The Uniting Time And Sign

Date: 63-0818 | Duration: 1 hour and 21 minutes
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Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening. Privilege to be here tonight, and stand in this place.
E-2 I, this morning, coming down the road… I'd been off praying, waiting on the Lord. And coming down the road, I turned on a—a radio minister, Brother Smith, the colored brother, (did you all hear him this morning? Any of you?) up at, I believe it's Ohio. Someone was telling me about him preaching, and said, "You ought to turn him on, like that."
E-3 I just happened to get him, this morning. And he was certainly telling about how that sin was abounding in the world today, and is… And I turned over a little farther, station from that, and come down and heard another. Time I got down here, I was about ready see if it wasn't too late to come to church, this morning when I got in. So, we're very indeed privileged to be here tonight, and to serve in the service of the Lord.
E-4 And talking about Brother Neville, and the message the other day, to this little lady, our sister that just went from us; left us, we all know who it was, it's Sister Weaver. And thinking about a man here, being baptized tonight; she… I baptized her in this pool when I… they had to bring her here in a wheelchair. She was dying, with cancer, and she just had that night to live; the doctors done give her up, she was going to die the next morning. And I went into her home and tried to speak to her about Divine healing, and she just kept repeating, "I'm not worthy that you come under my roof." She said, "I—I'm not worthy for a minister to be in my house." She said, "I'm a sinner." But she said, "Sir, I don't want to die like this." And so Grace Weber, up here, took me down there. I just come in, tired from the meetings; and there when I was praying for her, and read the Scripture to her, and she got saved. Then, she could hardly raise her hand up, but she wanted to shake hands with everybody. She just… something happened to her.
E-5 And while they was shaking hands, I saw a vision of her going to a chicken coop, coming back. I said, "All right, it's going to be all right now"; and that's eighteen years ago. And she's been a jump ahead of that cancer, all along. If she died,… Never died with no cancer, she had a heart attack and killed her. They had her under oxygen; she died in a heart attack.
E-6 And then I was thinking, just at the last when the people were going out, and they sang, Then Jesus Came. That's exactly what happened, He came and spared her life for those eighteen years. And I thought, how appropriate. That woman probably didn't know she was doing it like that. Then, again, she might have. But just how appropriate it was to have that part there, Then Jesus Came.
E-7 Now it's a little bit before, I—I hope, my great set in for meetings. I get real nervous. This morning, I was so twisted up, I went up to—to pray. And I—I'm home, back here. The family, just took them to Arizona, and I'm… so the kiddies get in school. And I'm back here just to—to kind of relax, go hunting with Brother Wood and a bunch of the brethren here; to go out hunting, for this coming week. We're going down in Kentucky. And I was… been in… I just happened to come in the day that—that Mrs. Weaver died, and it's just right that I could be here and help Brother Neville in that funeral.
E-8 And I don't try to… I do not try to—to say too much about it on, you know, around people complaining. Because, I think, one of the horriblest things is to see a—a man or a woman that's constantly complaining. I've always thought, "God, keep me from it." See, that—that weakens faith all the time, you know. You just—you just… if you—if you… I know as they get older, each one of us, we're going to get something happen and something happen. And I know those little things are going to keep accumulating, that's as you get older, they just got to. But I think one of the most horrible things, is for Satan to crown some person's life: a crabbed old man or an old woman, you see. I—I hope that I don't get to that place. I hope that I can bear it, my burdens, and—and get to a spot to where… I want my life crowned with the Glory of God: His longsuffering, gentleness, peace, meekness, and filled with the Holy Spirit.
E-9 And I… one of my main things that's always hurt me through my life, has been a nervous condition. That when I get so worn, then I get real weary. I get… kind of feel like nobody cares for you, you know, and—and you're all… You have it, too. And I just happen to have a real overdose of it, you know, and it gets real bad sometime, and I can't hardly… It's tension, and that's what does it. And I get to a spot then that many times, especially with so many of those visions, you see, it just gets me. I look at a person, I think, "This is a vision. No, no, no, it isn't. Yes! Is it not?" You see? And you just don't realize what a price goes with that. So then—so then you—you wonder. Then you get to thinking, "Well, you're…" Then you get off your side and say, "Well, now, what—what have I done? Here I am, I'm—I'm fifty years old and I've done nothing for the Lord; and I—I'm getting old And what's…? Oh, my." Then you just get the… what we used to call "the blues." Some of you brethren about my age remember what they used to call "have the blues." Pop used to talk about it and I wondered what he meant, and I sure know now what he meant. So then, you get to feeling that way, which is none of it true; it's just you, you know it. See, you know it, it's just you doing that.
E-10 So I was trying to quieten myself a little bit now, and get ready for the—the big push that I hope coming soon. And then through… I've got to go to New York right away, and I… to a meeting up there, a campaign. And then down to Shreveport, then go back to Phoenix. And then come around the west… the south border of the United States. And then they're making arrangements for overseas now, to begin as soon as we can after the first of the year, maybe March, April, something like that; where you start in Stockholm or Oslo, and go around the world, if we can on this next tour.
E-11 And now I'm home, kind of resting up a little bit, to get kind of back to myself and kind of 'cuperated. And if the Lord's willing, I'll be back next Sunday, from down in Kentucky. And—and if it's all right, pleasing to the Lord, and Brother Neville don't mind; well, I'll just try to have the service next Sunday, if—if the Lord willing. And if He's just as willing as Brother Neville is, I—I'll be here. You see? Yes sir, if He's just as willing about it as Brother Neville. I hope He is. Now, see, then I know I'm soon, if the Lord willing, I'm going to be gone from you quite a while.
E-12 And I… just little messages, as I pick up a little something on my heart, then I—I—I feel like I want to express it to you, you see, and we can fellowship around it. Now, I've got quite a few of them, five or six that just come to me in the last few days. And I went, couple days here, squirrel hunting out here. And I get in the woods, and take me a pencil and paper. See? Now at about time it gets good and daylight, I back up against a tree somewhere. If I don't go to sleep, I start to pray, and then the Lord will give me something. I start writing down little notes of it, you see. You know what I mean; when you get to yourself, and then you… Then here I come in, write it all off on a tablet of paper. And then when I'm called on, I run out and get my tablet and go to looking through it and see what I can start, you see. That's what happened just now.
E-13 So now, I want to, if the Lord willing, to speak just… I'm trying to make… cut down them big, long messages, you see; where it takes you hours. And the Lord helped me do a pretty short job of it at Chicago, the last night there, about thirty minutes. And somebody come around, said, "I didn't think it was in you, but you did it!" So thirty minutes, from about two and a half hours, or three, you know. So maybe I can hurry up tonight and get a little practice, not hold you too long.
E-14 God bless you. No matter wherever go, there'll never be a place like this tabernacle here. It's home, sweet home. And I'm in sympathy with the Weaver family, and with this precious colored brother that died. I prayed with him a little while before he went, and a fine character. And he's at Home with God now, and it's all over. And you'd have to go anyhow, and we all know that. So we're… may the Lord rest their souls in peace, and someday we expect to join in a Land yonder, where there's no sickness, sorrow, or death. Until then, let's just do everything we can for the Gospel.
