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Joshua and Caleb, they were really all fired up. They must've had a prayer meeting over there, a real revival of some sort, among themselves. And when they come back, they said, "Yes, we can take it."
But the other ten said, "Oh, no, we can't do that. We, it's just too much for us." Lack of faith. See? Listen, Christian. Everything is based on faith. And faith cannot be right unless it's got something to be based on. You can't have faith, say, "Well, I believe that this is my belief, that..." My belief is no good if it's contrary to God's belief. But if my belief tallies with His, then I got a foundation solid. No matter what takes place, we're just going to go anyhow, 'cause God said so." Now, that's the type of faith that Caleb and Joshua had.

William Branham, Sermon "Redemption By Judgment"