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Luke 24:49. "You shall receive the Holy Ghost after this, the promise, after this the Holy Ghost come upon you, then you'll be witness of Me," Acts 1:8. Luke 24:49 said, "Behold, I send the promise of the Father upon you, but wait up at the city of Jerusalem until you're endued with power from on High."
How long? One hour, two hours, ten days, four months, six months? Didn't make any difference. "Until." How long is that? Just until. When you ask God for anything, stay right there, until. Amen. Whew! I—I feel good. Stay until. Until what? Till it happens. Claim it. Believe it. Hold onto it. Go in action. Testify about it. Glory! Yes. Testify. Don't be afraid. Get in action.

They were in the upper room. What? Praising and blessing God. What for? The promise. They knowed it had to come. There you are. Get in action. Go to praising God till the promise is fulfilled. You've got the promise.

If you believe God heals, stay in action. If you believe He's going to call you out now, and you're holding onto Him, stay in action. Amen. Stay in action. You got two wings, so use them. Stay in action. Wave them back and forth, "Lord, I believe. Lord, I believe." You can't just holler, "Holy, holy, holy," you have to say, "Lord, I believe." Stay in action. Amen.
They stayed in action until "there came a sound from Heaven like a rushing mighty wind," then they really was in action. Then they went in action. Uh-huh.

William Branham, Sermon "One Man's Influence On Another"