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Now, I've always tried to, when I come down here, on… when I'm at…?…, to talk about something, not just to be talking, or not something that would please the people. I've tried to speak about something that would please God and help the people, you see, for help, that we could all, no matter what church you belong to, what denomination, that you could be…?… for a closer walk with God.

And that's our reason of being here, a closer walk with God. And when we find that today, as late as it is, and the drawing near of the Lord.
I told my wife today, "If I don't get in a revival, somewhere, I—I'm going to perish. I—I just can't stand it. I…" Something just inside me, burning! Oh!

William Branham, Sermon "One Man's Influence On Another"