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The Bible is written on Words, but the Bible is a love story to the Church. When I preached here, not long ago, a few years ago, on Abraham and Sarah turning back to be a young boy and girl again from when they was a hundred years old, a preacher laughed at me and sent word, and that same preacher wrote a book on it not long ago, and passed it out across the country. God did turn Abraham and Sarah back to a young boy and girl. I can prove that by the Bible.

But you see, the Bible, you'll never learn it in a seminary. I don't care... That might sound awful flat, but the Bible said, God said, "He has hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent and will reveal it to babes such as will learn." Is that right? He will reveal it to babes. You don't have to be smart to understand the Bible. You have to have a humble heart.
The Bible is God's love story to His Church, that's hid from all the scholarships in the world. It's only knowed by one scholarship; that's through kneeinology. If you ever had any of it... You know what I mean? Down on your knees.
Now, the--the Bible here is the... You have to read between the lines to make it right. Now, my wife setting back there, when she--when she writes me a letter, you... See, I'm really in love with my wife, and so when she writes me a letter, I'll be away overseas or something, she'll say, "Dear Billy, here I sit tonight; I've just got the children to bed, and the phone has been ringing on average about every five minutes. I'm very tired. But so..." See?

Now, what she's saying in the letter is one thing. But I'm in love with her, so I know what she really means. You see? So that's because I'm in love with her. I understand her.
Now, the Bible says one thing, but if you're really in love with the Author, you understand what He means. You see, He reveals it to His sweetheart. Don't you love to be His sweetheart? Sure. You just... You loved Him and He just... The Holy Spirit's right there, say, "Now, the--the wise and prudent would think it this way but just read right on, I'll show you what I mean." See? And the first thing you know, there's the whole picture. You just read it awhile and then set down and cry, and get up and walk around the floor, and cry. That's where you're really getting something from God. Amen.

William Branham, Sermon "The Darkest Hour, Then Jesus Comes Along"
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