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And this great darkness that's swinging over the earth now is nothing but to declare that light is pressing its way down. When death is hanging so close that it could be in a hour... One hour from now the world could meet its death. If death is hanging there close, what is a doing it? It's life, life a coming. The resurrection, the Easter for all of God's children is hanging low, it's pressing. The Angels are coming down. The great Holy Spirit's moving in. Darkness is taking its last toll, for Light will soon be here. Christ will come, the Joy of the Hope of the ages, a real resurrection for all the believers, for we will share with Him in His resurrection as we have shared with Him in His suffering. "He that suffers with Me, shall reign with Me."
Oh, then must I be carried home to heaven on a flower bed of ease, while others flock to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas. No, I must fight if I must reign. Increase my courage, Lord. That's my prayer.

William Branham, Sermon "I Know My Redeemer Liveth"