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Now, notice in this inner court. These people that live inside here, seem to have always fed up, always feeling good. Ezekiel said, “I will write my laws, anew, and put it in their heart.” Where, the law used to be on stones in the ark, and the ark represents the heart, then, “I will put my new law in their heart, in the ark.”

The heart is the abode of God. And in the Old Testament, God dwelt in His glory, over the ark. Heart is the ark. God dwells not in the head; in the heart! God is not known by theology. God is not known by mental conceptions, God is known by an old-fashion, sanctified, born-again experience that’s in the human heart. Yet, men and women live a good life and love God, by mental conception. But the real hiding place is in the heart, hid with Christ.

And when Christ, the Holy Spirit, comes into your heart, He is in you with your temperament, and He is living His Own Life through His Own will, through you. Hallelujah! I know that sounds awful, but it’s right. Christ; so yielded you are, that Christ speaks the kind of words He would speak. He thinks the kind of thoughts He would think, through you. He does the kind of works He would do, through you. You are yielded and resting. What a beautiful picture of a consecrated Christian, yielded, God is working through.

Paul said, “To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Not me that liveth anymore, but Christ that liveth in me. Christ living in the individual so surrendered, when Christ speaks through the lips, and thinks through the mind, sees through the eye, acts through the temperament, hallelujah, then the things of the world has passed away. How can it be anything but sweet and pleasant all the time? Christ has got control. Amen. Do you see it? That’s what it is. It’s Christ in you. Christ in you!

William Branham, Sermon «Why Are People So Tossed About?»