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Now look at Cain and Abel. Both of them was sincere. Cain took, by his wisdom, after his mother church, Eve. That was his mother. How many knows that Eve was the mother of Cain? [Congregation says, "Amen."—Ed.] Sure. All right. Like his mother, he took reasoning, see, wisdom, his own wisdom. A beautiful sacrifice; he had the flowers. He had the fruit of the field. Said, "Well, now, surely, see," he said, "God…" It was just like Satan said to—to Eve, "Surely, surely…" "Surely God will receive my sacrifice. I built a lovely altar. I have it so pretty. It's so decorated."
Just like this Easter will be, they'll spend millions of dollars, across the nation, to put Easter flowers on some altars. Altar wasn't made for flowers; it's for sacrifice. See? It just shows that same old spirit of Cain, see, same old—old devil from Eden. See?
What—what happened? Cain thought, "Surely…" You know the man was sincere, 'cause it meant Life or death, to him.
And, them people, don't think they're hypocrites. They're sincere. You say, "Then, they could be sincere and be wrong?" Sure. A man could take arsenic, sincerely thinking he's taking castor oil or something, something else. See? Sincere; that don't do it. It's Truth, not sincerity. Truth!
Them women over there in Africa, sacrifice their little babies to gods, the alligators. Are you that sincere? No. How many of them stand, the Chinese, break their bones, to kitchen gods! And how about the Mohammedans and up in there, and the firewalkers? And put things, oh, hooks the flesh, in their mouth, and sew their mouth up.

Now, "Beauty," he said, "surely God will receive. Look how pretty my altar is."
See that same spirit today, of wisdom? "Well, if we build this great denomination, surely God will receive us." He won't receive nothing but His Word. No. See?
"Well," they say, "now, look, Brother Branham, if we—if we put out so many ministers each year. Our missionary program, last year, run to over a hundred thousand dollars." That may be ever so good, brother, but you're dead until you acknowledge that Word and come to It. That's exactly.

William Branham, Sermon "Wisdom Versus Faith"
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