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And I just love the Word. The Word is the Truth. And I like to read It before my congregation, because I know that in the judgment I'll stand with them. And I've got to give an account. So if I bring It from the Word, then I'll not be guilty; because It's the Word, and God is responsible for His Word.

We see so much today of evangelists and so forth, building up around personalities. Oh, it's a disgraceful thing. And we find out in going into churches, we go into church and you find a certain pastor, he's got some little peculiar act about him, some little emotion. If you don't notice, the entire congregation will take that spirit. If he's just a little emotional, or jerks his head, or some little odd thing, well, the whole church will take onto that. And we've got today in our modern churches to where it's sensations and little things like that; and it's got such a confusion. But, oh, my beloved brethren, if there ever was a time that we ought to be on the Word, it's today.

You see, I would hate to stand at the judgment and know that I had some little fickled-e-something of a little peculiar revelation, and misled people. I don't want them to have my spirit on my actions, but I want them to have God's Spirit by God's Word; that produces Truth.