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Jesus in His prayers said, "Father, I sanctify Myself." Jesus become sanctified to the church. He could've got married but He didn't do it. He become sanctified. He said, "Sanctify them, Father, to the truth; Thy Word is the Truth."
Now, let's lay aside every weight. If you got a temper, you got something about you that you talk when you ought not to talk, oh, God, lay it there now. Lay it there. Watch the fire of the altar come down and take it away. Watch the love of God lick it up. Watch all that old selfishness, the way you've been talking to your wife, the way you been talking to your husband, the way you been talking to your neighbor, the way you've talked about the people in the church; lay it on the altar this morning and the fire of God will come down and take it right away and Divine love will burn in its place.
If you got sickness, lay it on the altar. Say, "Lord, here it is. Create in me a clean spirit. Create in me a healing power." See what God will do.

William Branham, Sermon "Enticing Spirits"