them went back, on seeing something the Lord do and produce there.
E-4 My ministry that the Lord give me, in America is not too effective, just the Pentecostal people. Most of the American churches are highly intellectual churches, and they believe a creed. And that's just where they stay, you can't move them from it.
E-5 But when you take a native and try to tell him something about a creed, he don't even know which is right and left hand. What good does it do to give him a tract? He's got to see something. And when he sees it, then he's convinced. And see his witch doctor raise up and challenge it, and see the Holy Spirit down it right there. Yeah. Then that—that shows it, who is God, and then that settles it.
And so very happy meeting Brother Harrel! I was… We was talking about the natives of Africa. He was talking about sponsoring one of Brother T. L. Osborn's.
E-6 Many of you know Brother Osborn, I guess. Oh, there is a precious servant of Christ, Brother Osborn. He's one of my bosom friends. I certainly have a deep reverence in my heart for Brother Osborn, such a great missionary. To the… I believe he's done more on the mission fields than anybody on earth today, that I know of, is—is Brother Osborn. Very sweet, fine boy, and I certainly love Brother and Sister Osborn.
E-7 They tell me that Mama Arganbright is in the meeting tonight. Are you hiding from me, Mama Arganbright? I sure appreciate your fine fruit. And no wonder she's such a nice little lady, she come from this part of the country here. She's always talking about Grass Valley. How many knows Mr. and Mrs. Arganbright, around Grass Valley? Well, that's fine. Where you at, Mama Arganbright? I haven't seen you in so long, you slipped… There she is. Yes. Bless her heart. Her home is my second home, wonderful woman right here from Grass Valley. And she has always had a burden for this people. And Mother Arganbright, if this is your first night here, I was out in the woods praying today when you visited the wife and them. And I sorry I wasn't in to get to see you, and to meet your friend.
E-8 But I'll say that I've seen something happen among your people here that I haven't seen in any American city anywhere. I've seen Christians recognize they're wrong, to the Word of God, and stand and ask for mercy. Yeah. That sounds to me like a revival could break in here. It would be wonderful. As much as I have preached around the world, and especially in America, I've never seen before, groups of Christians, when the Word was brought down, to show the Word, they raised up and said (witnessed) they were wrong. Not only that, but ministers with them. Now, that's sincerity. I like that.
E-9 Sister Arganbright, being they made you stand up, I'm going to embarrass my wife. She's the most timid person in the world. But she is sitting here tonight. Honey, I know you'll get even with me for this, but I'm going to ask my wife to stand up. The sweetest woman in all the world, to me. [Congregation applauds—Ed.]
E-10 My girl, my daughter, my oldest daughter, Rebekah. Now, honey, I know you're sunburned, but I want you to stand up, anyhow. All right, Rebekah. That's my daughter, Rebekah. [Congregation applauds—Ed.] Thank you. Thank you.
E-11 Brother Jewel Rose, how many knows him? One night he had my wife to come to the platform where I was at, after it had already started. She like to have fainted. She just dodges him everywhere she can see him. She gets out of his way, because she's afraid he's going to call her to the platform again.
E-12 I told her, "One night I'm going to have you raise up and speak a little while for us."
E-13 She said, "Get a bucket of water ready, because I'm going to faint."
E-14 She's a very dear person, my wife. If there's any credit to be give to the Branham family, let it go to her. She's the one that stood between me and the public. And all the things that's been done right, she's done it.
E-15 I hope that every young man here, when he gets married, he'll get a wife, and you'll live as happy together as wife and I have these twenty-two years that we've been married.
E-16 "He who has found a wife, has found a good thing." As Solomon said, "A good woman is a jewel in a man's crown. An unrighteous one is water in his blood." And his bloodstream is his life. So, an unrighteous one is the worse thing he can get a hold of. And a righteous one is the best thing he can get a hold of, outside of salvation. If God could have give a man a better thing than a wife, He would have give it to him, 'cause God just gives His children the good things. And He gave him a wife, and I'm thankful for it.
E-17 And to see the women, when I kind of cutting the other night, with the Scripture on way these Pentecostal women are dressing, wearing their hair, and going. You say, "That don't make any difference." It sure does!
E-18 I want to ask you something. Brother Harrel is here, a missionary.
E-19 At Durban, South Africa, were women sitting there as naked as they come into the earth; never had one stitch of clothes, just a small, about four-, six-inch crown in front of them. And standing there just as naked as they were, and standing on the ground after this great miraculous miracle had taken place at the platform. And there was in that group, was nearly ten thousand Mohammedans (at one time) accepted Christ in that same meeting. And then in there when… These women, standing up with these men, accepted Christ.
E-20 And Brother Bosworth said, "Brother Branham, I believe you ought to make that call again. I believe they meant 'physical' healing."
E-21 I said, course, fifteen different interpreters. You know, it takes… You have to jot down what you've said, time they… You say, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to save sinners." And this one will go "blu, blu, blu, blu," and this one go "nic, nic, nic, nic," that's "Jesus Christ, the Son of God."
E-22 You know, I—I used to hear people speak in tongues, and I thought, "My, that can't be right." But the Bible said, "There's not a sound without a meaning." There isn't. When I heard that, some of them clucks like birds, some squeak like bugs, and everything. But it means a meaning to them, if every sound was a meaning.
E-23 And when it went through again, and I said, "Well, then let those now that really knows that it's not 'physical' healing, it's accepting Christ as Saviour, a Heaven to go to, you believe in the Son of God, accept Him as your personal Saviour, break your idols on the ground!" And they throwed them down. And I said, "Right there now, raise up your hands to that God, and give Him praise. He'll give you the Holy Spirit!"
E-24 And while standing on that ground, I seen women that was stark naked; and as soon as Christ struck them, they walked away from that ground with their hands folded. And when you seen them again, they had on clothes.
E-25 Now, if Christ will make a heathen (naked) realize that she's wrong, being naked, and then women who profess to be Christians and every year stripping more off, I can't understand it. There's something wrong somewhere.
E-26 A raw heathen, just standing there, borned in this world and never knew she was naked, she don't know she's naked. But let Christ come in her presence, she realizes she's naked, insomuch she try to cover herself as much as she can, to fold her arms and walk away. Two or three days later, you'll find her again, she's dressed.
E-27 Now there is something wrong somewhere, and I'm sure it is not with Christ. Oh, I think the Word is perfect!
E-28 I just love Abraham's journey. Don't you? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.] I'm staying with it a long time, I hope I get to Jehovah-Jireh tonight. I took the text, three or four nights ago, and never got to it.
E-29 But one year at home I took a subject, preaching on Job. Well, about almost a year I was in the Book of Job, every Sunday and Wednesday, on Job. And finally I got him up till he sat on the ash heap. I had him there about three or four weeks. And one—one precious sister with enough courage to write me, she said, "Brother Branham, when you ever going to get Job off the ash heap?"
E-30 Well, I guess you're wondering when I'm ever going to get Abraham up to see Jehovah-Jireh.
E-31 But I had a point. Abraham… Or, Job sitting there on the ash heap, Elihu speaking. God trying a saint, brought it all the end, till I got to a spot to where I could make the killing shot, got everything ready. Then the Lord came down in this whirlwind, and lightnings begin to flash, and the thunders roar. And the Spirit of God come upon the prophet, he stayed up on his feet, said, "I know my Redeemer liveth;" watch "Redeemer." "And at the last days He shall stand upon the earth. And though after the skin worms destroys this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God; Whom I shall see for myself, my eyes shall behold, and not another." Oh, what a lesson there! To drive that in, it taken a while to get the people all situated, the Spirit just right, then drive it. And then the altar was lined and filled with people, repenting.
E-32 Just if you're led by the Spirit, just take your time until you got zeroed in. You don't, you'll shoot too high or shoot too wide, or something. Let's make it zero, the Bible! I believe that God wants us to zero in. The Holy Spirit zeroed in with the apostles, or they had zeroed in with the Holy Spirit, rather. And I believe we can do the same thing, by the same Word. It's hit the target! And if it hit it one time, dead center, it can hit it again! But you got to zero in! Be sure your breathing, your pulling, everything is just right. I shoot targets; I know what it is, lay in a match, and a rifle that will zero.
E-33 One time I sent a little model seventy-five back to the Winchester Company, one day. And I couldn't make it hit over about a three… or a quarter of an inch, at fifty yards. And the Winchester Company sent it back to me, said, "Reverend Branham, that gun is only made to—to group a five-shot group, an inch at twenty-five yards." Now that was the company that made it. I know different. I just drove, on the line, precision, nine straight, carpet tacks, at fifty yards, with it. So I knowed it was zeroed in. So I just kept fooling with it, and fooling with it, till I got it driving back again.
