Show Us The Father And It Will Suffice Us

Date: 62-0722 | Duration: 1 hour and 34 minutes
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National Guard Armory in Salem, Oregon, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you, Brother Borders. Let us ask God now for our requests. Make it known by lifting up your hand, "God, remember me."
Our heavenly Father, we have now approached the closing service of this little short campaign. We thank Thee, Father, with all of our heart for what You've done for us, this group of people. And on our hearts has been written the indelible ink of God, that Jesus Christ is still alive, and ever living to make intercessions. We thank Thee for this.
We pray, Father, that there will not be no one left out, that every person that's in Divine Presence may receive that what their--lifted their hands for. Break the Bread of Life to us now further, Father, as we wait, to encourage our faith. In Jesus' Name we ask it. Amen. May be seated.

E-2 There's always something about a meeting that's hard to leave. We battle, fight, struggle across the lands, but then about time we get to a place to where you really begin to know one another, stop and have to go somewhere else. Brethren just told me a few moments ago, the brother over there, you all invited me back. I thank you for that. That shows that you still love the Word. I thank you very much.
And I'm going now to Vancouver Island. I begin there Tuesday night, over at a place called Port Alberni--Alberni. Port Alberni, I believe it is, over on the other end of Vancouver Island. I'm there for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I'm back to Victoria, on the island. So if any of your people live around there, why, we'd sure be glad to see you. And I got... Tomorrow I'll be traveling.

E-3 The brethren offered to take me out here fishing. Oh, my. How I would like to do that. I just love that. And brother Rasmusson, the last time I was up here, taken me out here at Coos Bay, or something like that. And, oh, I caught a great big fish that... I was about... I--I can still feel that tug on the end of the line. But I just love that so well, but...
You know, I--I wished I could do that, and then just set around on the boat and talk to the brethren, and everything. It'd be such a wonderful time, I'm sure. But I just can't do it, because them boats going back and forth are crowded with people. We may have to wait for maybe a day to get over there. And the boats are so crowded, they say, sometimes bringing four hundred and better cars at one time. Someone told me you have to have a reservation the day before to get across in many places. So wished I could take that trip, brethren. Oh, my. I hope you get to go. And I'll be enjoying it because you are. You see?

E-4 But sometime, way across on the other side, when the rush is all over, and everything's got settled down, and... I hope to meet each one of you. I know a lot of you brethren here are hunters and fishers, and you know the Indian prayer. When it's all over, I hope, way down along the big game trails down through glory, that we run across one another again while we're struggling down through there. They're endless. They'll never stop. And any man who loves the woods and things, like you people here in Oregon should do, right here in a beautiful spot of the world, there's a great big game trail over there that just don't end. I'll be looking for you down along the road somewhere...?... But I'll see you There, by the grace of God.
And our sisters, I'd imagine seeing someone down around the springs down there, them bubbling up, see our lovely sisters down there, that, setting down rubbing the mane of a lion, or a tiger, or something. There'll be nothing to harm there. You might set there a million years, and you'll have no less time than you did when you first come there. It'll be glorious when we get There. I'm longing for that day. Today I'm struggling, trying, pulling, pressing, crying, rebuking, everything that I can do, because I want to see everybody there. I'm just trying with all my heart.

E-5 My sponsors, how I appreciate them men. Only God alone knows how I appreciate them. Of course they understand that I know what they've gone through. I pray for them. And not only now, but I'll constantly pray for them. They've went through a great battle. Men that will do that to bring in something that they believe to be of God to encourage their people and church, I got respects for them. They belong to probably different organizations. Maybe some belong to the Assemblies of God, some the Church of God, and some the independents, and some, oh, one thing and another. But we are together. We are brothers.

E-6 I've got some children. When I go to get ice cream for them kids, I tell you; one says, "Bring me a vanilla."
Other one said, "Bring me a chocolate."
Other one said, "Bring me strawberry."
When I come back, I look like I got the rainbow, when I see all the different colors. But you know what? They're all my children. They're all eating ice cream. The taste doesn't matter. You know what I mean, don't you, brethren? The taste doesn't count. We're eating ice cream. We believe the same God, the same experience. And you know, after all, rainbow's a covenant. That's right.
So we have covenant in our hearts to be brethren, working together to the Kingdom of God, and to the glory of God. Long may you wave that banner of His glory, brethren. May God ever be with you. When the hours are dark and hard, I'll be praying for you, and you be praying for me: still seining, until we meet at the other side.

E-7 Our little chairman brother there, I thought... When I first heard his name, I said, "He must be Italian." Come to find out, he's a Russian. And when I was up in Finland and having a meeting, I was right on the Russian border. Now, listen, when people tell you... Not saying that about this precious brother here. You know what he is--he lives here with you. But everybody tells you, and we hear a lot of propaganda, that Russia's all communist, and you go in there...
Don't you believe that nonsense. There's millions of Christians in Russia. Why, you know what? Russia, there's only one percent of Russia in the whole that's communist. That's government statistics: one percent. What Russia needs is a revival. They need men of God to stand out with something real.

E-8 When that little boy was raised from the dead in Finland (which was told two years before here, he was going to raise from the dead), when that little boy was raised from the dead... And they was taking me into--to Helsinki, going down through there. And they had... I've always... Only auditorium I was ever in before, since then, that's got the alphabet, only they seated about, I think, twenty-five, thirty thousand. And they'd let one group come in, let me speak to them, then turn them all out, and bring another group, fresh group in.
When I was coming down the--the way, I noticed little Finnish soldiers. It was right after the war that they'd had with Russia, and they'd certainly got... A lot of their men was killed off. And them little boys, some of them so young they'd never shaved--slick-faced. Them great big old boots on, them big old knives hanging and--on their side, they come down the street; and they'd have me in between them.
When I passed down there, the communist soldiers (Now, I don't have to take anybody's word for this--I was there), the communist soldiers, when I passed by them, would stand there with that Russian salute, tears rolling down their cheeks. They said, "We'll receive a God like that, that can raise the dead." It went all through Russia.

E-9 The thing of it is, what made Russia communist is because of the weakness of the Catholic church there, that took all the money from the people and give them nothing back. And they didn't live any different lives and everything else. That's what's turning the whole world to be communist. That's right. When they see something real, they're ready to step out and receive it.
I seen Russian communist soldiers put his arm around a Christian Finnish soldier and pat him on the back. Listen, brother, anything that'll make a Russian and a Finn hug one another will settle wars forever. Christ is the answer to every problem. But it's... To them it's got to be real.

E-10 Never forget that night, a little Finnish girl...I... They took me into the dormitory, and such as it was. And I didn't know the little thing. And her picture's in the book back there. So she'd had one leg about four or five inches shorter than the other one. She had a big shoe built up beneath it. She had a brace around her here, and a strap in the end of her bad foot went across her shoulder, and she had two crutches. And she'd just come out of the ladies' rest room when I was going through, and these little Finnish soldiers coming in.
I was remarking, trying to talk to them, pointing my finger to them Russians there, how they were respecting Deity. And so when we got inside, this little woman, little girl, come out of the ladies' rest room.
They'd been saying, "Don't nobody touch." I like kids, and I'd get all of them of an afternoon when the brethren was holding the meetings, and they'd all get in. I'd get some of that Finnish money and get out there. I had a drove of kids all the way up and down the street, buying them candy. I--I like kids.

E-11 And so this little girl had stepped out... She thought she'd done wrong, she stepped out to where I was, and she stopped. And she held her head down, a little ragged looking hair, and her little skirts ragged. I learned later that she was a little Finnish orphan. She had no father or mother, and so... They'd been killed in the war.
And when she seen me, I was going in this way, and she was standing on that side, and she ducked her little head down. And I stopped. The two soldiers behind me motioned on, and they was already singing, "Only Believe." But I just waited. I knowed that kid wanted something. And she looked over to me again, raised up her little face and looked. I couldn't speak her language, so I motioned my finger to her. She come over there where I was at.
When she started... The way she'd have to walk, she'd set these two crutches out, take her little shoulder and raise up that foot and set it out like that, then walk; then raise her little shoulder up and set that crippled foot out. I thought I'd just watch that child. It's amazing to watch children. And I watched her, and she kept getting closer, closer, closer.

