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God told Moses He give him the land. He told Joshua, "Every place the foot, or sole of your foot, treads, that I have given you." They had to fight for every inch of it. So do we fight for every inch of it. It isn't something to be babied and petted, and around like that, and say, "Well, I'll take you over there, see what you think about it. You pass your opinion." That's no way to come. [Joshua 1:3]
Come with a determination. Come that you're going to stay there till it's over. Stay there till God answers and vindicates. A man that believes in God, can see the Presence of God, feel the Presence of God, sense the Presence of God, and know He's here. He is here to answer everything that He made promise for in this day. Then, cry till you get it! Hold onto Him. Don't leave, if you have to stay day and night. God don't want His children to listen to intellectual speeches. He wants them to cry out to It, till the promise is vindicated.

William Branham, Sermons God's Provided Way For This Day