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Brother, we receive a Kingdom inside of us, as sons and daughters of God, that all through eternal ages it'll remain.

We've got nothing to be sad about. We've got all to be happy about. No wonder the people get noisy. It's enough to make them noisy. I kindly like a little noise; it's a sign of life. You know anything... I can prove, that scientifically if it hasn't got a little noise about it, it's dead. So if your religion don't get a little noisy, you'd better bury it, and get one that's got something.
When Aaron, the high priest, was anointed to go into the holiest of holies, he had a bell and a pomegranate--bell and a pomegranate on the ends of his garments, and that was for a purpose, that when he went into this holy place, if there wasn't any noise, he'd been slain. But as long as there was noise, there was still life.
So as long as you can still see people that's got enough God in their heart to say, "Amen," in the presence of their boss, or their neighbor, whoever it might be, it shows that God still lives. Life, what is better than life?

William Branham, Sermon "Thirsting For Life"