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A lot of the Pentecostal women wearing clothes that pertain to a man, and God said it's an abomination in His sight. Right. How do you expect to go to heaven like that? It shows that the Holy Spirit isn't in there. If the Holy Spirit was in there, It'd condemn you. Right. Oh, you might shout, speak with tongues, run up and down, dance in the spirit. I've seen Hindus do that, and Indians, and everything else. That don't mean nothing, unless there's a life to back up what you're talking about, power of the Holy Ghost makes godly living people. That's the bride of Christ.
Esther was to become a bride, so she didn't want none of the adorning of the world. She wanted to go in to the king just like she was. She adorned herself like the Pentecostal women ought to, with a meek humble spirit. And when all these fancy first ladies come by with all their new fandangoed things, the king looked at them, and put them in the chamber with the concubines. But when this Esther come into his sight, and he got a glimpse of that sweet, humble, meek spirit, he said, "That's her. Go get the crown and put it on her head." That's it.

Let them adorn themselves with that kind of a spirit, not only the women, but the men too, adorn themselves with that kind of a spirit. Then you're becoming ready for the--the bride, sweet, reverent. Esther made her heart clean.

William Branham, Sermon "Marriage Of The Lamb"