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Sometimes, believers put to the test. Not sometimes; every time! "For every son that cometh to God must be chastened, tried, child-trained." Remember, the trials, the dusty roads, the hot sun of persecution, but the loyalty of your heart beats that material till she is ready to go into the mold. God's children is made up correctly on His Word, for they are living examples, and the Word of God living through them. See? The trial comes to shake you, to put you to the very bottom, to see where you'll stand. They tested, try every son that cometh to God. [Deuteronomy 8:5], [Proverbs 3:11]

Job went through the trials and the tests. His children taken; everything else taken. The church members come, accused him of being a secret sinner, and tried to say everything against him, but yet he wouldn't listen to any of it. He knowed he had met God's requirements. He knowed there's no need of Satan trying to tempt him. He knowed it was the devil. And as long as Satan can make him believe that his sickness was his God doing it, he had Job whipped. But when Job once struck that revelation, that it was not God! He was only going through his trials to make him something. It wasn't God doing it. It was Satan doing it.

And same thing today. He'll try to tell you these trials and thing is your God trying to put punishment upon you. It isn't so. No, sir. It's Satan doing that, and God permitting it, to temper you; to make you see if you're--you are tied to this earth, by the earth cares, or whether your treasures is in Heaven. "For wherever your treasures is, there you are also." That's right. Your heart is where your treasures are. [Matthew 6:21]

Job, tried, yet he said, "I know my Redeemer liveth; at the last days He'll stand upon the earth. Though after my skin worms destroys my body..." [Job 19:25-26]

William Branham, Sermon "Three Kinds Of Believers"
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