E-34 Now, the same thing is by the Word of God. Those things those apostles did, those things that Christ promised, we've got to get zeroed with the Word, with the Spirit. If it did it one time, it'll do it again, because It's God. And God is the Word, and He can't fail.
E-35 If some static, a gun be a little too loose this way in the forearm, a little loose or too tight, anything that binds it, you can put the weight of your finger on a rifle, and (it shooting perfect) the weight of your finger will throw it off. You got to have everything perfect.
E-36 That's the way you have to do in Christianity, to make the Word, make it manifest and act right, yourself with the Word and with God, it's got to be perfect, and then it will zero. Got to be! So therefore, in preaching, you got to feel the Spirit just right, then zero; away it'll go, it'll drive to the target.
E-37 Then the people setting around, many times people say, "Brother Branham, I don't hear about your meetings."
E-38 I don't have outlets like the other brothers do. They have magazines, they have—they have radio, television. I just go through and trying to represent the Lord Jesus. The people see it, believe it, they get well. God knows it, that's all that's necessary. See? We don't, we're not… There ain't going to be no history written. Don't worry about that. There's not going to be time for history writing. I believe Jesus is coming. That, I believe it. And I want to live today like He would come today or tomorrow. Not no great big schools, and so forth. What do we do those things, and then preach Jesus is coming? Why, our own works testify against us. That's right. Jesus is coming, let's be, make the church ready for it! Let's get ready. Oh, how I love Him!
E-39 Let's bow our heads now for a word of prayer. Oh, how I love to see people when they reverently bow their heads. Now let's just set silent for a little bit, and study. Now we want to take our time. Tomorrow is Sunday, the sabbath, Christian sabbath day. And I don't want you late at Sunday school, though we don't want to hurry with these things.
E-40 Think now, "Lord, is my desire in my heart tonight according to Your will?" If it is, then you think of it. Then if you think of it, your desire, and check it with God's program. If it seems to be just right with God's program, then I want you to raise up your hand to God, and say, "God, remember me, this is what I have need of." Just think real hard. God bless you. Good. The Lord bless you. That's good. Just keep on putting up your hand. He sees all. He knows all things. That's good. God bless you. Amen. Lord bless. That's good. Just keep thinking, putting up your hand. Now I'm watching each hand as it goes up. All right. That's fine.
E-41 Heavenly Father, we now come, approaching again in that all-sufficient Name of the Lord Jesus, up to the Throne of Mercy. As the poet said, "Let me at the Throne of Mercy, find a sweet release." And, God, their hearts are burdened for something. And let them now, at the Throne of Mercy, find the relief that God releases to them, the great Physician, and the faith for what they have need of.
E-42 Got both my hands up. I have needs. Remember me, Lord.
E-43 Remember all these people here that these handkerchiefs represent. Oh, how the testimonies has come in because of these things. Reverence. Way out across these sand hills here, somewhere, sick mothers, fathers, little babies, people in the hospital, old blind daddy sitting back on a little room with a white cane in his hand, waiting for the return of these handkerchiefs. God, be merciful. Grant, Lord, that whosoever they are laid upon, may the enemy lose his power and strength, may they go and be healed. Here is one wrote across here, "cancer." Let that devil turn them loose, Lord. May the Holy Spirit, as God looks down through the Blood of His Own Son that died for this purpose, may the great atonement be sufficient tonight, and faith be flowing aboundantly upon them, and may… or abundantly, that they might receive their healing. Grant it, Lord.
E-44 Bless Thy Word now. Help your servant, anoint us for the service. Anoint every heart that hears. And we're just going to speak now, Father. You tell us what to say, and tell us what to do. We're expecting You to be with us in the meeting.
E-45 Thank You for the fine songs tonight, those beautiful hymns. This young man back here, Brother Heimer, just sang that wonderful hymn, The Galilean. May that Galilean Stranger walk in now tonight. May we hear His voice say to the troubled mind, like He did the troubled water, "Peace, be still." And may every troubled heart be healed. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
And he called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh: as it is written, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.
E-46 Now we want to start with this great character. And tomorrow… Now, the Lord willing, we're going to try to get to the end about Abraham tonight. And tomorrow, maybe a text on Divine healing.
E-47 The Lord has been good to us here. We've been hearing testimonies of what the things that's happened. And so glad! And we had one night, a complete prayer line, or called them. And there wasn't a feeble one that we seen in the building, wheelchair, anywhere, but what was up, walking around, going.
E-48 And now each night the Holy Spirit has come in in His magnificent, august Presence, and has went out through the audience, declaring Himself, that He is here. Then, we ought to believe Him. See, He wants you to believe Him. The highest honor that you could pay God is to believe Him. You must believe. "He that cometh to God must believe that He is." And now believe Him!
E-49 And as I'm taking Abraham, the journey, is just because I'm trying to build faith for a great climax, to let the people see who they are.
E-50 That's the trouble. I find two classes of people, as I travel. One of them is pentecostal, the other is fundamentalist. Now, the fundamentalists positionally know where they are, what they are, but they haven't got any faith with it. The pentecostal has faith, but don't know who they are. Now, it's just like a man that's got money in the bank, but he don't know how to write a check; and the other one can write a check, and hasn't got no money in the bank. If you could just ever get them together, something would happen. You ever get pentecostal faith and fundamental doctrine, if you could ever… or either get fundamental doctrine and pentecostal faith, something is going to take place. That's right.
E-51 Now, how I would like to give a testimony here, when I seen, a Lutheran school, four hundred receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit while speaking to them upon it. Oh, my, it was a glorious sight, to let them know that. They're not, 'cause they're Lutherans, they're not counted out.
E-52 There's nothing against the Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, ever what you are, Catholic. I'm not against those things. I'm not against those people. It's the system that holds them, is what I speak against. Nothing against the individual, they're all human beings which Christ died for; Catholic, Jew, whatever he may be. It's the system. Like the Mohammedan, Sikhs, Jain, or whatever it might be, it's the system. Buddha is a system, see. Not the people that—that worships Buddha; it's the system that draws them off.
E-53 That's the same thing. Jesus wasn't against the people. He died for them. But those systems that was keeping Him away, keeping them away from Him. That's the thing now.
E-54 Now I thought, in taking Abraham, knowing that it was to Abraham the promise was given, and Abraham's Seed after him. Now let's journey back a little bit and get a background, and come tonight straight to the text now for a little while.
E-55 And prayer cards will be given to anybody that wants to be prayed for. And we, if you don't get them all tonight, we'll get them tomorrow. And anybody that wants to be prayed for must have a prayer card. And be here at one-thirty tomorrow, to pick up your prayer card, because we want to start the meeting then. And we'll pray for every person that holds a prayer card tomorrow. We been trying, through the nights, to get those who do not have prayer cards, so that those who have prayer cards will have the privilege of being in the prayer line. And the others are called out there, without prayer cards. That gets both, both sides. The prayer card means nothing. But you give a person a prayer card, there's about forty-percent healed right then, it's you think he's coming through the line; something he can hold, something he can look at, or something. And the—the boy will be giving out the prayer cards tomorrow at one-thirty, so they can be away by two o'clock, so the rest of the—the exercises of the day they get.
E-56 And you who want the picture, the book, or tape, must be got tonight. No selling on Sunday; we never permit that, to sell them. We respect Sunday, don't sell at all on Sunday. And these books and things, they're nothing to me, they are books that people has written about my ministry. Pictures that the American Photographer Association took the picture, and it belongs to the Douglas Studio, copyrighted. The book belongs to Brother Gordon Lindsay and Chaplain Julius Stadsklev. We buy them and bring them to the meeting, and sell them almost to what we get them for, and lose on them. And we always said this, if any… I've told the people that sell books, "If a man or a woman comes up there, poor person, hasn't got the money to buy that book; give it to them, anyhow. And we'll… I'll see that it's taken care of." And if you got the book and it isn't worth what it's supposed to be, bring it back. There'll never be one return of nothing but giving your money back, see. It's just something to help your faith. That's all we're trying to do it for, or we wouldn't permit it to be here. That's exactly right. So now tonight, remember, they will be at the bookstand. A good friend of mine, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. Wish I had time to tell you their testimony, of how their son was healed of polio. And many other things have—have taken place, of people who is here in the meeting.
