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One of these mornings, God's achievement, of His astronauts that's climbed into Jesus Christ, been born in there by the Holy Ghost, filled with His power! One of these mornings, the whole universe will be screaming, and wailing and gnashing of teeth, when they see they've missed it. When the great Eagle, powered by the Holy Ghost and Fire, begins to spread Her wings, the astronauts will take off into the sky, to go to meet the Bridegroom; when the Bride takes off, in the astronaut power of God Almighty Who sent Jesus Christ to the earth, in the form of the Holy Ghost, has brought the Church through these achievements!
Until, now She is getting resurrected Power in her, to fly beyond the things of the world...

Get in, my brother, sister. Get pressurized. The pressure won't hurt you when you get on the inside and get pressurized. Get in Christ, and you won't care what the world says. They can't never hit you, anyhow. You're safe. You're tucked in.
Jesus Christ is our great, glorious Astronaut tube that we'll be in, that will be propelled by the Holy Ghost and power and Fire, when she begins to fly out one of these mornings.
But I pray that You'll give them such a crave for It, Lord, that they'll come and see we're at the end time, the astronaut age. I pray, Father, that they'll realize it isn't trying to condemn what they had, it's only trying to give them more, rapturing grace, for the hour will come when we'll have to have rapture Power; not only to heal the body, but to change it in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. Christ will be so real into their bodies till He can change it, by His great death and what He purchased.

William Branham, Sermon "Countdown"