E-12 I just stood still, and them soldiers just turned around to watch. And when she got real close to me, she stopped. She looked at me, and she took her little hand and reached down, picked up my coat, kissed the pocket of my coat, let it down. I just watched her. She looked up, and the tears standing in her little eyes. And she took her little crutches, and held herself, and pulled her little skirt out (which is very Finnish), said, "Kiitos." That means, "Thank you."
I looked at her, and I thought, "If I'd be the biggest hypocrite in the world, God would answer that child's faith." I started to turn. I seen her going then in a vision walking away from me, normal. I turned around. I said, "Sweetheart," and she kept saying, "Kiitos." She couldn't hear a word I was saying. I said, "Honey, Jesus Christ makes you well."
She said, "Kiitos, kiitos," and they kept pushing me.
I said, "Well, someday she'll find it out."

E-13 After I'd had a great big, long prayer line, crutches and things piled everywhere, the Lord revealing to the people and calling them out through the audience, my brother said, "You've had enough now. We've got to preach again tomorrow." So he come to get me, and I said, "Just call just a few more cards." And when he did, the next one on the platform was that little girl. She had--she had her crutches.
I said to Mrs. Isaacson (and she may be setting here today), I said, "Mrs. Isaacson, just say what I say." I said, "Honey, out there in the hall Jesus made you well. Have some of the ministers take that brace off of you. Watch what happens."
And when they went over there to take it off, I prayed for about another person, and here she come with both legs just as normal as she could be, her hands up in the air, glorifying God. Far as I know, the little thing lives in Finland today, because...

E-14 Children--children's amazing, aren't they? The simplicity of faith...
I've got two little girls. They're getting big now. They're still my girls. I used to tell a little story about, one time I was waiting--mother was, for me to come home. I'd been out on a meeting, and the little girls was waiting up with me, for me, rather. And so the sand man come along and they got sleepy, and about one o'clock mother put them to bed.
And the plane was late. When I got in I was too tired to rest. (Like last night, I couldn't even sleep at all.) So I just got up about--laid down for about two hours. I got up and went out in the living room, set down in a chair.
And I always made a parable out of it. Rebekah is my oldest daughter. Little Sharon went home to--with her mother, you know, years ago. But Rebekah is my oldest. She's four years older than Sarah, and Sarah was then about four, oh, about two years old, I guess, and Becky was about six years old. So Becky to me represented the church that's been here a long time. She was long-legged and skinny. And Sarah is a little bitty tot, brown-eyed, chubby.

E-15 And so... I don't know, I guess your children's like mine. The hand-me-downs (it's clothes that comes down), so Sarah was wearing out Becky's pajamas, and they were too big for her. They had them rabbit-feet pajamas, you know, in them days. And so, they were quite too big for Sarah.
So that morning after it got daylight, why, the first thing you know, I--I heard a noise. Somebody turned over back in the other room, the children, and Rebekah woke up. She realized, "Daddy must be home," and out of the bed she come as hard as she could. That woke Sarah up. Sarah tried to follow her.
Becky could outrun her; she was longer-legged. So she run and jumped astraddle my leg, throwed both arms around my neck, and begin to holler, "Daddy, daddy." And little Sarah, coming with them, Becky's long-footed pajamas, and she was stumbling. And she was too short. She couldn't keep up with Becky.

E-16 So... And Becky turned around and looked at Sarah coming down the hall. And she said, "Sarah, my sister, I want you to know one thing." She said, "I was here first, and I've got all of daddy, and there's none of him left for you." You know, like some of them try to tell us today, they think they've got it all, you know. They've been here a long time, started four or five hundred years ago, you know...
And poor little Sarah, her little lip dropped down; her little, brown eyes colored up. She started to turn around. I looked over to one side while Becky had her head against me, like this. I motioned like that and stuck the other knee out. Here she come, jumped right up on it. She was--she was... Her legs wouldn't reach the floor. She hadn't been around very long, you know, so she--she was kind of tottery; and I was afraid she was going to fall. So I just reached and took both arms and put them around Sarah, and she put her little head up against me, like this.
She turned around, and rolled those big, dark eyes, and looked up to Rebekah, and said, "Rebekah, my sister, I've got something to say to you." She said, "It may be so that you've got all of daddy, but I want you to know that daddy's got all of me."

E-17 So--so I think if we just turn ourself loose, and worship the Lord... We may get a little tottery. As long as He's got all of me, that's all I care for. If I can just surrender myself so completely that He can have all of me... I might not know all the ins-and-outs, know how to duel the creeds, and so forth like that. But one thing...
A fellow said to me one time. I made a remark, and he said (a very brilliant man), and he said, "You just don't know your Bible."
I said, "But I know the Author real well." So that's a... To know Him is Life. Don't you think so? Yes, sir. I--I... If I know Him, He will reveal His Book to me just as He wants me to know It.

E-18 The brethren told me just there that you'd taken an offering for me. I appreciate it. Really, I didn't come for that, I... But I appreciate it.
I always request... If all expenses is made and everything, and they take up an offering, then you know what I do with that? I take it to the foreign fields myself. And I know you give a portion of your living. Now, it's in my hands. I'm responsible now. It's off of your hands. But by the best of my ability I'll use it to the Kingdom of God and the upbuilding of the Kingdom.
I pray that it'll return to you a thousandfold. You set in this hot building; you sponsored the meeting; you've--you've done everything well. I thank you. There's not a--nothing I can do but say this, "God bless every one of you." I hope He does with all that you have need of in this journey, and I'm sure He will.

E-19 Now, I want to ask you a question and a favor. I'm fixing to leave right away now. Maybe my... I have about... I've got to go to Brother Leeming--many of you all know him, down in Florida there with the Christian Business Men, a couple of meetings. And then I'm heading overseas, where you can't set like this. Witch doctors standing there challenge you. Everything... You--you just... You're not on the battlefield here; but you are there.
And when everything's going real hard and everything, can I depend on my people, friends, in Oregon praying for me? Will you do that? Just pray for me. I'll be depending on you. I'll always pray for you.
And if I never see you no more this side the river, I'll see you on the other side with the same testimony: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe He's the Son of God that still saves from sin. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, crucified, died, rose the third day, and ever living to make intercessions upon our confession. I believe that He lives.

E-20 I want to take this time to thank the--the man, the captain, or general, or whoever it was, that let us have this fine building. I appreciate it, trusting that God will richly bless this unit of whatever it is that let us have this. May there not be one of them lost. May every one of them appear with the saints of God at that day is my sincere prayer. Thank you, gentlemen, and I trust to God with all my heart that everything will go well for you through life's journey.
And now, I hope someday to return. God willing, my brothers willing to do it, to return to the meetings here, where we can have an extended meeting. I'd like to have a time where I could talk with my pastor brothers of a morning, and--and talk about the things of the Lord.
Thanks to this nice lady here that's played the organ, and the pianist, we thank you. All the ushers, everything. God ever be with you.
Now, this afternoon we're going to pray for every person, and I don't want to keep you long. I've kept you long each night. I would say, "Forgive me." But brother, sister, somehow, keeping the message just as simple as I could, I know that seed has been planted. It'll bring forth in its season. And you pray for me as I go along. I'll always be praying and asking God to help you.

E-21 I want to read one verse out of this blessed old Bible this afternoon for a text, not speaking long, 'cause I got to pray for all the sick. Do you love Him? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe Him? Say "Amen." How many ever heard the little "Amen" song? Oh, sure. That's good. That's fine. I love that. Amen. Brother Epp sings it so well.
I want to read out of Saint John 14th chapter and the 8th verse alone.
Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it will sufficeth us.
Maybe I'll read the next verse.
Jesus said unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet... thou knowest me not, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou... Shew us the Father?
I would like to take this text: Show Us The Father And It Will Sufficeth. In other words, it means "satisfies." "If you'll show me the Father, it will satisfy us."

E-22 Now, that's been the cry of the human heart through all ages, is to see God. Job of old cried out, "If I only..." in his distress, "If I only knew where He lived. If I could go knock on His door and speak to Him..." Every man has wanted to know God and to see God. Job wanted to see Him. Moses wanted to know Who that was in the burning bush. Then he said, "Show me Your glory." He wanted to see some manifestation to know that it was God. And all of us do that. We all long to see something that's real, some--something to prove that God is.
And it's to my humble way of thinking, that it pleases the Father to show Himself, to manifest Himself. He loves His children. How I like to tell my children something and make a requirement, and then see those children live right up to that; and I can show them something good.