E-57 Now let's background Abraham. First, God met Abraham, unconditionally, covenant He made with Abraham. Not anything at all; Abraham had nothing to do but believe God. The covenant was purely by grace, and unconditional. Not "if you will." God said, "I have!" And now every man…
E-58 Remember, all Abraham's Seed that ever come to God, comes the same way. Not nothing you could do! You could not save yourself no more than you could take your boot straps and jump over the moon. You cannot save yourself. No man ever sought God; it's God seeking man. "You never chose Me," said Jesus, "I chose you."
E-59 The first, now, could you go out here and tell a pig that he's wrong, eating slop? He'll tell you to attend to your own business. But it would have to take something that could change his nature, to make him realize that he's wrong. Something has to happen to the pig, first.
E-60 That's the reason that so-called Christians many times wallow in the mud, back in sin, is because… You could wash a pig, and paint their fingernails, put on lip manicure. That, that's wrong, ever what it is. Lip rouge, isn't it, or something? I get that, all that stuff, mixed up. You know what it is, though. You put the old sow on some lip rouge and—and, you know, do all the other works to it, and she'll go right straight to the wallow, and wallow again. Why? She's a hog, to begin with. The only way you'll ever make her any different, is change her nature.
E-61 That's the only way that a man or woman can ever line up with God, is change the nature, clean up, die to the old man's sin, and be reborn again by the Spirit of God. And, that is, Christ is the Spirit of God, and Christ is the Word. Then it witnesses with the Word. That's the only way they'll ever do it.
E-62 Now, Abraham was looking for a City Whose Builder and Maker was God. And today we are pilgrims, strangers, looking for a City Whose Builder and Maker is God. Look! Abraham, before he had ever known, there was something like an instinct in him, that he looked at the City.
E-63 Today, passing down with the wife, I was saying, "A lovely little place here sitting on the hill, maybe three hundred years ago; beautiful wood, great high timbers. Man come in, they cut them down, polluting the streams. It would be a beautiful place to live here." Yeah, but you look, he built houses. Then they begin to multiply. Sin and violence begin to come in. Hollywood moved in close to him, brought it in by movie, by television. By… And now it's a contaminated, sinful, every city!
E-64 And surely, as people, something's in them likes to live together, to neighbor, and be righteous. There is surely a City somewhere! The deep calling to the Deep again!
E-65 And Abraham saw the cities of his day, Ur of Chaldea. And he knew that because there was something in him calling, there was a City that was different, Whose Builder and Maker was God. And God seen that in Abraham, told him, "Separate yourself now, come on out."
E-66 Now, Abraham, one thing I want you to notice, he obeyed God's Word to the letter.
E-67 Always remember that! That's my Message. You must obey the Word. And knowing anything contrary to It, leave it alone. It may look good, but don't reason against God's Word.
E-68 That's the first thing Satan did, was reason against God's Word, to Eve. And she never doubted It. She just reasoned. Satan reasoned It.
E-69 And that's the way they do today. "Isn't it reasonable that we should do this? Isn't it reasonable?" If it's against God's Word, leave it alone! It's the voice of Satan.
E-70 Let the Word, if the Word is in you… "If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, then ask what you will." The Holy Spirit! "Ye abide in Me, My Word in you," that's the Word made flesh, "ask what you will and it'll be done." That's the way. Get all creeds, all things away, and hold to the Word because it is Christ. Notice, then it will manifest itself.
E-71 Someone said, "Brother Branham, how do you know those things. How?"
E-72 These what you see here in the meeting is amateur things. Anybody that travels with the meetings here, know. The Holy Spirit reveals things that comes weeks and months between time. And ask anybody, "Did it ever fail one time?" It can't fail, see. "How do you know it?" Because it's a promise of the Word, and the hour is here. It's got to come to pass. Now, I don't know, there be a very few, a minority will believe it, but it's got to go forth just the same. And did you ever notice, it goes right over the people's head, and it's past and done before they recognize it. Always that way.
E-73 To you Catholic people, you know what your church done? Because Joan of Arc was a—a real saint of God, done miracles of God, prophesied of God. And you called her a witch, and burned her to a stake; and her screaming for mercy, and you burned her to a stake. Hundreds of years later, you realized you was wrong, then you made a saint out of her. She passed right over you, and you didn't know her.
Elijah passed through, they didn't know him. "An old quack!"
E-74 Christ passed through, they didn't know him till after His death, burial, and resurrection. God sets that. And it's absolutely pulls the wool over the eyes of the unbeliever. And showed… He said, "I hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent, and reveal it to babes such as will learn." Christ thanked God for doing it. See?
Humble yourself. Believe it. Test the Word.
E-75 Jesus said, "Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have Eternal Life, and they are they that testify of Me. You ought to have knowed the hour." Said, told the Pharisees, "You hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky. But the signs of the time, you can't discern. For if you would have knowed Me, you would have knowed My day." Passed right over them, didn't know it till it was done gone. Notice now the Word being so important!
E-76 And notice another, while we're on it, Lot. Jesus said, Himself, "Remember Lot's wife." If the Word isn't so important, if reasoning is all right; when that Angel said to Lot and his family, "Go to Zoar, but don't look back!" And Lot's wife, on a little insignificant thing as to turn and look back, but it was contrary to the Word, she turned to a pillar of salt.
E-77 Then you say, "Telling women about cutting their hair, wearing clothes…?" God said don't do it! You follow the Word. Lot had, no doubt, a nice wife, but she didn't follow the Commandment to the Word. Lot! Eve was a good woman, but she didn't follow the Commandment to the Word; just reasoned a little with it.
E-78 "Isn't it reasonable, Brother Branham, that we should do this? I'm an American citizen, I—I have a right to do whatever I want to. That's my American privilege." It's your American privilege, but not your Christian privilege. For, by Christian, you are a sheep; and a sheep forfeits its rights. It lays still and lets you take away from it all the rights it has. But a goat will kick up a storm about it. That's right. But a sheep forfeits its rights. And a Christian always forfeits their national rights if it's contrary to your Christian rights.
E-79 Lot's wife merely looked back, [Brother Branham snaps his finger—Ed.] that was it! Now what did that do? It tells us here in Abraham, and Lot, that the thing that they set forth there, an example. And we cannot get away from it.
E-80 Hebrews, the 11th chapter, said, "These things was for our example. Seeing that we're compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses. We are to lay aside every sin." What is sin? Unbelief! "Every sin, every unbelief of God's Word, that does so easily beset us."
E-81 We come up against something, say, "Well, they preach that, that that was…" Don't you do that! You do just what God said do. Stay with It, to the letter!
Say, "It don't make any difference."
E-82 All right, the only thing I can say is what the Word says. And Jesus strictly said that, "Remember Lot's wife." She merely looked over her shoulder. Eve merely stopped for a moment. That's all she done. Lot's wife just looked back. And if… God turned that righteous man, Lot, his wife, to a pillar of salt, by just a little bitty thing, just disobeying his Commandments enough to just look back and see what all that fire was about, and she turned to a pillar of salt, and stands there yet today as an example that God means what He says.
E-83 Oh, if real faith could anchor into people! "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word of God."
E-84 Eve stopped for a moment. That's all she had to do. Satan had her caught, and just reasoned it with her. "Isn't it reasonable? If Sister So-and-so can do that, can't you do it, too? She's the pastor's wife." I don't care who she is, or who he is. If it's contrary to the Word, don't you listen to it. Go straight on! Examples!
E-85 That's the way Abraham did. How much reasoning do you think the—the medical science could have give him, of that day, that he wasn't going to have that baby? And what about when he was seventy-five? Then we find him when he was a hundred, he still believed it stronger than he did the first place, had twenty-five years to keep building more faith onto it. I like that. Yes, sir.
E-86 Then I want to bring your attention to something else before we get up. Did you notice? I—I hope that you got it. On that covenant being confirmed, by writing that covenant and tearing it apart, did you get it? Raise your hands if you did, you got what it meant. Covenant wrote out, tore, God taking the manifestation of trinity, making it into one; tearing it apart, taking the body up on High, and sending back the Holy Spirit to live in the Church, to produce the same thing that that body produced, as a wife, Bride; same Spirit, same work, same Doctrine, everything just exactly the way He had it, same sign, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Notice!
There might be, peradventure, a Jew setting here.
E-87 See, God does those things, and it goes right on among the people and yet they don't get it.
E-88 Like I was explaining about why women veil their face when they get married. Why? They may not understand that. But what they are doing, is, knowing that they are a body, they have no head, the man is their head. That's the reason Rebekah veiled herself. And that's why the Church ought to veil itself and surrender itself to Christ, because He is the Head, and He is the Word.
