Wedding Ceremony

Date: 65-0220W | Duration: 22 minutes
Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 [This wedding ceremony by Brother William Marrion Branham united Linda Reliford to Charles Branham in marriage, at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on Saturday afternoon at two-thirty o'clock, February 20, 1965. The organist played Because and Oh Promise Me, at the beginning; then the minister, the groom and his attendants came to the altar; then the Bridal Chorus was played as the bride's attendants came to the altar, followed by the bride--Ed.]
Who will I ask to give this woman to be wife to this man?
[The bride's father answers, "I, her father, will."--Ed.]

E-2 Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is commanded by Saint Paul to be honorable among all men. It is therefore not by any to be entered into unadvisably or lightly, but advisably, soberly, and in the fear of God.

E-3 Into this holy state these two persons present come to be joined. If there is any persons here that can show a just cause why they should not be lawfully joined together in this holy matrimony, do you now speak, or, from hereafter, forever hold your peace.

E-4 I will require and will charge you both, as you'll surely answer at the Day of Judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment why you should not be lawful joined together in this matrimony, do you now confess it, for be it assured unto you that any couple that are joined otherwise than God's Word doth allow, their marriage is not lawful.

E-5 But duly believing that you have considered this solemn obligation that you're about to assume, then, that you have prepared to enter upon the same, reverently, discreetfully, soberly, and in the fear of God, I shall propose to you the marriage covenant. You will declare the same as you join your right hands together. [The groom and bride join their right hands together--Ed.]

E-6 Will you have this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together in this holy state of matrimony; do you promise to honor and love and cherish, in sickness and health, riches or poverty, and will forsake all others and cleave thee only unto her as long as you both live? [The groom answers, "I will."--Ed.]

E-7 Will you have this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to live together in this holy state of matrimony; do you promise to love, honor and cherish, in sickness and health, and forsake all others and cleave thee only unto him as long as you both live? [The bride answers, "I will."--Ed.]

E-8 I will require a token that this covenant will always be kept. [Two rings are placed on the minister's Bible, then offered to the groom for the bride, then to the bride for the groom--Ed.] Will you join your right hands together again, place them upon the Bible.
We will all bow our heads.

E-9 Almighty God, the great Creator of all things, the Author of everlasting Life, and the Giver of all good gifts, when Thou didst see fit to give man a present, You gave him a wife. It is written, "He that has found a wife, has found a good thing." And as we stand this afternoon, after many thousands of years, our mind is brought back to the time that the first ceremony was ever performed, it was by You, Father, in the garden of Eden, when You married our father and mother, Adam and Eve, and to this day man has taken to him a wife.

E-10 Father, we pray that You will bless this young man and this young woman, who has found love in their hearts, one to the other. And in the reckless age that we are now living, so many divorces, break-ups in homes, may it not be with this couple. May they remember this vow as long as they live! May there be no powers to ever separate them! I pray Thee, Father, as You did bless Isaac and Rebekah, and made them ever happy in their lives, and they were fruitful, [] we pray that You will likewise do to this young man and this young lady, who have agreed upon this, talked it over with each other in secret, and now has come to the church and this company, to offer their troth, one to the other, and has so did and declared it in this public place.

E-11 Now, Father, by the power of my commission given me by Almighty God, to be His servant, and has been witnessed to me by an Angel, by this authority I now pronounce this man and this woman, husband and wife, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. , [Matthew 19:6], [Genesis 25:20-21]

E-12 God bless you. You are married. [The couple kiss, then face the congregation. The organist begins playing the Wedding March--Ed.] Whatsoever God has joined together, may there be no man put asunder. [The groom, the bride, and the attendants leave.]
May the audience stand for dismissal.

E-13 Our Father, we thank Thee this afternoon that there is still, on earth, men and women who believe You. And as we here today, many of us, has went through the similar time, for the same purpose. We are minded, as we see a young man and a young woman, that has agreed to live holy and separate from the world and other companions, to live only to them, each other.

E-14 We are minded of the Church that also has agreed to live holy and accept, from the world, separated, and waiting for the Coming of the Bridegroom. May our hearts beat in love for Him. May our minds be upon Him, and waiting and longing for that great Wedding Supper that's going to be in the air, one day when He does come. Though He tarry, yet He'll be here. And as we leave today, then may this be reunited in our minds and our hearts, and may we pledge ourself to Thee anew, to live undefiled from the world, that we might someday be a partaker of that great Ceremony that's soon to come. We ask this in Jesus' Name. Amen.
The Lord bless you.