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Brother and sister, to you my beloved ones, I'm not trying to be partial. I'm only telling you the truth. I'm only responsible for the Bible, and I'm telling you: if you believe in me to be His prophet or His servant, you believe that I'm telling you the truth. The end is close. How close, I don't know, and nobody else knows; but I know we're living in the shadows of His coming.
Can't you see them threats? You see what they've got? The nation is trying to drink it off, laugh it off. You can't do it. You're doing that to keep from taking the spiritual discernment that God can show them the handwriting on the wall. We know it's there. You can crack it off with jokes and Hollywood, television, or stay home and dicker with that if you want to, but a real born again man or a woman that's got discernment of the Holy Ghost will find his place in church, worshipping, and crying out and doing all that's in his life to try to bring sinners. Certainly.

If it's God, let's--you should put your heart in it, if you've got discernment. Work, just don't go and say, "Yes, I believe that. That's Truth. That is good. Amen," go home. Go to work. You've got discernment. Work while it's light, for the night cometh when no man can work. Work while we got an open door. Work while we can have meetings like this. Get our loved ones in. Bring them into the Gospel. Get our friends--our neighbors. God died for those people, and we ought to be concerned enough about them to work till our hands are bleeding. We'll come empty if we don't.

William Branham, Sermon "Discerning The Body Of The Lord"
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