E-23 How I tell my little boy, Joseph, "If you'll just be a good boy now, and--and mind mother, you know Saturday when I get back, I'm going to take you fishing."
And to see that little boy, his mother say, "He was just as obedient, Bill, as he could be this week."
I'm happy to go show that little boy, take him fishing. I like to show him that I want to be kind to him, because he's part of me. I want--I want him to be like I want to be, a Christian. And I love to manifest what I want him to be through myself.
And God wants to manifest Himself to His children. But He asks one requirement is all: if thou will believe. That's all He asks: gives His Word and asks if you will believe It.

E-24 Now, I'm going to speak... Now... Yet, wasn't it strange here that Philip, that great warrior who'd seen those great mighty works of Christ, went and got Nathanael and brought him up there to the place, and saw the manifestation of the Scriptural proof that He was the Messiah, and then he said, "Now, You show us the Father and it'll satisfy."
Now, did you notice the--the next verse, the 9th verse, said, "I have been so long with you, Philip, and you know Me not?" How I think that would be for us this afternoon, that God in His mercy has manifested Hisself so many times to us, and yet we don't recognize it.

E-25 Now, I'm going to speak on four ways to see God. Now, a lot of people try to place Him way off as a historical affair, but let's just look at God in four ways. And I think that if God can be shown positive, without one shadow of doubt, that God in four different ways is standing right here this afternoon, that ought to be convincing, oughtn't it? Four ways of seeing God, I'm going to speak of, God in His universe, God in His Word, God in His Son, and God in His people. And now, I could take a dozen more; but those four things I want to rest upon for the next thirty minutes, God willing.
Let's take first now, God in His universe. Who made the universe? We're told that it stands in space. How can it revolve around so perfect, more perfect than any instrument?

E-26 I'm wearing a three hundred dollar watch that was give to me by Dr. Guggenbuhl in Switzerland. He give it to me 'cause it's got an alarm, for interviews and so forth. And it's a--the Vulcain Cricket, one of the best that Swiss makes. But yet, it'll lose time, gain time. It isn't perfect. Anything that man makes is imperfect; but all that God does is perfect. See?

E-27 Notice, how He can make that world turn just around; the sun ever exact, gaining so much, year after year, day after day; moving around the equator, moving around, its orbit. And everything, and make those stars and things, till they can predict the eclipse of the moon twenty years away to the minute. So perfect...
And what's holding it up? Which is up and down? How do we know? Them on the South Pole to us, is looking that way, saying it's up; and we on the North Pole is looking this way, and that's down to South Pole. Which is right?
How perfect it floats. Spin anything in the air and see if it'll stand there two revolutions without moving out of its orbit. But God perfectly holds the whole universe in His control. We believe that, that God does that. No other power, nothing else could do it but God, God alone.

E-28 And did you ever go out here to the sea, and watch that big angry sea, those big white waves dashing in there, angry? You know, almost four-fifths of the earth is covered in water, and one time it covered the whole earth over. How it would like to get a past there if it could. But you notice, it'll just come so far.
Why? God's got a watch dog watching it. That's the moon. The moon controls... God set it there to control the sea. If that moon would ever move a few inches out of its orbit, the whole world would be covered with water just in a moment. Watch when he turns his head to see what the other side of the earth is, in the evening when--the mornings, and so forth, how the tide goes out.
And here it comes in angrily again, but the watch dog there says, "That's your boundaries. Stay right there." And yet there's enough water out there, with the curvature of the earth, to wash the whole thing around. But God has a control. Amen. Oh, how great Thou art, how great Thou art. How He does it, how He--it's beyond our means. How we could spend hours on that.

E-29 Let's drop down to something else. Let's watch the flowers, how they live, die, raise again. How that you could take your grass in the wintertime, and pour a slab of concrete across it. Where is the most grass the next summer? Right around the edge of the walk. Why is it? It's that life that's--you hid under that concrete. But when that botany-controller sun, s-u-n, begins to shine, you can't hide that life. It'll come right out, and weave its way out, and stick its head right up to the glory of God. Is that right?
You can't hide life. No matter... You can bury you in the sea, you can... Wherever you are, you're going to answer anyhow. When the S-o-n comes, the Son of God, all Eternal Life is going to rise with Him, 'cause He has Eternal Life, and gives it to those who He will.

E-30 And now, notice how God lives in the flower, how He lives in the leaves on the tree; how they'll drop off, go down, the sap will, into the roots, some intelligence controlling it; going down in the roots to hide through the winter, come back again in the spring, bringing forth fruit, and so forth. How does it do it? Beyond my knowing. What... There's got to be an Intelligence somewhere that controls it. It can't do it itself.
There's nothing will say to that peach tree out there, that pear tree, "Say, it's coming on wintertime, around about the middle of August, all you leaves, get off of there right quick. Life, jump down in the roots and hide. If you don't, you'll die." It don't know it to do it itself. It's some Intelligence controls it, the highest Intelligence that there is: God.
Well, if God can tell a leaf, the life of that leaf to leave it and go down there and stay; or life to come out of the upper part of the tree and go into the roots; can't He reveal the secrets of the hearts of the people to His servant? The intelligence of God? Why, the whole thing is made up of intelligence. God is the super intelligence.
Look at the ducks, the--the animals, how they're all controlled by God.

E-31 Recently my son and I were in Bombay to a meeting. When we got there, I was reading the newspaper. It's a bilingual country, and so it had it in English. And it said, "I guess the earthquakes are over."
A few days before that... You know, India is not like our country. We have fine woven fences. They pick up rocks and make their fences, and they build their towers and so forth. It's very hot, close to the zones there, you know, and the equator. So the--the sheep and the cattle in the afternoon, come and stand around these walls, and they get in the--the shade. And the little birds build their nests in the walls.

E-32 And one day something happened. All the little birds took off (No one knowed why.) got away from them walls: went out, didn't know where they went, set in the trees somewhere. They wouldn't come back to their nests, and the cattle wouldn't come in.
Everyone said, "What's the matter, them cattle, them sheep, standing out there, leaning against one another in that hot sun, way out in the middle of the field. They wouldn't come in. They wondered why.
And the next day, it did the same thing. And the third day they did the same thing. Then a earthquake shook the place into pieces. The walls fell. If the cattle and sheep had been standing under there, they'd have died. The little birds would been crushed. The next day nothing happened, and then on the fifth day, then the little birds and things begin to come back again. The earthquake was over.

E-33 Don't you see, it's... The same God that could lead them into the ark in the days of Noah is the same God Who can take them away from danger. Well, if God, by the instinct He gives to a bird to know to flee away from falling walls, how much more ought we to flee away from these big high ecclesiastical walls that's bound to crush, by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Get away. Go to God quickly. Don't put your name on a book. Get borned again, filled with the Holy Ghost.
God in nature. God give that little bird nature. He believes in it; he--he trusts it.

E-34 Here not long ago I was up in Canada, and there was them ducks up there, up there on a pond, and how they--milling around on the pond. They'll be there now. In about, Lord willing, in about another month I take a hunting trip there. That... Little ducks come out of the south, way down in Louisiana, and Alabama, Texas, the rice fields, and they fly all the way into Canada. And they have their little ducklings up there on those marshes, swamps, or--or lakes.

E-35 Now, here's a little drake. He was born right there on that lake, born that spring. He's never been off of that pond. That's all he knows: born right there. But one night there'll come a white cap across the mountain up there, there'll be snow strike that mountain, that cold breeze will sweep down through the valley.
That little drake will get right out there in the middle of that pond, stick that little honker up in the air, and honk four or five times, and every duck on the pond will come right to him. Why? He will raise right off of that pond and go, without a compass or anything else, just as straight to Texas as he can go to the rice fields. If he stays any longer, it'll freeze over. They'll die.
He's never been off of there. How does he know where to go? He trusts in the God-given instinct. And if a duck has got sense enough to get away from danger and coldness, how much ought the church, by the power of the Holy Ghost and the resurrection of Christ, to get away from a dying creed. See what I mean? Instinct.

