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If you'd watch nature real close, you won't get too far from the Word, because God is in nature. I think, the last time I was down here on the West Coast, I preached on the four ways of seeing God; God in His Son, God in His Word, God in nature, and so forth.
Now if we notice everything that God made in nature, being I'm going to speak that way, on natural things typing spiritual things, it... because it was made of things which does not appear. It was the Word.
A few months ago, I was asked to preach a sermon, a funeral sermon, for a dear old friend of mine for his mother... He said, "One thing I want you to do. Just assure my people, assure us of her resurrection."
So I took the text from something over in Job, of how that Job was watching nature.
I've been privileged of speaking practically to every nation under the heavens. I've seen all kinds of gods and all kinds of religions, but there is none of it true but Christianity. It's the only one. Even nature, itself, it speaks for Christianity, God the Creator!
Look, there is life, death, burial, resurrection. Resurrection! The whole... You can't go outside without seeing it. Watch the leaves come on in the spring. Watch them get to their youth in their old, in their middle age, and then their old age. And the vein's in the leaves, packing the life. A few minutes, you find out it isn't long, before any frost falls or anything, them leaves drop off. And what happens? The life that's in that tree, that sap, goes down into the roots. If it didn't, the winter cold would kill the tree, kill the life. It can't stay up. It's got to go down and bury itself. But in the spring of the year, here it comes back, with a new leaf again. It's testifying there is a life, a death, a burial, a resurrection. Everything typing. We just can't get from it.
Watch the sun when it rises of a morning, the sun that lights the skies. It's a little baby, rocked in its mother's arms, when it's weak, not very much life, not very strong. And then about eight o'clock, it starts off to school. At eleven-thirty, she's graduated, and it's out of high school and out of college. Then she is in her strength, from about twelve till about two. Then she begins to get weak, weaker, weaker, weaker, and finally she gets real weak like an old man or woman, goes down. Is that the end of it? She comes back the next morning to testify, "There is a resurrection, and a life beyond death."
Everything testifying. All nature testifies. The Word testifies to it. The very Spirit Itself that's in our heart, testifies to it. Something within us, calling out, that, "There is a resurrection of the dead." So, you see, to say...
If everything serves God's purpose, it's got a resurrection. But it can only rise if it serves God's purpose. If a flower lives and is not germitized, it will not rise again. If you plant corn, and it is not germitized, it will not rise again. Anything that doesn't serve God's purpose, has no resurrection. But you can't keep anything in the ground that serves God's purpose. It comes forth again to testify of a resurrection. We know that all these things are right. They are testimonies to us, to encourage us. Each day, everywhere you look, you see God.
There is a natural body, a people. There is a spiritual Body of people.
There is a natural bride. I've had the privilege of marrying fine young couples. And I never think of it unless... I kind of turn them around, a little superstitions, and I face with my--my back to the East, and them looking to the East. And as I look at them, I think of their hearts beating as one, Christ and His Bride. There is a natural bride, and being that there is a natural bride, it's only a testimony there is a spiritual Bride. There is a spiritual Bride, because there is a natural bride.
All these natural happenings, now, they forerun spiritual happenings. Each happening accompanies the other happening, only it improves it.
You say, "What's like that?"
Well, something like a spiritual Life, when it comes into the natural life, it improves the natural life. It, It makes you in a better condition than you was in the natural life.
When the leaf is getting old and dies, when it comes back with the life again in the resurrection, to testify in another year, it comes back in a better condition than it did when it went down. See, everything testifies of these things.

William Branham, Sermon "Countdown"