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He is longsuffering, like He was in the days of Noah. He tried hard. He suffered long, for a hundred and twenty years, to get them to repent. They wouldn’t do it. In the days of Egypt, He sent plagues and everything else. They wouldn’t do it. He sent John. They wouldn’t return.

He sent Jesus, to die, to save the whole group that would hear the Word. And now, in the last days, He promised again that He would send a Message to call Her out, and restore the original Faith back to It, back to the Word. And they won’t receive It. They’re so dogmatic, in their dogmas and creeds, till they don’t want It. Oh, they think if they had a…if an Angel walked down; but God don’t do that.

He takes something ignorant and stupid, something that don’t know hardly your ABC’s or—or anything. And then He takes that type of a person, ’cause He can take something that’s nothing and then work through it. As long as something thinks they’re something, then they can do nothing with it. He’s always did that. You have to become nothing, to become somebody with God. Oh, my!

William Branham, Sermon "The Fourth Seal"
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