E-36 One time I was plowing, papa and I. The horses kept snorting, and I said, "Pop, what's the matter? Is there a coyote back there?"
He said, "No, son. It's coming a storm."
I said, "A storm?" I was on an old riding cultivator. Many of you know what they are. Said, "A storm?" I said, "There's not a cloud nowhere."
He said... stopped (never will forget the old fellow), pulled out his red handkerchief, and wiped the perspiration from his brow. He said, "Billy, you got a lot to learn, son." He said, "You see, the Almighty has give that horse an instinct so he can go to safety." Said, "There's a storm coming somewhere, and they can smell that storm."
I thought, "Daddy..." I--I said, "All right." And I hadn't plowed two more rounds till we could hardly get the--the horses out quick enough: lightning, thundering, and everything, and here was the storm. They caught it before it got there.
And if God can give a horse (talk about horse sense), can give a horse instinct and intelligence enough to know how to protect itself from danger, how much more ought we, by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, to flee to safety when we see a time like this arriving. Yes. "Show us the Father, it will sufficeth us." Oh, my, how I could dwell on that.

E-37 You take an old sow hog, and she's got her shucks over on the north side of the hill. And you read the commentator--news commentator, on the radio or in the paper, says, "Tomorrow it's going to be a fair, pretty day." And that old sow will take them shucks off that north side of the hill around to the south side of the hill. You watch. She knows more about it than all the newspapers and commentaries in the world. You watch it turn cold.
You watch when you go to hunt rabbits, and see them getting way back under the brush piles and things like that, and getting a hiding place, and setting back in the holes; and the commentary says it's going to be fair weather. Don't you believe that. That rabbit knows more about it than all them guys put together. He's trusting a God-given instinct. It's God making a way for His creation. And how much higher is a creation of a man than a creation of a beast. How much more is the Holy Ghost to the church, than instinct would be to a duck, or a horse, or anything. I could take two hours on it.

E-38 One more thing I'd like to strike. That's where I first found God. That was my first Bible to see there had to be something do these things. God is in His universe. How I love sunsets: stand and watch the sunset and cry; watch it raise, and cry. I love it.
I made a remark last night about being a hunter. I like to hunt. I've hunted since I was a little boy. I've hunt the world over: Africa, India, and everywhere. Many of you know of Bud Branham in the Rainy Pass Lodge at Anchorage, Alaska, sixteen planes flying in. That's my cousin. Come from a line of hunters and we love it. It's right in us. We love to hunt.
I used to go up in Colorado, where I herd cattle up there for a long time on a ranch. And there, bringing them roundups in and out... Mr. Jefferies, may be setting right here this afternoon: just lives right over here in Idaho now.
And so he and I used to go up there together and hunt, hunt elk. I love to hunt them. We had about eighty in a herd back there. We just took what--one each year for what we needed, and the herd built big. So therefore, Mr. Jefferies is a real woodsman. He knowed how to hunt. He knowed all the ins-and-outs.
I'd helped salt the cattle, and drive them in there, and round them up, and so forth. I knowed every angle back over on the Continental Divide, coming around where you cross Berthoud Pass, go down, then cross Rabbit Ear Pass. The Continental Divide comes in a panoramic. The Troublesome River feeds down this way, and the Hereford Association grazes this valley, and there's a east and west forks.
We'd go up the east fork, tie our horses, and separate, and come plumb down the west fork, miles and miles and miles away, maybe not see one another for several days, hunting.

E-39 One year I was up there hunting. I'd get way up, just as high as I could climb, set there of an evening when the sun goes down. And, oh, my. You talk about God. I was up there one day. It was dry. The elk hadn't come down yet; not enough snow and stuff to bring them down. They're a wild critter. They stay high, 'cause they don't want to get down around civilization. It takes snow and stuff to drive them down sometimes.
Then when... I was up there walking around, looking. And I tied my horse way down that morning, went plumb up around the timberline, making a big circle, coming down to what we call Lost Canyon, and down through that way. No tenderfoot gets in there, why, it's too far for him.
So way back in there, I was walking. And I had my rifle, and I was walking along there, and it come up a--a storm. You know how it is high in the mountains. It'll storm, and then snow, and then melt off, and the wind will blow, and the sun will shine. All kinds of weather in October up there, changing all the time. So it hadn't had enough snow to drive them down, so I was near the timberline.

E-40 And I got into a blow-down, where a hurricane had twisted up the timber and blowed it together. And I was climbing through this, and there come a great, heavy, storm, raining. And I got back behind a tree, and I stood like this, behind a tree, till the storm was over. And I was standing there; almost went to sleep. The winds blowing and things and... You could hear God speaking through the roar of them pines. I thought, "O God, how great Thou art." And after the storm was over, I stood there a little bit, kind of "noddy." I almost fell over two or three times. I got a little wet.
So I... Been a awful hard blow and I walked out behind... I thought, "Glory to God. How wonderful it is to be up here, to be alone with God." Two days now I hadn't seen nobody here, so... Hundred... You're forty miles anyhow from a railroad. You're way away from automobiles, no gasoline, cigarettes, all stinking carry on of what's called civilization. I thought, "This is wonderful to be standing here."

E-41 I watched the sun setting over here in Oregon, across that way. And there's great big, pretty eye setting through there. And I thought, "That's right. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me." You can see God anywhere, if you'll just look around. He's all around you, everywhere. He's in flowers, nature, everywhere. I seen Him there.
Then I happened to look, and I heard an old coyote hollering up on the hill there. His mate answered him down in the bottom. Now, you talk about deep calling to the deep. Hear that squall of the coyote or timber wolf, that just sets my soul aflame. I hear him over there, hollering. He'd lost his mate, and she answered him, way down there in the bottom.
And I thought, "O God, I got a Mate too. I'll call and He will answer me one day." I stood there and I thought, "God, there You are."
I heard the bugle over here, the elk herd I was trying to catch up with. Big old male let out that long whistle, bugle, like that. What... The storm had separated the elk up high, and he'd lost his herd, and he was calling for them. I thought, "O God, You live up here. That's right. Here You are." There He was in the elk herd, there He was in the call of the wolf.

E-42 Then I happened to look. And where the sun come out, and the evergreens had froze, that cold wind, there was a rainbow across the canyon. I said, "There He is in the rainbow. Amen. There He is. There's the covenant. He will never destroy it again with water. He promised it."
And a rainbow also is, Revelations 1, where over the Son of God; and over the church, the seven golden candlesticks, was a rainbow. He was to look upon as jasper and sardine stone, the First and the Last, He that was, which is and shall come. O my, my, my. Everywhere you look, you can see God if you'll just open up your eyes. Look around. He's everywhere.

E-43 I was standing there, and all at once a little old pine squirrel... How many of you Oregon people know what they are? He's the blue coat policeman of the woods, but all noise and no squirrel. He jumped up on there and went, "Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter."
And I thought, "What's the matter with you, little fellow? I'm not going to hurt you." So then the rainbow, I looked at it again, and I said, "Glory to God," and around and around the tree I went just as hard as I could go, shouting. And he just looked at me, and just "Chatter, chatter, chatter."
I thought. "Did I excite you? I'm worshipping your Creator. You don't like that? Let me show you how it's done again," and around the tree I went again. If... They'd have thought they had somebody out there was out of the insane institution, I guess, if somebody was... I didn't care. I was worshipping God. I saw Him, I heard Him everywhere. You can see Him if you'll just look around. He's real.
And I was around and around that tree as hard as I could go, and praising God, and throwing up my hands, and hollering, "Hallelujah." Stomping the ground around and around the tree I went again, like an insane person, but I was having a--letting off a lot of steam. I was having a good time.
I thought, "Oh, it's good to be here. 'Let's build three tabernacles.' Let's just stay up here, a wonderful place to be in the Presence of God, in His universe." Watch Him in His universe, His sunset, His rainbow, the call of the elk. Here, everywhere, there's God.

E-44 And I thought, "You little snicklefritz, why did you interrupt me from worshipping my God?" I seen him setting on this stump, or the place where the tree had blowed down, going, "Chatter, chatter, chatter," little tail drawed up under him like that. "Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter."
I thought, "What's the matter with you? You--you think I'm acting funny?" But I noticed him. He was cocking his little head down, his eyes bugged out, looking down in that brush.
He wasn't hollering at me at all. The wind had blowed an eagle down in there, one of them big old brown eagles in Colorado. And he was... That eagle would pick him up you know, so he--he was afraid of that eagle. He wasn't paying no attention to me, but he was afraid of that eagle.
That big eagle jumped up there, and I thought, "My. Now, I see You out there, God. I see You, hear You down there, hear You in the call, see You all around everywhere, see You in the sky, see You in the rainbow, see You everywhere. But now, wonder if you could be in that eagle. Why did he interrupt my worship for?"

