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I love nature. I thought, "Oh, how, what a wonderful place to be, hearing God in the elk herd, hearing God in the wolf call, seeing God in the flower, God in the wind, God in the trees." God's everywhere. Just look around. You get Him on the inside here, you can see Him out there.
And I looked at that little old chipmunk or squirrel, and I thought, "You noisy little fellow, did I excite you?" And I might as well tell you the rest of the story. I got so enthused, oh, I wouldn't say that: inspired, until I set my gun against the tree, and around and around and around that tree I went just as hard as I could go, screaming to the top of my voice. Why, if somebody would've come up in the woods, they'd thought they had someone out of the insane institution there.

But what was it? God was near. I was praising Him with everything that was in me, for there He was in the rainbow; there He was whispering through the woods; there He called to me through that wolf, and He answered over yonder in the elk. Why, you could not hold your peace in a place like that. So I was more noisy than the squirrel was. I didn't care. I was worshipping the Lord, way back up in the very tip of the rocky mountain.

William Branham, Sermon "The Greatest Gift In The Bible"