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When had a great earthquake over there, as you understood, in Bombay, and out in India. And thousands and thousands of people was homeless and so forth.
And the thing, before this happened, all the birds and wildlife left this area completely. And then after it was all over, all of them returned back again. My, my. God warning His birds for them to get out of the way. The birds will take God's warning but His children won't (See?), they--they won't listen. See? But all the birds went away for the--till the all--went out of the--all the area... There was not a one of them killed or anything. And then they all returned back after the--after the volcanics and so forth, eruptions died down, then they come back. See? They escaped the great tragedy. So that just goes to show, the same God that called them in the days of Noah into the ark, He still lives today. He's still the Lord.

William Branham, Sermon "Redemption By Judgment"