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A real born again man or a woman that's got discernment of the Holy Ghost will find his place in church, worshipping, and crying out and doing all that's in his life to try to bring sinners. Certainly.

Go to work!

You've got discernment. Work while it's light, for the night cometh when no man can work. Work while we got an open door. Work while we can have meetings like this. Get our loved ones in. Bring them into the Gospel. Get our friends--our neighbors. God died for those people, and we ought to be concerned enough about them to work till our hands are bleeding. We'll come empty if we don't.

Like the little girl up here in Kentucky that died recently up in the hills, way back. There was about eight children. One little girl about the middle of them, around twelve years old, her sisters and brothers were so lazy and wouldn't do nothing, and her mother lay dying with the horrible disease of tuberculosis. And the little girl, she done the mopping, the cooking, the washing, the taking care of her mother, while the rest of them loafed around--played and went swimming.
Finally her mother died, and then the little girl had to continue on, 'cause none of them would work. And she worked, and she worked, and she worked, until finally she took the dreaded disease, malnutrition and not having enough to eat, and so forth, the little thing's body broke down. She was dying.

Some Sunday school teacher came in to her and said, "Are you a Christian?"
She said, "Yes, I am."
Said, "What denomination do you belong to?"
She said, "I don't belong to any denomination."
Said, "Then tell me: how in the world are you going to meet Jesus. What are you going to show Him what church you belong to?"
She said, "I'll just show Him my hands. He'll understand."
Now, I think that's what He's going to look upon all of us when we see meetings like's going on here. He's going to look at our hands and see what we've done about it: spiritual discernment, not discerning the Lord's Body.
Let us pray. If those hands should be at work, and you know they should be, won't you lift them to God and ask Him to sanctify those hands to His service while we pray? Raise up your hands.

Lord, look at those hands and mine too, Lord. I want to come as a calloused soldier. I don't want to come empty. I want to preach till I die. I want to pull, and beg, and fast, and pray, for I know the nightshades are falling, and the hour is soon at hand. Lord, open my eyes to see more signs of Your coming. Burn these people's hearts tonight with great wonders that You promised.

William Branham, Sermon "Discerning The Body Of The Lord"