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I believe that the reason we don't have desperation is because it's a lack of love, God, the love of God. I think that the love of God causes desperation. If God is in you, the Token inside of you, and you see the conditions of times, and people wading in sin the way they are, it'll throw you into desperation. I believe it will.

Now the Word plainly states, if you want to put this down, in Galatians 5:6, that, "Faith worketh by love." See? "Faith worketh by love." And the only way that you can have faith, is have love first. Because, after all, faith is love's incentive. Incentive, that's exactly what--what faith is. It's an incentive to love. Now, you, if you don't have love, you can't have faith. See?

How can you have faith in your wife if you don't love her? That's in phileo. Now how about in agapao, to God? How can it be if you don't love God?
If you said you loved your wife, and never tell her about it, and never set down and make love to her, expressed it to her, kiss her, hug her, and tell her she's the best cook in the country, all the things that you know, and how pretty she is, and how much you love her; if you don't do that, she'll never know it. That's the way. If you do love her, you express it.

That's the way we do to God. When we love Him, we tell Him about it. We set down and we adore Him, and worship Him. And, see, love drives us to that.

Now what if something has got to be done for your wife? Why, it'd throw you into desperation to get it done. What if somebody says your wife's got cancer? What if somebody says your--your wife's got TB, and she is fixing to die? Yet, you, you'lE--you'll do anything. See, it'll throw you into desperation.

And that's the same thing that it is. We must have love before we can have faith. And faith... When we have genuine love, what does it do? It pushes our faith out on the battlefront for God. See? Genuine godly love for God and for His Word and for His people, will push faith out there. Love just takes a hold of faith, and just, "Come on, let's go!" And out it goes, 'cause that's what love does.

John 14:23, Jesus said, "If a man loves Me, he'll keep My Words." Now you can't keep His Words without having faith in what He said. So, you see, if he loves God, then he keeps God's Word. If He said, "I'm the Lord that healed thee," he believes that. Love makes him believe it, because love dominates all. "Though I speak with tongue of man and Angels, have not love, it's nothing, see. Though I have faith to move mountains, and have not love, it's nothing." Love dominates all, 'cause God is love, a God of love. Now, yes, sir! If Jesus said, "If a man loves Me, he will keep My Words."

William Branham, Sermon "Desperations"
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