E-15 Speaking of tension, I was praying about it this morning. What would you do if you didn't have tension? Just think of it. Tension is part of living. That kind of encouraged me when I thought that. If you had no tension, you'd be like a rag doll, you wouldn't have no feelings. There'd be nothing you could work on. Like a husband and wife, maybe if she wants to do something, and they're trying to work together (especially Christians), and the other one wants… And then when you come together to… and find out what she's done; she finds out… See, the tension really brings you closer together. And somebody tells you that "Well," said, "just think of the little wife that went under a lot of tension when you wasn't so good, or the husband went under some tension when you wasn't so good. Then when it's all forgiven, look how you feeled about him. My, you just…" See, you got to have tension. That's all.
E-16 And just think, of feelings, what if you didn't have any feeling, no pains or nothing? What if there be no pain at all? You'd have no feelings at all. See? And if you had no feeling, then one of your senses would be gone. See? So, see, everything's just right anyhow. So, "God, just give us Grace to stand up to it," that's the thing. If we just stand up with that Grace, and stand there and say, "We know that when this life is over, the great one's on the other side where we're looking to go to." And now, we—we remember that all these things, that's a tension that…
E-17 Some people tries to introduce Christianity, that "you're free from worry. You're…" No, you're not. "You're free from tension." Oh, no! You add tension when you become a Christian, because you was kind of a slop—go, happy-go-lucky, whatever it was out there, not caring what you did.
E-18 But when you've become a real Christian, every moment you're wondering, "Am I pleasing my Lord? If I could hear from Him!" It puts you on tension, puts you on guard. That's what makes you what you are. So after all, tension is a blessing. It's just the way you're looking at it. It's just the way you're looking at it. See? If you just look the other side, there's—there's… No matter how thin you slice anything, you still got two sides to it, you see. So you want to see both sides.
E-19 So tension… I think, "Oh my, it's… What's this tension? If I could've been born without this tension." Well, if I wouldn't have had this tension, I wouldn't have been what I am. I wouldn't have been a Christian, perhaps. It was this tension that drove me to Jesus Christ. See? So, it's been a blessing thing to me.
E-20 So then as Paul said, as though when he had a tension or something or another, he had consulted the Lord to—to take it away from him three times. And the Lord said, "Saul… My Paul, My grace is sufficient."
E-21 He said, "Then, I'll glory in my infirmities. Then when I'm weak, I'm strong." See? As long as it's to the will of God, all right.
E-22 Now, I consulted Him one time when it used to bother me so bad, it scared me. And He told me, about eight or ten years ago, He said, "It'll never scare you again." And it never has did it. No, sir; don't—don't worry about it. I just feel it, but I know it's there; but I just go on because it don't scare me no more, so thankful for that. Now, He could have said, "It won't be no more," just as well as that "You won't be scared no more."
E-23 So it's His will that it happened, so I just embrace it and say, "Thank You, Lord, I'll walk that way."
E-24 Now, let us bow our heads just a moment for a—for a prayer. Is there a special request for prayer? (I see handkerchiefs are laying here.) Raise your hand. Lord, bless each one of Your children.
E-25 Our Heavenly Father, as we now approach Thy great, majestic Throne of Grace, because we've been asked to come. We're coming upon the bidding of Jesus Christ. And we come with all of our cares, and cast them upon Him because He cares for us. What a great comfort that is, to know that He cares for us. The great God of Heaven, the Creator; cares for us, His creation. We're so glad for that, Lord. What a comfort it is in these times that we're living, when there seems to be able to—to draw comfort from nothing but Your Word. That's our consolation, is Your Promise. And in Your Promise, You said make our requests known, and "If you'll ask anything in My Name, I'll do it." And all these great Promises: "Ask and you shall receive. Say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt, and it'll be moved." All these Promises, and we can draw from That just what we are asking for.
E-26 Hands went up, they need something, Lord. Thou knowest their need; supply it, Father. I place my prayer with theirs before Thee, my hand up with theirs. Here lays upon this desk here, handkerchiefs laying here. Oh, how the people with faith, gallant faith, Lord,… Seems to be just something that You've blessed me by, to be able to pray for sick people. Wherever, anywhere, wherever I go, it's something about praying for the sick. God help, now. I pray with sincerity that You will grant the requests of these handkerchiefs that's been placed here for people that's asked. Let Your mercy be upon them.
E-27 Lord, we understand that Sister Hicks has a woman here, that flew all the way in from somewhere to be prayed for; with cancer, and wanted to know if she could get her to get over here. I pray, God, that You spare the life of that person; grant it. My little nephew, Mikie, laying yonder sick and vomiting, with a high fever; just left the door. Lord, I—I believe we had the prayer of faith there that You've stopped it, and I—I—I'm grateful to You, feeling the fever going from the boy before I left the room.
E-28 Now, Lord,… and thank You for all these things. Now it falls my lot to speak on Thy Word. Give us Thy Word, Lord. "Thy Word is Truth." Bless our souls and give us the—the grace that we need that we might draw from the Promises of God tonight, in the Word, to sustain us through the rest of this week; grant it. Bless our pastor, this gallant soul, his wife, his children, the deacons, the trustees, and every person that comes in or out of this building; grant it, Father. In the Name of Jesus Christ we ask these blessings. Amen.
E-29 Now, I want to read from two places of the writings of the Lord. I want to read first from the Book of the Psalms, the 86th Psalm. And then I want to read from Saint Matthew, the 16th chapter, 1 to 3. And I want to read portion of this Psalm, not all of it but down about to the 11th verse, which is a little over half of it.
E-30 And I want to announce this, if I call a text, before I preach on it: The Uniting Time And Sign. "The uniting time Sign," that sounds kind of complicated. Uniting; see? Time; uniting time, that's what it is now. And the Sign of that uniting time.
E-31 In—in the Psalm, a prayer of David… the 86th Psalm.
Bow down thine ear, O LORD, hear me: for I am poor and needy.
Preserve my soul; for I am holy: O thou my God, save thy servant that trusts in thee.
Be merciful unto me, O Lord: for I cry unto thee daily.
Rejoice the soul of thy servant: for unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.
For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.
Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer;… attend to the voice of my supplications.
In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou will answer me.
Oh, isn't that beautiful? "Thou wilt answer me."
Among the gods there is none like unto thee, O Lord; neither are there any works liken unto thy work.
All nations whom thou has made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord; thou shall glorify thy name.
For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone.
Listen now.
Teach me thy way, O LORD; I—I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name. (Unity! See?)… unite my heart to fear thy name.
E-32 I'm talking now of uniting; and time sign. Now, in the 16th chapter of Saint Matthew.
The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came,… tempting him, desiring him that he would show them a sign from heaven.
And He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, you say, I… It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.
And in the morning, It will be lower… foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O you hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky; but ye cannot discern the signs of the time?
The Lord add His gracious blessings to the reading of this Word.
