Картинка цитаты

There is so many entertaining things of our days. There is so much to entice people to what we would call “pleasures,” and it’s for all peoples, all ages.
There are the enticements for the young people, the modern dances and the rock-and-roll parties, and the music that they have that goes with it. And it’s all enticing, for entertainment.
I don’t care how good a home a child has been brought up in, and how it’s been taught to do right; if that child hasn’t accepted the experience of the new Birth, rock-and-roll music catches his attention just as quick as he hears it. Because, in him, is born in him, by nature, a carnal spirit. And the power of the devil is so great, today, till it catches that spirit of that little one.

And how much more will it do to the old, then, that has rejected the new Birth! Because, only as your life is changed, and you’ve been converted and born anew, into the Kingdom of God; your nature will still be of the things of the world, no matter how religious you are, unless that has been changed in you. You could worship and be religious, but still that will have some kind of a drawing power to you, because this old man of sin and his desires is not dead in you yet.
But once let Christ take the throne in your heart, those things don’t bother. It is so much greater.
I cannot mention the man’s name, ’cause I can’t think of his name now, but many of you will remember him. They say there was an island where that the men would go, in ambush, and women would come out, singing. And their songs were so tantalizing, that the sailors passing by, in the ships, would come in. And then the ambush soldiers would—would catch these sailors off of guard, and slay them. And a certain great man wanted to pass by. And he had his sailors to tie him to a mast pole, and—and—and put something in his mouth, so he could not scream; and—and put plugs in his sailors’ ears, so they could not hear, and sail by, to hear it. And the women came out, dancing and—and screaming, and singing. And, oh, it was so great, till he turned the hide on his wrists, screaming to his sailors, “Turn in! Turn in!” But they couldn’t hear him, they had plugs in their ears.

And then he sailed to a certain place where they was to unmask his, or untie his hands, and he was to take the plugs from their ears. There, when walking on the streets, he heard a musician that was so far supreme to that down there, that when he passed by again, they said, “Oh, great rover, shall we tie you to the mast pole again?”

He said, “No, just let me loose. I’ve heard something so much greater, till that will never bother me no more.”
That’s the way it is to a born-again Christian. They found something so much greater than the rock-and-roll’s and the entertainments of this world. They are entertained by the Holy Spirit. It’s so much greater, till the world is dead to them.

William Branham, Sermon "Without Money Or Without Price"