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Balaam failed to see the smitten rock before God's people, and the brazen serpent, that atonement that forgave their sins.
And so is it today, when a people laugh and say, "Them Divine healers, them holy-rollers, they done this and that." I'll admit it. But they fail to see the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, moving on before the Church. That's right. It atones. There's a sin atonement made for the Church. And people, you who know God, move on. God is for you. No matter how much they try to put a curse on it, it can't be done. The Blood of Christ separates that. God did not look upon any people as their own moral standards. The only thing He looks at, is the Blood of His own Son, Jesus Christ. And any persons that's under that Blood is safely protected. Amen.

William Branham, Sermon "Children In The Wilderness"