E-33 Now, we're talking of this uniting, uniting time; the sign of the uniting time. See, Jesus was here, in this last Scripture reading, He was rebuking the clergy for not being able to discern the time or the sign of the time. Now, that has always been a great thing to the people, see, to be able to discern the sign of the time that you're living; because God writes it plainly so nobody could escape it.
E-34 Now, ordinarily, I'd go back and pick up from other ministers, other servants of the Lord in the Bible time (like the sign in Noah's time, the sign of Daniel's time and—and so forth, the different signs), but I want to bypass that tonight to—to save time, to be able… But it's always been God's way, to give them a—a natural sign of the time, so that everyone would know just what time it—it was. And these Pharisees should have known their time. They should have knowed what the time was. He said in another place, "If you would've known Me, you would've known My day." See? It—it's very a—a great thing that we understand. See, "Without understanding!"
E-35 That's what they always referred to the prophets about, they said, "And he had understanding, by visions from the Lord. And the Word of the Lord came to the—the prophets of old." See, they had understanding through the Word of the Lord, by the prophets. And then—the prophets give a sign. Like, one man laid on his side for so long, then turned over and laid on the other side. One man had to strip his clothes. And oh, there's many things that they did to show the sign that they were living in. And now we know that the God that made the heavens and earth, and—and so laid out His work that He would describe His time by sign, that same God lives today. So we must be, something… As we see the—the time that we're living in, there must be something that somebody's overlooking, somewhere. See? Because God would never let these things happen without giving us a definite sign, that where… that—that we'd understand.
E-36 Now here is the same today, that the clergy, we don't read it right. It's just like it was then, they didn't think that it was time. They—they thought that they were living pretty peaceful then, and so they wasn't looking for no Messiah. And Jesus has said that His coming would be "as a thief in the night," when the—when the people would be unaware of His Coming. But there were some of the virgins that went to meet Him, half of them, had oil in their lamp and was ready; they were watching for that sign. And that's who I'm speaking to tonight, see, to those who are looking for the sign now, the sign of His Coming.
E-37 These signs given, by the Lord, is given only to believers. The unbelievers never see it. They go right over the top of them, and they don't see it. And now, just as sure as it is that an Angel of God could stand on this platform tonight, just as true as—as I'm looking at you, and I could be looking at it; or you could be looking at it and I couldn't see it, or I could look at it and you couldn't see it. Now, you know that's Scriptural; that's exactly the Truth. They saw… You know Paul fell down, but they… none of them could see that Light.
E-38 That Light was right there when John stood there before the multitudes, and thousands out on the bank there, of clergymen and—and sages, great men. And John said, himself, he bore record of seeing the Spirit of God descending like a dove and come down upon Him, and a Voice saying, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am pleased to dwell." And nobody saw It but John. See? It was just for him.
E-39 Did you notice how it did it, the sign for the wise men? They looked, there was… They were Hebrew. They wasn't really Indian astronomers, they were Hebrews; because they were up there in that country studying astronomy, to finish their education. And when they was… looked towards Jerusalem, and knowing that they saw those three stars from each one of their—their birth-path, of Ham, Shem, and Japheth, of which race they come from, each, and they seen them stars in their birth-path. That was a sign to them, that when those stars were in line, the Messiah was on earth.
E-40 Oh, my! No wonder they came, "Where is He? Where is He that's born King of the Jews? We've saw His Star in the East, and have come to worship Him. Where is He?" They knowed that that infant Messiah was laying somewhere, because God gave them a sign of the time, that God and man were uniting together. What a unity, when God united Himself in a human body! The principle, the greatest of all the unitings that ever was done, was when God united with man; and left His—His great strain of being God and stretched forth His tent and took in humanity, and become one of them through…?… unity. That what? That brought peace between God and man forever; how thankful we are.
E-41 And signs was not sent… Now just think, every man, and all the astronomers; people them days, their clocks was the stars. There was a watchman went on top of—of the tower, and he would get up there and watch. And he seen when certain stars was in a certain constellations, as they were passing, he knowed what time it was. Remember in the Scripture, "What time is it watchman?" And the watchman come back and told him in what hour it was. See, they kept time by the stars.
E-42 Now, isn't it strange that these stars were exactly in line for three men and nobody else saw it? See? Just exactly in line. Now, you can be so in line with the Scripture. See? When those stars become in unity, united themselves together in this constellation, three men were also united at the same time. And you can be so united with God, in His Word, until these things become realities, and you can see them and know that they are true. See? The sign of the time! You might look right over top of it, say, "Ah, nonsense!"
E-43 But to you it isn't nonsense. To you, you're united with the Word, and here It is. Then it's—it's absolutely right, Brother Pat, when—when—when—when you see this sign unite with the believer. And that's who I'm addressing this to, is the believer, for the unbeliever never see it. And what a rebuke it would be if He was on earth today; to many of our clergy today, who cannot read this sign; the signs that we're reading daily here at the tabernacle, and seeing the things. And others are reading it and seeing the handwriting on the wall, and yet many just ignore it, and don't even see it at all. It's nothing to them at all; they don't notice it.
E-44 Now notice, that in this, that He—He pointed out national signs. Now, when they asked Him about this, they wanted signs; and He gave them signs that happened. And they wanted to know when would be the end of the world, what would be the sign at the end. And He pointed them many places through the Scripture about national signs, about heavenly sign in the heavens, and earthly sign; He gave them signs, sign, signs, just constantly a sign. And when He told them there in one place about a national sign, He said, "When you see the nations, see, begin to gather around Jerusalem, see, then we know that the time of their trouble was at hand, when you see Jerusalem compassed about with army."
E-45 Now, before that they could do this, God… The world had to unite. Titus, this great Roman general had to unite his armies together and come around, after these Jews had rejected the God-given sign of the time to them. That's the time that Titus united his armies together, and come to take the city. First there had to be a uniting of God's people (so-called) against the Word of God, before that the nation could unite itself against God's people. See, the—the—the unity, the uniting; uniting together.
E-46 I believe that we're living in a great uniting time. I am taking these red lights down, and flash signals and everything (of the women, how they do; and the men, how they do; and the churches, how they do), showing to this little group, with all my heart, that I believe that we are lining in the line of God's Word in this great prophetic hour, just before the coming of the Lord Jesus; uniting together and getting ready.
E-47 Now, you see, before Titus united the nations of… his armies together, Israel united themselves together and banded themselves, that they would not believe Jesus to be the Messiah. They rejected Him, and turned Him out, and crucified Him. And then, when they rejected the salvation that was sent to them, they united themselves together to do it. Now, hold that in mind: uniting themselves together, to reject the Message of the hour! They had to do that. And then when they did that, then the national sign come in.
E-48 The nations begin to unite themselves together, and Titus brought this great army of Romans and Greeks and compassed the walls of Jerusalem, penned those people in there now, and they starved to death. They eat the bark from the trees. Josephus, the great historian, tells us. And they eat the grass off the ground. They even boiled one anothers' children and eat it; see, as they were mad people. And then when, finally, Titus, he was setting back upon the hills and around Jerusalem there, and—and those people in there thought they were doing the will of God, when they saw these armies marching in. They had refused to hear that Great Master, Lord Jesus, tell them that.
