Humble Thyself

Date: 63-0714E | Duration: 39 minutes
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Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 [Brother Neville introduces Brother Branham--Ed.] This is a shock. I believe I could make announcement then, "There be certain gifts: of me thinking up something like that." [Brother Branham and congregation laugh.]

E-2 I certainly enjoy being here every time. Our journey is getting close to the end now, of us staying with you. Cause, we got another meeting coming up right away in Chicago, and I've got to have the--the family back in Arizona pretty soon. And they've never had their summer's vacation yet, and I'm supposed to take them for a little ride somewhere, in a few days. And then I'll probably be away one, one day, one of the Sundays, and then the following week I begin in Chicago. Then I got to come right straight back, on a Monday, and take them to Arizona.

E-3 And now I just hate to come in of a Sunday morning, take that time where everybody is refreshed. Sunday night, you're always tired and wore out, on Sunday night; and then turn the Sunday night service over to our pastor, that's--that's kind of bad. But I hate to do that, and yet on Sunday night I would, Sunday night, to have a service Sunday night, then I hold the people so late. Many of them come in here from way down in the south and--and way north, and they have, oh, sometimes they drive day and night, just to get here for one service, then go back. And that's the reason that I try to make it on Sunday morning, when I come, gives them a chance to go back.

E-4 Loyal, faithful pilgrims, how I appreciate them! They drive through sleet, rain, and everything else, to get here, across the country, hundreds of miles, just for one little service. So it makes me feel grateful to God, and to these people, for their great--for their great support, in what I'm trying to tell, to the people, to be the Truth.

E-5 Now, I believe this is the Truth, I... with all my heart. If there was anything different, that I thought was better, I--I'd certainly first go... I won't ask anybody to go anywhere that I don't go first, to find out whether it's right or not. I wouldn't ask any person to--to make a step, in God, that I hadn't already made and know that it's the Truth. First, it must be the Word of the Lord, then I must step and see if it's right. And then if it's right, then I can say, "Come on up this way." See, it's making the way.

E-6 And, now, I think any minister ought to do that, ought to first go, himself. He is supposed to be a leader, a leader of people, not speak something that he wouldn't put his hand on, himself. We should go there, leaders of the people.

E-7 This morning, I had a very odd, peculiar experience here in the pulpit. And that was, about the last part of the Message, I wasn't aiming to say it that way. See? But I guess it's already said, and there is nothing I can do about it now. But then I got home, got to studying about it.

E-8 And had a little family reunion today, of just my brother and them. Mama is gone. And we used to meet at her house, and now we go up to Delores'. We had a nice time up there this afternoon, talking, and Teddy was along. We sang some songs, played some hymns and things.

E-9 Now I think, maybe next Sunday morning, if the Lord is willing, if Brother Neville don't care, now I'd like to have a healing service, just dedicated only to healing. And I--and I think, with the Message this morning, the way the Lord seemed to lead me to bring It, bring It out, ought to kind of encourage us a little, you see, to--to--to really believe. We--we play around, and we--we think different things and talk about them. But then when it comes to a showdown, that's something different. As the...

E-10 Someone was telling me, I believe it was my brother back there, was telling a--a little story today, about a man, a--a minister and his... some of, one of his congregations. And he said he could walk a log.
He said, "Pastor, sure, the Lord is with you."
He said, "I can pack a log across my back, when I go across."
"Sure, the Lord is with you." And he went and done it.

E-11 He said, "I can pack a log, and wheel a wheelbarrow across, at the same time."

E-12 "Sure, Pastor, the Lord is with you. Your faith can do anything."

E-13 He said, "I can put you in the wheelbarrow, and pack the log."
He said, "Now wait a minute!" See?

E-14 It's different when you're included in it, yourself. See? Now, that, it's mighty good for us to say here, "Amen." It's mighty good for us to say, "I believe that's true." But then put it in action. You got to put it in action.

E-15 As I brought that statement this morning, the people was laying in the shadow of Peter, they never even asked for prayer.

E-16 I've went into many homes, watching this. Pray before I go, and just go in there with the anointing, and don't even pray for the people, and walk out and they're healed. See? See? That's right. I've seen it done so many times! See? You've got to have somewhere to place your faith. See? You've got to believe it. And I believe that the hour is approaching, and now is.

E-17 And I realize that this is not a tape service. They might make a little one for themself, but this is not a tape that goes out across the country. The...

