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It's not expressions of some church that we should express something. It's a life that you don't live yourself, but He comes in you and lives by Hisself, and you become a prisoner; to any human intellectual being at all. You're led by the Spirit. And how do you know?

Now, you say, "I might know I was losing my mind. Maybe a man that loses his mind does that."
But if you have the mind of Christ, Christ expresses Himself through you, shows that it's Him and not… you've not lost your mind.

Some people, under illusions of things, goes out and becomes insane. Well, that, we know that's wrong. That's the devil trying to impersonate the real thing before it gets here. See? They're always a bogus. See?
But a real man, and to lose his own thoughts and his own thinking! Not come up blindly like that. No, sir. You come up with your right senses, and Christ takes you over and expresses Hisself. And now, to the world, you're an insane person.
Now, if you're insane, you're actually insane, then there's nothing, the devil can't take you in complete control. He'll make you do everything contrary to this Word.
But when Christ takes you over, He'll express that Word right through you, because it's Him. He is the Word! See? And then you can see the expression of Christ. Not some illusion of some sort, but a real genuine Christ expressing Himself right through you. How beautiful!

William Branham, Sermon "Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed"