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Won't you just raise up, move out here, stand here at the altar? Just a little word of prayer might mean the difference between your place in eternity.
Can you humble your heart? "Now, Lord, from this altar, I walk humble."
God bless you, young man, a gallant thing you're doing. You're just obeying the Holy Spirit.
Someone else? How many in here wants to come? Come on. Not single out someone, all of you, come on up. That's right. You that feels you need to come, raise right up come on. Won't you come?

You know what, while your praying, what's the success of my praying for the sick? Here it is: I love you. That's what makes it. Why will He answer my prayers? Because I love Him. He loves me. I got confidence in Him.
You come. God bless you, honey. A little girl of about fourteen, two more girls, about ten or twelve, coming, making their way, beautiful little thing with long plaits, behind...?... another one crying. Look at that. All you older people ought to be ashamed when you see a little baby coming like that, about twelve years old, just so convicted of the Holy Spirit, her heart.
... be at Thy throne of mercy
Find a sweet release
Kneeling there in deep contr... (Won't you come? Come on up.)
Help my unbelief.
Now, while we sing this chorus. Raise right up and come. Come on now, everyone of you. Move right on up now. Everyone that's got a need of God now, knows that God will warm your soul here. Are you a little cold in your experience? You come.
Get a lot of these...?... God bless you, dad. God bless you, sister. God bless you, brother, coming back there, fine looking young man.
You see a little young lady coming here, weeping, beautiful little thing. I remember...?... way, in the shadows of life coming, falls down here, his cheeks where there's tears running down his cheeks.

What is this? The Holy Spirit. Remember, this meeting will be history in another hour, but it'll be brought up before you at the day of judgment. What are you going to do with it? It's yours. Won't you come?
... besides Thee
Or whom in heaven but Thee?
Won't you move out? Don't be cold. Come on. I want you to know Him this way.
You say, "Well, I belong to church, Brother Branham." That's good. I'm so glad you do. I'm glad you're lady or gentlemen enough to do that. But I want you to love Him, till where you can think of Him and tears will drop in your heart. I want you to love Him so much, that no matter whatever comes to pass, how cruel things is to you, you'll still love Him. When the undertaker comes to your door, you still love Him. O God, why another little boy coming...?... young man, another little boy moving out...

William Branham, Sermon "Love"