E-18 This what I was speaking of this morning has brought us right up to a--to a climax, and that's the reason that I'm going to take next Sunday for a--a--a healing service. Because, since I've been home, I've told you about the visions and what's happened, and everything, and brought it right up, why I've done all these things. And then this morning, bringing it right up now to that last Pull.

E-19 Now it's my time for consecration to God; God's time to speak to me. See, I--I--I must just have a little change in my own life. Not as I think that I am wicked, but I--I want to feel a little more closer to people. See?

E-20 The people that I have tried to tell this Gospel Truth to, and they turn their back on It, and walk away and laugh at It. Now, to me, that seems like it's an insult. I don't care, to me; but to the things that I've been saying, It's the Truth trying to help them. Like shoving out a boat, and say, "Here, here it is, cross over! Here, get out of that swelling stream, you're going to die! You, you're going to perish there!" And they just laugh at you, and walk away. Well, to me, it feels like, if they walk away, there is nothing more I can do about it, see, that I can do.

E-21 But I want to run down the bank now and persuade them, "Come on back!" See, I've got to have that feeling, see, 'cause I know there is somebody out there that hasn't come in yet. And I'm--I'm going to fish till... He said, until the last fish is caught. I want to do that.

E-22 Now, and now, in order to do this, I'm expecting something to happen in a prayer meeting. Something... And many of you remember the vision of the--of the last Pull, that Third Pull, rather. You remember, there was something happened just before that: I seen that Light come and go down into that place, and said, "I'll meet you there." Now I'm looking for something to happen.

E-23 Here years ago, it used to be that the services and that discernment would make me so weak I would stagger. Many of you remember that. Just get to a spot that I'd stand and I would have Jack Moore on one arm, and Brother Brown on the other one, and walk me up-and-down the street, for an hour after service. And I just, happened, was trying to think of where--where I was at and what was taking place. Then, all night lay there and think of it, and sob and everything else, and wonder why they didn't accept our Lord Jesus.

E-24 Then He told me a vision, "One time you will meet a lady that will come to you, wearing a brown suit, and she'll be packing a little baby in a blanket, and from that time on, you'll have strength to endure stronger." Well, I told you all that. In Chicago it happened, that night when the little Presbyterian lady, when her own pastor sent her down there with the baby.

E-25 And I believe it was his brother, or one of them, was a--a doctor. He said, "There is not a hope for the baby unless Almighty God touches him." He went...

E-26 She went and told her pastor. The pastor said, "I am--I am not qualified," he said, "to--to act upon this Divine healing, because I don't... just don't have it within me, the faith that it takes to do it." Now, that, that's being honest about it. See? He said, "I don't just have it in me." He said, "But I was at one of Brother Branham's meetings, and I would advise you take the baby to Brother Branham." And the doctor had give it up, and it was going to die.

E-27 And the little lady walked in there where I was having some sort of a--a service for them little Catholic children that had got burnt up, in that school up there, you know. You remember when it was. We was having that service, and coming right down the platform comes that little lady with the brown suit on. My wife and them was setting there, and I said... turned and looked, and looked all around, and see if they was standing there. And happened to be, that just before I come up, I believe Billy Paul and them had been talking, or the wife or some of them, to the lady with the little baby. And the lady walked up to the platform, and the Holy Spirit revealed the whole thing, and healed the baby there.

E-28 I walked away, and since then I just don't get tired. See, it don't bother me, and I--I just go right on and on.

E-29 Now I'm looking for something to happen, and start that Third Pull in the mark. See? And may be the next Sunday morning healing service, maybe it produce that. I don't know.

E-30 I think, for us to do, would be tell your people, get the sick people. Now, for a healing service, we've got to consecrate on sick people. Get your sick people, and get them here early next Sunday morning, say about eight or eight-thirty, and we'll let them give them a prayer card as they come in the door, however they do it. And then we'll have a prayer line and pray for the sick, and just see what the Holy Spirit will do.

E-31 I believe He'll do wonders if we'll just believe Him, see. But we got to believe Him for that now, with all of our heart. And I think that the great hour has arrived that when God, in so much as we was speaking this morning, has showed us so much, and brought us to a certain... just up to a spot. Just to push over that little hill, and that's all we need, then away it goes. See, a--a going just like it was, the same thing, with the discernment, same thing by the prophetic, to watch.

