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We find that, in the Presence of God, men recognize themselves to be sinners. We may feel pretty good when we're out different places, and feel like that we're pretty good people, but when we ever come into the Presence of God, then we see how little we are.

Standing not long ago with a--a friend of mine that I had the privilege of leading to Christ, Burt Caul, up in New Hampshire, a hunting partner, we was standing by Cold Brook Falls up in the Adirondack, and it was such a mammoth big falls. I taken my family last year up there to look at it. Way back off the road, you have to hike back to get to it. And when we seen that blue-green water pouring with such mighty power out of the mountains, and gushing down over the rocks, Burt stood there and looked at me, and he said, "Gee, Billy, it makes a man feel just so little," he measured about a quarter of an inch on his fingers.
I said, "That's right, Burt." Now, that was all he knowed of getting into the Presence of God to see His creation.

I wonder the man who wrote "How Great Thou Art," if he didn't look up one night and look at the stars, how far they are away. A few months ago, Brother Fred, Brother Woods and I, was standing with Brother McAnally out in the Arizona desert, we was measuring, trying, one star, how close it was to the other. And with the millions and billions of miles away, they didn't look over a quarter of an inch from each other. Then we begin to think, according to scientific proof of that, those stars are probably further away from each other than we are from them. See how it is?

Then we realized how little we are when we realize how great He is, and how close we come in of coming to His Presence. Somehow another, it's always throwed a great effect upon people to come into the Presence of God. I've seen the time in my ministry when you'd see the Presence of God come into such a place that it would bring a person up and just reveal the life to them, and call out their sins of all kinds of immoral acts, and it bring such a holy hush amongst the people till they'd drop out of the prayer line before they ever come up to be prayed for, and run to the altar and get right with God before they come up into His Presence.

William Branham, Sermon "In His Presence"