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Do you realize, old men, when we were boys, our boys has got ten times the temptation that we had? Sister, do you realize that your daughter has ten times the temptation you had when you was a girl? What will her daughter have? Look at the things, the pictures the devil's a painting. Oh, how we need to pray.
Now, we'll go back to you again. Brother, do you realize we don't pray half as much as our fathers did? Pastor, do you know we don't put as much time on our knees as the pastors before us did? Women, do you realize you don't instruct your daughter and pray with her at night like your mother did you? Then what about it? Who's guilty? We're guilty. There's no way around it; we're guilty. I'm guilty. I'm guilty of not doing the job of God like I should do. I'm confessing it that I'm wrong. I'm asking God to be merciful to me.

William Branham, Sermon «A Blushing Prophet»