E-45 And I watched that eagle for a little bit. I thought... Now, I seen his big, gray eyes looking at me, and he'd look over at that little old pine squirrel, then look at me.
I admired him because he was brave. He wasn't afraid. I hate a coward. I hate somebody to--not hate the person, but the attitude that they can stand in church and shout like the rest of them and go outside. And when the real showdown comes, you're ashamed to say you're a Pentecostal; you're ashamed to admit you got healed by Divine healing. Oh.
God can't use something like that. He wants soldiers. He wants somebody that can say like Paul, "In the way that's called heresy, that's the way I worship the God of our fathers." He wants soldiers, backbone, not wishbone. He wants somebody that's got spunk enough and spirit enough to stand up.

E-46 I said, "Yes, I see God in that eagle. He's not afraid. He's not a bit scared." I thought, "I'll just see how afraid he is." I said, "Say, fellow, you know I could shoot you?" When my voice rang out, he looked at me real close and rolled them big eyes.
I begin to see him feeling them feathers, you know, with his... straighten them out. I thought, "There you are. There you are. God give him two wings to get away from trouble, get away from danger, and he's trusting those wings, his God-given escape. He feeling them wings was all in running order." All right.
Someone said to me one time, "Brother Branham, ain't you afraid you'd make a mistake up there? Aren't you afraid something will happen up there?"
Oh, no. As long as everything's in running order (See?), it's all right. Don't worry. He's the One give the promise.

E-47 This old eagle, fooling his wings, messing them up and down like that, I thought, "Oh, yeah, there you are." And I reached to grab my gun. He jumped, and looked at me like that, and kept his eye right on me. Now, he knowed, by his ability, that he could take those wings and get in that timber before I could get that sight on him. He knew that, and he trusted it. So he wasn't afraid.
Why should we be afraid, no matter what comes along? God give us the Holy Ghost. "Lo, I am with thee always, even to the end of the world." What are we scared about? God called you before the foundation of the world, put your name on the Lamb's Book of Life. The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. Your name was put on the Book before the foundation of the world. The Bible said so.
Bible said the antichrist in the last days would deceive all that dwelt upon the earth whose names were not written in the Lamb's Book of Life since the foundation of the world, not the last revival, but the foundation of the world. There you are. So you know you're living above. You're in something. You've received the Holy Ghost. What are you scared of? Amen. God in His universe, I believe it, don't you?

E-48 I watched that fellow there for a few minutes, that little chipmunk setting there, going--or little chip... That's what we call them at home. They're little, actually, a little pine squirrel, was going, "Chatter, chatter, chatter. Chatter, chatter, chatter."
That eagle got enough of it. He just didn't want to fool with him any more, so he just made a great big bounce, like that, flopped his wings about two times, and he was above the timber. He just set his wings. He didn't flop anymore. He just set his wings. And every time the wind would come in, he'd rise higher. The wind would come in, he'd rise higher. Not moving a feather, he just knowed how to set his wings. I watched him. I dropped my gun. I looked at him. He got smaller, smaller, until he got plumb out of sight.

E-49 I thought, "O God, that's it. That's it. It's not join this one, and take your papers from this one over here, join this, join this, join that; run through one prayer line. And Oral come through, you go through his, and go through another one, go through another. That's not it.
It's just knowing how to set your wings of faith in the power of His resurrection. And when the Holy Ghost comes in, ride up above it. Ride above that chipmunk setting there, "Days of miracles is past; no such a thing as Divine healing," that earth-bound creature. We're eagles. Hallelujah. The Holy Ghost comes in, and we ride out of the way of danger, plumb till it becomes so we don't even hear it no more.
"Days of miracles is past. No such a thing as Divine healing. It's mental telepathy. There's something wrong. Our church would do this. We got the biggest. We're the greatest organization." Just ride on above it.
Just set your wings and say, "Jesus Christ, I love You. I trust You." And hold this blessed old two-winged Book here and just fly away (Hallelujah.), for He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

E-50 God in His universe... You believe He's in His universe? See Him in His birds, see Him everywhere. We'll have to leave right quick from that subject to get the rest of them. We could stay all afternoon on God in His universe.
Now, let's say God in His Word. How many believes that God's in His universe? Raise your hand. All right. You believe now God is in His universe. Now, let's take God in His Word.
Now, the Bible said... Jesus said that, the Word was a Seed that a sower sowed. That right? Now, you people here in Oregon, when you sow your crops, what does it do? You don't have to go out every morning and dig it up if you sow.
You plant a crop of corn, and every morning you go out and dig it up, look at it, and say, "What is in that? I don't see a thing going on"; it never will grow. You can't--you dig it up. You've got to commit it to the ground. That's the place for it. Every time you dig it up, you delay it.

E-51 Listen to me. I'm going to say something big. Every time that you look at your symptoms, you're delaying your healing. Don't dig it up again. It's committed to Him that promised to heal, Him that heals the rest of them.
When you pass through the prayer line and hands is laid upon you, the Bible said, "the prayer of faith shall save the sick." Don't say, "Well, let's see if I feel any better, my heart any better, my hands..." Don't do that. You're delaying it. Commit it to the ground because it is a seed.
What does a seed do? Look at a little--look at a little--little apple tree out here. You people raise a lot of apples. Look at a little apple tree when it's no more than what we call in the east, a sprig, a little tree about like that. Did you know that every apple, that'll ever be on that tree is in it right then? If it isn't, where did it come from? Where did it come from? And that apple tree that's got--going to produce you hundreds of bushels of apples, where did they come from?
When you set that little plant out, about like that, just out of an apple seed, and set it out there, and every apple that'll ever be on there, it's got in it then, potentially every--hundreds of bushels of apples that You'll collect off of it, and it ain't a half-inch high. Amen. There You are. Where does it come from? It's in the apple then.

E-52 And when you are planted into His death, burial, and resurrection--planted in Christ, and receive His Holy Spirit Life in you, everything that you've got need of all the way through the journey is in you right then, for you become the Seed. See it? God in His Word.
Now, what does a tree have to do? When you plant it, the only thing you have to do is water it, and then it's got to drink. The leaves are in it; the apples are in it; the--everything's right in the tree. But it's got to drink. It's got to drink more than its portion. And as it drinks, it pushes out, pushes out leaves, pushes out blossoms, pushes out apples. But it's got to keep drinking, drinking, drinking, in order to push out.
And when we take a promise of God, drop it into our heart, we keep watering it with faith; and it keeps pushing out, pushing out. Hallelujah. When Christ is planted in our heart, the Holy Ghost, the only thing we do is drink in the Word of God. And it pushes out salvation; it pushes out Divine healing; it pushes out glory; it pushes out everything that we have need of; is right in us when we're planted in Christ Jesus.

E-53 Here's my interpretation of Him, about being the water. He is the inexhaustible Fountain of Life. You'll never ask Him too much. You can never believe Him for too great a thing. He delights in you believing Him for great things. You can never overdo it.
Could you imagine a little fish about a half inch long, way out there in the middle of that ocean, saying, "Now, wait a minute. I better think this thing over. I'd better drink very sparingly of this water because I might run out this year." Well, if you could figure that out, then try to exhaust the fountain of God's goodness to you.
Could you just imagine a little mouse about a half-inch long, under the big garners of--of Egypt, saying, "I'll just eat one grain a day. I better allowance myself to one grain a day, because I might run out before the new crop comes in." Well, my. What's he doing? He's depriving himself.
That's exactly what's the matter with the church today, in taking church creeds and dogmas and trying to suck off of them, instead of taking the Word of God, and enjoying the fullness of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the things of God. Why? His Word is a Seed, and this Word brings forth of its kind.

E-54 Now, we've just passed a great revival, swept the land. Fifteen years nearly it went on. What have we reaped out? We've reaped out a bunch of new members. Yeah. Why? That's what kind of seed we sowed.
Remember, the rain falls upon the earth to water it, dress it, for which it's prepared for. And now, remember, if you had a field of wheat out here, and it was growing, and its little heads was hanging over. When you see anything too sturdy, it's self-styled. A heavy, full head always bows. I hope you got that. So now notice...
Now, but a little weed standing there, and it's a drought on. People are praying for rain. Well, that little wheat's going, "Huh, huh" [Brother Branham imitates a panting sound--Ed.] It just can't--it just can't hardly get along any longer. It's going to die. The little weed is just as happy to get water as it would be.
God sends the rain, and you know what? When the rain falls, that little wheat straightens up and goes, "Glory to God." It just shouts the praises of God 'cause it comes to life. And the same water makes the weed grow, just as happy, can shout just as loud.
Now, that's what Jesus said in... If you want to read it, Hebrews 6th chapter. I haven't got time to go into it, 'cause it's getting away from us. "The rain cometh oft upon the earth," Jesus said. "The rain falls on the just and unjust."

