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All that the winter killed, the sun restores. All that winter's death kill, the sun of life restores.
And so is it now with the people. All that the winter's coldness of cold, formal religion killed out there, the nearing of the Son of God in these last days, coming to His Church, restores It back to Life again. "I will restore, saith the Lord." See? God restores His flowers, His leaves, His nature, His seed of the earth, and therefore we know, then, that God will restore also His habitation. He will restore His Eden. He will restore everything that death killed. That's right. Now, the only way it can ever remain dead, is let it lay in the wrong place. But if it falls in the right place, it's got to come back to Life again. So, God, let us fall in the right channel, that's right, for a restoration.

William Branham, Sermon "The Restoration Of The Bride Tree"