E-32 I was standing at Calgary... I beg your pardon, it was the queen city, down in Regina, Regina. And Ern Baxter was standing there, and a bunch of us. And the Lord had told me, right here in the platform, "It'll come to pass, you'll know the very secret of their heart." And that's right. And I never thought of that in that manner. I walked up to the platform that night, with Ern, and just started praying for the sick. And here come a man along, just laid out his entire life; first time it ever happened just like that, in a moment, in a healing service. And then I looked out over the audience, and here It begin to come down over the audience and things. Oh, when we reach the other side! The half has never yet been told, of the things, to walk out and see things in people's life. I don't say nothing about it. Just let it alone, see, unless I'm really compelled to say something.

E-33 And now I look for this next to start like that. See, God, in His Own way, His Own sovereign time, to begin it. And it'lE--it'll be another thing that'll be--be a way beyond any of these other people. See? And I'm looking for that to happen.

E-34 And maybe, oh, I thought, if I had a little healing service maybe next Sunday. Then the following Sunday I'll probably be away with the kids and them, 'cause they got to go back and go to school. And then the next Sunday, I, course, I'm up in Chicago, at the meeting up there. And then come back the following Monday, to leave on Tuesday for--for Arizona, for the kids to get back in school.

E-35 Well, what did you find, pastor? [Brother Neville says, "Well, I've discovered something very strange."--Ed.] Good, that's very fine, now we want to hear about it.

E-36 So now the--the Lord bless you all, real, real good. And I--I hope to see you here next Sunday. And Wednesday night...

E-37 And listen. Don't forget these little churches, like Brother Ruddell, Brother Jackson, Brother Parnell, and all those little brethren who are struggling hard out there, see. And they feel like that we are their--their--their sister church here, you see. We are kind of like a little mother group to them. That's where they were born, out of here, pastors and so forth.

E-38 And this little fellow back here, brother, I met him the other night over there, Allen, little Brother Allen. I hope Brother Collins here will get with Brother Allen, if he doesn't know him. They're both Methodist ministers, and has--has seen Truth of Word.

E-39 Which, the--the organization of the Methodist church, which is a fine bunch of people in that Methodist church. Don't you never think they're not. They are. They're a fine bunch of people in that Catholic church. They're a fine bunch in the Presbyterian church. And all those places there, it's men and women that are waiting to see that Light flash over their path. You just keep flashing the Light, in humility, sweetness. Let's all grow closer to God, by humbling ourself. See?

E-40 Don't forget, this tabernacle will lose its strength. Remember that this is the target where Satan has got every gun in hell trained on it. He'll cause one person to do something that's contrary to what the other one thinks. He is doing that. He is up to it. That's his business, if he can get somebody to say something, somebody to talk about another, say, "Well, listen, did you know So-and-so did?" Don't you listen to it. Don't you listen to it, at all. That's the devil. See, it's Satan. Don't you believe it.

E-41 If there is anything that somebody has done wrong, pray for them. And don't pray in a selfish way, say, "I know it's my duty, I've got to pray for that brother." You take it to your heart, really down, for that sister. And just talk and be real sweet, and the first thing you know, you find them right back in the service again. See? Cause, after all, we're headed towards the setting of the sun.

E-42 The Lord Jesus will be coming one of these days. And, you know, I think it'll be so sudden and so--so sweet, and so there'll be one hundred per-... one hundredth of one hundred percent of the whole world will never know when that Rapture takes place. It'll just go so quietly that nobody would know nothing about it. See?

E-43 And there'll be, course, the little groups will say, "Well, now, So-and-so?"

E-44 "Oh, they say there is a fanatic bunch over there, said a group left from over there, and they... That's not so. They've just gone out somewhere. We've had that fanaticism, see."

E-45 "Well, they say that little tabernacle, in a place called Jeffersonville, there was so many of them members that's missing."

E-46 See, they just play that out. They'll say, "Oh, there is nothing to that, you see," like that, and It'll be past and they won't know it.

E-47 Across the nation, will come, those who are dead in Christ will rise first. The Rapture will take place, the Church will be taken Home. And then the Tribulation will set in, and, oh, my, we don't want to be here during that time. I don't want to be here in the Tribulation. No. God forbid that any of us would ever be here during that time. Because, "he that's filthy is filthy still; he that's holy is holy still; he that's righteous is righteous still." There is no... The Lamb had come forth with His Book of Redemption, and the Bride has been taken out. Those who turned It down has to go through a Tribulation period, both Jew and Gentile. What a time of Tribulation! I don't want that.

