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The prayer - that's what keeps the world out of you, is when you pitch yourself on your knees, and say, "Lord Jesus." And the Blood comes down and seals you all up so the Devil can't get you. See, that's right. See? So then, oh, many times the people go around and say "it's awful," but that don't make any difference; it keeps you safe. See? That's the main thing: keep safe. Say you're old fashion, but, that doesn't matter; it keeps you safe.

You know, sometime people when they pray, they get tired. Don't they, mother and dad? Oh, get so tired. Brother Branham sometimes gets so tired I almost faint when I go to praying a long time; just get faint, go without eating and things, for days, and pray and pray and pray, and preach, I just get to a place I going to faint, nearly. And sometimes people get that way. That's no time to give up. Keep on. God will answer. Yes, sir. Keep holding on. Yes, sir.

William Branham, Sermon "Teaching On Moses"