E-89 Now, the Jew, the Yom Kippur, when they take the communion, or the Passover, anyone knows, that's a Jew, and knows that under the lid is a broken piece of kosher. And there's not a Jew that I know of, that I've ever talked to, can explain why that broken piece of kosher. Why, here it is in the confirmation of the covenant, the broken body of Christ, when He broke God from man; He was both God and man. And when He took the Spirit up… And Jesus said, listen, "At that day you will know that I am in the Father, the Father in Me; I in you, and you in Me." It's God in His people! The same God!
E-90 He represented there, where we talked on last night. God came down, capital L-o-r-d, Jehovah-Jireh, Jehovah-rapha, Jehovah-manasseh, Elohim, the All-sufficient One, the Strong One, the Breasted-One, all of His titles and everything, manifested in a human body that eat human food, and vanished out of their sight. God!
E-91 And Jesus, when He come, He said, "As it was in that day, so will it be." God!
E-92 That's the broken kosher underneath the cover, the broken piece; not what they take, but What's broke. Why don't they understand it?
E-93 The same way when Jesus picked up the—the parchments and begin to read. He read part of the verse, and left it off, the rest of it, because it was just for Him for that day. The rest of the verse pertained to His Second Coming.
E-94 That's the reason the Jews don't understand that, because they had to be blinded. They didn't see their Messiah, and yet He was there. And each time they take their—their Passover, there is the broken kosher again, and not knowing it.
I asked a rabbi. He said, "We are taught to do that."
I said, "Why do you do it?"
He said, "I don't know. Nobody else knows."
E-95 See, a woman veils her face, yet she don't realize. Instead of coming in and let her husband be her head, she's head of the husband. That's perversion. Now that's the American attitude.
E-96 But that's it, broken kosher. Then again we notice, again I wanted to note here, in backgrounding now before we get down to the real part that we want to speak on tonight.
E-97 Last night you remember that when Abraham, the covenant was made with Abraham and his Seed after him. Now, there was a natural seed of Abraham, by the act of faith produced that; but the real Seed of Abraham was Christ, the Bible… which was the royal Seed of Abraham. Now notice.
E-98 Abraham, before the destruction of fire in his day, there was a sign done to Abraham, His elected group. And that was, God came down in the form of a man, turning His back to the tent from where Sarah was, and told what Sarah was saying in the tent. And Jesus come around and said the same thing would be at the end of the age. Now, that was Abraham.
E-99 Then his natural seed, when Messiah cometh. And Simon came to Jesus, and He told him his name was Simon, and he was the son of Jonas, knowing the secret of his heart. Told Philip… or Nathanael, that Philip got, "I saw you when you were under the tree." Told the woman at the well, "You had five husbands"; and she said, "Sir, I perceive You're a prophet." See, the end of the natural seed of Abraham got that sign.
E-100 And it was predicted by the royal Seed Himself, Christ, that the royal Seed, at the end of their days, would get the same thing. Now I hope we get it.
E-101 Changed him. Notice, God changed Abraham's name. I better leave off of that. When I come back for a long revival, we'll go into that. He had to change the name from his earthly name, to a name given by God.
E-102 You say, "What is a man's name to do with anything?" Oh, brother, if you only knew! Why, some of these modern names we got! I don't want to call them, 'cause it'll hurt your feeling. But God has names that it means things, it changes the whole course. Oh, you say, "Nonsense!"
E-103 What about—what about Jacob? Before he become a prince before God, he had to have his name changed from Jacob to Israel. Is that right? Sure. Paul; Saul had to have his name changed to Paul. Oh, how many could we call, and saying that God changed their name! Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, changing their name. Oh, my! What a blessing, to get in some little church with an elected group, and go to teaching that, see the hallelujahs in the heart, when you see what God does.
E-104 Now, last night I was explaining on "between the line" and "confirming it." I want to just hit it again before I go into my text. That, God changed Abraham from an old wrinkled man, him and Sarah, back to a young couple, changed their physical being before they could receive the promised son. The last sign they got was the manifestation of God in flesh, could read the heart of a woman behind Him, in the tent. And the next thing was that their bodies were changed. Now, last night I was getting late, and I could feel some wondering about that. I want to still bring it a little closer.
E-105 Now, the proof of it was that, when they both took that long journey, they were absolutely had been changed. And the Bible said, "They were both well stricken in years. And Abraham's body was as good as dead, and Sarah's womb was dead." Was that right? We know they were dead, but God changed them. Now to prove it to you, that He did it. First, why would that Philistine (or not a…), yes, I believe it was a Philistine king, fall in love with Sarah, an old woman? And she was fair to look upon.
E-106 Another thing. When Isaac was born, and Sarah and Abraham well stricken in age, ready to die, then they lived up, and Isaac got married when he was forty years old; Sarah died. And Abraham married a woman, Keturah, and had five, six sons, I believe it was, besides the daughters, after that; and here, sixty years ago, he was as good as dead! K-e-t-u-r-a-h, Keturah. He married Keturah, fifty or sixty years after that, and had six sons besides his daughters; and sixty years before, he was as good as dead. Hallelujah! There you are! The promise of God is sure. Amen. Oh, I love It!
E-107 Just to get to yourself and read! Today, back in the woods, reading, I got a little something I want to explain.
E-108 Israel. The people of God one day was down in Egypt, sold into bondage, and they couldn't help being there. God's great predestinated plan sent them there. He had told Abraham they would sojourn in a strange land for four hundred years. And there they become like the rest of the people, and they were slaves. If the—if the Egyptian man wanted to ravish the young Hebrew girls, nothing could be said. If they wanted to kill their young men, they killed them, nothing could be said. They were slaves. They throwed them out their molded bread. They eat it, or do without; complain, killed! What a place for the people of God!
E-109 But one day, hallelujah, God remembered His promise to Abraham. Glory! Now I'm beginning to feel religious again. Notice, God remembered His promise to Abraham. And He anointed a prophet, with a Pillar of Fire over him, and he come down into the land and begin to remind them of the promise of God that couldn't fail. And God was present to vindicate His Word. Right. He told them of a land that was flowing with milk and honey, God had given it to them. They marched out of Egypt on the strength of the testimony of this prophet with the Pillar of Fire over him, because he was sent. And God had proved He was with him.
E-110 Now when they came to a place called Kadesh-barnea. That was one time the judgment seat of the world, Kadesh-barnea. And there they had a warrior among them, by the name of Joshua. And the word Joshua, in Hebrew, means "Jehovah-saviour." And Joshua, the great warrior… Now remember, they had never seen this land, they had only heard about it. You see the type now? Only they had heard of the land. They had forsaken all to go to this land, because the Word of the Lord had been brought to them, and confirmed that they were on their road to this land. What a type of the Church, on their road, knowing nothing about it, none of them had ever been over there. But Joshua, when they got close to the border, at Kadesh, the judgment seat, where judgment struck Israel, from one who had been over and come back. And Joshua crossed over the Jordan, over into the promised land, and brought back the evidence that it was just exactly what God said it was. And they could taste of the grapes that was grown in that blissful land.
E-111 Now, they had been promised that they could have a home where they could be free, they could raise their children in decency and—and godly fear, have church, and so forth. How happy they were to cross over that land and get this home, from being slaves. Notice. But when they crossed over, lived their lives, it was a great thing. But finally the hillsides become plastered with tombstones. They got old and died, old and died, God's people.
E-112 Then one day there come another great Warrior, the greatest of all of them, Jehovah-Saviour, Jésus, He came, and He said, "There's Life beyond death! For, in My Father's house are many mansions. If it wasn't so, I would have told you. I'll go and prepare a place, and return again to receive you unto Myself." And this great Warrior came to His Kadesh-barnea, the judgment seat for all of us, Calvary! There He took upon Him the iniquity of us all. And He crossed the river of Jordan that we call death. And on the third day He rose again, like Joshua coming back across the river, bringing the evidence that "a man that died can live again."
E-113 And He said, to make your… sure of you, "I want you to go up there to the city of Jerusalem, and wait there. I'm going to give you an earnest of It. I'm going to give you the evidence, the down payment." And they went up to the city of Jerusalem and waited until Eternal Life came like a rushing mighty wind.
E-114 And today, after two thousand years, we still have that evidence that we have passed from death unto Life. Our Joshua has brought back the evidence, and we're on our way to that promised Land, tasting of the heavenly gifts of God that He has brought back to us. Notice it, how wonderful! Look where you once was. Drunkard…
E-115 I met a brother today; had a strange feeling to turn a certain street, and go a way. I forget what the man's name was. He may be here in the meeting. Yet, if he isn't, why, God was good to him. He's an Indian, part Indian. He's from Virginia. The Holy Spirit said to me, not telling it. I had let my wife out. Said, "Go down this way, and turn this corner." I went down there. Oh, it happens all the time. "Wait right here." Then I waited there a few minutes. Said, "Turn and go back up this way." And, when I did, I met him.