E-48 "Lord, sanctify me now." That's good Nazarene doctrine, ain't it? [Brother Neville says, "Amen."--Ed.] And it's true, too. It's true. That's right. "Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit, Lord. Take all the world out of me now, Lord. Don't--don't let us have..."

E-49 As the old colored brother said, "Sir, I got my ticket in my hand. It's already punched. When I come down to the river, that morning, I don't want no trouble."

E-50 So, that's about right, I--I don't want no trouble. Hold your ticket in your hand, 'cause we're going over. Just think of it, the great time of redemption is at hand.

E-51 And now another thing. Brother, what's his name, up here at Utica? I think Brother Graham, and another brother there that's pastoring there. A Brother Shanks or something like that, or Sink? [Brother Neville says, "Brother Snelling."--Ed.] Brother Snelling is the pastor, altogether. Brother Snelling is the pastor up at Utica now. I think their prayer meeting is on... ["Thursday night."] Thursday night. Now, you know, it would be real nice if we would slip up there on Thursday night and show those fellows a little fellowship. See? And then when Brother Jackson, the times that he has his, if we'd just get a little group of us together and go.

E-52 Just keep praying, keep digging! Yeah, don't stop. Just like when Elijah told them, said, "Dig ditches out there!"
When you get down, you hit an old tin can, say, "I'm too tired"? Throw it out of the way and keep digging. See? Just keep digging, 'cause we've got to dig. We've just got to dig, that's all. Cause, if you--if you expect to miss the Tribulation, you better start digging.

E-53 Now, for myself, I'm preaching to myself there. I'm going to start digging deeper than I ever dug. Because, I feel like that, in the nation and around the world, that this ministry will again, as it's known now about everywhere over the world. I--I must go again.

E-54 Wife said to me... Other morning, I said, "I want you to go with me when I leave. I'm going to leave around January, the Lord willing. I want to take a complete world tour, all the way around; come back and maybe have services in the United States, sometime next summer."
And she said, "I'm too old to go."

E-55 "Well," I said, "I've went when I... about my last trip overseas, about eight years ago, and I feel like I'm in better shape now than I was eight years ago, you know. See? I know more about it now."

E-56 And then we got on the subject, "If the Lord said, 'I'm going to allot you twenty-five years. You're not going to get feeble. You'll be able to go, and I'm going to allot you twenty-five years on earth,' would you take from--from birth to twenty-five, or from twenty-five to fifty, fifty to seventy-five, or seventy-five to a hundred?"

E-57 Now, any man that's allotted any time on earth, would certainly be a most rashel thing if he don't spend that time in service of God. I don't care what he does.

E-58 Now, if you're going to be a heartbreak for the women, or so forth, you better take that young age, that first twenty-five. See?

E-59 If you're going to be a carpenter, a mechanic, or something, you better take the second twenty-five. See?

E-60 Then I was thinking about, "What about me? Where will I take?" I'd take the seventy-five to a hundred. I'd be smarter, wiser. I'd be more settled. I'd know more about what I'm doing. I'm ten, eight or ten, years older than the last time I was overseas. I won't jump in like I'm killing snakes. I'll know more about it, see. I know how.

E-61 It's just like a coon dog fighting a coon, see. You know about how to take a hold of him. Don't jump in there; scratch you up. See, know his tricks and watch him what he does. And we learn more about the enemy. So we've got to find out all of his techniques, and how he approaches, and what he does, and learn his punches, then you're trained to go in on him, see.

E-62 "So I believe now," I told the wife, "I believe I'm in better shape now than I was when I was forty years old, and went over." See, and I'm fifty-four. And I believe, if I live and can still get around as good as I can now, when I'm a hundred, if I... if Jesus would tarry that long, I'd be in better shape then than I am now, to go. See? Because, you know more about it, you know more about what to do, and how to handle it, how to handle the situation.

E-63 Take a lot of people now, if they're going to get operated on. "They say a new doctor just graduated the other day, and just come out of medical school. He's never had an operation yet. Let him do it."

E-64 "Oh, no," you'd say, "nothing doing. Not that guy. No, sir. Yet, no, indeed. I don't want him putting no knife on me. Well, I'd rather go down here and get So-and-so. I hear he's had a lot of operations. He knows how to do it." That's it, see. That's the idea.

E-65 You think about this, but what about that soul? I want somebody who knows where they're at, and knows the road; who's traveled it. Yes, indeed.