E-49 There wasn't one of them Christians caught in there, for they saw the sign and moved. See? They said, "Let them that's on the housetop come not down, or him that's in the field go back, take not his coat; but flee into Judaea, and pray that your flight be not in the winter time or on the Sabbath." Because, in the winter time, the—the hills would be full of snow; and on the Sabbath day, the door—doors was closed the gate and they'd be caught in that condition. See? We want to get on that pretty soon about the… how God does those things, if the Lord willing.
E-50 Notice now, He… They prayed that it would be that… not be that way, Jesus told them to pray for that, and they never caught one of them in there. They were gone 'cause they looked at the sign, and they were gone; that's all there was to it.
E-51 Oh, how the churches today ought to see the sign of the time that we're living in! Flee as hard as you can to Calvary, for Life; not in some church, but to Jesus Christ. Unite yourself with Him, and not with some organization or some church creed. Unite with Christ, and be sure that it's Him. You can't just take anything, you got to be positive that it's Him. What a time of union!
E-52 Now, we find out that they rejected the Messiah and then united themselves together and drawed themselves a league, and made a—an… a motion among them that if any persons received Jesus as a Prophet, that they would be excommunicated from the church. You remember the blind boy that was set with blinded eyes? And the disciples said, "Who sinned? Him, or his father, his mother?"
E-53 And Jesus said, "In this case, neither; but that the works of God might be done, made known."
E-54 And remember, they said that the father and mother could not say. They said, "They know this is our son, but we don't know how he was healed." Because the Jews had said that any person that confessed Him to being the Prophet, that they would be excommunicated.
E-55 But, you see, the works of God was that this boy didn't belong to that group. And he said, "Now, it's a strange thing to me that you don't know where this Man come from, and yet He give me eyesight." See? Now, he could say it. See, that was the works of God. He had been made healed, and well, and he could—he could tell it because he had no strings tied to him from anywhere. He was the one the works was done on, and he certainly saw his… for his first time in his life.
E-56 Now, the Jews united themselves against Jesus and—and against His Messiahship, and His Messiahic Message. We see the same thing now happening, just the same thing. Communism is uniting to destroy the church, and the only way that it… that is after the church has united itself too, in the Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, to deny and to destroy the Message, the Word! They have turned down the Word, the churches have! They cannot accept It because It's against their denominational creed; no matter how many Pillars of Fire would hang in our… in the midst of the people, or how many people be… how many things would be foretold and happen, and all the great signs that He promised of the last day; they cannot do it.
E-57 Therefore, they are uniting themselves now, and your pastor here and many can tell you, that's reading, that they are… have the ecumenical movement of the—the—the world. And the… there's a Lutheran minister over it. That, if there comes a disaster, would happen in this neighborhood here; if we are not united with that ecumenical move, then our church can no more be church, and they can use it for a storeroom. Or if one of us brothers would see somebody dying or hurt, and try to minister to him any Spiritual blessing, we could be shot for it; exactly right. We can be given ten years in the federal prison for ministering anything, because we're not a member of this ecumenical move. Don't you see the mark of the beast? See? See?
E-58 Now, we see this uniting time coming. See? Now, watch! And then the church has united itself against the Message; and then when it does that, the nations are uniting themselves in Communism to destroy the church again; just exactly what it did in the first place. See? It repeats itself right back again.
E-59 Israel had to turn down the Message first. And when they turned down the Message, then the military, the national life united itself together (of other nations), and come in and destroyed the church. And today, they have turned down the Message of the Lord Jesus, and they've turned It down. And now, the time is come to where Communism is uniting the world together against the church. See, it has to be that way. Now, it's hard to say that.
E-60 It was hard for them Jews to believe, they said, "Now come, brethren, we see that—that our—our God is with us, and so we'll—we'll go into the Temple. And now we will pray, and let holy father So-and-so… Holy father So-and-so, lead in prayer. Close the gate!" And Titus took his stand, and stood right there for about a year or more. See, right on guard, and starved them right out. There couldn't be a one of them even get outside the city; and they died, starved. And when he went in there and tore the walls down, the blood burst out and run like rivers down there where he slaughtered everything was in there.
E-61 Now, the Angel of the Lord prophesied that, back in the Old Testament, and told that that would happen. And them ministers who was clergy, who was supposed to be posted on that and to tell the people that; instead of that, when Jesus stood among them, they didn't even know Him; and try to make a—a—some kind of a—a rabbit foot, "Do us a trick, let us see how—how it's done! Show us a sign." See? And He said, "I…" Why, He said so many things, and yet they couldn't see it. See? And then when they rejected Him as their… the Message of that day, they rejected the Message of that day.
E-62 They failed to see the sign of that day. And the sign of the—the Bible's prophecy was made before them, and they said, "Let's go in now!" Them were holy men. They were men that you couldn't lay your finger on their life. They couldn't be that, and then—and then be a—a—a priest. A priest would be killed, he would be stoned to death for any little thing. So he had to live a clean, holy life. He could not do it, because he was stoned for just anything. And now they were great men, and holy men in the sight of the people, and yet they went in and said, "Now, we will… We've got God, the God Who's been with us all through the ages. We will go into His Holy Temple." That was God's Holy Temple! But, you see, He had been turned down in His Holy Temple. See? "We'll go into the House of the Lord. Now all of you Hebrews know that we are the chosen race, we are, here. And God is our God; God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He's with us. He will deliver us from them uncircumcised Philistines out there (as it was), them Romans and Greeks. He'll deliver us from that. Let's go into the House of the Lord!"
E-63 That sound good; but what had they done? The Builder of the House was in there, in a form of a lowly Galilean carpenter, and they turned Him down; when God had vindicated Him of being His Messenger of the hour and of rank, and they turned It down. So all the praying, all the sincerity, all their sacrifices didn't mean nothing to God. They had done it! And God let this great army unite to destroy it.
E-64 And we see today, as the churches through the denominations and so forth, turning down the Word of God. They don't want you tell them about these things, and science can prove it by pictures and everything else, and still they want nothing to do with It. So communism is forming to destroy it, just exactly like Titus did, and the Bible said they'd do it. Exactly!
E-65 Now, you see where we're living? The uniting time. When we see these things being united, oh; why, we fail to see those things! You can—you can look in here in the Scripture and see where that He promised that, what He would do. Now, we see it coming to pass. We see in the church what He promised to do; we see it coming to pass. We see the nations uniting together. We see the isms uniting together. We see the churches uniting together. It's uniting time. It's the hour of uniting. That's the spirit of the age, "We've got to unite." Everything you talk about has got to be organized; even the government won't receive it.
E-66 You know, as a citizen… I can't as a citizen, as a citizen of the United States, yet I—I… you'd give me a check for five dollars and I'd be "daresn't" to put my name on it. See? See, I couldn't do it. See, it's a uniting time. It all has to go through some union of some sort, and that union is the very thing that brings the mark of the beast. See? It's a uniting time, and it's working right on up into that. You can see it just with your plain eyes, if you'd look at it. It's a uniting time, where everything is uniting together.