E-116 He said, "Brother Branham, I know you." Said, "I come to Jeffersonville one time, and to find you." And said I… "You was overseas." But he had been a drunk, in his life. I took a hold of his hand, him not knowing what I was doing. And he had cirrhosis of the liver. While I was standing there holding his hand, the vibration left me. What? He was healed. Right there on the street corner, they hear it in your city.
E-117 I don't know who the man… Is he here? I don't know. If he is, he… I—I don't know. He said he—he had wanted to go back home. I think he had to go. He was an—an Indian man, I think he had married a—a white woman. And he was from Virginia. And I forget what his name is. He lived down here around Logar or something like that. And he had been all the way to Jeffersonville. But he had the feeling to walk up on the corner; the Holy Spirit said, "Go down this way." O God, have mercy! There you are.
E-118 I could take hours after hours, of telling you things that I've seen happen and done like that. Why? Jesus, our great Warrior, went over and conquered the land, conquered death, conquered hell, conquered the grave, rose up on the third day, and said, "I am He that was dead, and alive again forevermore, and have the keys of death and hell." There's the Conqueror, since He rent the veil in two. There He stands!
E-119 Like an old colored sister. Excuse me, my colored friends in here. She was giving a testimony in the meeting, and she was very southern in her talk. She said, "Well, I wants to tell you all something tonight." She said, "I sure ain't what I ought to be." And she said, "I sure ain't what I want to be. But one thing I do know, I ain't what I used to be." So she had come somewhere!
E-120 And I say, that's it tonight! One time we were lost in sin. And today, by accepting the evidence, the returned promise (the down payment on our Eternal salvation), we have raised from death unto Life, and living above it. What will it be when we get the full payment, and cross over the river, ourself, into that glorious Land?
E-121 Great testing! Now Abraham, after all these wonderful things, he was tested after he received the blessing. Abraham was tested.
E-122 Now there's where people fail. Now, listen real close now, don't miss it. The Bible said, that "Every son that cometh to God must be chastened, chastised, whipped. And if we cannot stand the chastisement, we become bastard children, and not the children of God." It proves that our faith wasn't what we said it was, we haven't got what we professed to have. Now we're getting down in some real good Calvinism now, so we have to watch that. Now notice, "Every son that cometh to God must be chastened, chastised," the Word whip him and cut him to pieces, knock every creed out from under him; see, tried, and see if he is the son of God.
E-123 Now Abraham, after he received the blessing, was then afterwards tested.
E-124 Where does that time go to? I haven't even got through my text, and it's time to close. Will you bear with me another fifteen minutes? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.] Thank you. Be reverent. (Abraham. Look at Noah.) Let's take it just for a moment. We can't hurry; there's no need. And, my, what are we hurrying about? I'm just slow. I—I ain't like some of these fellows who can stand, just can just breeze it right off like that. I—I—I'm slow, I have to wait till He gives it to me.
E-125 Look at Noah, after God had him to preach a hundred and twenty years, right in the midst of a greater scientific world than we got today. Oh, sure, they built pyramids. We couldn't build them. They built a sphinx. We couldn't build it. They embalmed bodies to make them look natural yet today. We can't do it. They had dye that they could put in things, that the coloring for four thousand years had never changed. We haven't got it. [—Ed.] And it showed they had a civilization like that Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah." And Noah, in that scientific world, preaching, "A rain going to fall from heaven, because the Word of God said so!" Noah was a prophet.
E-126 And when you see prophets rising, you better watch, judgment is on its road.
E-127 So then Noah preaching, and the people turning it down, laughed in his face. I can imagine some of them said, "That don't meet our scientific approval." Huh!
E-128 I imagine, the same thing like it is today. They say that, "Shouting and praising God, and crying, and this here so-called 'holy-roller' life and things, it's all emotional work-up." It don't meet their scientific approval, but it meets God's Bible. That's the main thing. Notice.
E-129 I imagine science come out and said, "Look, fellow. Look, you're—you're kind of off at the head. Look here. I, we got radar, we can shoot the moon or send a Sputnik up there. There's not one drop of water between here and there. Now where is it coming from?"
E-130 I can hear Noah say, "God said so! And if God said it was so, He's Jehovah-Jireh, He can provide water up there. God said so! It's going to happen, anyhow!" Someone said…
E-131 You take a man dying with a cancer, a shadow of a man, here he is; next year he is good healthy man. How did it happen? Laid him back… I have hundreds of those testimonies. A man done gone out of this life, a doctor signed a statement, "He's dead, been dead for hours after hours." And God give a vision, and he's living now. How? Don't ask me. I don't know. But God said, "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils." That's right.
E-132 Whenever you're sick and God pronounces healing, you just go on—on with your doctor, let him tell you when you're well. He'll give you… That will give a testimony to him. When he says, "Well, it's all gone"; say, "Praise God! Thank you, doctor, for your services," and keep going. See? That's right. Notice.
E-133 Now Noah, he said, "There's coming a rain, the whole world, going to wash you wicked people out."
E-134 "Ah, nonsense! We got our churches. Our pastor don't say nothing like that. The old man is off at his head, building away on an ark up there. You think anybody will believe it?"
E-135 One day, God said, "I have heard their scoffing enough. I am ready now. Go in!" And here come the animals, two by two, the male and female parrot, the male and female sparrow, the male and female goat, male and female sheep, lion, tiger, all that's breathing breath upon the earth, entered into the ark.
Noah said, "That's your last sign!"
E-136 And they wouldn't believe it. "Go on up and live with your stinking animals."
E-137 There he was, Noah obeying God. No matter what the world said, he listened to God; he was a prophet. He entered into the ark, and God closed the door behind him.
E-138 Now I can imagine, some of the borderline believers, that sat around and listened to Noah's message, and set off a piece, you know, they said, "You know what, that old man might have been right. Let's go up and stand around. He said, 'It's going to start raining when that door shuts.' God told him He would shut the door, it was going to rain. Let's go up and stand around. And if it does start raining, we'll knock on the door. Because he's a kindhearted old man, he'll open the door."
E-139 You see, sometimes you're looking at the messenger instead of the Message. God shut the door. No matter how kindhearted Noah was, it was God that done the shutting and opening, whatever He wants.
E-140 "Brother Branham, there's a man sitting down here on the corner. Go down and heal him, we'll believe in Divine healing." That's the devil.
E-141 The same one said, when they put a rag around His face and hit him on top of the head, in the court, he said, "If You be a prophet, tell us who hit You now. We'll believe it." He don't clown for nobody. "If Thou be the son of God, turn these stones into bread. If thou be!" He could have done it, but He don't clown for nobody. "If Thou be the son of God, come down off the cross." The clergy was saying that, see. He didn't clown for nobody.
E-142 He done just as the Father showed Him, and nothing else. That's what He said, Saint John 5:19, "The Son can do nothing in Himself, only what He sees the Father doing." There you are. Notice.
"We'll go up and stand around the ark, if it starts raining…"
E-143 I imagine Noah said… He got in the first layer, climbed up to the next layer (the birds) from the creeping things, up to the next office. From justification, up to sanctification (the birds), then he went from that on into the baptism of the Holy Ghost; where the window was, where the light could come in. "I got up in the heavenly, sit down." Said, "All right, family, you that come in here with me, in the morning… It's getting late this afternoon now. Now God closed the door down there. In the morning, there will be darkness all over the earth. In the morning, the rains will go to falling and the ark will float away, and God will—will diminish every one of those cruel sinners that's disbelieved the Message." All of them waiting.
E-144 The next morning, got up, looked out, pretty and bright. He went in the ark, how many knows what day he went in on? The 17th day of May, when Noah was six hundred years old. The 17th day of May, the Bible said so. And when he went in, the 17th day passed, the sun come up just as hot as it ever was.
E-145 I'd imagine them, borderline, saying, "Ah! I told you there wasn't nothing to it! What are you all hanging around up there for? Get away from such a quack!"
"Well, I guess that was right."
E-146 But, you see, there is a dividing line that's drawn between belief and unbelief. And you either come one side or the other. And there's a time when you receive your last call.
E-147 So, the second day, what a disappointment that was to Noah and his church, when he told them God is going to destroy the world. But you know how long he sat it out? Seven days, nothing happened. Testing!
E-148 Then on the eighth day, there was darkness all over the earth, great big drops begin to fall from the sky, the water begin to pour, and the fountains was broke up. The streets filled up with water. People knocked at the door, but Noah couldn't even hear them. And she floated above the highest hill, and all without the ark perished.
