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I admire the eagle. But I looked at him, and I thought, "Well, what's... Could I see God in him? Now, what would that be?"
I looked at him. His great, big gray-looking eyes, and he stood there on that limb, looking at me. And he'd look at this squirrel and then look back to me; then look at the squirrel. I said, "I guess you're looking us over." So I thought, "Do you know what? I could shoot you if I wanted to." And I looked at him. And my rifle was setting up against the tree. I said, "Did you know I could shoot you if I wanted to?" Never paid a bit attention to it, just setting there. I thought, "Oh, that's what God wants me to see, 'Don't be afraid.'"
That eagle's brave; he's not afraid of nothing. He wouldn't be ashamed to tell his boss he'd got healed by Divine healing. It didn't bother him. He's a--he's strong. He wouldn't be afraid to testify if he'd received the Holy Ghost. If It was for him, he'd sure testify of It; 'cause he's brave; he's nothing to shame about him.
"Well," I thought, "what you so brave about? What makes you brave?" I begin to notice then; he kept feeling those wings. You know how they move their feathers back and forth, you know, pull their wings. I thought, "Oh, I see. Uh-huh. God gave you two wings. And you know good and well that you could take them two big wings and get in that timber before I could even reach that rifle." He had confidence in what... God gave him them wings, and he knowed what them wings would do for him.
How much different it is with the human being? God gave us the Holy Ghost, and we still don't know what It'll do for us. That's right. It's unlimited what He'll do. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you get it, and you shall have it." That eagle could trust his God-given wings.

William Branham, Sermon "Let Us See God"