E-67 The Jew—Jews united themselves against Jesus, as their—as their Messiah. Therefore, we see what happened. We see the same thing now, communism uniting to destroy the church, after the church has united in the World Council of Churches and trying to destroy the Message, the Word of God. They tried to get rid of It. The only thing they can do is to draw themselves a council, because that they are separated; a little group here, the Methodists, and Baptists, and Lutherans, and Presbyterians, church of Christ, and so forth like that. They can't do nothing, 'cause this one will be against this one, this one be against the other one, their doctrine is just as much difference as the east is from the west. See, they can't do it. But once together, under one big head, they got it. They got it then.
E-68 That's where the Catholics are so in unity, the Roman Catholic, course they're in a unity, they're… the majority is the Roman Catholic; the Greek and other Catholics are—are not as much as the Roman Catholic. Now they unite together, and that's the reason they stand together. No matter what takes place, that pope is the head of everything. See? And no matter what anybody else says, "He's the infallible; he's—he's—he's a vicar of God, that's all; he's next to God; he has the jurisdiction over hell, Heaven, and purgatory." See? So there isn't a thing that can be done in that case; whatever he says, that's what has to go.
E-69 Now, the Protestants is making themselves a head just like that. And don't… The Bible said "There was a image made unto the beast." What is a image? It's something like it, made like it. There it is, the same thing. What is it? By uniting themselves together, and this is the spirit of the age, is uniting.
E-70 Uniting together now, trying to destroy the Message. How did they destroy It? How could they destroy the Word of God? They can make It of none effect, noneffective, by taking traditions as they did back there in the beginning, and making the Word of God of no effect. See, they've, "Ah, that… Really, after all,…" You see where this infidel woman that's trying to… she… I forget what her name is now; if I could just call it. She… I'm trying to think of so many.
E-71 I thinking of this Miss Nations the other day; I wish we had another one like that to rise up. She was the one that went in the barrooms and tore out the whiskey, and throwed out the signs and everything like that. Why don't some woman rise up today like that, and go out here and tear some of these naked pictures down of these women of her own race, and things like that? That, they don't have it no more.
E-72 Now, but this woman, an infidel, who said that—that "the Bible's unconstitutional, to read it in public schools," and things like that.
E-73 Now they've also… Have you noticed again, they're trying to say now, and great studiers of the Scripture, said that "much of the prophecy that was prophesied in the Bible was absolutely wrong, and never did come to pass." And you've heard of that and read it. And they were trying to say everything; you see, they're trying to destroy the effect of that Word. If they can only destroy and substitute for It a creed or something that men has, that seems in their eyes to be better than the Word, then they destroy It with their—with their tradition. And that's how they're trying to destroy the Word of God, is by denominational politics.
E-74 Now, each church has its own politics. The church of Christ has its, the Christian church has its, and the Baptists, and Methodists, and Presbyterian; they all have their different politics. Now, they're getting away from that because they're separated. See, it couldn't have done it before, they got to do it now. See, this is the uniting time, and now they're all putting it together and pooling it up and see what they come out with. My, it's like baking a loaf of bread out of horse meat, and garbage out of the can, and whatever more they had together; and wad it together, and throw some rotten potatoes and things together, and see what you come out with. I sure don't want any of it. No, sir! That's the way they're doing. See, they're taking people who believe that Jesus was a myth, a church that believes that Jesus was a myth; the other, some believes He was a Prophet.
E-75 One says, "The days of miracles is past."
E-76 The other said, "There might be such a thing."
E-77 And all this together; and the Bible said, "How can two walk together except they be agreed?" See? Now, that's the kind of a unity they got. And to have some great holy father to put above it, and there you got a image to the beast, just exactly what the Bible says. Now they got a Lutheran minister, the head of it. Well, we see it's uniting time. Same thing now, Communism and all uniting together; in the world, and in the church and so forth, uniting together.
E-78 Watch nature. Oh, my! Nature, if you'll just watch nature, it does the same thing. Nature is God's calendar of signs. Did you know that? Jesus told them to watch nature. The sea would be roaring, see, and there'd be different things, and earthquakes in divers places, national strife, signs in the heaven, signs on the earth, everywhere there'd be signs of these coming time.
E-79 Watch the clouds. Before the clouds can bring up a rainstorm, you know how it's done? Several little clouds get together, make one big cloud. Well, this one's got a little bunch of wind blowing it, this other one's got a little bunch of wind blowing it, and they all blow together, and then they got a hurricane. See? They unite before they can have the storm; they have to.
E-80 Watch ducks and geese unite themselves together before they leave their country. See? They unite together. You can see them flying from this pond to that pond, from here over to there, all of them getting together. They're uniting, getting ready for their take off. See, it's just… that's nature, and God created nature, and nature works by the plan of God. It's a law, an unwritten law of God, that nature works according to His law.
E-81 Just like speaking at a funeral service; of the sap that goes down into the grave, in the bottom of the tree root, to lay there until the resurrection in the spring. It's a law of God. There's no intelligence can make that sap go down there; you couldn't drain it out, you couldn't milk it out. There's no way of doing it any better than God does it. God's got the perfect way. So when the leaf drops off, then He sends the sap down into the grave and hides it. As Job said, "Hide me in the grave until Thy wrath be past." See? It goes down there because it's a law of nature, before frost. Look at the leaves now begin to fall. Why? It's a law of nature.
E-82 Ducks will get together, every one of them, and rally around a leader. In there they'll know somehow, I don't know how they do it, but they know that that certain little drake is a leader. And that little fellow, they all get together and rally right around him, and rise right up in the air. And he'll… never been off that pond now, but he'll go just as straight to Louisiana or Texas as he can go, to the rice field. See, before they take to their flight, to leave their home where they been born that year, they unite together. Amen! There you are; rallying around their leader.
E-83 The trouble of it is, with man, he don't know his leader. Yes, sir. They'll rally around a denomination, they'll rally around a bishop or a man, but they won't rally around the Leader, the Holy Spirit and the Word. See? They say, "Oh, well, I'm afraid I'll get a little fanatically; I'm afraid I'll get off on the wrong foot." Ohhhh, there you are! What if the little duck said, "I just don't like the way he keeps his feathers. I don't believe I'll follow him." He'll freeze to death. You'll be caught up there, if you don't take with the—with the flight as it goes. It unites itself together, and nature does that.
E-84 Geese unites themselves together, rallies themselves around their leader; they do the same thing.
E-85 Did you ever notice bees swarming? Bees will unite themselves together, before they swarm, right around their queen. That's right. And where she goes, away they go too. Yes! What do they do? They unite before the swarm. Exactly; every nature!
E-86 Fish unites themselves together before the spring run. Out in the ocean, you can find them; them big… what we call "humpys," the salmon. When they come up there, before that run comes in, you'll see them by the tens of thousands, out in that sea, coming around and around; salt water, but they're actually freshwater fish. And here they come right up that fresh water, to go up for spawning season. They go up there and spawn, about every four years, and die as soon as they spawn. And they know they're going there to die, and you couldn't stop them with nothing. They'll jump fish ladders and everything else, getting up there, knowing they're going to their death. But the law of nature makes them, knowing that they go up there and spawn in the hole, and die. And the young ones come off, and something unites them together then, and out into the ocean they go. It's uniting! It's a law. You just can't beat God's law.
