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Now, see, He pointed them there in His Presence; Christ pointed them to the Truth. He said how to see Him was to go to the cross. There's where it's at, at the cross: "Except a corn of wheat falls, it abides alone." And if He did not die, He would have to abide alone Himself, if He did not die. But Him being the Corn of Wheat that fell into the ground, and then if It falls into the ground, He said It'll bring forth abundance, if It falls into the ground and dies. First it has to be a germitized grain, or it won't bring forth nothing. But it has to have life in it before it can fall into the ground. And He had Eternal Life in Him, because He was Emmanuel. And He had to give His own Life in order to bring forth life again.

E-72 Take like the wheat. You say, "How could one grain of wheat?" Here's what happens: One grain falls in; it brings forth a hundred grains. A hundred grains falls in, brings forth a thousand grains; a thousand grains falls in and brings forth a million grains; a million grains falls in and brings forth a--a barge load, and on and on and on till it feeds the whole world. That's what He meant. "If I live My Life alone and die this way, and just live My Life alone, well then, there'll be no fruit after Me. But if I fall into the ground under the will of God... And I'll bring forth a new birth, and in that new birth, it'll bring forth another with new birth and another with new birth, until the whole world will be missionaried and Gospel-preached. 'This Gospel must be preached in all the world for a witness unto Me. These signs shall follow them that believe...'"

William Branham, Sermon "Sirs, We Would See Jesus"