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Some time ago, the great Caesar Augustus, after a great famous battle, and had won a great victory, he--they was going to give him a celebration in Rome. And he said to them, "I want some man to ride, some worthy man to ride by my side while I'm doing this." Said, "I want some man to share these blessings with me."
And all the... It went through the camps. All the officers trimmed their plumes, and polished their swords, and made their armors real bright, and everything, and practiced standing straight in a certain salute to their king and so forth.
And each one walked up, their big armor before him, as he set out there on his throne watching. And there come up, officer with his big fine plume just feather-edged stood and made his salute. Caesar shook his head and he walked away. Another one come up, made his salute; Caesar shook his head and walked away, time after time, soldier after soldier.
Finally way down along the line come a little footman. He didn't have any shield to polish; neither did he have a plume to trim. But he walked up in front of Caesar; he didn't even know how to make a right kind of a salute; but he just bowed his head and walked away. Caesar said, "Wait a minute, who are you? Come back here." He walked up there; he looked at him, just scars over his face, and cut, and disfigured, and crippled up. Said, "Where did you get them scars at?"
He said, "Out in the battle fighting for my lord Caesar."
Said, "Climb up here and set down by my side. You're the one that's been tested and proved."

Brother, it's not plume trimming time; it's not educational days; it's time-testing time. It's a time that God is testing His church to find the battle scars of hard trials and fights and battles; that's the one who'll ride by His side.
How Elisha was tested and proved before he could wear a prophet's robe. How Elisha throwed that robe around his shoulder, how he must be the right man. Elisha watched him there in the field when he was plowing. God said, "That's the man. That's the man that can wear that garment. That's the man that can wear that robe. He can take your place." Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
How His all seeing eyes a moving over the earth trying to find some man that'll wear that robe that he talked about. "Can you drink the cup that I drink? Can you be baptized with the baptism I am? You can," He said to them. So we today as a church, are to put on the robe of Christ, the whole armor of Christ, the whole shield and buckler and armor, that we might stand blameless at that day. He's looking for time-tested memorials as He can say, "There's my servant. I've tested him; I've tried him; I've put him through like Job. He still proves a hundred percent." God, be merciful to us, that we can take God at His Word and be time-tested memorials.

William Branham, Sermon "Time-Tested Memorials Of God"