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Now, notice. What does it do? It gets the elected ready for the shelter of God--like in Noah's time so forth. And what does it do? It condemns the intellectual unbeliever to judgment. It always has. To spurn mercy, nothing left but judgment. So it gets the--the intellectual and the unbeliever ready for the judgment, because what do they do? They condemn it.
That's the reason the Jews eat their own flesh. That's the reason the blood run out of the city when Titus, the great Roman general, rode in there, is because they had rejected the Holy Spirit. Judgment had to come, because they'd made fun of it. Jesus told them when they called him Beelzebub, He said, "I forgive you." The atonement had not been made. But said, "When the Holy Ghost is come to do the same thing, to speak against it will never be forgiven." And that generation was never forgiven of it. That's right.
Judgment to the unbeliever, it's put out there for that purpose: to give light to the believer and darkness to the unbeliever. Just as the Pillar of Fire was. It made light to cross to the promised land, and darkness to those who did not believe. God's signs always does that--put out the eyes of the unbeliever, and give sight and light of walking to the believer. That's what it's sent for.

William Branham, Sermon "The Voice Of The Sign"