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But this fellowship, this Pharisee that invited Jesus... The first thing, I want you to know what a Pharisee means. A Pharisee means "an actor." Find the Greek word for Pharisee, it means "somebody that's acting." I don't like that. Actors, we have too much of that in America, actors pretending to be something that you're not, acting like something that you're not. As Congressmen Upshaw used to say, the old slogan he used to say, "You--you're trying to be something that you hain't." That's right. You're trying to act like somebody else, and you haven't got no business to be.

Our American people, for instance, in Hollywood... When I get over there, you find so many people over there that's a actors. They stay before the camera so much, till when they get on the street, they're acting some imperson--or, some person or personality of some day gone by. And they get on the street; they find themselves still acting: Pharisee. And it's not only in Hollywood. We have it in Jeffersonville. You're looking at too many televisions. That's what's the matter. That's right. That's right. Actors, Pharisee, trying to act like something that you're not, putting on. You don't only find it around on the streets. You find it in the pulpit. You get fellows go in the pulpit; they get a pulpit voice, "Well, I tell you, brethren," a pulpit voice, acting. Pharisee, hypocrite: talk like you do on the street. Don't try to put on something. I hate to see anybody trying to put on something.

A lot of the sisters, sometimes, you know, they, like the men, they put on; go up to their house and hear them say, "John, get over there in the corner. I told you you wasn't going." "Yes, my dear." The phone rings. "Oh, hello..." Pharisee, you actor; quit acting like that. Be yourself. Act normal, natural; people will think more of you. Don't try to act like somebody else; you're not. Just be yourself. But all that put on, Pharisee, acting like somebody else when you're not. I don't like that. You never know how to take a fellow like that. You don't know where you're standing with him. He don't know where he's standing himself, 'cause he's something, one in his heart, and something else in his mouth; so he's an actor. I just don't like it. It just seems to be too much of something that's not right, putting on.

But American people let the little girls go out here and see these--these, some of these women from Hollywood, put on some kind of a vulgar dress. First thing you know, here she is out on the street, same thing on: actors, Pharisee. That's right.
Then you see somebody, a minister, go across the country with a ministry. You find out, here comes some Pharisee actors, putting on, impersonation. It lays in every walk of life: actors. It's too bad. Why don't you just be yourself? God will think more of you. Just be... Everybody knows what you are anyhow. You're life speaks what you are, so don't act.

William Branham, Sermon "The Unwelcomed Christ"
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