E-149 God testing Noah, to see if he would try to climb out the window, or something. After He had already made the promise, Noah sat it out!
E-150 That's it! When you've got the promise, and you know it's a promise, stay with it! Abraham had to be tested. Stay with the promise!
E-151 Now, they got their last sign. Then their body was changed. And immediately little Isaac appeared on the scene, lovely little Jewish boy. I'd imagine after his eight days he was circumcised. How that young mother, hundred years old… How that Abraham, hundred years old; or her ninety, and him a hundred; how they must have been about, around their twenties, rejoicing. This young little fellow, how sweet he was!
E-152 And you know, God said, "Now to make the people in days to come (the Seed of Abraham) know, your Seed know that I keep My promise to any man that will hold onto My Word, I'm going to give him a test."
E-153 When the little boy got about fourteen years old. I imagine, little shaggy hair and pretty little eyes. Oh, how that happy father and mother! You know how you parent are with your child, only child. Then God said to Abraham… Now, He wouldn't tell it to Sarah, because Sarah was the weaker vessel. And so He said, "Abraham, I want you to take this little boy that I've give you, the one that I'm going to make you a father of many nations by, and I want you to take him up on the mountain that I'm going to show you tonight in a vision, and there kill him." Destroy the only hope that there was for him to be a father of nations, for God to keep His Word; God said, "I make you a father of nations." He's waited now all these years, till he's a hundred years old, hundred and fourteen years old. "And here's the little boy now, and the only evidence that you've got that I will keep My Word, you go up and destroy it. I still going to make you a father of nations by this child."
E-154 "And Abraham," said, "he staggered not at the promise of God. He knowed that he received him as one from the dead. Knowed, if God promised so, He could raise him up from the dead."
E-155 And then we're the Seed of Abraham? And one little theological error can bust in the way, to be popular with the rest of the men and women, you go to it instead of staying with the Word. Shame on you! Some big organization, what does that mean to God? He'll sweep it off like that! [Brother Branham snaps his finger—Ed.] He's away from it, has been since they organized, every one of them, and always will be. Not the individuals in there, but the organizational system, it's against God. Every church that's organized is the mother… or a daughter of the Catholic organization. The Bible said so, Revelation 17, "The old whore, and her harlot daughters." Exactly right.
E-156 We've got her sitting right here now over our nation. Shame on you fine Democrats that sold your birthrights out! All right, we'll leave that go, till I come back. Notice. I'm running late. Don't your Christ mean more to you than your politics? You ought to do what Abraham Lincoln said. All right. Notice, on we go.
E-157 Now God said, "You take the little fellow, take him up there at the top of the mountain."
E-158 Now you want to know whether Abraham was a young man or not? He went three-days journey with the child, with the wood, with the servant, and the donkey. Now any man, ordinary man… I used to patrol power lines, used to walk when I was game warden; and I can walk, easy, thirty miles a day. And we got gasoline feet, we call it. But them man, their only transportation is by foot, or ride a donkey. And here they was with a little slow donkey; and we can out-walk him. And here he was, three-days journey, and then lifted up his head and saw the mountain far off, yet. He must have been around a hundred miles from civilization, way back in the desert. Now listen, and notice.
E-159 Then he took the wood and put it on Isaac's back; the cross, God's Son years later. And Isaac packed the wood up the hill, that he was going lay on for a sacrifice. Foreshadowing!
E-160 If God foreshadowed that to a dot; Lot's wife, don't you turn around and look back towards the things of the world. All those types and shadows are perfect. See? Remember Eve. Remember Lot's wife. Remember Lot himself, you man. Remember, Adam give in to his wife; Lot, the same way. Be careful. I'm just telling you, as a brother. It's later than you think.
E-161 Notice little Isaac going up the hill. And he got suspicious. And he looked around, and he said, "My father?"
And he said, "Here am I, my son."
E-162 He said, "Here is the wood. And here is all, everything, the fire. But where is the lamb for the burnt-offering?"
E-163 Listen to that old daddy, without a quiver in his voice, he said, "My son, God will provide for Himself the sacrifice." His only son going to the slaughter, but yet that faithful old heart had knowed that God can't lie.
E-164 That's the Seed of Abraham today! "How can it be, Brother Branham?" God will provide for Himself! "How is He going to?" I don't know. But He's Jehovah-Jireh!
E-165 Got up to the top of the hill, rolled up the rock. Put the wood on the rocks, and lit it with the fire. Said, "Isaac, my son, turn around." He took the string from around his waist, and bound his hands and his feet. Isaac, obedient, as Christ was, to death. Laid him up on the block. Reached down in his sheath and pulled out the big knife; honed it a few times, looking up towards the sky.
E-166 "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong, knowing that he had received him as one from the dead; fully persuaded that if God said so, for him to do it, He could raise him up from the dead." That's Abraham, and that's his Seed after him. If that was the natural seed, what ought the royal Seed to be? Not staggering! What God says, God will do. Knowing that, he was fully persuaded; that what God had promised, God was able to do.
E-167 Honed the knife; little Isaac's little dark eyes watching that big sharp blade as it run over the stone. Reached back; throwed back the curls off his face, pulled his little chin back. Raised up, and the tears running down his face like that. Knowing, and he staggered not at the promise of God! Raised his hand to plunge the knife into his own son's throat.
E-168 And when he did, the voice of God called out, and caught his hand, said, "Abraham! Abraham, stay your hand! I know now that you love Me." What was He doing? Giving a testimony to the Seed of Abraham, after him. "Stay your hand, don't harm this child! I know that you love Me."
E-169 And about that time, Abraham heard something behind him. And he looked, and there was a ram (that's a male sheep) caught by his horns in the weeds and bushes. And Abraham went and got the ram and killed it, instead of his son.
E-170 Where did that ram come from? He's a hundred miles from civilization. Why, the wild beasts would have killed it if he would been back there. Sure, it's a—it's a domestic animal. Where did it come from? And, besides, it's way up on top of the mountain, where there's no grass or water. And Abraham picked up rocks all around, where it was, to make the altar. Where did it come from? It wasn't a vision; it bled. A vision don't bleed. Hallelujah! Jehovah-Jireh had provided Himself a sacrifice!
E-171 When God is took at His Word, He is able to provide whatever He has need of. God, Jehovah-Jireh, still is Jehovah-Jireh tonight. He has a Sacrifice already provided. He has a Church provided. He has a Messenger provided, the Holy Spirit. He's here now, Jehovah-Jireh. The Lord has provided Himself a Bible, a Spirit, a Church, a Message, a Messenger. And the hour is here now for the Church to be raptured and taken home. Jehovah-Jireh will provide the means to take that Church out of this world, by transforming these feeble bodies of ours, and take them up into Glory. Jehovah-Jireh! How will it come to pass in a modern day like we're living at, that these things will be?
E-172 Billy, my son, wherever he's at, and I, was in India just recently. And I picked up a paper… When I got off the ship, thousands was standing there with garlands by the piles. When we got over to the Taj Motel, they had a paper laying there, in English. And I seen a big piece in it, said, "It must be a sign the earthquake is over." What was the matter? Well, about three or four days before the great earthquake as you read about, all the little birds that lived in the rocks…
E-173 In India, they don't have fences like we have in California, the United States. They make their fences out of the rocks that they pick up. And the little birds build their nest in it. They make big towers, and birds build their nests in it. And all the little birds, a couple of days before the earthquake come, flew away from the walls. And in the evening time or… In the middle of the day, when it got hot, the sheep and cattle would stand under the shade of the wall and the tower, to keep out of the hot sun.
E-174 But for two days, the cattle and the sheep never come to the wall. They stood out in the middle of the field and leaned against one another, for comfort. Then the earthquake come, shook those walls down. And then the little birds begin to return back, the cattle from the field. What was it? The same God that could call the sheep and the cattle, and the birds, into the ark, showed that He is the same God today that can call His animals away.
E-175 And if He can guide an animal by instinct, how much more ought the Church of God to get away from these big man-made walls and doctrines of the churches. Babylon is going to fall, some of these days. Jehovah-Jireh has provided Hisself a Resting Place for you. Fly away from the towers of the world!
E-176 Fly away from the glamour of Hollywood! The churches are trying to mock after them, shine. The Gospel don't shine. Hollywood shines; the Gospel glows. Hollywood shines with glamour. The big church shines with education. And the Church of the living God glows with humility and sweetness, and the Holy Ghost. There's a lot of difference between a glow and a shine.