E-55 We can see people shouting, speaking in tongues, dance in the Spirit, everything like that. That don't mean yet they got it. Oh, no. I've seen many of them do it and didn't have it. But by their fruits you shall know them: fruit--the Holy Spirit, believing God's Word, and manifesting God's Word.
That leads us to the next thought, God in His Son. You believe God is in His Word? How we could... Over here I got a dozen Scriptures wrote out here about how God manifested through Abraham, through different ones like that, proving that He was. But lest we... How many believe God's in His Word? Frankly, He is the Word. Now, God in His Son. You believe God was in His Son? He was the manifestation... []

E-56 Said, "Search the Scriptures, for in Them you think you have Eternal Life. They are They which testify of Me. If I do not the works of My Father then believe Me not." How many times this week we've went through that, back and forth, to show that He was the Word. So you see nature, Word, Son. It's all coming to the same God, actually the same God working in a different channels.
Jesus was God manifested in the flesh. He was God the Word. Every one of us believe that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Jesus is the Son of God, that is the body, and God was the Spirit that dwelt in that Tabernacle that He created for Himself, a virgin body. God...
That's the reason He said here, "I've been so long with you and you don't know Me? He that's seen Me hath seen the Father." In other words, "You see the Father working through Me. God is a Spirit. They that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth." See? God is a Spirit. And here we find the Word being made manifest. In I John we find it; also in John 11, it says here that... And also in John 5:24, We find many places. John 14, Jesus said that, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." Why? It's the Word made manifest in them.

E-57 Here some time ago I was preaching, exalting... And a woman, belongs to another church. I don't like to call churches, denominational names; but this woman, she belonged to a church that believed in mental healing. They believe that the--that the devil is a thought, and God's a thought, and your--your thoughts is whatever it is. They deny the Deity of Jesus Christ in this day that when people try to make Jesus just a man.
Why, He was more than a man. If He was just a man, we're all lost. He was God, nothing less of God. He was God manifest in the flesh: Jehovah, the Father, dwelling in His Son, reconciling the world to Himself.
That's the reason we was commissioned by Saint Matthew there, "baptize them in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost." Watch. Not three Gods, three manifestations of the same God. God the Father was a Pillar of Fire. It was made flesh and dwelled among us: God the Son. God above us, God with us, now, the same God, the Holy Ghost in us. Three office: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It's the same God, not three Gods; the one God made Hisself three offices, three manifestations. Amen.
Oh, what a world we're living in. Notice, perfect. Now, when He was here on earth...

E-58 ...?... This woman said, "Mr. Branham," she said, "I enjoy hearing you speaking, but there's one fault I find with you."
And I said, "What's that?" She said, "You brag too much on Jesus."
"Oh," I said, "if that's the only fault I got. I--I sure thank you, lady, if that's all you can find wrong with me." I said, "I hope God's that way when I come to meet Him, and just find just bragging on His Son too much is the only fault I had."
And she said, "Well, you said that you were a fundamentalist. You just spoke with the Bible and you didn't put nothing..."
I said, "That's exactly. I still say that."
She said, "If I can prove to you by your own Bible that He wasn't Divine... You're always making Him Divine."
I said, "He--He was... If He wasn't Divine, He was the biggest deceiver the world ever had, and we're all in sin. If He's just an ordinary man, then any other man could've died, one for the other one. He could be nothing short of God." That's right.

E-59 When He was going up Calvary that day, them little red spots on his coat, they all went into one; the bee of death stinging around Him, humming, "I got him now." They just put a rag around His face and hit Him on the head. You know He could discern the thoughts. They said, "Tell us who hit you and we'll believe you." They spit in His face, pulled handfuls of beard out.
The devil said, "I got him now." And when He was going up the hill, he said, "That couldn't be God," the devil said. "That can't be God. He'd never put up with nothing like that."
And I can see Him as He goes up, His little frail body falling like that as He staggered up the hill, that bee humming around Him, that buzz of death right in His veins, knowing in a little bit He was going to be gone. That bee said, "I got him now."
The devil said, "Go on, death, get him. That's all there is. He's nothing. He's just like all the rest of them. He's going to die. You sting him right on down there, and he will die."

E-60 But look, brother, when a bee ever anchors his stinger real deep, he will never pull a stinger again. He will have no more stinger. He will pull the stinger out... When sting of death could come upon an ordinary man, because he was a sinner he could pull that stinger out and sting another one.
But that time he anchored his stinger in Emmanuel's flesh. Hallelujah. It pulled the stinger out of death. A bee can buzz and make all kinds of noise, that old... And any insect that ever stings deep enough, it loses its stinger. And when death stung the Son of God, he lost his stinger.
No wonder Paul could say, "Death, where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory?" Sure. He was more than a man. That was Emmanuel, God with us.

E-61 And she said, "I'll prove to you by your Bible that He wasn't Divine."
I said, "Let's hear you do it."
Said, "Saint John the 11th chapter, the Bible said that when Jesus went to the grave of Lazarus He wept."
And I said, "Is that your Scripture?"
She said, "Yes. He could not be Divine and weep."
I said, "Later--Lady, you know what? That argument you've got is thinner than the broth made out of the shadow of a chicken that's starved to death." I said, "Well, you haven't got a room for nothing there." I said, "You failed to see He was both God and man. He was the God-man. God was in Him. That's right." I said, "Let me ask you something. He went down to the grave a weeping. He was a man. He weeps with those who weeps. He's sad with those who's sad. He's happy with those who's full of joy."
"But when He went down to the grave, standing there, His little shoulders stooped down... The Bible said, 'There's no beauty we should desire Him.' Said, 'Take ye away the stone,' straightened up them little shoulders. 'Lazarus, come forth.' And a man had been dead four days in the grave, rotten, come to life and stood on his feet. That was more than a man. Amen. That was God in His Son." Hallelujah. Man can't do that.

E-62 He... I'll admit He was a Man when He come down off the mountain that night, been up there hungry. He come down looking for something to eat, looking all around over a tree for something to eat. He was a man when He was hungry. But when He took five biscuits and two fish and fed five thousand, that was more than a man. That was God in His Son. Believe it?
He was a Man when He laid out there on the back of that ship that night, it tossed about like a bottle-stopper in a storm; when ten thousand devils of the sea swore they'd drowned Him. He was a Man laying there asleep, tired, virtue gone from Him. He was a Man. But when He was aroused, walked up to the brail of the boat, put His foot on it; looked up and said, "Peace be still," and the winds and waves obeyed Him, That was more than a man. That was God in His Son. Amen. Hallelujah.
He was a Man crying on the cross, "I thirst. Give Me drink." But on that third day when He broke the seals of death, hell, and the grave, and rose again, He proved He was God. Amen.

E-63 Any man-- any man or woman that's ever amounted to a hill of beans believe that. It's thrilled the hearts of poets down through the years. If I could call on scene today somebody that believed that...
I think of Eddie Perronett. All of you know the poet, Eddie Perronett. No one would buy his poetry. They didn't want nothing to do with it. One day he was crying, and he went into his study, and he said, "O God, what can I do?" And he grabbed his pen, and he wrote the inauguration song. What did you say, Eddie Perronett? He said,
All hail the power of Jesus' Name.
Let Angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem,
And crown Him Lord of all. Amen.
Another one said,
Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away;
Rising, He justified freely forever;
Someday He's coming--oh, glorious day. Amen.
God in His Son, reconciling the world to Himself. Amen.
Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away.
Rising, He justified freely forever;
And someday He's coming--oh, glorious day.
Hoskins wrote,
When I survey the wondrous cross
Where on the Prince of glory died;
I count all my fame to be but loss.
Blind Fanny Crosby screamed out,
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.
For Thou, the stream of all my comfort,
More than life to me,
Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
Or whom in heaven but Thee?" Amen. Amen.

