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Let me tell you something brother, if it takes a call to a holy-roller to live in the Shekinah Glory, let me stay with God in the Shekinah Glory, call it what you want to. Amen. That's pretty strong for a Baptist, isn't it, brother? But, that's real preaching. That's real... But I know it to be the truth. Amen. The preaching ain't very good, but the truth is the same. Amen.
Come on the inside; let the world howl and carry on. Let preacher fail, let everything else fail, that don't stop you a bit, stay in there. You're living by the pot of manna when you'll eat anytime you get hungry. You don't have to worry about whether this is going to happen or that is going to happen, you're living in the Shekinah Glory, that real beautiful amber Light that hung under the locked wings of the Cherubims here. And he walked in that Light; the whole thing was lit up. It was light all the time.

And a man or a woman that's living in the holiest of holies with God, is living in the grace and power and the resurrection of Christ day and night, all the time. Amen. Don't you want to live there? That's the place; that's the place. There's where the outside world, you don't even hear it. Oh, the curtains has been dropped around. Somebody say, "You know what, Mrs. Jones did so-and-so." You don't even hear it. "You know, the pastor done..."
"Well, I don't even hear it. Oh, my. What the pastor done, that's up to him. What Miss Jones done, that's up to her. But what I do is up to me and Christ. Hallelujah. I live here in His blessed Presence."
Come, cross the riven veil,
Hallelujah to His Name;
I'm on the altar sanctified,
Hallelujah to His Name.
You've heard that old song: "I'm Living in the Presence of the King."

Oh, my, come inside. Get in the Presence of the King; live there day and night. He don't want you to wonder around, be tossed about. You're just satisfied with eating manna, coming to the church and getting a little... Oh, I want it day and night. You know, might be a time when I'll have to need it real quick, so I'll--I want to stay close to it. Amen.
That's what you can do, if you want to; it's yours by asking. "He that lacketh, let him ask of God." Is that right? "God is willing--not willing that any should perish, all might come to repentance." He wants you to live a full consecrated life.

William Branham, Sermon "Hidden Life With Christ"
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