E-177 He's here now. Jehovah-Jireh has provided for Himself. "God is able of these stones to rise children unto Abraham." If the denominations won't accept It, God can bring His children from the streets, prostitutes out of the inns. He can raise up anything He wants to. But if God has provided a Message, there is somebody somewhere to receive It. Jehovah-Jireh! The Lord will provide for Himself a Message. The Lord will provide for Himself a Messenger. The Lord will provide for Himself, in His Own way, the signs to the Church; not joining, putting your names on books.
E-178 We hear so much today about decisions, so many decisions. What good does it do to pile up rocks if you haven't got a stone mason there to cut them and shape them out into sons and daughters of God? What good does it do to have big denominations built up by the thousands, if somebody isn't there with the sharp two-edged Sword of God to shape them out into real children of God? Might as well leave them out where they are. Amen. God (not Methodist, not as Baptist, Catholic), God has provided Himself a Knife to shape out children of God, sons of God. Amen. Jehovah-Jireh, "the Lord will provide for Himself." And He has! Believe Him, and live.
Let's bow our heads just a moment.
E-179 Gracious God, the ever-living God, be merciful now unto us, and give unto us of Thy grace. We are unworthy, Father, of anything that You would do for us. But we do not confess that we are worthy, but we're only heeding a call from God. We pray, Father, that You will shape us tonight into stones that will fit into the Temple of God, for the great Coming of the Lord Jesus to His Temple. Grant it, Father. Forgive we sinners of our shortcoming. Reveal to us Your Word. Show unto us the Way to walk. Teach us, O Father, God. May we receive It. And if it's contrary to the Word, we know that it's the wrong teacher. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. He wrote the Word, and He would not teach anything but the Word. And we pray that He will make it manifest to us this night, in our heart. Grant it, God.
E-180 Now with our heads bowed, our eyes closed. The grace of God rest upon us, is my humble and sincere prayer. Just believe now. Don't doubt.
E-181 Is there any in the building, which I know there is, men and women who doesn't know Him, has never accepted His provided Sacrifice, the Lord Jesus, as your Saviour? You do not know Him? You might intellectually think you do. But a man can't see God until he's born again. See doesn't mean… You don't see with your eyes; you look with your eyes. See is to "understand." You looked right at It, and say, "I don't see it," you mean you "don't understand it." You'll never know what we're talking about until you're borned again. You've never had that experience? With your heads bowed now, and your eyes closed, would you raise your hand, and say, "Brother Branham, remember me in prayer tonight. I believe that we're receiving our last Message. The day is fastly slipping away. And I see that what you've said in the Bible is true, 'cause I've read the Bible. I believe that it's the hour that we must come now. And, for me, I'm making my stand now for Christ"?
E-182 God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, you. Good. Up in the balcony, the hands! Just raise your hand, say, "For me, as Joshua said, 'For me and my house, we'll serve the Lord.'" All right, someone else? I'm just waiting. God bless you back there. I see your hand. God bless you up there. God bless you. He sees you. Way up in the balcony, God bless you up there, sir; the greatest thing you ever done in your life. Right in the middle balcony, someone raise up your hand in there. Maybe I never seen a hand in there, it might… Somebody in that middle balcony up above? Raise your hand, and say, "Brother Branham, for me, I'm… I want to serve Him. I—I'm sincere." God bless you. God bless you. God bless the little man. In the balcony to the right, someone raise up your hand there, and say, "Brother Branham, me, for me, I know that's right. I'm… I don't know God, but I want to know Him. I want to be sure. I see I can't afford to take a chance. I can never come back again."
E-183 "The way the tree leans, that's the way it falls," the Scripture says. Don't fall in the direction that's the wrong way. You can make it right tonight. Remember, as long as there is an Eternity, and it never did begin and never will end, but you become part of it, you'll suffer or you'll live in joy. How do you know you're going to live till you get home?
You say, "I'm awful young."
E-184 I just got a message a while ago. A young lady back in my state, just turned the roads wrong, started smoking cigarettes. She had been told about God, but she wouldn't listen. Sixteen years old, she was coming from her… no, eighteen years old, just come from a high school education. And was told, trying to do right. But she started off with the wrong bunch, lightning killed her instantly.
E-185 Just recently, a colored man in Shreveport stood up and said, "There is no such a thing as God." Just blasphemed, said, "They're nothing but a bunch of holy rollers." Lightning killed him. They took him to the grave. And when they was burying that man, there come up a little cloud, and lightning struck the casket and blowed him plumb out of the casket.
E-186 Jehovah God gets angry. I know He is a good God, but He is a God of judgment, too. He still looks, He knows.
E-187 If you're without God, raise your hand, say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, as you pray." God bless you, lady. God bless you, son. That's right, come right ahead. God bless you. That's right, young man. God bless you back there. You ask Almighty God.
E-188 Our Heavenly Father, now You seen them. You know there's twenty or thirty hands that's been up, that they want you for their Saviour. God, grant this just now. I give them this Word. You said, Yourself, "He that heareth My Word." I've done the best that I could with It, Lord. "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life, and shall not come into the judgment, but has passed from death to Life." What a wonderful thing, to think that! If sincere hearts behind those hands, really meant that, something just happened. Now You said, "He that will confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels." Let them know that Thou art here, Lord. I pray that You will grant it. Hear us. We are Your servants, Lord. In Jesus' Name.
E-189 All right, raise your head. You believe He is Jehovah-Jireh? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.] Do you believe that we're in the days as it was in the days of Lot? ["Amen."] The days of Noah? ["Amen."] Remember the last Message?
E-190 Is there somebody here for their first time? Raise your hand. Many! I guess Brother Borders has explained to you. You've heard of me before, what takes place. Raise your hands, if you have; if you've never seen it, just heard it. All right. Now I'm a stranger to the people here.
E-191 Some of you people with trouble, pray to God, and say, "God, have mercy on me, I'm sick. Brother Branham doesn't know me. But I hear that You're a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." How many knows that? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.] "And He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." You know that? ["Amen."] Well, now, if He is the same High Priest, how would He act if you touched Him? The same way He did when the woman with the blood issue touched Him. He turned around and told her what her blood issue was, and told her her faith had saved her. Is that right? He is the same One tonight, if you can believe Him the same way that He was then. Do you believe Him that way?
E-192 Now you look this a way, to me. As Peter and John said at the Gate Beautiful, "Look on us." That wasn't "look at them" for anything, but, "look what they was saying."
E-193 Let's start from over here somewhere. Look this way, and believe with all your heart. And say, "Lord Jesus, I believe You, and I want to touch Your garment. You speak to Brother Branham, and let him know what my trouble is. I'll believe You if You'll do it." Would you do it?
E-194 Now here's a daring thing. How would I dare to do a thing like that? I'd be something wrong with me to make a challenge like that. I've challenged that before a half a million people, at a time, couldn't even speak their language. But He never let me down. Why? He promised it! This is the last days, and He promised this, and here it is.
E-195 I know, friends, you've had a lot to hurt you. You've had a lot of carnal impersonation. But just let me say one thing to you, not for my benefit, but for your own benefit. They always have that. But God never has two on the earth at the same time, never did. But just remember, there is a lot of impersonations, but there is a real God. There is a real Holy Spirit. There is a real Message of God, and that is that Jesus Christ died for sinners, rose again from the dead, and has returned back in the Person of the Holy Ghost, to do the same work in the Church that He did when He was here.
E-196 Now, don't the Word of God say this? In Hebrews, It said, the 4th chapter, the Bible said that, "The Word of God is sharper, more powerful than a two-edged sword, cutting asunder," that's cutting both coming and going, "and even to the marrow of the bone, and a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Is that right?
E-197 That's the reason Jesus could stand before the audience and tell them. Them Pharisees said, "He's Beelzebub." Jesus turned around. They didn't speak it out loud, but He told them. That's the reason He can tell the woman about her blood issue. Tell the woman she had the husbands; and when she did that, then He said. "Why, that's the sign of the Messiah."
E-198 You see now the returning, the appearing of the Messiah amongst the people. It's the Holy Spirit getting the Church ready.
E-199 I want you to turn your head. See that little woman reaching over there, raising back up, setting right down here? See that Light over her? She's suffering with high blood pressure. That's right. Got a blue dress on, kind of wearing glasses over her face. For the last second, or two, she's been feeling a real strange warm feeling around her. That's right. Now your high blood pressure, that's been bothering you so bad, has left you. You accept it? Raise up your hand if you do.
E-200 What did she touch? The High Priest. Now go, ask the lady. I never saw her in my life. I don't know one thing about the woman; but, that's true. I was watching that Light as It moved across this audience, went right over and come back, a glowing Light.