E-66 The Lord bless you. All right, Brother Neville, get up here now. And God bless Brother Neville. Don't forget now, next Sunday.

E-67 [Brother Neville speaks about Brother Branham and Brother Vayle for one minute, then says, "And I delight to welcome the ministers of God, especially who are co-operating together with This, and in It together with us. I delight to hear from them."--Ed.] Amen. ["So I asked Doctor Lee Vayle, I said, 'Would you minister if Brother Branham doesn't?' And Brother Branham didn't. He might have known this."]
No, I didn't. I wouldn't even talked that long.

E-68 [Brother Neville says, "So I asked Brother Vayle, tonight, if he would minister for us, in case that Brother Branham didn't. Because he associated with him in the meetings, and he knows about the Way, this Way. And we're glad to have Brother Vayle. I appreciate him and respect him as well as I do any of the other ministers, and like I do all the others. And so if he will come tonight and speak for us, I'd be delighted to have him to do it."--Ed.] Amen. ["God bless, and let's pray for Brother Vayle. Some of you have never heard him, and I trust that you'll pray for him."] Yes.

E-69 I shouldn't a-took all his time. I apologize to the audience. I didn't know, sitting there, that he... this was fixed up. God bless you, Brother Vayle.

E-70 [Brother Lee Vayle says, "It wasn't fixed up. He said, if you 'didn't talk.' And you came." Brother Branham and congregation laugh--Ed.] Good. That's fine.

E-71 I get to hear him, myself. Brother Vayle has spoke a many time ahead of me, in the meetings, and--and so forth. He had managed the meetings for a long time, and a fine brother, done a swell job. And I'm sure this audience is always glad to hear Brother Vayle when he speaks. The Lord bless Brother Vayle.

E-72 [Brother Vayle speaks for seventy minutes on Mark 16:15-20 and other Scriptures, entitled: Why Has Mark 16 Not Worked? And How, According To The Scripture, To Make It Work--Ed.]

E-73 So much was said till I--I--I couldn't say nothing to make it any better. And I truly believe that it was the Lord that worked this out for Brother Vayle to bring this message, after this morning. Cause, you see, it has to work that way. We--we accept that from God. What, there is so many things he was saying; I--I--I have twenty sermons wrote down here, off of what he said.

E-74 I was thinking here of one little illustration, to back up what he said. Now, we look at this watch, to find out what time it is. Unless that every instrument in that watch is coordinating, one with the other, we'll never know the correct time. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] And that takes all of us, all together, if we want to see the Third Pull really do something for God, it's coordination with every one of us together, to humble ourselves before God and confess our wrong, and pray and believe God for these things.

E-75 I truly believe that what Brother Vayle said is the Truth, that God will never put His Spirit in an unholy, unrighteous, disobedient temple. No. It's got to come in the--the way of the cleansing of our hearts from all guile and iniquity, that we might be pure before God, that He might work His pure Holy Spirit through us, to bring these things to pass. I--I think that, when you go home tonight, if you'll read that little Book of Jude, you'll just learn a whole lot now of what Brother Vayle has said. And he said, "I earnestly contend for the Faith that was once delivered to the saints." They got away from It. How man of corrupt mind, and so forth, had come in and beguiled them away from the--from the real things of God.

E-76 And God can only operate as we let Him operate. And there's so many wonderful things, that I saying...

E-77 You know, people want power, and really they don't know what power is. See, they--they don't really know what--what--what goes with it. The--the way up is down, always. If you want power, see how humble you can get. Just get away from all your worldly thinking, and humble yourself before God, and then you've got more power than the man that runs all over the building and makes a big lot of noise; see, because you have been able to conquer yourself, and commit yourself to Christ, you see, to humble yourself before Him. That's really power.

E-78 You show me a church that's humble, real humble, not a--a arrogancy; a church, just a sweet, humble church, I'll show you a church that has the favor and power of God in it. That's right. That's the thing it takes, humility, humbling ourselves before God, letting God just work through us. Don't have to make a lot of noise.

E-79 Sometimes, as the farmer said, he went out to the field with his wagon, and, every time he hit a bump, it just rattled and went on. But when he come back, he hit the same bump and didn't make no noise at all, because it was loaded with good things.

