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Many times, God let's us, when we get all bound up with the world, bound up, He let's the fiery tests come upon us, where we have to make a decision. And when we do that, the only thing the test can do, when a real Seed of Abraham is standing at the--the crossroads of a decision, and he makes his decision to serve God, it can only cut the bands loose and make us free. Satan might give you a disease. He might give you one thing, another. How you know it's not God got you on the crossroads, to see what kind of a--a--a decision you'll make? [Daniel 3:15-25]

They possessed the gate of the fire. The fire could not burn them. There wasn't even a smell of fire upon them, because they knowed that they were the Seed of Abraham, and they stood for God and His Word. They possessed the--the gates of the enemy, and the fire could not burn them, because they possessed the gates. [Daniel 3:27]

Later, there was a man, a prophet down there, by the name of Daniel. He would... had the test whether he would serve one true God, or not. And when it come to that time, whether he would serve one true God, or worship a heathen God, he refused to do it; and throwed up the blinds, and prayed to his God, every day. And he was took by that, by a penalty of the federal laws, and was throwed into a lions' den. A hungry bunch of lions roared out after him. What did he do? He possessed the gate of his enemy. The lions could not eat him. God sent down a Pillar of Fire, an Angel that stood between him and the lion. [Daniel 6:5-28]

He possessed the gate of the enemy, because he was tested to see whether he would worship one true God, or have a dozen heathen gods that he worshipped. So he stood the test, and he possessed the gate of the enemy. The lion could not even touch him, because God was with him. God's promise stayed true, for he was a true Seed of Abraham. [Daniel 6:15-25]

Moses, oh, another great one. He was tested, also, to see the promise that God give him. "I'll be with you when you go down there." And when he stood before the impersonators of his gift, Jannes and Jambres tried to stand up and impersonate the very thing that Moses was commanded to do. And God had called him, and he knowed he was the one that was commissioned to do this, and he stood there and performed the miracle as God told him to do it. And here stood the impersonators, to do the same thing, but it did not bother Moses. He stood true to the Word of God, and he possessed the gates, amen, of the enemy, because he stood true to the promise of God, no matter who was trying to impersonate it. [Exodus 3:1-22]

What a lesson that is to every Christian! When you look around and see a hypocrite, you just remember he's trying to impersonate a genuine article. But, that only means there is one who is genuine. Stand true to the Word of God! No matter what comes or go, keep His promise. Yes, Daniel stayed true to the Word of God.

William Branham, Sermon "The Patriarch Abraham"
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