E-201 Do you believe? Arthritis, bladder trouble, complications, nervous, weakness. That's right. You're not from here. A little place called West Point. That's right. Do you believe God can tell me who you are? Ms. Hardwick. That's right. If that's right, stand up on your feet. It's left you. Jesus Christ makes you well.
E-202 Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Yes."—Ed.] The people are looking backward, for it. Here sits the lady right here. Look, that Light still holding over her. Don't you see That? Here It is. Watch.
E-203 There It is, with that man sitting right there looking at me. Arthritis. Believe with all of his heart, God will make you well, sir, too. We're strangers to one another, but not to God.
E-204 This lady right back here, suffering with headache. God, don't let her miss it. O God, please. Miss Morton, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He healed you from that headache. See, He wouldn't let her pass by. I want to ask you something. Last night when I spoke to somebody in the building about their headache, you had a real funny feeling, and you was wondering whether that was you, or not. Isn't that right? Raise up your hand. I'm not reading your mind, but I'm telling you what you've been thinking. That's right. Today He wanted to be sure that it was you. It'll leave you now, your faith has saved you. Hallelujah.
E-205 Look at this lady setting here, a checkered dress on. Have you a prayer card, lady? Check your own. Do you believe the rupture will leave you, you'll be made well? You do? Raise up your hand if that's what's wrong with you. All right. Believe with all your heart and be healed. See what's to me?
E-206 The lady right behind her, raised up her hand, with a little… no, second back there, with a little green-looking dress on, suffering with heart trouble. Yes. Do you believe that God will made you well? That's fine, dandy. He will if you'll just believe it.
E-207 A lady, second one over from you, Mrs. Dillman there. If you believe that God will heal you of that stomach trouble. Mrs. Dillman, believe, and you shall have your stomach. It's a nervous stomach. It's been with you for a long time, especially since menopause it's been on you. You've had many things to cause you much trouble, but it's all over now. If those things are true, just wave your hand at the people, so that they can see. If I'm a strange to you, keep waving your hand. Jesus Christ make you well.
E-208 Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.] What is it? Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord provides Himself a Sacrifice! Now the whole audience becomes kind of like a blur to me. Jehovah-Jireh has provided a Sacrifice for every one of you. Do you believe it?
E-209 Now you here that raised up your hand, come up here and stand here just a minute. Will you do it? Jehovah-Jireh has provided a Sacrifice. You raised your hand, that you believed it. You've seen here, and know. Impossible… It's Something! Look at these people, how many has been called. I don't know now. Maybe seven, eight or ten, whatever it was, that's been called. It could just keep on going on. But while I've got strength, I want you to come, accept Christ as your Saviour. Will you rise up now and come, while we sing, "I am coming, Lord, coming now to Thee"? Will you raise now and come up here, you that raised your hand a while ago? And stand around the altar here, and show that you're not ashamed of Christ. You're in His Presence. Come now, and prove to the people that you really meant it, that you want to be remembered by God, and you've accepted Him as your Saviour. Come up now, while we all stand and sing.
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flowed from Calvary!
E-210 Come on out now, come right down here. We're going to pray. You'll never be any closer to Him when you leave.
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me!
E-211 Come right down out of the balcony. That's right. Come right on down, stand right here. Be a… Now, He said, "If you'll confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father. But if you're ashamed of Me, I'll be ashamed of you," remember, the Bible, from Genesis over to Revelation. Come now, young and old. Will you come? Church member, or not, come now. Will you? Accept Christ while you're in His Presence.
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flowed from Calvary!
E-212 Just continue on, singing. [Brother Branham begins humming, "I am coming, Lord."—Ed.]
E-213 Listen. Do you believe me to be His prophet? I haven't confessed that before. I believe I stand with people who understand and know what I'm trying to get to you. There's people in here that's professing Christianity, should be right here. Come, won't you? Let me ask you, how are you ever going to? You'll never receive another sign. This is It. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Would a prophet of God make a statement like that if it wasn't true? You're receiving your greatest sign, and your last sign, before the appearing of Christ. Come! The reason I'm saying these things, I've never said this in any other meeting, I feel that right here is opportunity here for something to happen. That's why I'm saying the way I am. I believe you understand. You wouldn't go around, make some kind of a cult, say, "Brother Branham is a god," or something like that. You understand what I'm talking about. Come now. Come. Let me persuade you, in the Name of Christ. Come!
E-214 You that don't know where you're standing, you're not sure about it, just an intellectual, or some kind of an emotional; you've cried, you've wept, or you—you had some kind of a sensation. Don't you try to get There on that. Remember, I tell you in the Name of the Lord, that you are lost, miserably lost, and don't know it. Don't take a chance, friend. I'm only sowing seed, and pulling the net. God takes the increase. I don't know.
E-215 Let us bow our heads, see if He won't tell me. [A sister speaks in another tongue, and then gives the interpretation—Ed.] You hear that.
Coming now to Thee! (Search your own heart)
Wash me, cleanse me in the…
E-216 Church member. If I was standing there, and just only had an experience of joining church…?… I'd make my way here just as quick as I could.
E-217 Remember, the Spirit giving witness that we're at the end. Science said, "It's three minutes till midnight." The Message and the Bible says, "Here it is, the last thing!" The revival is ending. The door is closing. You'll be on the outside, knocking, and can't get in. Come!
God bless you, young lady. Now, did you see that?
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now…
E-218 God bless you. That's right, sir. That's the way, come right down from the balcony. Coming by the rows.
E-219 Here's the Word, here's the evidence. There's the Spirit, there's the witness. And here the people come, to show that we're here at the end time.
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flows from Calvary.
I am coming, Lord!
E-220 Waiting, calling some in. "Not willing that any should perish; all might come to repentance." "Come," said, "unto Me."
E-221 If you've had a doubt in your mind. Got to be sure, friends. Faith is perfect.
… from Calvary!
… Lord!
Coming now to…
E-222 Some, fifty to seventy-five people gathered around. Now come. Let the rest that has to come. Holding just a little longer now. Cause, tomorrow is going to be on Divine healing. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, a little while ago, "Don't call that line. Call the altar." I'll obey Him and do as He tells me. I know better than to not to do it.
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flowed from Calvary.
With our heads bowed now, as we're waiting.
E-223 O God, let the Holy Spirit move in on these. Those who are wanting to come up front at the altar, leading people now to the blessing. And—and may the Lord God grant it. Spirit of God, speaking.
E-224 Move in, move in. Come close now, everyone. "Every soul, of sin oppressed, there's mercy with the Lord." Come now. "Come underneath the cleansing flood, lose all their guilty stains. There is a Fountain filled with Blood, drawn from Immanuel's veins." Reverently.
E-225 Feel that peace over the meeting now? What is it? It's death, death to sinners. Now personal workers move in around with them now. It's death, these people are dying. Bibles are out, they're explaining. Death is going on around the altar, and new Life will come after death.
There is a Fountain filled with Blood,
Drawn from…
Oh, how you'll want to hear that someday, the day when your pulse ceases to beat!
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
Lose all their guilty stains,
That's it, young fellow. Bless your heart. That's what He was waiting on.
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
E-226 Now let the Christians who are instructed, move up while we sing the next verse. "The dying thief rejoiced to see that Fountain in his day; there may I, though vile as he, wash all my sins away." Let the instructing people now move up close. You who haven't got the baptism of the Holy Ghost, move up close now. You don't know what God might do now in a minute. Move up now, while we sing the next verse now.
The dying thief rejoiced… (the Word made manifest)
Fountain in his day;
Oh, that's fine, move right out now. Come while the Water is troubled.
… I, and vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.
Wash all my sins away,
Wash all my sins away;
E-227 That's it, workers. Come right in. All those step up now for the troubling of the Water. Come right up.
… vile as he,
Wash all my sin away.
E-228 Now you that wants to pray, move up close now and get ready. We're going to believe that God is going to, recognize this. He has to! The very God that can discern the thought of the heart! Remember, Jesus only done that one time in a city. But He said, "More than this shall you, do." See, proved His Scripture right! Move in now. Let's all pray now for these people that's here. Every person that knows how to pray. How many born-again Christians is in the building? Raise up your hand. Now let's everyone raise our hands and offer thanks for these people.
E-229 Our Heavenly Father, we offer thanksgiving to You for these people. They are Yours. They come, to make confession. They come to die out to self and sin. They're going back, new creatures in Christ.
E-230 Satan, you've lost the battle! God is Jehovah-Jireh! The Lord has provided a Sacrifice, provided a people, provided an altar call, provided the Message, provided grace. And Satan has lost the battle, in the Name of Jesus Christ he lost the battle!