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I heard the great evangelist say, one time when I was attending one of his breakfasts, picked up the Bible… And I'd always admired him. He said, "Here is the standard. That's what God requires." He said, "I'll go into a city, I'll have a revival." Said, "I'll have twenty or thirty thousand make the decision. I come back in about four or five years, or maybe two years," and said, "I can't find fifteen or twenty." Said, "Saint Paul went into a city and he made one convert. He come back in another year, he had thirty or forty from that one." Then he said, "It's the lazy preachers that set with their feet up on the desk and don't go out to see the people."
I admire his courage for bawling out his brethren, and things upon his conviction. But I'd like to ask him this question, "What preacher told that one back there under Paul, when there is no churches for him to go to?"

What was it? Paul taking him from a tradition, or signing a card, into the baptism of the Holy Ghost, when his soul was on fire for God. He had to testify and say things. His whole soul was burning with a flame of fire that God had put in there. What we need tonight is a sign that a man or woman is saved, watch them go after other souls as quick as they can.

He said one time that a bartender… A little boy come in and said, "Mr. Bartender?"
He said, "Yes, sonny."
He said, "Your sign is down."
He said, "Well, thank you, sonny." So he walked outside, and the little boy stood with his hands behind him, and the bartender looked up. And there was a great barroom on a big brass plate, advertised. He took his apron and polished it. He said, "Sonny, you're mistaken. My sign is up."
He said, "No, sir." Said, "It isn't." Said, "I mean your—your best sign."
He said, "That's the best sign I got."
He said, "Oh, no. Look, laying there." There laid a drunk, in the gutter. That was the best sign he had, yes, sir, when he seen a man under the influence of what he was selling on the inside.

And when we see a man under the influence of the Holy Spirit, until his life is burning with old-fashion pentecostal Fire, that's the best sign God ever had that that man is saved, when he'll serve. It's the best sign. Now, how will that come about? Not by joining church, but by accepting His pardon through Jesus Christ, your innocent Substitute.

William Branham, Sermon "Pardoned"
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