E-80 So I think that's just about right, see, that we get filled up with the good things of God, that the fruit of the Spirit might be known through us. As he referred so much to First Corinthians 13 there, and how, that, "Though I give my body to be burnt, and have all these things, and have not charity; it's nothing, profiteth me nothing." See, we want to do that.

E-81 Above all things, it's our individual souls that we're responsible before God. See, it--it's you going to Heaven. It isn't whether I go, or he goes. It's you going, see, and you first. And you've got to look this out and come sweet before the Lord.

E-82 And I've always found out that the man that humbles himself is the man that God exalts. When you take a person with his chest out and knows everything, and you can't tell him nothing, and he is arrogant, and--and, well, that--that's the person that never gets anywhere. But you take that person that humbles themself and walks sweetly.

E-83 I was talking to a man the other day, that's just organizing a church up at the... pulled out of an organization that there had been. And, well, it's Brother Boze, and them church where they had, they had had that great church there for so long, and the Lord was blessing. Then the people got to a place that they wanted to polish up like the rest of them, and wanted to throw it into an organization. And when they did, it just... those humble Christians in there did not want that. All their life, they had been taught against it, so they walked away from it. Now they've got a group, and the Lord has blessed them until they're coming in, up into a big place now again, for a church now that puts up about four or five thousand people, and they're starting over.

E-84 And they come to me, and said, "Brother Branham," setting right there in the office, the church office, the other day. And he said, one of the leaders, Brother Carlson and them, said, "What must we do?"

E-85 I said, "Find a man to be the shepherd that has no reputation in all denomination, that's just a real good, genuine, sweet, humble brother that lives the life. God will take care of the rest of it, see." I said, "A good pastor that'll just feed the sheep, and be humble and things, God will do the rest. If you'll... Not some big know-it-all's coming in, going to put this in order, and this has to be this way, and cutting things around." I said, "It'll never work. You've just got to it."

E-86 That's it, every piece in the church must work together, and you must keep up your part of it. So we see what time we're living in. We may be closer than we think we are.

E-87 Now, we appreciate Brother Vayle. Don't we? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] The Lord bless you, Brother Vayle. Thank you. And we thank the Lord for bringing this great message to us tonight.

E-88 And I got a note, a few minutes ago. One of the sisters has had something she wanted to tell, in a dream. If you'll just write it out to me, sister, I--I'm... He has give her some dreams that has been absolutely true. We don't accept all dreams. No, no. But when they're of God, we want to know that it's God talking to us.

E-89 Like everything speaks in tongues, we don't believe it; but when there is an interpretation comes that tells us something that's going to happen, we see it happen, then we thank the Lord for it. See?

E-90 We want to keep it running smoothly, sweetly, and in order of the Lord. So just remember, that your part may be the mainspring, or it may be the little, some little hand, or some little part, or the winding stem, whatever it may be, or it may be the hands on the face of the clock, that tells the time. But whatever it is, it takes us all working together in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring this to pass.

E-91 Just think! If gifts is so great, what we call power; and Paul said, "Though I have faith that I could move a mountain, and have not charity, I am nothing." Think of that.

E-92 And though we say, "Well, though I--I understand... I wish I knowed the Bible."

E-93 "Though I understand all the mysteries of God, see, and still though I could do it and have not charity, I am nothing. See, I ain't got nowhere yet." See, the main thing is, love God, and humble yourself with it.

E-94 Now, surely, after all these years on the field and around the world, and seeing different people, I ought to know a little bit about the gate to enter in at. And if you want to get somewhere with God, never let an arrogant spirit ever come around you. Don't let no malice come in. No matter what anybody does, if they are wrong, don't you never build up a complex against that person. See? You be sweet and kind. Remember, God loved you when you were in sin. And if the Spirit of God is in you, you love the other person when he's in wrong. See, just pray for them, and love one another.

E-95 Above everything, love God and love one another. And be humble with God and around one another, and God will bless us, and it's hard telling what He will do. Usually when a church begins to get in numbers and get to getting a little bigger, or something like that, then they get away from that real thing, the real thing.

E-96 Do you know what brought these things to pass, when I first started and the Lord appeared to me down on the river and told me that? And Brother Vayle saw that, I believe, in a paper in Canada, many years ago, where that Angel of the Lord appeared on the river down there, it was on Associated Press, "Mystic Light over local minister, while baptizing." And--and you know what did that? When we had the tent meeting just across the street, a tent that seated about, oh, twenty-five hundred people, ministers come from everywhere, and said, "Brother, come here a minute." I was just a boy, like, oh, just a kid. And they said, "How do you keep those people in one accord? They love one another till... I haven't seen people love one another."

