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Genuine Christians were rugged. They were burly. Could you imagine Saint Paul being that type of a Christian? Could you imagine Saint Peter being now, "Now, if you don't make me general overseer, well, I don't know, I might go join So-and-so"? They were rugged men. They were men of faith. They lived with God. They walked with God. They were men of few words. They served God day and night, constantly. You didn't have to spray them, and baby them, and offer them this, that, or the other. They were men, rugged. They were genuine seeds, not hybrid in denominations.
"If you... If the Methodists don't treat me right, I'll go to the Baptists. The Baptists don't treat me right, I'll go to the Pentecostals. If they don't treat me right, I'll go back to the Catholics," or whatevermore. See, they... It's a hybrid, have to keep them sprayed, "Yes, Doctor Reverend Brother So-and-so..." That ain't Christianity.
Christianity asks--asks no titles; it asks no favors. It only knows God. It's original seed. It loves God, and loves one another. There's no spraying on them, and babying them, and patting them around, and saying, "Yes, well, this sister, well, I believe it's all right for her to have short hair, and this one not, and..." There's no such stuff as that, and let them get by with this. It's--it's rugged; it's the Gospel. Lay it out there, and let it fall where it will. Christians love it.
Must I be carried Home to heaven, On a flower bed of ease, While others fought to win the prize And sailed through bloody seas? Must I be patted on the back, and this, that, and the other, and babied? I expect my place out yonder with the rugged. I expect not to come up there with no trophy scars at all.
If I must fight, if I must reign, ... increase my courage, Lord! See, let me stand like a Christian, not to be a--a hybrid plant, have to be babied and petted, and brought into something. You're not brought in anyhow, Christianity, you're borned in it. You become a new creature; you're a seed of God, that comes into the earth.

William Branham, Sermon "God's Power To Transform"