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Paul describes it in Romans 7:21, "When I would do good, then evil is nigh." When you try, did you ever have that in experience, Christians, that when you're trying to do something that's worthwhile, go to make an effort to do something that's good, then you find out that there is the Devil on every hand, just to upset you, everything that you'd... And that's one good thing that I'd like to say this, that the Christians might know that when you're--when you're starting to do something, and there's something always trying to upset you in doing it, do it anyhow. That's the Devil there trying to keep you from doing what's right.

Now, many times, I meet people that's prone to be a little nervous. When they find out that they're trying to do something, and--and everything's just blocking it off on both sides, they say, "It might not been the will of the Lord." See? Now, don't let the Devil lie to you like that.
The first thing is find out whether it's the will of God or not. And then if you want to know whether it's the will of God, look into the Bible. There is the thing that--that sets you straight, is the Word of God; and then if you see it's in the Word of God, for you to do it...
Like, for instance, seeking for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Many times I run into people, say, "Well, I have sought for the Holy Ghost, and I just couldn't receive It. I don't believe It's for me. Every time I get down, I get sick. And I go to praying, if I fast, I get sick. And if I try to stay all night, or stay up, I get so sleepy. I can't get off my feet." Remember, that is the Devil. Because God intends for you to have the Holy Spirit. It's for whosoever will.

William Branham, Sermon "Thirst"