E-64 God in His Son, do you believe He was? He looked like God; He acted like God; He said He was God. He cried like God; He healed like God; He died like a man; and He rose like God. He was God manifested in the flesh. God was in His Son. Do you believe it? God was in His universe. You believe it? God is in His Word. You believe it? God is in His Son. You believe it?
Could you see Him in Christ? Jesus said, "When you see Me you see the Father. Why sayest thou, Show Me the Father?" God was in the Son, reconciling the world--the world to Himself. Now, God in His universe, you believe it? God in His Word, you believe it? God in His Son, you believe it?

E-65 Now, God in His people. Amen. There you get Father, Son, Holy Spirit, same God all the time, condescending. Once holy, man away from Him, he couldn't come near. Even a sheep touch the mountain, or a ox, must be thrust through. When He stood on top of Sinai and roared out His voice, nothing could come near, because there was no sacrifice but the animal. That was God above us.
Then God condescending, He came down and we felt Him. I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: for God was manifested in the flesh, seen of Angels, believed on, received up into glory." We seen God express Hisself through His Son, Christ Jesus.
Now, God above us, God with us, now God in us. All that God was He poured into Christ, and all Christ was He poured into the church. "Yet a little while and the world seeth Me no more; yet you shall see Me, for I (and 'I' is a personal pronoun), I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the consummation." Hallelujah. Glory. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever..."
Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away.
Rising, He justified freely forever.
No wonder He's the Root and Offspring of David, the Morning Star, He that was, which is, and shall come. He that was dead is alive forevermore, manifesting Hisself after two thousand years, proves that He's here. God in His universe, God in His Word, God in His Son, God in His people: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

E-66 "Show me the Father and it'll satisfy." God in His people on Pentecost. God in Peter when his shadow passed over the sick, healed them. God in Paul they--they took from his body handkerchiefs and aprons. Hallelujah. God is here today. You believe it? God... You believe He's in His universe? You believe He's in His Word? You believe He's in His Son? You believe He's in His people?
We've watched it this week time after time, the same works that God did through Solomon, it was God. The same works that He did through there, He did through Jesus, His Son. The same thing we seen Him do through His Son, we see Him do through His church, making Him the same yesterday, today, and forever; God in His universe, God in His Word, God in His Son, God in His people. Amen. Amen.

E-67 Let's bow our heads. I'm going to come back some time when I can preach as long as I want to. Hallelujah. You believe it? "Show us the Father, and it will satisfy us. Just show us the Father, and it will satisfy us."
How we thank the Lord that He's remains God; while we thank Him because He--He gave His only Son, His only begotten Son, that He might bring many sons into the world, that He might show Himself alive today, Jesus died, the only begotten Son of God, that He might make us adopted children, that He might work His will through us.
How shameful we should be, of claiming to be children of God and letting the devil push us around like he does. We've got the rights; we're already risen with Him. You say, "You have power?" No, sir. We don't have any power, but we have authority. There's a lot of difference between power and authority. Christ has the power.
Someone asked me awhile ago... A precious brother met me on the street. He said, "Brother Branham, are you Jesus' Name?"
I said, "I'm Jesus' servant. I'm His servant."

E-68 Notice. I want to ask you something. He remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. Would you like Him to be your Saviour this afternoon? Would you like to know that this God that's close could be your Saviour? If you would, raise up your hand, say, "I want to accept Him, Brother Branham. Right where I am, I'm going to believe." God bless you. God bless you. That's good. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. That's good. Up in the balconies, all around everywhere, God bless you. That's good. Several hands went up.
Oh, see, when we're just getting warmed into the meeting now, see that Satan trying to ward off. That old devil... You believe right now. This is the hour, this is the time that in your own church you can start a revival and do the works of God. Jesus said, "He that believeth on Me... He that--He who God has sent does the works of God." Amen. Believe it now. Don't you doubt it. You have faith. Don't doubt. Be real reverent just for a minute and pray. Be real quiet now. [Tongues and interpretation are given--Ed.]
Amen. Thanks be to God. We all believe--and believe in speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues. We believe that God does that, and He does it to edify His church. Now, if I noticed the message just right, it said something about believe that the Lord would manifest Himself and do something in the--for His people.

E-69 Now, right while you're setting, 'fore we call the prayer line, I want to ask you something. Every soul that accepted Christ, will you make this promise to me and to God, God first and then me, that every one here that believes on the Lord Jesus Christ will go to one of these good churches here and ask for Christian baptism, if you haven't been baptized yet by water? And there stay until you have received the Holy Ghost, and--and will give your life to Christ for service. He's... "As many as believed was added to the church." Is that right?
How many will promise that, that's never done it, will promise God right now by His grace you'll do it? If you can see God manifest Hisself amongst His people this afternoon, raise your hand, say, "I will do it." God bless you. Raise your hands, just say, "I'll..." God bless you. Another one, God bless you. You, you, you, you. Just look at the hands.
All down here on the bottom floor now. How many will say, "If I can see God manifest Himself and prove Himself right here amongst His people... I see Him in His universe, believe He's in His Word, in His Son; and His Son's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if I can see His Son come on action, just the same thing today as He did when He was here on earth, I'll believe it with all my heart, and I'll make a confession and go to the service and be baptized, and call upon the Name of the Lord."

E-70 To the balconies over here to my left, could I see some hands back there? I promise God that; that He never...?... And you may never...?... Along in this way raise up your hands so I can see them. God can see. He will know. He knows your heart. Back in the balcony this way. I can't see back there, it's so dark, but raise your hands to God and say, "I will. I will." I can just see fan me or something like that. I can't tell which it is.
Back over in this way, raise your hands. I believe you're honest; you'll do it. Raise your hand. God bless you. All around. Anymore on the floor now, down here, say, "I'll raise my hand to God." God bless you, lady. God bless you over here, sir. That's very, very fine.
Someone else? Now, God knows your heart. You mean that. Right... Not going to take longer. Tonight you go to one of these churches here, right here somewhere, and to be baptized, calling on the Name of the Lord because, remember...

E-71 Do you believe that I am His servant? Raise your hands. Have I found grace in your sight this week? Raise your hands, all that wants to be honest and say, "I really believe it, Brother Branham." Listen. The coming of the Lord is closer than you think. I haven't taught doctrine here; just simply staying right with the message of the day.
Remember Abraham's last sign. You remember who it was that went down into there? Abraham's last sign? Look at the same thing here in time of the Jews, when they were rejected. Here it is at the end of the Gentile's time.

E-72 As I've told you all this week, and laid it in close, and proved to you, about never in history have we ever had an evangelist on the field: Sankey, Moody, Knox, Calvin, to that cold formal church out there, to Lot churches out in Sodom, they never received the Holy Ghost and been born and come out of it. But out in there we've a wonderful messenger out there today by the name of Billy Graham: G-r-a-h-a-m, like Abra-ham. Get it?
There's a church elected. There's... Look what kind of a message went down and preached to them, "Come out, come out, come out, come out." But what did this Man do up here? He just showed them a sign with His back turned to the tent. See? That was the church elected.
Oh, don't be sleeping, friends. "Then awake ye saints of the Lord. Why slumber when the end is nearing? But get ready for that final call." And the call is on. Have faith.

E-73 Heavenly Father, I'm Your servant. I--I commit this service to You. I've preached Your Word the best that I know how, what little time, nervously, and tired, and wore out. And, Lord, the people's attended. Night after night they've come back like they--they've wanted to listen more.
Now, God, I pray that every one that You've called, they'll come at this meeting. Grant it, Father. May these churches be filled up with the people. May they come confessing their sins and being baptized, receive the Holy Ghost. Grant it, Lord.
Lay Your... These that's sojourning here now, that's on their road to the promised land, they don't claim to be of this world. We are pilgrims and strangers. We've professed that we're from another Kingdom. We died in the old Kingdom and we're raised with our King. He's a Spirit, living among us, working His Life in us, giving us the authority to preach His Word. And living through us performs His own miracles as He goes, claiming and showing that the nature of His Spirit when He was here on earth is still the same thing today: God in His people. Bless us now.

