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What good is the stones if you haven't got a stone mason to shape them out? Confessions is stones. When Peter made his confession, Jesus said, "Thou art Peter, a little stone." But what good is a stone if there isn't a stone mason there to shape him into a son of God? You're just piling up a bunch of rocks. Is that right? Isn't doing a bit of good. See? The water weareth away the stone. See, that's right; that's the people.
What good is stones if you haven't got a true stone mason with a good sharp tool to shape him into the fitting place in the house of God? Just want to ask you, what good's the decisions? What good you putting your name on the Book? What good is come join the church, if the stone mason isn't there that'll shape that and make them quit this and that, and cut them and make them over this way, and square them up and make them like Christians that sets in the house of God with signs following the believers?

William Branham, Sermon " The End-Time Evangelizm"