E-87 Nations are—are breaking, for the time now that we see that—that they're supposed to do this. We're in the process of national disturb. We see the nations are breaking relationship. Year by year, we find this nation being swallowed up in communism; this one being swallowed up in communism. And right here in our own nation, it's honeycombed with communism, and it will take over! See, it'll do it, no way of stopping it. Why? The same reason that you couldn't stop Titus. The people has rejected God and His Word. Yes, sir, so they're going to do it, and we see it right in process.
E-88 I usually will take couple of hours; I've already been about thirty minutes, right now. See? But to get all this in, I'm just pushing. You study it when you get home.
E-89 Notice, they're right now uniting. You say, "Brother Branham, is that true?" They're coming to the Battle of Armageddon; exactly what they will do. See? And they're uniting for that right now. That's why we got the U.N. and everything we have. The Western World's uniting against the Eastern World, communism and so forth, it's all uniting together. The churches are uniting together. Everything seems to be uniting. Uniting, uniting themselves together, we see that.
E-90 Also, while all this uniting of the nation, these signs, national signs, we see out here in the world, earthquakes in divers places, different things uniting; bringing the world together, bringing the people together, all the churches together, all these things. And while all this uniting's being going on, there is another uniting going on. Amen! That's what I want to point to you now.
E-91 God is uniting His Bride. She is coming together, from the East and the West, and the North and South. There is a uniting time, and that's on right now. What is She uniting for? The Rapture. Amen! God's getting Her ready. Yes sir, uniting! What is She uniting with? With the Word! "For all heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away." She's uniting Herself with THUS SAITH THE LORD regardless of what any denomination or anybody else says. She's uniting Herself. She's getting ready. Why? She is a Bride. That's right. And She's united Herself with Her Bridegroom, see, and the Bridegroom is the Word. "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."
E-92 And the Church and the Bride and the Word is becoming so one, until the very Word Itself is working out the work of the Bridegroom. Amen! You see it? A uniting! Not no more, "Join the church"; not more of this, but flee from everything and tied to Jesus Christ. See? It's the uniting time. God, uniting His Bride together, bringing It back; just exactly. Uniting the Words of His promise.
E-93 Second Thessalonians, 2nd chapter; It says, this 5th chapter says, "The saints that are asleep in the dust of the earth will waken. And then we will unite with them (the living ones, with the ones that's been dead), will unite before we even get up There," 'cause the Bride will be complete when She gets There. The ones that's living, that's uniting themself with the Word, and those that are gone already did that; and It all comes together, make one great union of the uniting before going up There. Amen!
E-94 Communism has to rise, these other things has to rise, and the church has to unite itself out yonder for the… in the nations out there for the World Council of Churches; and the Bride has to unite Itself under the Word of God. In order to do that, God has sent down a Heavenly sign and things, that prove to the Church, that there is a Nation. Amen.
E-95 God; uniting time! Yes, sir. Oh, my! Now, remember now, there is a uniting of the Word (uniting back again), bringing back "the Faith that was once delivered to the saints." Bringing back! That—this could only be done in this day. The only time it could be done is right now. It never was attacked anywhere else; they went off on denominational sprees. But now, it don't belong to no denominational spree, because it's time for the uniting of men and women of every race, every color, every creed, everything under Christ by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and back to the Word.
E-96 Uniting time for the Church! Oh, my! Uniting every Word that's been scattered all abroad by these organizations: ever since at Nicaea, Rome, when they organized the first church, and they've organized Luther, they organized Wesley, they organized all the rest of the churches. And doing that, they had to adopt a creed, and then when God sent something else, they could not receive It. Therefore, it was not possible until now. And God promised, in the last days, that "the Faith of the fathers would be restored back to the Bride again," that it would be this way, and it couldn't be no other time but this time. Look what a sign from Heaven, as a Pillar of Fire hanging among us, and with signs and wonders of the Lord Jesus Christ. And while He speaks to us, It never fails to be perfectly on the dot. Amen! Then we see where we're standing. Uniting time!
E-97 We see nations uniting, we see the world uniting, we see communism uniting, we see the churches uniting; and we see God uniting Hisself with His Bride, until He and the Church is the same thing; like the family, together. Right! Uniting themselves together; God uniting! Why? Never before, since the early church age, was the Pillar of Fire ever among the people. Never before, since the early church age, did they ever see the things that we are seeing today. And this was only made possible when God sent the Seven Seals and give us a sign by It, and sent seven Angels down out of Heaven; and come to bring back that scattered Word in them denominations, and tie it back into the Word of God again, to bring down His Holy Spirit.
E-98 Jesus said, "If ye abide in Me and My Word in you, then ask what you will, it shall be done unto you." Uniting the Bride back with the Word, which is God. The Church and the Word, not Church and the creed, Church and the Word; the Bride and the Word united together. Oh, my! What a… Restore back what? The Faith of the original pentecostal fathers, see, that had been scattered by Luther's group. Not Luther himself; not Luther, not Wesley, not those great founders. But after their going away, there was a church raised up, and they… what they did with that then, they made a organization out of it. They accepted creeds and so forth, and away they went. And look at them today, now they've come into that World Council of Churches.
E-99 Now, you see; but in the last days, you see, we see things happening now that has never happened before. See, it's God's sign, and all this uniting is the time sign. Now, we want to look at that carefully and be real sure that we get it. Leaving the… they leave the true Word for denominations; to accept creed and opinions of different men instead of taking the Word.
E-100 Revelation 10 said, "The seventh angel's Message." Now remember, that's right at the Seven Trumpets, and there's seven angels blowing Seven Trumpets. That's what we're coming to next. But remember there, very specifically It said, "The angel's…," not the seventh angel's Trumpet, but the "seventh angel's Message." See, not the Trumpet angel, the Message angel! See, the angel only sounded the trumpet, that seventh angel. The Trumpet angel was this, that in the days of the Message of the seventh angel; see, when his Message is finished. See, that's the church age Message. And this time, then he would… the Message, not the Trumpet, and "the mystery of God (that's written in the Word) should be finished."
E-101 Now look what a day we're living in! Look at those Seals, how that drawed that scattered Word of God, what Luther and all the rest of them, that them great reformers that went forth; come right back and showed it in the Bible, where they'd be; every man right to his spot, what he would do and what would happen to the church; what would he do, and what would happen to the church; all these things he left off. And then, in the last day, when we knowed nothing about it, foretold us of a certain thing happening; and even the newspapers and things picked it up, and comes right down and reveals it and ties the mysteries together. Amen! Brother, that's sublime to me! That, to me, lines the Word up. I don't care what—what… or I do care what people said—thinks, that's right, but to me it's the Truth of the Bible.
E-102 Like the wise men, coming down from Babylon, they screamed, "Where is He, born King of the Jews? He's on earth, right now. We've got to find Him." That's right. And I believe He's so close to coming that I can say, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh! I hear the midnight cry!" Hallelujah! We're right at the time of the end. Oh, my, the hour we're living in. Notice… See?