E-97 That's the Lord. That's what this church was established upon, that godly, brotherly love for one another. I seen them even shake hands with one another, leaving a place, and cry like babies, to leave one another. They loved one another that well. And I could go to their house to visit, and times the Bible was laying open and stained with tears. Come in, at nighttime, where fathers and mothers was gathered together, and their little children around on the floor, kneeling around; and fathers and mothers on their knees, crying and praying. I'd stand at the door and wait and wait and wait. And they didn't stop praying, I'll just set down on the steps and start praying, myself, waiting for them, see. And that--that was. And they loved one another. They loved one another. We used to stand and sing that old song:
Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred mind
Is like to that Above.
When we asunder part,
It give us inward pain;
But we shall still be joined in heart,
And hope to meet again.

E-98 I say this with great joy in my heart, to Christ. Many of them are sleeping around in these graves marked tonight, waiting for that great resurrection where we'll meet together again.

E-99 Let not that spirit ever depart from this place! If it ever does, then I don't care how eloquent your pastor might be, how well he might bring the Word of God, the Spirit of God is grieved away. See? When we can have all things in fellowship, in common, and love one another, then God will work with us.

E-100 And we're keeping time, that the people come by and say, "If you want to see a church that's really humble, a church that really loves God, drop in up there at that tabernacle one time and watch it. Look at the care they have for one another, the respect; when the Gospel is being preached, how reverent, how everything is just in order." Yes, then they can look and see what time we're living. You'll see the Spirit of God moving among you, great signs and wonders and things will be taking place. If the thing is working together, it's telling the time. But if it isn't working, then time is stopped, it won't tell the time no more. So if we want to know what time we're living, just start everybody working together in the Gospel, loving one another, loving God, and the hands itself will tell the time what we're living in. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Sure. Amen. The Lord bless you, real richly.

E-101 Don't forget now, get around this week. And if you know any good, sick people that's coming in, tell them, when they come, say, "Dear, I want to ask you. We're having prayer for the sick, Sunday morning, over at the tabernacle. And you been sick for a while, now I want..."
"Well, I want to go. I've always wanted to go."

E-102 "Now, I just heard a message Sunday night, from a brother there, that how we must confess our faults one to another, and pray one for another, that we might be healed. James 5:14, 13, 14, 15, see, that we must confess our faults one to another before we even come for healing. Yeah. Confess our faults one to another, and pray one for the other." See? See, that's just exactly what he was talking about tonight, brings back the beatitudes in with Mark 16. Blend that together, you've got it, then healings take place.

E-103 Look at Jesus, nothing but one bundle of love. See? He was God manifested. He, God, expressed Himself through Him, no wonder miracles and things happened. His humble life, and consecrated life; to come from being God, to be a man here on earth, to express God through Himself. That's what made Him what He was. I've always said, "What made Jesus God, to me, was the way He humbled Himself. He was so great, and yet could be so small." See? That's right.

E-104 The Lord bless you real good. Now let's stand up, and for the dismissal. Let's just try that, (you might not know it, sister), that, Blest Be The Tie That Binds. Let's sing that one time, will you? Give us the chord.
Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that Above.

E-105 Now while we sing this last verse, let's take a hold of one another's hands, "when we asunder part," and just say, "God bless you, brother, sister. I'm so glad to be here with you tonight." See, something like that, then turn back around then. Now let's sing it.
When we asunder...
God bless you, Brother Neville!
It gives us inward pain;
But we shall still be joined in heart,
And hope to meet again.

E-106 How we love the Lord Jesus! Don't we? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] How...
Till we meet!
Till we meet at Jesus' feet; (till we meet!)
Till we meet! till we meet!
God be with you till we meet again!
Let's close our eyes, and just sing that in the Spirit now.
Till we meet! till we meet!
Till we meet at Jesus' feet;
Till we meet! till we meet!
God be with you till we meet again!

E-107 Now as our heads bowed. We're just children, God's children. Let's hum it. [Brother Branham and congregation begin humming, God Be With You--Ed.] Oh, how that brings the Spirit of God to us! Could you imagine the early days when they sat on slabs of rock?
God be with you till we meet again!

E-108 With our heads bowed, I'm going to ask if Brother Allen back there, a new brother among us, if he'll dismiss us in a word of prayer. Brother Allen.