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This old eagle, he gets a crust over his face and head when he gets old. Can hardly eat. He gets poor; his mouth won't open right. Gets almost blinded. And when that crust gets to a certain spot over his head, they say he flies way up in the air, and he sets there, and he beats his head against that rock, knocking that crust off, if he can. And he rolls his eyes and looks back. He beats the crust. Oh, it must come off. It's got to come off. If it don't, he's going to die. He's got to get that crust off of his face and his mouth. And he'd beat his head one way, and then the other way. He beats until he beats that crust off. And when he beats it against that rock until the crust comes off, then he screams, and he throws his wings back and forth, and rejoices because he knows he's going to get new feathers; he's going to eat his vitamins again; he's going to renew his youth. And I thought, "What a wonderful thing that is for the eagle. That's good."

But I know a Rock that a man can come to, and can beat, and be beat, until all the doubt is gone, until the worry and cares of the world is gone. And when he's beat the crust of sin from around him, until the Blood has sanctified his soul, then Eternal Life is sure to come. He can just set back and let off the pressure, because Eternal Life is sure.

Oh, eagles, today, that's why you're here. You're eaglets. But if the crust has begin to blind your eyes, the cares of the world, or you can't just swallow all the Food of God, let's come to that Rock in a weary land. Let's come There and beat upon the altar until the crust is broke, and our eyes can see clearly, Jesus again, and the cares of this world has passed away. Then the pressure will go off. "He's a Rock in a weary land, a Shelter in a time of storm," a Refuge, a Haven of rest, for the weary. Let's come to that Place.
Let's bow our heads just a moment.

William Branham, Sermon "Letting Off Pressure"