E-103 What a day! What a time that we're living, this great mystery of God being finished; bringing in the Godhead, showing what It is; how these little isms, and went off and made Him this, and somebody made Him this, and somebody made Him that. But the Angel of the Lord come down and brought up all their isms, and pulled out that Truth out of it, and presented It. And there It is, just as perfect as It can be, no other way you could go. There It is, that's what He is. See, serpent seed, all—all these different things that's been so mysteriously amongst the people. See? What is it? He had… This is the sign to what? Unite!
E-104 What did He say in Malachi 4? Would restore! Restore back the original pentecostal Faith, back to the people with the same pentecostal Message, the same pentecostal sign, the same pentecostal evidence, the same God, the same Power, the same teaching, everything exactly, with the vindication of the same Pillar of Fire that struck Paul down on the road, down to Damascus; amongst us today, doing the same things He did in that day. Uniting!
E-105 We see the nations uniting, we see the world uniting, we see the churches uniting. We see the Bride uniting, uniting with the Word. Why? The Word is God. And as the Word… As the Bridegroom (being the Word), and the Bride (being the hearer of the Word), they come together in a Union. They unite like a wedding. See, they're getting ready for a wedding, and they—they become one. The Word becomes you, you become the Word. Jesus said, "At that day,… You know what? All the Father is, I am; and all I am, you are; and all you are, I am. In that day you'll know that I'm in the Father, Father in Me, I in you, and you in Me." See? At "that day." What day? This day! We find out the great hidden mysteries of God being revealed. Oh, how I like that!
E-106 Oh, watch how science and the Word could not compare, as they do today. They couldn't do it before. It's just now that they could do it.
E-107 Notice, He said, "heavenly signs, heavenly signs." Science, and national signs; now they have a great signs in the sky today, they have astronauts and everything. But what does these astronauts do to the world science? It brings them fear. They don't know what time they could send up something like that and just drop these bombs, and we'd be no more. See? Now that's the signs that they got, fearful sights in heaven. See? They got them, atomic missiles and everything, all kinds of signs.
E-108 You see where they signed this—this treaty, the other day, that they were going to not explode any more bombs out over, but now they're going under water and down in the ground, testing them just the same. See? They sign a treaty, "We won't do this, if you say you won't do it (but we'll go back over home and do it this way; oh, ah, we know you're doing the same way over there)." See? There's just not a thing, it's just… there's not no trust among them, there's no—there's no nothing. You can… See? And everyone's scared of the other one. That's a fearful sign.
E-109 Science and man and nations has produced a fearful sign in the skies. That's exactly right. Now, fearing one another. And there's been a heavenly sign give to the… See now, they got a sign in the heaven too, a fearful sign, a man in a astronaut; might have an atomic missile, and could drop and destroy the whole nation. Get up in an astronaut, and stand out there. There ain't nothing keeping them from doing it. They can sure do it, they… anytime they want to. They can bring her into dust if they wanted to, but… in fifteen minutes from now. And what one can do, the other one that way, too. So, you see that they got a sign, but that kind of sign makes them scared.
E-110 They're uniting together, putting their powers together. The free world, they're putting its power together. The communism putting their power together with Russia. Everybody; but each one's scared of the other one. See, it's a fearful sign. That's right. That's national sign, see.
E-111 But the Church has received a Heavenly Sign: an Astronaut! Amen! Jesus Christ, in the form of a Pillar of Fire; that He was in the Old Testament, that He was when He met Saul on the road down there to Damascus, the same Jesus here today! And what does It do? Does It bring fear? It brings love that's uniting one another. Amen! A feeling for one another. It brings the Love of God, oh, uniting us and brings us (the Body of Christ) into unity as a Bride. That's what it's doing now, this great union that God…
E-112 They're uniting themselves, one group here to fight the other one, one group over here to fight the other one. Here the church is standing between them; you watch what happens, it'll unite with them. That's exactly right. But, now, we find out that brings fear and flusterations.
E-113 But the Church, the Bride, is united by one God, under one Spirit, the Spirit of God, in one holy Union of God, to be one holy Bride to God. That's right, all together; unity of the Body. The Body waiting as a Bride; as—as it is the Bride, as we call ourselves the Bride. For the uniting time of the Bride, the Church is so coming together. It should create just a love among us, that we could hardly be away from one another. That's right. We just… you don't have to beg people to pray, you don't have to beg them to worship God, you don't have to beg them to do what's right. They're just so in love with Him, till there's nothing else.
E-114 What do you think about a little girl, a real pretty little maid, that's going to marry some handsome young man that she's just so madly in love with, it means more to her than her own life, and she knows right away that they're going to get married. As that wedding day approaches, that little fellow, I'm telling you, she's all "walking around." See? She's just making everything ready; she surrenders completely to him. That's right. Everything that pleases him, that's just what she wants to do. Well, that should be the way of the Church today, that our life should be so hid in God through Christ, sealed in there by the Holy Spirit.
E-115 The thing I've been teaching to you here, is telling you these signs and different things happening, I haven't got time to do it now; will in another message, the Lord willing. But there's one little thing yet lacking in the Church. And we want that, to get to that, and I'm right on the edge of it now. See? We want to get to that, if… you got to do it. If you don't do it, that's just all. You must do it. For looky, the uniting time is at hand, for God is getting the Church together to be a—a Rapture to go to the wedding for the Great Union: when God and man will unite for Eternity, when creatures of time unite with the Eternal.
E-116 It was once done in the form of the Son of man on earth. And He had to give His Life to bring about a power, to unite other men with this same Power, for the Bride of Jesus Christ. And now the Church is uniting Itself to the Body of Christ. It's got Itself free, cut away from every little fetter, getting Itself ready; getting together, union among them; oh, a love and joy, and the Holy Spirit moving among them. Oh, my, what a time!
E-117 As we see the ducks getting ready, we see the geese getting ready, we see the beast… bees getting ready, we see the clouds getting ready for rain, we see everything; how it unites itself together, for its great push. We see the League of Nations, of the nations together, uniting themselves in communism. We see them uniting themselves over here in the Western World. We see the church uniting itself together, all these others. So it's absolutely impossible, no other time could it be this way; it couldn't have been this way twenty years ago, couldn't been this way. Couldn't been this way ten years ago, has to be right now. See, because these isms and things hadn't come to this place.
E-118 Now wake up! Shake yourself, right quick, and look out here where we're at! Where are we? Like those wise men, we're right in line with His Word, and the Light of the Lord is shining upon our path. Glory be to God in the Highest. And Glory be to God Who give us Jesus Christ, Who we love, and has brought us to this place. And as we… We are His people, bought with the price of His Blood.
E-119 Oh, my! When the uniting time comes, we're looking, like we united with one another in the bonds of His Spirit, we… Can it be His Spirit? Sure, It's His Spirit. Why is It? It's His Word, and He is… that is the Spirit of the Word. And when that Spirit of Promise comes upon you and vindicates and shows Itself right here, is It the same Spirit? It was the One that was with Moses in the wilderness! It was the One that… upon Jesus Christ! He's the One met Saul on his road to Damascus! He's the same yesterday, today, and forever! And He does the same thing!
