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God had commanded Moses to lead the people to the promised land. And they said, “You take it upon yourself to do too much. You, trying to make yourself the only one in the bunch that—that’s got any say-so.”

And this displeased God so much until He told Moses, “Separate yourself from among them. I—I’ll just—I’ll just kill the whole bunch, and start a new generation with you.” And Moses fell in the Presence of God and said He’d have to come over him. See?

Now, today, if God was going to a liquidate the people, and there was a time that when God had gotten tired of fooling with our sin, we constantly going wrong, who would stand like Moses, today, for the people? Where would we find a person that would stand, or could stand, that God would accept like He did Moses? And Moses’ own life on earth meant so much to God till it stayed the wrath of God, and God would not cross over Moses. That always was a puzzle to me till I…One day, in revelation of the Scripture, there came this thought to me. That, you see, Moses, in act, was every way substituting. He was a type of Jesus Christ.

And it takes the love of God to dash out there on the front line and stand in the gap for the people.

William Branham, Sermon "Standing In The Gap"