E-74 You'll... It'll be up to You, Father, to do the rest. I've preached, made the altar call; hands has went up. I've trusted them to You. God, grant that they'll be trophies of the meeting, they'll never forget. Everywhere they look, they'll be able to see God, everywhere. Grant it. Bless us together now.
Now, we're waiting to see You come riding in, Father, on the wave. Come, like You did that night to the little troubled ship, where all hopes was gone that they could ever be saved. The people were afraid of You, and He said, "Be not afraid. It's I. Be of a good courage."
God, grant it today that the people might know, who has claimed You as their Saviour, that they don't have to worry. You're here, the same yesterday, today, and forever, God in His people. Grant it, Father, through Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-75 How many of you have prayer cards? Now, raise up your hands. Is there any here without prayer cards? Raise up your hands, still sick. Oh, my. Why, you never got to a third of them. I told Billy to give prayer cards out to those. All right. You without prayer cards, raise your hand again. Let me see around where you're at. Hm, just everywhere. All right, look to me.
I said something last night I shouldn't have said. I said it quickly, then caught it back. I said the American people don't take the discernment. They don't like they do overseas; 'course not, the revival's moving there yet. But I said, "Until God leads me again, I won't use discernment. After these campaigns are over, I'm going to stop. If I come again, I'd be praying for the sick." But did you notice? I put "if the Lord leads me," 'cause I can't control it. He does the controlling; I'm just the instrument.
Just like this microphone, you hear me through this microphone. It isn't the microphone you're hearing; it's me. And it--I'm just a mute. That microphone without a noise to hit that crystal would be a mute. So am I a mute for these things unless God speaks through me. Do you believe that? Did He promise in the last days He would do these things? We know it. Just what little temporary part that we have seen this week, we believe it.

E-76 Somebody in this section without a prayer card, raise up your hand again and pray. God grant it. This lady setting on the end here, looking at me. I seen you had your hand up, you didn't have a prayer card. Now, you're close to me, so that the Spirit will start.
Do you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? You believe that with all your heart? If God will reveal to me your trouble, will you believe me then? Know--you know whether it's the truth or not. You've had bleeding ulcers. You've had an operation for it. You're worried. If that's right, raise up your hand. Put up your hand if that's so. What did she touch? I'm going to have the lady to stand up. Stand up just a minute, lady.
That the lady would know, I want to ask her a question. There she sets there, no prayer card, no nothing, just a woman come in and set down. But she was setting there with faith because she's in a serious condition. Everything was told you is the truth. Is that right, lady? Raise up your hand. If what was said about whatever was wrong with you, raise up your hand. You, this... Yeah, that's right. God bless you. All right.
Now, I do not know the lady. Here's the Bible. I've never seen her in my life. She's older than I. We were born years apart, miles apart, the first time we meet. But what did she do? She was praying for something, and she touched the High Priest. And as quick as it did, it touched right back here to me and told her. Now, don't worry no more. You're going to get well. Your faith has saved you. Amen.

E-77 How many believe now, God is in His people? You believe it? Here sits a woman right here, worried, wondering, cancerous condition she's worried about. Believe with all your heart. Don't doubt. Just have faith. Believe that the Son of God makes you well, and you can go home and be well, You believe it?
Miss Staub, that's your name. If that's right, raise up your hand. We're strangers one to another, but Jesus Christ knows you; just so you wouldn't miss it. You feel good now? Stop worrying; it's all over. Your faith makes you well.
There sets a man setting right back there in the row, setting right behind here. That man suffers with a hernia. He's a stranger. Do you have a prayer card? You don't. You don't need one, if you'll believe with all your heart. If we're strangers, raise up your hand. All right. You're just a man come in and set down. Is that right? But you are interested in this hernia being healed. All right. If you believe with all your heart, you can have it. Amen.

E-78 God in His people, God in His universe, God in His Son, God in His people. You believe it? Let me show you something that you won't--might not know. Here sets a woman, setting right here looking at me. She wants to do what's right. She's trying to do what's right. She's got a habit, smoking cigarettes. She's trying to get rid of them. That's right. If you'll...
Is that right, lady? Don't be ashamed. Stand up on your feet just a minute. I'm a stranger to you. Do you have a prayer card? You don't have one. You don't need one. You believe me. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I curse that devil. May you never crave another one. Go and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ. I ask you to believe the Lord Jesus Christ. You believe Him?

E-79 Lady setting right back there: high blood pressure, heart trouble. If you'll believe with all your heart, lady, God will make you well. God bless you. Go home, be well. God makes you well. Do you believe it? Just don't doubt.
Lady setting right over here looking at me, Hallelujah. She's suffering. She wonders what's wrong. She's got a cancer. She's also got a cyst or growth she's bothered about. Oh, I hope she don't miss it. God have mercy. Miss Knorr, believe with all your heart. Amen. We're strangers to one another, never saw her in my life. If we're strangers raise up your hand, lady. You standing there, praying, know you got to die if something don't happen. Fear not. You won't die. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall live.
God in His universe, God in His Word, God in His Son, God in His people, do you believe it? "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever," sweeping across the whole audience. Do you believe with all your heart now?

E-80 How many of you believe your pastors out here to be a man of God? Raise up your hands, if you believe your pastors. You ought to. He's just as much right to pray for the sick as I am. Brethren, walk right down here with me. I want you to pray with me, and for these people too. Come right down here come here, Roy. Take a hold of this.
I want everybody in this line here that's got prayer cards, stand up over on this side, right over here. Stand up right here. Everybody. What does the Bible say? "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands on the sick they shall recover." Do you believe that? Do you believe that I'm a believer? Say, "Amen." Do you believe your pastor's a believer? Say, "Amen." All right.
Now, we're going to call you row by row, section by section, that section first, this section next, that one next, that one next. Don't come both ways. You'll get all mixed up there, and you won't be able to--to... Listen to Brother Roy here now.

E-81 And the pastors, how many more believing pastors that's here, that really believe the Gospel, full Gospel pastors? Many of you may be strangers. Would you like to come up and stand with we brethren? We don't excommunicate no one. We believe if you're a believer in Christ... Is that--that not correct? Is that right, my brethren?
If you're pastor's here, and believe in praying for the sick, no matter... If you're a believer in Christ and believe this is of Christ, come here and line up here. And do your duty as a man of God, to stand here and help me pray for the sick and afflicted. Come up here, pastors. Make a double line along here.
I'm going to get down there with you just in a moment. We're going to pray for every sick person. I don't want to stand and talk long. I want you to pass through while this anointing is still upon me. You believe now with all your heart? Come right up here, pastors; half--some of you come this way. Get out in the middle of the way, right in here, and form a double line. That's good. God bless you. All right. Let's sing this song again all together.
Only believe, only believe,
Now, all things are possible, only believe;
Only be...

E-82 Now, the line will be coming from this way, folks. You can bring that wheelchair. Bring it around this other way, 'cause it--it'll have to come through this way. You'll get all mixed up.
Oh, all things are possible, only believe.
Now, let's bow our heads, close our eyes, raise up our hands.
Lord, I believe; (Everybody now. Honor Him...?...)
All things are possible; Lord, I believe; []
Lord, I believe; Lord, I believe;
All things are possible;
Lord, I believe.

E-83 With all my heart, I believe. I guess you wonder, many of you, why I would go from one end of the row to the other one. And many of you noticed me taking your hand in mine. Did you notice that? How many noticed it? Raise up your hands. I was checking what was happening after them ministers was laying hands on the sick. And I'll say this with all my heart, that at least eighty percent of them were healed 'fore they even got to where I was at. There wasn't a vibration on them at all. That's exactly right. That's what I checked it for. Your pastors have faith, folks. Just believe in them.
I love you. I believe you're God's children. You pray for me; I'll pray for you, and I hope we meet again. Until that time, until we meet... "Till We Meet Again," everybody together now... You love the Lord, all your heart? All right. All together now. I'll pray for you; you pray for me. All right.
Till we meet! till we meet!
Till we meet at Jesus' feet;
Till we meet! till we meet!
God be with you till we meet again.

E-84 Let's bow our heads now, while that beautiful music... Think of the good times we've had. They've got a World's Fair going on up here, where all the world is displaying its scientific achievements. But the church realizes that right here God's got a World Fair, showing His achievements, what He's been able to do with His church.
I've enjoyed every minute of it, every minute. I come to you tired, as usual, but I'll see you again someday. God bless you now. While we hum that song together, breathe a little prayer for one another till we meet.
God be with you till we meet again.
Till we meet!...
Lord God, be with them and help them, till we meet, Father, in Jesus' Name, for God's glory...