E-120 And we see the nations together, we see the church heads together, we see communism together, we see the isms uniting, we see all these things; and now we see the Bride uniting with the Word. Oh, my! It's time that the saints shall arise to unite with those that are living, to go and unite with Jesus Christ for Eternity.
E-121 May God help us, every one, to unite with Christ tonight, when… Surrender our everything that we are, everything that we have (our whole soul, body, and mind to Jesus Christ) and look for the time of that uniting.
When the trumpet of God shall sound, and time shall be no more,
And the morning breaks Eternal, bright and fair;
When the dead in Christ shall rise and gather over on the other shore yonder (with the Bride that's alive), to be caught up together.
E-122 Look at the uniting! God uniting the Church with His Word, the Word with the Church, that they both become the same, "Say this, and it'll happen. Do this, and it'll happen. This is it; this is Me before you, this is Me proving it; this is Me with you." All…
E-123 We find that now the time comes when the Trumpet sounds, and those sleeping saints back there that could not be made perfect without us; they're depending on us (Hebrews 11); and when they come together, they unite with the living ones. The Church uniting with the Word, then the Church and the Word uniting together, being coming one. The dead saints with the living saints uniting together to be one; and all going together to unite with Christ yonder, for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.
E-124 It's uniting time, and the signs are flying everywhere. The signs are in the nations, the signs are in communism, the signs in the Western World, the signs in the Council of Churches. And the Sign is here tonight under the auspice of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God confirming it and making it the Truth. Amen! Uniting time! The sign of the Uniting Time!
Let's bow our heads.
E-125 Lord Jesus, as my poor heart jumps for joy, as I see the possibilities, (of me a middle-aged man), but yet the possibilities of me seeing You come in this generation; to be alive and stand here, and see when that Trumpet sounds, "He that's filthy, is filthy still. He that's righteous, is righteous still. He that's holy, is holy still." O Lord God!
E-126 And to think of us standing, (in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, when the world won't know what's going on), but all of a sudden, you'll see appear before you, your loved ones that's gone on, has come to unite with you again. And we'll be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye; and be caught up, together, to meet our Lord in the air. And then unite with Him, to be there forever, and never to have to be out of His Presence again.
E-127 What a great thing it is today, Lord, to know that now we are united with one Spirit. One Spirit, the Holy Spirit, has got the Word in His grip, comes in us. And what a great thing it is, what a privilege to cut loose from all the world, to unite ourself to Jesus Christ. And to think that someday, in a physical form, with a body like His own glorious body, we will set down at the table at the Wedding Supper and there be united and wed in marriage to Him; to live as Bride and Bridegroom through all times that is to come, through a ceaseless Eternity.
E-128 Lord God, may this not be just a mythical thought to the people, but may it become such a reality till such hunger and thirst will set into the people that they'll… reading their newspapers, looking upon… listening at the radio and the news, and seeing it's uniting time. The signs are flashing.
E-129 Lord God, like we spoke of the women, what they have did in the last days; what the church would do in the last lays; and what the Church Ages would be, and what the Seals would be, all these other things. And we see as it was, in the days of Noah. We see as it was, in the days of Sodom and Lot, when the Angel of God made Hisself known in human flesh, that eat the flesh of a cow and drinking the milk from the cow, and eat bread; and stood there and could tell what was going on behind Him. And Jesus said the same thing will take place at the coming of the Son of man.
E-130 Lord God, we seen the pyramid, how we build it up there, and seen how we added these things to it; and find that we're at the end-time, waiting for the Chief Cornerstone. Glory to God! We pray, Lord, that You'll wake people up, quickly now, and gather us together, with godly love and respect to Jesus Christ and to each other.
E-131 If there be some here tonight that doesn't have that hope resting within you, will you raise your hand to God and say, "Lord God, unite me with You, unite me with You"? God bless you, Brother. God bless you, and you, you; yes. "Unite me with You, Lord." Yes! Oh, my!
Nations are breaking, Israel's awakening,
E-132 Look at Israel over there, united together. Israel, from all over the world, has come to unite themselves; to unite themselves and now they are a nation. They are a united nation: with their own flag, own money, own army, everything; if they ever was, they are now. Israel united, Rome is united, the church is united. And the Bride is uniting, amen; and the coming of that Great Union. What is it? It's all moving up to that Sign, that main capital Sign, Jesus and His Bride uniting as one.
E-133 Father, God, grant these blessings that I ask for these people, and may we be united to You in heart, in spirit, as they raise their hands, desiring that. Lord God, cleanse us and make us Yours; grant it, Lord. That's all we know and we can do, is ask. And then You said if we asked it and believed it, we should receive it; I'm looking for it, Lord. I thank You in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree. (Amen. Oh, my!)
Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!
I hear the midnight cry!
We'll go up with a shout, if we all hold out,
And meet Him in the sky.
Watch and pray, my brother,
Lest someone takes your crown,
For the lukewarm and backslider
Won't wear the marriage gown.
E-134 That's right. Let's get ready for this midnight cry. It's coming in a hour when you think not. There'll be a cry, not amongst the unbelieving world; it'll be a secret. But the believers, who are looking for this, you see the stars coming in line? See? What did it produce? Just exactly like it did the first time. See, here we are, the signs are coming.
We see the signs appearing of His blessed Coming,
Lo, behold the fig leaves now becoming green;
The gospel of the kingdom has gone to every nation;
And we're near, the end can be seen.
Then gladly, away, we'll herald the Message of His blessed appearing,
E-135 Is that right? Oh, herald the Message of His blessed appearing! That's what we got to do. Tell everybody, "Get ready, prepare to meet God." Amen! I love Him. Oh, how I love Him. Now, let's stand up on our feet now. As we bid one another, reach around and shake hands with somebody, and say
Until we meet! (shake hands, now)… till we meet!
Till we meet at Jesus' feet;
Till we meet!…
Remember, you might have a call. Our next meeting may be at His feet.
O God be with you till we meet again!
E-136 Now, just think, before we meet again; before we meet Sunday morning, or Wednesday night, it may be that… first thing you know, somebody's missing. This one's missing, and they're gone. Oh, to think of your husband missing, or your wife missing, and—and John's wife missing, and—and—and over here the kids are missing. All happened (what took place?), then you're left behind!
Oh, what a weeping and wailing when the lost are told of their fate,
They cried to the rocks and the mountains, (like Israel, on going back into the city, to the Temple)
They prayed but their prayers were too late. (They rejected the Message)
E-137 Oh, brother, don't never do that. Whatever you do, stand gallant to the cause! Yes, sir!
E-138 Now, till we meet, we'll do this:
Take the Name of Jesus with you,
As a shield from every care;
When temptations round you gather, (What do you do?)
Breathe that holy Name in prayer.
Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heaven;
Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heaven.
E-139 Let us bow our heads now, as we hum.
At the Name of Jesus bowing,
Falling prostrate at His feet,
King of kings in Heaven… crown Him,
When our journey is complete. (It will be, someday.)
O precious Name, O how sweet!
Till we meet again, God be with you.
Hope of earth and joy of Heaven;
Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heaven.